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Get Access to the Best Trading Strategy Available Today!Here is a simple and reliable method to make money in the stock, ETF, futures, and forex markets without quitting your day job.This book offers you a simple and reliable trading system that you can use right away with no guessing or tweaking required. It comes with a trend filter that helps you to understand the strength of the existing trend, and a momentum filter that you can tweak to fit your own trading style and to increase its robustness.The mechanics of this system were first unveiled in a public forum several years ago. The author takes it to the next level by using daily charts as the primary trading time frame and adding a trend and momentum filter. If you follow this system correctly, you will be taking only high probability trades. The system will keep you in the trade for as long as the trend is running strong so that you will not be leaving money on the table by exiting too soon. With this system in your trading arsenal, you will not be making the mistakes most traders made, especially, over-trading and over-analyzing, the main reasons why most traders are not profitable.This book is a must read for anyone starting their journey into trading, or even experienced traders that are not getting the results they want from trading. It is ideal for people who work full time or those with busy schedules.In this book, you'll learn how successful traders make money by consistently trading trends - and how you can copy that success. You'll learn these essential Trend Trading skills: How to choose the right time frame to trade How to tell whether the market is trending and whether the existing trend is (a) stable and strong or (b) about to end How to enter a trade only when the trend is strong and exit a trade only when the trend is about to end How to maximize your profit by the aligning market cycles, momentum and trends across multiple time frames How to pick a direction to trade so that you wouldn't be trading against the dominant trend How to manage risks by diversifying and position sizing your trading portfolio How to scan the market to find the best securities to tradeThis book is short and can be easily finished within a couple of hours. It provides simple and easy to follow trading rules, and can dramatically change your financial prospects! For less than what you would pay in commission on one trade, this book to be the best investment (of money and time) you have ever made. If you want to fast-forward your learning curve and learn to trade effectively as quickly as possible, read this book and give yourself a head start against the 90% of traders who consistently lose.

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Table of Contents

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Preface: Why I Wrote This Book

Introduction: Why You Should Read This Book

1. Market Structure 101

2. Choosing the Proper Trading Time Frame

3. Setting Up Your Charts

4. How I Use the Indicators

5. The Strategy – Methodology

6. The Strategy - Trading Rules

7. Diversification and Position Sizing

8. Finding the Best Market to Trade

9. Putting It All Together

What Next?

About the Author


How to Avoid Costly TradingMistakes and Make More Money in the Stock, ETF, Futures, and Forex Marketswith This Simple and ReliableSwing Trading Strategy

Lee Tang

Title: Dual Momentum Trend Trading

Subtitle: How to Avoid Costly Trading Mistakes and Make More Money in the Stock, ETF, Futures and Forex Markets with This Simple and Reliable Swing Trading Strategy

Author: Lee Tang

Publisher: LMT Press (lmtpress.wordpress.com)

Copyright © 2015 by Lee Tang

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First Edition: March 2015 

Issued in print and electronic formats.

ISBN 9780995943148 (ebook)

ISBN-13: 9781548201012 (paperback)

ISBN-10: 1548201014 (paperback)

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To my wife, Lillian, who is the source of energy and love for everything I do, and to Andrew and Amanda: watching you grow up has been a privilege.


By reading this book, you acknowledge that trading is risky and you could have substantial losses that exceed your capital investment. Trading financial instruments profitably is very difficult and is not for everyone.

This is an informational book and nothing associated with it should be construed as specific advice to buy or sell (or not buy or sell) any financial instruments, or be implied to guarantee profitable trading. No one associated with it accepts any liability for any losses or damages relating to any content in here. Any mention of trades in financial instruments should be assumed to be hypothetical.

We recommend you consult with a licensed, qualified professional before making any investment decisions. It is your responsibility to perform due diligence regarding all trades and entities with which you do business.


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Why I Wrote This Book

Trend trading is a popular strategy used by many new and experienced traders because of its simplicity. It a nutshell the strategy requires you to look at charts and recognize trends. Once you’ve established there is a trend, you buy dips on an uptrend and sell rallies on a downtrend. Statistically speaking, the trend will continue and you will make a profit.

If trading is that simple, how come over 90 percent of traders are not successful? Here are the main reasons:

Trading without a plan.

Buying dips (or selling rallies) blindly—not realizing the trend is ending.

Taking profits too soon—leaving too much money on the table.

Exiting too late