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Dominated By HerculesHercules, the extraordinarily powerful son of Zeus, has to prove he’s the best at every physical activity including sex. So to prove himself and reclaim his spot on Olympus, a normal woman of high moral standing is summoned to Mount Olympus to be used like a whore, made to cum multiple times in front of the gods and finally impregnated with his seed. 

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Dominated By Hercules | Erotic History | Elle London

Dominated By Hercules

Erotic History

Elle London

“The answer is no.”

The words made the anger well up in Hercules and his hands balled into tight fists that whitened his knuckles. He tried and failed to retain his composure as he turned to look at his father, Zeus.

“Why?” he shouted. “Why do they deny me my rightful place on Mount Olympus? I have proved myself time and time again, yet their answer is once again no. I have successfully taken up every challenge they issued and shown myself to be worthy. There are no physical activities remaining they can test me on.”

Zeus put a hand on his son’s muscular shoulder in an attempt to calm him down as he spoke.

“There is one more they want to test you on.”

Hercules closed his eyes and tried to hold back his fury as it threatened to grow out of control. He managed it to an extent although the frustration still came through in his words as he spat them out

“I have run, jumped, swam, fought...” His words tailed off as he shook his head and he was quiet for a second or two before going on. “There is nothing left, so what else can they want of me?”

“They have set you one final task to prove that you deserve a place among the Greek gods,” Zeus told him as he pulled his hand away from his son’s shoulder.

“Which is?” Hercules asked.

“That you show you are the best at sex,” Zeus replied.

There was silence for a moment before the laughter burst from Hercules as he looked at his father. He quickly realized that the older man wasn’t joking and the sound of his hilarity died down.

“You’re being serious?” he asked in an almost incredulous tone. “They’re going to make me fuck someone.”

Zeus nodded his head and went on to explain what was required.

“The gods demand that you demonstrate your prowess in every physical activity and that includes sex. For this task they have summoned four women to the top of Mount Olympus. Tomorrow you must choose one of them and put on a display that you are the woman’s best ever lover. The trial must end with her impregnated by you.”

“And if I do this?” Hercules asked. “What then, will they ask for more?”

Zeus shook his head this time as he spoke.

“If you successfully complete it, your trials will be over. It will enable you to take your place at my side amongst the gods.”