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Follow Carlie's adventures with her Master in three erotic episodes.Episode 1- When Carlene goes out for dinner with her Master, she has no idea how the evening will end. She doesn’t count on dropping dishes onto the floor of an upscale restaurant, and certainly doesn’t expect the delicious punishment to follow.Episode 2-When Carlene opens an email from her Master, she has no idea the adventure that awaits. She certainly doesn't expect to be detained by an airport security guard bent on giving her the orgasm of her life, nor does she expect to have Master help her realize one of her favorite fantasies.Episode 3-Master has a surprise for Carlene. A picnic in the park. But first, she must expect her punishment for taking so long to respond to his message. Naked, bound and strung up between two trees, will Carlene submit to her Master's desires, and if she does, what will be her reward?

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Table of Contents

Title Page


Date With A Dom

A Weekend With Master

A Walk In The Park With Master


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Date With A Dom 3-Pack


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Date With A Dom

A Weekend With Master

A Walk In The Park With Master


Date With A Dom


Carlene watched from the window as the car pulled up to the curb in front of her townhouse. She’d been in that car a hundred times, but the sight of the sleek black sedan still made her heart race. It was her Master’s car, and he’d send the driver for her whenever he needed to see her. Tonight was no exception.

She slipped into her red high heels, selected carefully to match the red cocktail dress that skimmed over her figure, hugging her curves in all the right places. Low in the front and lower in the back, she felt absolutely decadent. A sexy lady indeed. Snatching up her handbag, her hand paused over a black satin wrap draped across the arm of the sofa. The air was a little chilly outside, and she wanted the slight warmth the wrap would provide, but he’d said she wasn’t to wear it.

Instead, she moved to the front door and stepped outside, quickly locking the door behind her and hurried to the waiting car and the driver who stood patiently waiting. “Good evening, Charles.”

He nodded. “Good evening Miss Marshall.”

She settled into the plush leather seat and adjusted her dress, resisting the urge to rub the cool night air off her arms. He wouldn’t like that.

The drive to the restaurant was short, so it wasn’t long before they pulled up in front of the hotel. She stepped out into the night air, tossed her head once to move the blonde curls out of her eyes and started in toward the restaurant.

Carlene stood at the Maitre‘d’s desk, scanning the room for her

Master. She saw him in an instant. Recognized the strong profile and salt and pepper temples that gave him such a distinguished appearance. He turned and their eyes met.

She shivered as his eyes slipped slowly down the length of her body, pausing on her stilettos before returning slowly to her face. He smiled and with a slight nod of his head, she walked toward his table.

He rose to pull out her chair. “You look lovely, Kitten.”

“Thank you, Master.” Carlene slid into the seat as he’d taught her. She held her breath and waited.

He stroked her hair, pushed her chair in and rejoined her at the table. She let out her breath and took a sip from the wine glass in front of her.

“I’ve already ordered for us. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course not, you always order exactly what I like,” she said. It wasn’t true. He sometimes ordered things she detested, but she kept her face void of emotion and didn’t let on that he’d found something she didn’t enjoy. That was the game they often played.

Dinner arrived and she sat quietly as she watched her Master slice off a thin piece of meat and raise it to his mouth. She waited silently with her hands in her lap until he gave her permission. The steak in front of her looked delicious and her stomach grumbled, but she wouldn't eat a bite until he gave the command to eat.

She glanced around the room again. The restaurant was beautiful, an upscale hotel in the heart of the city and a hard place to get a table on a Friday night. Master had standing reservations as they dined there often.

She ran one hand through her hair and continued to survey the restaurant before turning her eyes on Master. He could have stepped from the pages of a magazine. Always elegant, tonight he wore black Armani with a crisp white shirt.

"Are you enjoying yourself, Kitten?" His voice cut into her thoughts. She had been expecting, hoping for him to lay his fork aside and speak to her. He was fond of acting like he was ignoring her, then making sure she was paying attention to him. It kept her on her toes. "Yes Master," she said softly. "It's a beautiful restaurant."

"Are you hungry?"

She longed for her stomach not to give her away but she couldn’t help eyeing her plate. "I can wait, Master," she said evenly.

"That isn't what I asked you." His voice was deep, even, and held a hint of danger.

"Yes, I am hungry, Master," she said finally.

"Good," he responded. “Be a good girl and pour some more wine.”

Carlene picked up the wine bottle and reached across the table to fill his glass first, then moved to fill her own glass. It didn’t take much. Her glass was already full, so she only added a few drops then carefully placed the bottle back into the ice bucket. It was a red wine, her favorite and Master always ordered her favorite wine.

He took a sip, moving the wine around in his mouth before he swallowed, then smiled. He put his glass down and again bent over his plate, slicing off another piece of meat. Her mouth watered. She was so damned hungry, and while she was tired of this game, she would do everything within her power to please her Master. If it meant going hungry this night, then so be it.

And apparently she had pleased him. Instead of putting the fork in his mouth, Master reached across the table and gently pushed the utensil between her lips. She kept her eyes trained on him as she pulled the piece of meat off his fork. Then she ran her tongue over her lips while she stared into his eyes for a quick second before turning her gaze downward. It wasn’t proper to look Master in the eye without permission.

He didn't say a word but she knew he liked it. He loved to watch everything she did with her mouth. The juicy steak filled her mind. Medium rare, she could taste all the juices as she bit into it. Delicious. She swallowed and looked back to her Master, hoping there was more to follow.

No expression other than a slight gleam in his eye showed on his face. He could be so hard to read when he wished.

"How was it?" he asked.

"Delicious, Master."

“Good." He nodded, not taking his eyes from her face. "Have some more wine. It goes very well with the steak."

Carlene dutifully raised her wine glass and took a small sip. While he enjoyed sharing the wine with her, he didn’t like it when she imbibed a little too much. She was to be sober for all their meetings.

"You may eat now," he said as she put her glass down.