Dominated By My Landlady - Dominique Paige - ebook

"I think someone likes being a submissive little sissy boy.” She mocked as his face flushed red with shame.Evan's late on the rent, thanks to his wife. His landlady, Vivian, is furious. Luckily she knows how to get back at him... Vivian will mercilessly peg, humiliate, and degrade him until she feels satisfied, and won't stop until the pleasure overwhelms his pain and he begs for more.The only question is: Will Evan fight back as he's dominated, or give in completely? Vivian thinks she already knows the answer...

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Dominated By My Landlady | Dominique Paige

Dominated By My Landlady

Dominique Paige

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Vivian teased touches around his tight hole to make him groan, before sliding her hand between his thighs until she could grab his cock.

“I think someone likes being a submissive little sissy boy.” she mocked him.

Evan’s shame welled up at the taunt, but he couldn’t refute it. His erection was as strong as he could ever recall and his groans got louder as his landlord’s fingers stroked along it.

“Do you like anal sex?” Vivian asked.

Her fingers slid back to Evan’s asshole and slid tantalizingly around it.

“I...” he started.

“I love it.” Vivian went on and didn’t give him the chance to speak.

Evan tensed as her finger pressed right on his asshole and wiggled around. He clenched his buttocks, but it was no defense against her efforts and he was forced to endure the sensation of being opened up for the first time in his life.

“I love it a lot.” Vivian went on and laughed.

Evan was in no doubt what she was talking about. His landlord liked anal sex in the same way she enjoyed spanking and that was as the dominant partner. He squirmed as her finger slid deeper. It was unexpectedly pleasurable, but again there was a shame to letting himself be used in such away. Not that there was much choice for him. Vivian’s free hand pressed down on his back to hold him in place while she slowly slid her finger knuckle deep inside him.

“Doesn’t that feel oh so good.” she taunted him.

Evan shuddered as she began to finger fuck his asshole. His buttocks clenched to tighten him around the deep penetration each time it slid all the way in. He groaned as his body trembled to make his cock throb.

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Evan heard the knock on the door of his apartment and cringed. He couldn’t be sure of who was standing on the doorstep, but suspected it was his landlord, Vivian. The end of the month came and went without him going to see her as usual to pay the rent and he knew her reputation for wasting no time in chasing up those who owed her money. It never bothered him before on the basis that he’d never missed a payment. The money needed for his wife’s three month study period overseas left him well short this month, however, and it wasn’t going to be until he got his next paycheck that he would be able to sort out the problem.

A second knock banged on the door and he debated whether to ignore it. In the end he couldn’t be sure who it was and reluctantly decided to answer it. He trudged to the door and took a deep breath before opening it.

“Mr. Symons.” Vivian said in a pleasant voice straight away. “Did you forget the date?”