Dominated By The BIllionaire And The Sheik - Aaliyah Jackson - ebook

Dominated By The Billionaire And The SheikShe's a smart, intelligent young black woman... So how does she end up on a yacht, obeying every last kinky whim of the billionaire and the sheik?This book contains explicit sex scenes and is for adults only.

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Dominated By The Billionaire And The Sheik


Aaliyah Jackson

Table of Contents

Title Page

Dominated By The BIllionaire And The Sheik

La’Quisha Jones stands in front of the podium, looking out at the inexperienced faces in the crowd, and knowing that most of them have their lives already mapped out. Even though she is a valedictorian and she excels in her studies, she still has no idea what she is going to do for a living. Her mother warned her not to get a degree in the arts, because that kind of education didn't go past the classroom. She thought that she had a lot of time to figure things out, but those six years went by so quickly that now she needs to find her true path, with a degree that wasn't worth the paper it was printed on.

“As I look out at all these people, I see the future of the world looking back at me, and we all now have the responsibility to go out and make this world a better place.” Of course this was a speech that she made, and again she believed every word, except for when it came to the matter of herself. She had gotten so lost in her studies that she never really had any kind of life. Boyfriends were far and in between, and she really didn't have the time or the effort to worry about what a man was thinking. After all, it wasn't hard to see that most of them were thinking with what she had between her legs. “As your class valedictorian, I want you to know that I will never stop striving for the best, and I will never stop fighting for our soon-to-be children.” There was applause, and everybody stood up and threw their hats into the air.

“That was a nice speech, La’Quisha, but I think we all know that you are not as well prepared for the future as you claim.” Her mother saw her daughter as a kind of recluse, somebody that used education as a way to hide from the real world. Sure, she was very proud of her daughter for becoming the best of the best, but none of this translated to where she was going to be in five years from now. “I know that you've been thinking about this for six years, but so far I have seen nothing to indicate that you have your life together.”

“Mom, you know damn well I’m trying to find a job while I figure out what I want to be. Not everyone jumps into a career straight away, you need to try something before you know if you’re going to go all the way with it.” She knew that she was only grasping at straws, and that this was the only way that she could think to appease her mother for the time being. “I'll be sure to check the want ads, and I don't think it will take me very long to find something that suits my skill set.” She was saying everything right, but her mother knew in the back of her mind that her daughter was scared out of her mind, and didn't have a clue how to go about finding something that she was passionate about.