Dominated By The White Billionaire: Interracial BWWM Pregnancy Romance - Aaliyah Jackson - ebook

"There's only one catch." He said, his eyes moving up and down her body. "I'm not using a condom, and I'm not pulling out."Dawn's drowning in debt, and working two jobs while studying full time has her looking for any escape from her day to day life. When Kevin Walker, the elusive billionaire, comes to visit her college to celebrate the opening of a new building he just donated, Dawn catches his eye straight away.He's always had a thing for black girls but never got a taste of chocolate before... and Kevin Walker always gets what he wants.Using a job offer as an excuse to get her in his office, he reveals his real offer: He'll pay her student debt, give her more money than she can spend and change her life - as long as she lets him use her body any way he wants. Dawn's worked hard to get where she is and doesn't want to sacrifice her morals, but the offer is tempting... and Kevin is handsome...One thing is for sure, if the billionaire gets what he wants, he's taking her rough, unprotected, and he's not pulling out until he's sure she's pregnant.

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Dominated By The White Billionaire | Aaliyah Jackson

Dominated By The White Billionaire

Aaliyah Jackson

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Moving forward, she got to her knees and grabbed the bottle of shower cream as Kevin stood. Her eyes locked on his engorged, swollen cock straight away and her hands trembled as she poured some of the cream on her palms. She stared at the way the water rolled over solid muscles for just an instant before rubbing her hands on them. Her breath rasped out as she worked lower until the back of her hand grazed across the slick head of a fully erect cock.

Dawn looked up to catch Kevin’s gaze as she wrapped her soapy fingers around his erection. She heard his groan as she slowly stroked slippery touches up and down.

“Is this what you wanted from me?” she teased him.

“For a start,” he shot back.

Dawn laughed as she brought her gaze down and watched her fingers covering cock in soap. She could barely believe what she was doing with someone she only met a few hours previously, but she didn’t want to stop. She gripped tighter as she stroked from tip to balls again and again. When she finally let go, she cupped her hands in the water then poured it over Kevin’s stiff shaft to clear away the soap. Grabbing hold again, she rolled the foreskin down to completely expose the wet head and leaned forward to kiss it.

Kevin groaned as he put a hand on her shoulder and Dawn flicked out her tongue to tease the tip around his swollen glands. It was making her want more and the urgency came over her as she slid her lips over the head of his cock. She held it in her mouth as she stroked her fingers up and down again. She then worked her lips lower and began to bob her head.

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“And in conclusion ladies and gentlemen...”

It was the last Dawn heard of billionaire Kevin Walker’s speech to the assembled crowd of students and lecturers as her nerves shot up. She’d been informed beforehand that those very words were her signal to get ready for the thank you speech she was to give. She practiced her opening line in her head and it was only when she heard the enthusiastic clapping around her that she realized that she needed to get moving.

She walked up the small set of steps onto the stage and was surprised that Kevin moved away from the lectern in her direction. She’d expected him to stay on the stage with her, but it didn’t look as if that was going to happen. Her nerves got the better of her and she could feel herself trembling at the prospect of giving a short speech in front of so many people.