Dominating My Submissive Intern - Dominique Paige - ebook

Dominating My Submissive InternWhen Sarah's intern Sam asks for a loan of $5,000, she is taken aback to say the least. She's always had a thing for Sam, and now that he was in a bind and she was the only one he could turn to, she decides to take things a step further and really make him earn his pay...This book contains graphic and explicit sex scenes.

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Dominating My Submissive Intern: A FemDom Tale


Dominique Paige

Table of Contents

Title Page

Dominating My Submissive Intern

My intern Sam has been working for me for about 2 years now and he's a smart young man, with a bright future ahead of him. I've had a lot of interns in my career and Sam has been one of the best, always eager to please me and get the job done right. Since he seemed like a well-balanced guy, I’m going to be sad to lose him when he leaves for his first paid job out of college.

You could imagine my surprise when he came into my office yesterday morning, asking me to lend him some money. It wasn't a small amount either, 5000 dollars to be exact that he needed and he needed it by today. Seemed like he had gotten himself into some trouble with some local bookies. I wouldn't have picked him to be a gambler, but it’s always the quiet ones. Just wasn't the type to me. I always thought of him as a smart well rounded guy.

I couldn't just give $5000, he had to learn from his mistakes. I had a lot of urges lately and I needed them to be satisfied soon... And what better way to teach him a lesson then a night with me and my toys? I hadn't had a decent sex slave in months so Sam would learn his lesson tonight. At least this way he gets what he needs and so do I.

I've always been a dominant woman, in the bedroom and in my career. I couldn't imagine submitting to any man, ever. It's not my personality. I've been told that on many occasions. I think it's great. There’s no better feeling in the world then having someone submit to you.

"Here's the deal Sam, I can't just give you 5000 dollars. I know you’re in a lot of trouble, but how will you learn not to do that again? Such a stupid mistake you have made here Sam. I expected more from you, honestly.”

He sat at my desk with his head bowed, and I could see tears forming in the corners of his eyes. I didn't want to upset him, after all I did care about him. I wasn't that much of a cold hearted bitch.

"But I really need that money. You don't understand!" he said, sobbing into his palms.

I got up out of my chair and walked around to him. I placed my hand on his shoulder to comfort him.

"When I say I can't just give you the money, it doesn't mean I'm not going to."

He lifted his face out of his hands, a tear falling down his face.