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"Nothing can be realized if it has not been a dream before! To be happy or unhappy, it’s a question of choice.""Because life is like a glass: it reflects the way you relate to it. If you fear it, you will get back the object of your fears. If you start fighting against it, it will be a hard battle; if otherwise you finally give up and abandon any form of fighting, then life, pure joy, abundance, happiness will run towards you."Synopsis.Learning the art of staying well with ourselves and living happy.This first involving book by Raffaele Cammarota is a practical-philosophical-spiritual manual on how to try to achieve harmony of mind, body and soul. On how to have a clear and positive mind; a healthy body and full of energy; a soul free to follow its own aim and to achieve the full self-realization. It suggests the fundamental keys to open doors always locked inside us, and finally be able to live in harmony with ourselves and with the world. To stop fighting everything and everyone, to learn to accept ourselves, the others, and the events without judging, spontaneously growing the seed that is unique in all of us. An illuminating book that, expertly alternating metaphorical language to practical advices, guides the reader towards the discovery and the self-acceptance. Like a good tailor he offers the best cloth to use, to be able to leave to each one the task of carving out the tailored suit most suitable for them. To finally understand that true life and true happiness are those things that run under our eyes while we are busy and distracted to achieve something else.About the Author.Raffaele Cammarota. Lucano by birth. He lives between Scalea (Cs) and Satriano di Lucania (Pz).Communicator, advertiser and teacher. A degree in Economics and Commerce from Rome "La Sapienza". Project creator and director of the editorial project "Pianeta SUD".Strong upholder of the importance of the positive thought and of the personal development, he studies and deepens knowledge about strategic communication, motivation, NLP, self-esteem, nutritional Science, biometeorology, meditation, Zen philosophy.Creative style, self-ironic and anti-conventional. This is his first fundamental book.Personal website:

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Raffaele Cammarota

Do you want to live or survive?

… the choice is yours

How to achieve Harmony

of Mind, Body and Soul


Raffaele Cammarota

Do you want to live or survive?

The choice is yours

How to achieve Harmony of Mind, Body and Soul

All rights reserved

© 2013 Raffaele Cammarota

© 2013 Phasar Edizioni, Firenze

Reproduction and translation rights are reserved.

No part of this book may be used, reproduced or distributed without the author’s express written permission

Translation from the Italian: D.ssa Rosanna Cianni

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Preface by Max Formisano



We are what we think

Stop fighting and attract what you want

Mental maps

Past, Present and Future

Here and now

Empty your mind

Awareness and choice

Interior dialogue

Absence of judgment

Thoughts and health

Physiology and state of mind

To eliminate the importance

Interior and Exterior importance

Not even this book is important


Physical well-being and nutrition


The ten golden rules for a correct nutrition

Healthy life habits


The breath

Physical Activity


Look for pleasure

Weather and well-being

You are like the weather



A technique to help meditation

Existential Meditation

We are unique energy

Nothing happens by chance




We are unique beings

Think differently

Obtain what you want

Fear and change

Happiness and money

Happiness and objectives




Suggested books



This book

is for you

who decided to live

instead of only


by Max Formisano1

The conquest of happiness: is there anything better in the world?

This is not the typical book about the “personal growth” because Raffaele wisely fuses all the domains of life that might influence our well-being, including quantum physics, the law of attraction and weather conditions!

It’s not by chance that Hippocrates (400 b.C.) said: «If you want to find out the causes of illnesses, first of all pay attention to everyday and season events ».

In the book you’re going to read it is said about the 4 mainstays on which to base this “search”, always starting from the acceptation of ourselves as a matter of fact.

Here they are: mind, body, soul, self-realization.

With extraordinary clarity and simplicity, we walk in the working mechanisms of our mind: limitations, potentialities and to the full of its faculties.

We move on to the body, then: the 10 golden rules of nutrition and the 4 healthy styles of life (breathing, physical activity, good sleep and elimination of poisonous substances/habits like smoking).

Do not forget our soul, from meditation to the listening of our Self to the “elimination of the importance”.

With the writer’s own words:

“Accept yourself as you are.

Accept everything about you: the day and the night, the dark and the light, the sun and the moon.

Everybody is perfect as it is. You’re perfect as you are. The unconditional and full of love acceptation of ourselves is the harbinger of the interior serenity, of love and happiness.

It’s the essential basis to develop the unique talents that are in us”.

Lastly, we talk about the full realization of the Self where the basis to “succeed” in life are expressed in a fairly simple and understandable way.

First of all and at the end of all, however, there is always love. Love in all its aspects: towards ourselves, first of all – unconditional – then towards the others and finally towards “every single thing”.

December 2013


The appearance of things changes according to the emotions…

and thus we see magic and beauty in them,

while the magic and beauty… are really in ourselves.

K. Gibran

How many times you asked yourself: does it exist a secret to be happy?… or a happiness magic formula?

The answer is YES.

