Dominated By The Billionaire - Daniella Fetish - ebook

Dominated By The BillionaireJessica isn't the type of girl to hook up with strange men, but after breaking up with her boyfriend and being left alone on a cruise with no way to pay her way back, she's in a sticky situation. Luckily Bruce, the muscular, handsome and dominant billionaire is there to help her - for a price. Jessica finds herself doing things she never thought she would as she submits completely to Bruce, who doesn't hold back in exploring her body. This book contains themes of BDSM, spanking, and Dom-Sub relationships. 

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Dominated By The Billionaire

Daniella Fetish

Table of Contents

Title Page

Dominated By The Billionaire

Jessica Greenway leaned over the ship's railing, her luggage damp with salt spray beside him, watching the vast sea roll past. For a moment, she imagined throwing her ex-husband into the Pacific below, watching his hand slowly slide under the bubbles and foam. Jessica shook her head and the image rolled past as the cruise ship cut a line through the ocean. Even at his worst, sneaking behind his back, Jessica could never muster much past annoyance at his philandering. Like a mosquito bite, the emotion itched for a few days and then faded.

"I'm sorry Ma’am..."

Jessica looked up from her oceanic thoughts to see one of the cruise ship's lesser crew standing beside him. The little fellow wore a crewman's blue jacket and white slacks, his uniform lacking the gold trim of higher-ups. His name badge read, "Dominguez."

Jessica let out a deep breath. "You get it sorted out?"

The little man twisted his hands. "Not...not exactly, Ms. Greenway. It would seem our booking agent at port made a mistake in giving you a boarding pass. The credit card information you provided is coming up as invalid."

Jessica ruffled her long hair. "I know...I told you, my ex-husband ran off with my credit cards. Just wait until we're back to port and I'll get everything sorted out."

"Un-unfortunately," the little man stuttered, "we have no room for you on board. We've booked our standby rooms. We can, however, put you in the onboard detention center? It's standard operating procedure when we have stowaways."

"Stowaway?" Jessica threw up her hands, unsure if the sea or this little man was making him nauseous. "I'm not a stowaway. I bought a ticket at port like everyone else."