Dominated By The Dogs Vol I- 4 Pack - Kimmy Hicks - ebook

4 taboo tales of hot human bitches falling under bestial domination!BUNDLE INCLUDES:CANINE CUM SLUT - Cindy is spending the weekend alone, bummed that she still lives at home with her parents and their Rottweiler, Luke. Cindy treats herself to a bath while her parents are out, but before she can get in the tub, Luke takes special notice to Cindy's horny scent, and soon has her on all fours and mounted. Cindy realizes that weekends alone with the brute dog are more enjoyable than she ever dreamedDOMINATED BY TWO DOGS - When 18 year old Clara is hired by the wealthy Winters family to care for their two hounds while they go on vacation, she can't help but snoop around the mansion. She discovers the Winters secret bestial hobby, and decides that maybe having a little sexy fun with the dogs isn't a bad idea. But when Clara gives these feisty dogs an inch, they take a mile- and soon Clara is nothing but their bitch!DAD'S DOG MADE ME HIS BITCH - It was the weekend and I was supposed to be dog sitting for my Dad's male Rottweiler, Buddy. All I wanted was a little "me" time to get myself off, but when Buddy's nose zeroed in on my horny smell, the huge beast wasn't taking no for an answer! When his warm tongue began licking in all the right places, I realized that maybe this wasn't going to be such a bad weekend after all.MY DOG FUCKED MY GIRLFRIEND - When John and his gorgeous girlfriend Shelly move in together, John decides that it is finally time to find out if Shelly shares his bestial fantasies and is willing to let him watch as his Great Dane, Bruce gives her his knot. Lucky for John, Shelly has enough sexy love to please both him and his giant dog!

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Dominated By The Dogs - 4 Pack

Volume I


Kimmy Hicks

Copyright 2016 Kimmy Hicks

This work of fiction is intended for adult audiences only. All characters represented therein are aged 18 years or older and any resemblance to actual persons or events is purely coincidental. Cover model has no affiliation with the publisher, author, or contents represented therein. This work is the property of Kimmy Hicks and may not be reproduced.

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Canine Cum Slut

Finally, my parents were gone for the weekend. I had had a stressful week of classes at the community college I was attending, and I couldn't wait to have a nice weekend alone. In order to save money, I was still living at home, even though I was going to be turning 21 in a couple months. All of my friends were living in the dorms of the big university, while I lived with my parents and Luke, our Rottweiler, and went to the cheap community college. They were all meeting cute college boys and coming of age sexually, while most of my classmates were old people who were going through a mid-life crisis that made them think they needed to finish that college degree they started so long ago. I never had the money to go out with my friends and look for guys, so I mostly stayed home.

The most action I ever got was from my own hand and battery powered vibrator- which were going to be my favorite companions this peaceful weekend with the house to myself. I was definitely sexually frustrated, and I planned to get some of that frustration out, before I went crazy.

The sad thing was, I was not even a bad looking girl. I had a petite, toned body, long hair, and full breasts. I surveyed myself in the mirror above my dresser and sighed. My looks were going to waste. Digging my vibrator out of my sock drawer, I padded into the bathroom to start running a warm bath. I heard Luke bounding down the hall at the sound of the running water. He always loved drinking out of the bathtub for some reason. I scratched him behind his ears as he lapped at the running water.

"You're such a good boy, Luke."

I stripped naked and turned to the mirror, brushing out my long hair. Suddenly, I yelped as I felt Luke's wet snout between my legs. He had come up behind me and was shoving his snout against my ass and pussy from behind, inhaling my scent.

I peeked around behind me, not able to move forward away from him as the sink was directly in front of me. He was pressing hard into my pussy, and I could feel his warm breath and wet nose against the part of me that was starving for attention the most. After the surprise of the sensation quickly faded, I found myself bending over the sink a little, sticking my ass out and spreading my legs, giving the dog easier access to my sensitive pussy.

When I spread my legs apart, revealing my crotch to the dog's curious nose, I felt my pussy gush with my feminine juices as he shoved his nose around. I could feel my arousal start to gather, dripping from my horny pussy. When this happened, I felt Luke's warm, large tongue start lapping at my slit. I gasped.

God, the dog's tongue felt