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It's So Wrong But It Feels So Right....When Caitlin goes to visit her husband as he works on the railroad, she's suprised to find that he doesn't have much time for her. His boss, Mr. Brandon, has travelled to check up on the progress of the new project that will make him even richer. Mr. Brandon is the type of man who gets what he wants, and when he sees Caitlin it never even occurs to him that he can't have her. He quickly sets up a meeting with her, and when she's brought into his lodgings he makes her an offer she can't refuse - an easy job as his assistant, for three times as much as her husband makes.However with Mr. Brandon as her boss, it's no time at all before she starts seeing his true intentions. With the handsome, rich and bold cowboy billionaire tempting and controlling her, can she resist or will she break down and give in to let her husband's boss play out his every last kinky fantasy with her?One thing is for sure, Mr. Brandon is persistent, and when he gets what he wants he never pulls out. 

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Dominated By My Husband’s Billionaire Cowboy Boss | Isabella Tropez

Dominated By My Husband’s Billionaire Cowboy Boss

Isabella Tropez

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The slick wetness on her skin revealed her excitement and she bit her bottom lip to hold the groans in as Mr. Brandon slid his tongue along her pussy lips. Her taste brought out his lust and she gasped as he dropped down from the bed and dragged her to the floor. She was made to spread her legs wide open and squirmed when hot kisses pressed on her body. The action quickly grew frantic as her pussy was ravaged and her back arched up from the floor when her wet hole was opened up.

Mr. Brandon’s tongue snaked inside her to lick rough touches on her slick skin and it set her on fire. What she was doing was wrong, but she wanted it like she could not believe and pushed herself towards the man using her. His tongue plunged deeper in her cunt as he went after what he wanted from her and his breath rasped out when he backed off. In only a matter of seconds his head was buried between her thighs again and he kissed on clit while he brought his fingers to pussy. Caitlin arched up from the floor as she was used. The touches on her body were driving her wild and she writhed around as a stiff touch fucked inside her. She was being used like a slut and groaned as the finger fuck pumped in and out her pussy. Her desire mounted as she was taken on a ride towards a climax, but it ended before she got there.

She lay on the floor gasping for air when Mr. Brandon got to his feet. As she watched him, he dragged his clothes off until he was as naked as her. Her gaze latched onto his stiff erection and she was unable to look away as he stroked his fingers along it.

“Get on your knees,” he ordered her.

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Caitlin stepped down from the stagecoach and shook her head as she took in the view around her. The place she was standing in looked as big as a town, but in fact was an encampment of workers that were building a railroad. It followed along as the tracks were laid to provide everything the men needed to keep them productive and it was going to be her home for the next week or so.