Double Dare - Forrest Young - ebook

Sibling rivalry collides with sexual discovery as Paige relays the tale of Kirk and Candy in this 7th entry of her taboo journals. The two siblings share with Paige the beginnings of their titillating escapades and how their illicit adventures progressed, much to the prurient delight of Angel Falls’ sexiest librarian.

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Double Dare

The Angel Falls Library Files

Book 7


Forrest and Lilly-Rose Young

Copyright 2016 Forrest and Lilly-Rose Young

~~ All characters in this book are 18 or older. ~~

Chapter One

I recognized his car right away. In fact, I recognized Kirk's car before I recognized his face sitting in the driver's seat. It was just four rows away from me as I sat in my car in the mall parking lot. Judging by the look on his face, it didn't take me long to figure out where Candy was. My pussy started moistening immediately. Then for just a brief second I caught a glimpse of the top of Candy's head before watching it lower once again toward his crotch.

My mind was flabbergasted that they were taking such a risk. In the middle of a busy mall parking lot in the middle of the day, she was giving him a fucking blow job! My pussy, however, was tingling uncontrollably. I couldn't help but reach down into my pants and rub the wetness seeping out of my opening over my engorged clit as I continued to gaze at his facial expressions. This is what they do, though. They take chances like this. They both get off on it.

“Damn, you really get off on this shit, don't you?” Candy asked as she removed her mouth from Kirk's cock and lifted her head up just slightly. “You're hard as a fucking rock!”

Kirk let out a heavy gasp as Candy lowered her head down to take his engorged member back into her mouth. “Shit, raise your head up just a little more and we'll probably get caught for sure!”

Candy released his cock once again, but kept her head down lower, looking up at Kirk with an evil smile. “You'd love that, wouldn't you? To have someone walk by and catch you getting a blowjob from your little sister? Especially if it was someone we knew!“

Candy engulfed her brother's cock once again and felt it throb a bit against her tongue in reaction to her words. She let out a muffled giggle, knowing she brought her brother close to orgasm at the thought of someone catching them. Kirk let out a gasp of frustration as he struggled to maintain his control. This felt too good for him to want it to end this soon. But Candy stepped up the pace of her lips gliding over his cock and she began sucking even harder. She was not only eager to feel him shoot off in her mouth, her wet pussy was screaming for her turn at attention, also.

“Mmm, speaking of someone we know,” Kirk commented through his heavy breath, “here comes Roger. And he's walking this way.”

“Is Missy with him?” Candy lifted her head just far enough to ask the question.

“No, dammit! Too bad, too. I'd love to be gawking at her sexy ass body while you're sucking me off like this!”

“Mmm!” Candy's moan vibrated against Kirk's cock, causing him to start twitching once again. She showed her brother some mercy though by releasing his cock from her mouth before he came. “You suppose he does it to his sister, too?”

“I know I would!” Kirk started to fidget a bit, even though his cock was no longer receiving any stimulation.

“Yeah, I bet you would! And I'd love to be fucking his sexy ass right alongside you!”

“Oh, wouldn't that be hotter than fuck? To be fucking another couple right beside each other? Watching each other do it?”

Kirk looked down at his sexy sister, imagining Roger's cock pounding into her pussy while fucking Missy. That image, along with his sister's exuberance at sucking his cock, pushed Kirk over the edge. He thrust upward just a bit as he released his cum into her mouth. Candy eagerly took his cock as deep into her mouth as she could get it, expertly gulping down each spurt as it shot out. Her pussy spasmed at the familiar taste as she gulped down each drop. She kept his cock in her mouth, sucking out each trickle until he finally started to soften. She had become quite adept at swallowing her brother's sperm, making sure not to waste a single ounce.

“Is anybody looking?” She asked as she let his cock slip out of her mouth.

Kirk opened his eyes and took a quick glance around. “No. It's safe.”

Candy raised herself up; confident that no one could see her head lift up from her brother's crotch.

No one was watching but me, anyway.

Candy sat up and fumbled with her pants, loosening them and slipping them down to her ankles. “God, that was hot! Now get down here. I've got to feel your tongue on my clit!”

Kirk took a quick glance around before lowering his head to his sister's pussy. Candy spread her legs as far as she could, but the angle still presented a bit of a challenge for Kirk. Usually he was positioned in between her legs. His determination was unwavering though, and Candy let out a muffled moan as she orgasmed immediately in response to his protruding tongue flicking eagerly atop her engorged button.

“Oh, God! Yes! Lick that fucking clit! Do to me what you want to do to Missy! Show me what you'd do to her wet cunt if you could!”

Kirk pushed his head down as far as he could. He eagerly pushed his tongue down into her folds, lapping at her wetness, hungrily taking in the taste of her pussy. His nose was pressed hard into her thigh though, preventing him from being able to breathe, so he wasn't able to press down into her pussy as long as either of them wanted him to. All the same, he was able to coax a handful of pretty powerful orgasms out of his sister's cunt before she finally pressed her hand against his forehead, indicating that she was sufficiently satisfied. For the moment, at least.

Sitting himself back up, Kirk fumbled his pants back together before starting the car up and backing out. As they looked at each other, they both knew they weren't going to be able to wait till they got home. Their parents would probably be there anyway, and they both wanted to be able to make some noise. Kirk sped out of the parking lot, determined to find a more secluded spot where they could get naked and fuck in the back seat.

