Double Teamed By The Outlaws:  Historical Cowboy Erotica MMF - Elle London - ebook

Heat Level: SizzlingWhen Sarah gets caught out by two wild outlaws while working as a sheriffs assistant, she doesn't know what to expect. Bound, gagged and placed on the back of a horse wasn't how she thought she would be leaving the quiet southern town.As much as she wants to dislike them she can't deny they're handsome, charasmatic and have a way of making her do things she never thought she would. After a few stiff whiskys, can she resist when they both want to take her hard and without protection at the same time?She just hopes her husband doesn't find out...

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Double Teamed By The Outlaws | Elle London

Double Teamed By The Outlaws

Elle London

Chapter One

Sarah carefully pulled out the casserole dish from the oven and placed it on the wooden surface, then hurried to the hall to answer the phone. She took of her oven mitts as she walked and then reached for the phone.

A few minutes later she replaced the receiver and patted her hair gently. On her way back to the kitchen she paused by the mirror which was hanging on the wall and stared deeply at her reflection. She dispassionately assessed what she saw. Mousy brown hair that was sticking to the side of her head because of the sweltering heat, dull grey eyes... she pursed her lips as she stared at her eyes, they were grey and she’d always thought that they looked like dishwater. She did not bother looking at her body; she already knew what she looked like. She heaved a sigh as she went back to the kitchen. There was no use wishing she were pretty.

If the man who is supposed to love you more than any other did not think that you were pretty then what hope did one have? She had long ago given up the thought of being pretty or of being a desirable woman. At that thought she could not help chuckling. By the time she’d had Annie, her second daughter, she had given up trying to look sexy for her husband and that was almost two decades ago. Annie, her youngest was already in college.

Sarah got busy clearing the kitchen and preparing for dinner. Lately she had been feeling restless, like she wanted to do more with her life. Mike, her husband was an insurance salesman and he was away more often than he was home. The kids were all grown and in college and she could not stand the thought of moldering away in the suburbs of El Paso and so she had gone out and done something about it.

The thought thrilled her as she remembered her phone call. She could not believe she had actually done it and that it had worked.

Just then she heard the sound of a car in the driveway and knew that Mike was back. She untied her apron and hung it on the hook behind the door. She began to walk to the door but then changed her mind. Instead she went to the kitchen nook and sat there. It was her favorite spot in the house because it looked out into her small garden where she grew her herbs and a few vegetables.

She was still sitting there when she heard the key turn and Mike enter the house.