I go against the grain and I give you the answer right now and not at the end of the book, so that if you are not interested you can close the book and put it back wherever you took it.

To be happy is enough… that you really want to be happy.

I know what you’re thinking right now: “There you are… the umpteenth guru that talks always about the same things regarding autosuggestion, motivation… voilà the umpteenth book about the positive thought as many hundreds… etc.”

Well, no, my dear reader (and by the way I greatly thank you for flipping through the pages with curiosity!); this book wants to be totally different, a book unique that wishes to enter into the deepness of your soul trying to have an impact on the false beliefs about your life, yourself, the others, the world.

It’s a book which has the mild ambition of awakening the major part of people from their particular mental lethargy, and finally give the instruments, few and simple, to fully enjoy life and the joy coming from living it.

I’m not a guru, nor a person with particular extraordinary gifts. I’m a normal person that had the fortune of knowing and experimenting some important growing principles and personal improvements on himself.

Morals and behaviours that allowed me to change and improve my life.

I’ve always loved to observe the others, trying to understand the deep sense of things and human behaviours, understanding the real essence of life. And here I am.

Suddenly I felt the need and the burning desire of sharing this knowledge with the greater number of possible people, with the aim of improving their life.

It’s a knowledge coming from far away that already exists in each of us. It’s a knowledge that already exists inside you. It’s only necessary to detect the right switch, turn the light on and read.

Pope Paul VI said: “When the masters’ times had finished, the witnesses’ time started”2. Here it is… I simply feel to be a witness.

I do not give any ready-made recipes, nor tests or homework, but few and simple keys to open doors forever shut inside us.

Don’t you believe that?… very well… put the book away and do not go on reading. Go back to your sleep-walker life which you were used to, to which the major part of us is used to, to which I also had been used to.

If, otherwise, you wish to win your fears, if you want to obtain the best from yourself, from the others and from life, if you want to know the secret, the key to happiness and endless joy; therefore, if you want to start a true life… then let’s start the journey together!

We are what we think

Pay attention to your thoughts… they will become words

Pay attention to your words… they will become actions

Pay attention to your actions…they will become habits

Pay attention to your habits…they will become your destiny

Oriental Anonymous

What we think leads our Life.

Or better: the way we think determine things that happen to us in our life, from the smallest to the biggest.

Don’t you believe that?... right… I would react in the same way too, by instinct.

But stop and think just a second to how many times, too many for sure, you feared something was going to happen and punctually it did. Or, on the contrary, how many times you really desired something to become true, or tried to reach an objective with all yourself, your soul and body and there it is, maybe when you were not expecting it at all.

That you might believe in it or not, what we think becomes real, the negative thoughts too.

This is the reason why it is so important to think positive, to think about what we long for and not about what we do not wish to.

I talk about the ability of acquiring awareness of our own thoughts, connected to sensations and emotions and when they appear to be negative, turn your mind away from them and substitute them with positive ones. In this simple switch it’s our main and very important and aware desire of addressing ourselves towards joy and happiness.

In fact, stop and think for a while: a lived moment, a past year, a past evening… they will not be back, they will not re-enter this fantastic roulette called Life.

Then…it’s worth living as better as we can, what do you think?, without influences of negative thoughts and mental masturbations that in the major part of the cases, have nothing to do with what you’re living in that particular moment, or they are about situations that will appear even less serious than what you believe in that moment.

The major part of our worries are about meaningless things, craps, call them as you want… even though we let our thoughts to influence our lives.

At the beginning, to adopt a new system of thought may appear a little bit strange and difficult, later on it will become a habit… and what a habit! Positive thoughts will go after positive thoughts, and day by day, you will start to see in each situation and in each person only the positive aspects and characteristics, automatically.

And finally you will see in a half full glass, the full part and not the empty one.

It is said that:

Three people were working in a stone cave under a very hot sun. They had the same task, but when they asked them which one was their job, their answers were different. “I break stones” answered in one go the first one rather annoyed. “I earn my life” answers the second one with resignation. “I take part at the building of a wonderful cathedral” said the third one with a lot of enthusiasm.

It’s fundamental to know and understand that they are not the things that happen to determine our happiness or unhappiness, but as we react to them.

We are the only ones that in any moments and situations can decide with awareness how to react.

I realize that it might seem rhetoric and simplistic, but it’s actually possible to make it and it gives extraordinary results. Of course, we cannot have a full control of events and circumstances that happen to us, sometimes we might just influence them; but we can always control the meanings that we attribute to events and circumstances.

In the major part of the cases we worry about things not so important or, at least, not fundamental for our existence, or things that it is possible to solve just with a little bit of attention.

Often we worry about situations that have been transformed in problems from our mind under stress or because our body is not in perfect harmony and balance, or because we are in the grip of the so-called evil mental masturbations.

To work on mind, body and soul to reach a full harmony: this is the final objective to which all of us can and must strive for.