I continued rubbing my clit to another glorious orgasm as I watched them drive away. I toyed with the idea for a moment of trying to follow them and see if I could catch glimpses of them fucking from a distance, but decided instead to go ahead and finish my shopping and head home. Justin should be home by the time I returned, and I could enjoy a delicious fuck from my husband as I shared this erotic experience with him. Like Candy, I had an overwhelming urge to feel a hard cock plunging in my moist hungry pussy, as well.

On the way home I recollected the first time I met Kirk and Candy. With most people, I can sense their incestuous inclinations by looking at them. With these two, I sensed it by sound.

It was late in the evening, and the library was pretty much deserted. Making my final rounds of placing returned books on their shelves, I suddenly caught the faint sounds of slightly heavy breathing accompanied by the light sound of skin slapping against each other. They were trying very hard to be quiet, holding their breath most of the time as they tried to keep the noise of their bodies moving to a minimum. Most people probably wouldn't have even detected it, but my sense of hearing when it came to things like that was keen.

It wasn't the first time I've caught a couple fooling around in the aisles of the library. It was actually a bit more common than most people would think. Most times I would just wickedly grin to myself and let them be, as long as I was fairly sure no one else would catch them.

These sounds were different though. As I silently followed them to their origin, the closer I got the more my pussy started to tingle. As soon as I peeked around to their location, my pussy started to moisten to the point where it was beginning to soak my panties. They both had their pants undone and pulled down just far enough to achieve cock to pussy contact. They looked at me with horrified expressions as soon as they spotted me, which all but confirmed my premonition. They both stopped moving immediately. They stood as still as an erotic statue as Kirk held his cock into Candy's pussy to the hilt from behind while she held firm to the shelf of the bookcase.

“Come with me,” I said rather sternly, causing them both to hurriedly separate and fumble their pants back together before following me back to my office, both of them looking like a couple of puppies who just got caught peeing on the carpet. I kept my gaze away from them as they followed me, looking straight ahead as I walked in front of them, trying to hide the mischievous grin that spread uncontrollably across my face.

I leaned against my desk as they both sat down in the chairs in front of me. Regaining my look of sternness, I stood there quietly, letting them stew in the awkwardness for a brief moment before I finally spoke. “Do you really think it's a good idea to take the chance of someone catching a brother and sister fucking in the middle of a public library?”

Their eyes both grew wide with shock with the realization that I knew their secret. They didn't know me, and I didn't know them, so how could I possibly know they were siblings, they were asking themselves. Their mutual expressions of shock only solidified their resemblance. I could no longer hold back my smirky grin at their reactions.

For the next two hours we talked, sharing our experiences. The stories they told served as inspiration for a multitude of masturbatory orgasms.

Chapter Two

Like most siblings, the relationship between Kirk and Candy had always been mostly a competitive one. They always seemed to be daring each other to do things out of the ordinary, like climbing trees higher than they should, climbing out windows, and playing practical jokes on others, especially their parents. The thrill and mutual laughter they shared always seemed worth any punishment they had to endure as a result.

Kirk was a couple of years older than Candy, and despite their competitiveness, he always felt somewhat protective of his little sister, at least when it came to other people. To him, she was pretty much fair game, however. He felt he knew her well enough to know her limits though, and Candy felt likewise. There was a trust with her brother that she never felt with anybody else, not even her parents.

Despite the age gap, the effects of puberty seemed to hit them both full force at the same time. Their curiosity eventually started to mix in with the competitive games they always played with each other. That ultimately led their games to go further than most brothers and sisters would dare to go. And they both became addicted to the thrill it created.

It all pretty much started when Kirk was sitting up in their tree house flipping through one of the adult magazines he swiped from his dad's collection. Naturally he had his pants undone just enough so that he could stroke himself off while he flipped through the pages of naked women.

He had the bell near the entrance rigged up so it would go off if anybody started to climb up to the tree house, but his sister knew how to disarm it so it wouldn't go off. She knew her brother was up there, and decided to sneak up and try to scare him. She was just as unprepared for what she saw when she peeked through the entrance as he was to see her face poking through.

“Whoa!” She exclaimed as Kirk quickly flipped his pants back up and threw the magazine behind him. “What were you doing with your dick out? And what were you looking at?”

“You little shit! What the fuck are you doing here? You're supposed to be at band practice!” Kirk tried to cover his undone pants, but it was way too late to hide what he was doing.

“Four kids didn't show up today, so we were let out early. Show me what you were looking at. And why did you have your dick out? Were you getting ready to pee up here or something?”

“Does it look like there's a toilet up here?” Kirk tried to deflect the questions as he fumbled his pants back together, but he knew it was a vain effort.

“Show me what you were looking at,” Candy persisted as she climbed the rest of the way into the tree house.

“It was just a magazine!” Kirk's voice was dripping with annoyance as he fumbled his pants back together.

“You had your dick out while you were looking at a magazine? Why?”

“I just was! Now shut the hell up about it!”

Candy looked genuinely perplexed. There was very little her brother kept from her, let alone being so adamant about it. It wasn't as if she hadn't seen her brother's cock before. Until just a few years earlier they had often bathed together, and it wasn't at all unusual for them to change clothes in the same room, or to walk into a room to find the other naked. The fact that he had a penis was nothing more than the different way in which boys pee than girls. She didn't know what to make of him being so secretive about it all of a sudden.

“Show me what you were looking at.”