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Lily works in a bar, alone at the end of long day. But tonight she is going to be put to work in a different way.  Three hot, alpha male bikers have decided to teach her a real good lesson. They are going to dominate her, all three of them at once, rough, hard and without protection. And Lily is all to willing to submit to their animal desire and frenzied lust. ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ Well, I had been confident that I could try until I actually got an eyeful of the customers. Three men, perhaps in their late twenties, clad in leather jackets. They were burly, brawny men, and the sheer difference in our presumed strength made me worried for my safety. They did not look like they'd be leaving here without a drink. No - I couldn't let myself give in. I had to prove to myself that I could be strong, that I could stand up for myself. Puffing out my chest, head held high, I made my way over to the group of men, who were eyeing me up in the usual manner. I tried not to let it get to me. I couldn't be swayed by something so trivial right now. "Excuse me," I began, voice wavering ever so slightly as I tried to choke the next words out. "We're closing very soon, I don't think there's enough time left for me to prepare drinks for you gentlemen. I'd love it if you were to come back tomorrow night, however." I smiled, trying to compensate for my nervousness with cuteness. The men looked at each other, as though trying to silently decide which one of them would be tasked with beating me up. I was already starting to reach for my phone - I knew that it was unlikely that men like these would hurt a young lady like myself, but it was certainly a possibility, and that fact frightened me.

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Dominated By Three Bikers

Hard MFMM Erotica

Virginia Bliss

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2017 Virginia Bliss

Written by Virginia Bliss

~~ The scenes in this story take place between consenting adults ~~

My job was not an easy one. Being a barmaid on this side of town was notoriously hard for girls like me - now, I had never considered myself an attractive woman by any means until I began my work here. I was of average height and stature, with a face that looked decently pretty, provided I had on my best makeup.

The only outstanding feature I possessed were my tits, I supposed - they had always been large, though this made shopping a little more difficult for me. I tried to hide them whenever possible - given the clientele I dealt with, I had to take preventative measures like that.

The men that frequented this bar were brash, loud, and utterly unapologetic. It was enough to drive a woman mad - the constant rude remarks, the constant inappropriate flirting. Mind you, these men were all a couple decades older than myself, and they never seemed to fit under the category of 'lookers'.

I supposed it was these daily ordeals that made the pay so good. I knew that some of my more outgoing coworkers flaunted their bodies whilst waiting tables, resulting in huge tips. Personally, I didn't feel comfortable going that far - I'd rather earn an honest living. The base wage offered here was more than enough, as far as I was concerned.

My apartment was nothing but a studio - tiny kitchenette and bathroom giving the whole space a cramped sort of vibe. I was never keen to invite anyone back. Still, the rent was more than reasonable, and my living situation meant that I could get away with working for less than 30 hours per week.

Due to my university studies, I really didn't have time to work during the bar's earlier opening hours. As such, I was often relegated to the night shift - from ten at night until three in the morning. I was exhausted by the end of each shift - there would only be a few of us left at that point.

It was always a mad scramble to leave first, seeing as the last employee left on the premises was in charge of cleanup and making sure everything was locked. Usually, I was able to collect my things rather quickly, but today, the duties had seemingly been left to me, seeing as the other two staff members had given excuses to leave early.

I hated being left alone in a place like this - it was dirty and stank of alcohol, and I was the one tasked with cleaning the spills. I glanced up at the clock - 2:50. Only ten minutes until closing time. I could rest assured that no other customers would try to get a drink - there simply wasn't enough time for that.

Damp cloth in hand, I set about cleaning the place up. The stains and spills were easily gotten rid of, and for once, I actually felt a small sense of accomplishment. Just when I thought I was done with the place, hands already reaching for my purse and the keys, I heard the telltale jingle of the welcome bell.

Shit - I'd certainly jinxed the situation, hadn't I? Turning to face the customers, I tried my best to force a smile - it was up to me to let them know that I really didn't have time to prepare drinks for them. I went over the little speech in my head, confident that I'd be able to pull it off - being firm with customers wasn't my forte, but I could certainly try.