Someone will object: “And when I find myself in front of situations objectively negative? (Ex. Death of a relative, serious illnesses, etc.). In this cases as well? Positive thought and… idiotic smile?” No, obviously! But also in these cases we can do the right thing: keep a condition of complete awareness to live the sorrow, take in and go further; the main difference is here: be able to go further on! Do not remain anchored to the sorrow or to the negative experiences we live, whatever it happens, whatever they are, even the most serious and important ones. There are many examples of almost miraculous healing or extraordinary joy for life in spite of very serious physical handicaps.

At this proposal, the life of the Italian F1 Pilot, Alex Zanardi, after the amputation of both his legs is an extraordinary example.

It’s even possible to manage the situation also in very extreme situations.

To a dear friend of mine it has been diagnosed the SLA when he was about 30. It’s one of the most terrible and insidious illnesses.

Well… apart from the very serious situation which he was facing, even though he was perfectly aware of the relentless putting out of his body, he has been able to offer a smile to everybody till his last day of life.

An enlightened being, Carmine, has been an example of joy for life for all of us considered “healthy”. If Carmine managed to offer a smile and a good word to everybody till his last instant of life, do you really think not to be able to do the same, you that, thanking God, maybe are a little bit better? What do you think?

Also as it concerns working matters, a very serious problem for everybody, we can switch to a different situation in every moment, change our way of thinking and transform a potential negative situation in an opportunity.

I lost my job, I got a refusal, or I have difficulties at finding my first job: instead of racking my brain and fossilizing myself on the problem I try to take new opportunities of personal growth and new roads to walk.

On the subject, the psychotherapist Raffaele Morelli says:

When we experiment a failure, at work, in personal relationships, in love, the only thing to do is not dreaming another life, regret, but to accept what it happens. It’s not us to fail, it’s simply our soul that wants to bring us in a different direction, towards our true blooming, towards the real talent.

Accept yourselves when you make mistakes, without reproaches, without punishing yourselves, it’s the first step towards the joy of living.3

About that I can quote one of my personal experiences: after a brilliant and fast university career (graduated in economics at 23) I’ve tried the State exam to be a Certified Public Accountant 9 times (nine!): never passed! Had I suddenly become a nag? I don’t think so. Simply my soul was giving me warnings I was walking the wrong path and my deepest I “knew” that was not the best way to express my talents.

There were two chances in front of me: get depressed or transform that problem, that threat of failure in a new opportunity.

Obviously I’ve chosen the second option.

In that moment I understood a fundamental teaching: in life, failures never exist, but they are simply different results from the ones we expect.

Stop fighting and attract what you want

When you want something,

all the universe cooperates in helping you to achieve it!

P. Coelho

You have probably already heard about the attraction law. Successful books like The Secret by R. Byrne have been written about the subject, or niche authors like Vadim Zeland in his trilogy Transurfing. Also the visionary and wise men of all cultures and ages, through different paths, got to agree on the final point, a principle of extraordinary importance: that is we attract in our life what we think.

In order to see how the attraction law works, it’s necessary to make four fundamental things: the first one is to ask what we wish to have; the second one is to believe with the belief of obtaining what it has been asked; the third one is to have the firm intention of receiving, setting ourselves in a mood as if we had already obtained what we long for.

To these three elements we need to add a fourth principle absolutely essential so that our thoughts might be really effective: stop fighting.

Yes… it’s necessary to lay the arms down. It’s the main principle to see how the attraction law of our thoughts can work in a real effective way.

It’s necessary to let things and events flow naturally, to comply and never compel them. It’s necessary to have clear in mind the aim to reach without worrying about “how” to reach it: this is a Universal Energy task.

Stop fighting with ourselves, with the others, with the world; we might develop that intuition and those emotional, innate capacities that will allow us to interpret things and events in light of our real and innate wishes.

The fundamental keys to reach this state are two: gratitude and visualisation.

Try to feel unconditional gratitude towards life, people you love, things you do, Nature, and towards all the positive things Life might donate you every day.

Putting yourself in a state of gratitude is the essential premise to achieve all you long for in Life, in every field.

The sense of gratitude allows us to enter in a mental frequency so that we can automatically cancel, without any efforts, every thought or negative feeling and allow, on the contrary, the activation of virtuous mechanism of thoughts, sensations and positive feelings towards ourselves, the others and Life.

It’s the most amazing system to give the right shape to our own day, to all that might happen in the course of it, to all that Life will offer us in every single moment.

All the greatest men, the most learned, in all fields, have had the common trait of cultivating in them this extraordinary feeling. Thanks, thanks!

The second key is being able to visualize what you wish: a material object, a person, immaterial objects like serenity and fulfilment; anything.

Our mind doesn’t distinguish between what it can imagine and what it can really live, the biochemical reactions are the same.

It’s important to let the mind fly and imagine of having the car and the house of our dreams, or the person you are in love with. It’s fundamental to live emotions and sensations also at a multi-sensorial level; it’s, i.e., necessary to have the vivid sensation of already living that given situation with joy and happiness.