Dominated By Three Truckers - Virginia Bliss - ebook

Dana thinks that she is hitching a ride home. But the burly trucker whose cab she has climbed into has no intention of dropping her off. Instead, he is going to take her for a ride she'll never forget, and his buddies are going to give a helping hand. ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ I looked up - he had stopped in his tracks about a metre away from me. His attire - a wifebeater and dirty jeans - seemed a little too immodest for such a cold, windy night. He had a mess of auburn locks atop his head, and twinkling green eyes to contrast - certainly a handsome man. Subconsciously, I took a little step closer. "Name's Jack." He grinned, reaching out to shake my hand. "Pleasure to meet ya. Hop in my truck - I'll take you wherever you need." It was such a kind gesture, I thought for a moment that he must have an ulterior motive. Nobody was this purehearted, after all! But I wasn't about to complain. "I'm Dana." I smiled, taking his hand in my own for a moment. "Thank you so much- you have no idea how worried I was that no one would stop!" "A pretty girl like you? Why, someone's bound to stop!" Jack chuckled, making me blush a little in the moonlight. I giggled and made my way over to his hulking truck.

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Dominated By Three Truckers

Hard MFMM EroticaVirginia Bliss

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2017 Virginia Bliss

Written by Virginia Bliss

~~ The scenes in this story take place between consenting adults ~~

It was official - I hated my job. I was fresh out of university, and the prospect of teaching children had seemed nice - in retrospect, I should've seen the warning signs. What I had expected was likely unrealistic - a bunch of clean, well-behaved kids eager to learn the alphabet. What I had gotten was horrifyingly different from the cushy job I'd hoped for.

Not only was I expected to change diapers, clean snot, and be compensated with slave wages, I was also expected to do filing work until nine in the evening. My drives home were rageful - I couldn't quit now, seeing as the job market was terrible and I didn't want to lose my apartment. But there had to be a better way of life than this!

My car was an old-timer, and the drives home were only around twenty minutes - nothing long, nothing tiring. Today, my car seemed particularly irritated with me, however. Every slow of the engine, every rumble - it seemed to be saying "to hell with you, Dana!". I grew angry, pulling my car over to the side of the road, allowing the engine to restart.

Only it didn't restart. The second I turned the key, the engine made a few pathetic noises, eventually tapering off into a sad sort of death rattle. I panicked - sure, I wasn't too far from home...but the walk would take over two hours, and that seemed rather unsafe.

I pulled the key out of the ignition and tucked it into my purse, rummaging around for my phone. Fuck - I'd have to call a friend. I'm sure there was someone out there who wouldn't mind helping me out of the bind I'd somehow gotten myself into. I frowned, booting up the phone and scrolling through my contacts.

Cathy was usually there for me when I needed her - she was an old friend from high school, the sort of girl who'd likely never leave her hometown. At this time of day, she'd probably be draped across her sofa, watching Netflix and indulging in some particularly unhealthy foods. I clicked the 'call' button and held the phone up to my ear.

It rang. And rang. And rang. It became clear that Cathy was either asleep or unresponsive. Shit - I scrolled through my contacts list again, glancing up briefly and realizing, with horror, that my phone was almost out of battery. It only had 3% left - I had to act fast!

My mom lived rather far from my home, but she was my mom, after all - she'd have to help me. I called her, phone in my hands, eyes trained on the little battery icon, which was depleting far too quickly for my tastes. 3%. 2%. 1%. Why wasn't my mom picking up? It went to voicemail. I attempted to go back to the 'contacts' screen, but -

It was too late. My phone died in my hands - a somber moment.

With no other options, I took my purse out of the car, draped it over my shoulder, and stood roadside, surveying the cars that whizzed by. I stuck my thumb out, the universal sign for 'please pity me enough to take me wherever I need to go' - for a moment, all hope seemed lost. Nobody was looking at me. No cars slowed.

Until a giant truck slowed to a stop, parking roadside, just behind where my poor, dying car sat. Thank goodness - somebody had noticed me! I heard the door of the truck pop open and slam shut. A tall, built figure made its way over to me. I was worried for a moment, but I figured that whoever was kind enough to stop wouldn't be the sort of person interested in harming me.