Doctor's Exam - Malory Chambers - ebook

Ashley knows that her life as she knows it was over. After the video of her being spanked in public by her professor goes viral, she is stripped of her scholarship and expelled.With nowhere to go, she does the unspeakable. She fakes a pregnancy and attempts to blackmail the men who had taken her hard and unprotected.Can she handle the doctor's examination to prove her claim and the heavy domestic punishment to get to the happily ever after she is after? Or will the pain and humiliation be too hot for her to handle?

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Doctor's Exam

(Punishing The Maid 3)

By Malory Chambers

Copyright 2015 Malory Chambers

. . . . .

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older

A Show For The Neighbor

My life was over.

My life was over and I was busy masturbating.

I stretched my back and held my hands between my legs. My fingers reached deep inside me as I stared at the open window, the soft breeze blowing directly into my pussy, cooling the burning heat.

My thumb brushed against my clit and I moaned low in my throat, throwing my head back as the sizzle of pleasure traveled up my spine and straight to my mind, already struggling to remember to breathe.

My legs were propped high on either sides of the window so that my neighbor could have the perfect, unhindered view of the soft red lips between my legs, my folds parted wide with my second and fourth finger while my middle finger thrust in and out of me. Pussy juice leaked out of my hole and over thighs, creating a sheen in the morning light.

I moved my second finger into my pussy and slowly pulled my shirt up. My heart pounded against my chest, all decency screaming at me to close the windows and masturbate in private but I paid it no heed.

The thrill of being watched while I masturbated was like an electric sizzle through me. I felt my curves all the way up from my wide hips to my slender waist. My neighbor was staring straight at me, the heat and lust in his eyes evident in his erect cock.

His licked his upper lip as he pumped his cock in rhythm with my fingers disappearing inside my folds, stretching my walls inside in a way that made me squirm and writhe in pleasure.

I moved my hands upwards until my shirt was bunched on the underside of my breast. I could feel my chest rising and falling rapidly. His eyes widened and he leaned as far over the window as he dared while still keeping his body inside the apartment. It was a sight to see; his cock erect against his body, hips thrusting forwards and backwards.

My fingers gripped the underside of my bra and I moved the clothes upwards until my breasts sprung free of their prison, round mounds bouncing slightly as they fell out.

I pulled my fingers out of me and toyed with my wetness a little more, pretending it was the head of his cock brushing against me. The nipples on my breasts were already hard. I looked down on my pink areolas and traced circles around them. The shirt kept falling down over my breasts.

I stood up and pulled my shirt and bra over my head, now completely naked by the window. I sat back down in an instant and propped both legs to each side of the window, exposing my glistening wetness to the man. Taking two fingers, I slid them inside me while my thumb worked on my throbbing clit.

My fingers worked in and out steadily, thumb rubbing against my clit while my other hand grabbed my naked breast and squeezed.

I licked my lips, keeping eye contact with the man's cock. He was a grower, that was for sure!

My cheeks blushed crimson as I wondered if the other residents of the apartment opposite could see me playing with myself so shamelessly. Perhaps they were peeking through their blinds and masturbating in private.

The thought of others seeing my indecent behavior made my pussy spasm. Staring up at the man, my mind and senses were filled with the memory of being bent over the hood of the car, my posterior exposed and spanked relentlessly as strangers watch my exposed pussy and bottom.

My bottom was still warm and stinging from being spanked by a belt two weeks ago. The memory of the professor's belt snapping through the air and slapping down on my thighs made me shudder. Like a switch, moisture escaped my pussy, wetting my hands.

I would love for a man to come into my apartment right now and bend me over the window so that my breasts were hanging outside in the cold air, exposed for all to see while he thrust into me from behind, his cock stretching into my throbbing pussy.

My breath quickened.

I pulled my fingers out of me with a wet squelching noise and, keeping eye contact with the neighbor, licked the wetness on my fingers. His eyes widened and he started pumping his cock with renewed vigor.

My hands were wet and warm on my breast and I whimpered when my fingers on both hands found my nipples. I gripped onto the tips of my nipples and pinched hard, my lips opening into a soundless moan as I arched my back.

I quickly slid two fingers inside me and pumped in and out quickly, my breaths coming out in sharp gasps and my toes curling in pleasure as I fought to keep them apart.

I was cumming hard with just my own fingers and the man could see it. My thighs quivered and I felt my pussy clench onto my fingers, juice leaking out from the sides and dripping onto the chair.

It didn't take long after that for him to reach his own orgasm, spasming and convulsing by his open windows whilst trying to keep as quiet as humanly possible to prevent our neighbors from hearing.

He shot his load so far that it went out the window and onto the pavement below.


I jumped in surprise at the sudden exclamation and put my legs down onto the ground so that I could lean over the window and find the source of the outburst.

Whoops. Not pavement.