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The Gift is designed to give an understanding and overall guide to a variety of psychic abilities. Your curiosity is healthy and I have included an outline of well-known psychic methods and techniques which become more pronounced as you begin your journey.  We are all able to develop our psychic-selves and during this book you will become comfortable with explanations and my personal experiences as it opens up to what happens when I connect with spirits, angels, guides and ethereal beings. I hope to ignite your senses to the worlds we don’t see, hear or sense. Or do we? I say we do and l will help you through this book to understand the world beyond ourselves. My psychic abilities are now second nature and I use what I need each day. The book is filled with experiences and interesting stories as I traveled to countries with ancient history with my partner and connected to the spirit world. So please join me as we move into the realm of reconnecting to our Universal Family and begin to rediscover and reconnect our natural abilities. My invitation is genuine and all I ask is an open mind as I take you through my documented experiences to assist your understanding.Welcome to the world of psychic senses.Sussan Evermore

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I want to welcome you to this book on Channeling. Your interest is healthy and during the course of this book I hope to be able to give you outlines and guidance towards channelling as a spiritual attribute. The book is about methods and personal experiences to outline the possibilities for you. This is only part of the journey, as you will read, as many opportunities to grow spiritually and physically develop.

Channelling has proven to be an enormous benefit. A whole new world has opened up in the area of spiritual archaeology. My first ancient site was Borobudur in Java and I had the chance to channel a young man who was a caretaker of the ancient site. The session was short but it was the start of a wonderful journey of discovery with amazing results.

Those who are born mediums are natural conduits with the non-physical world and engage with the spirits of those who have passed over all the time. They see ethereal beings and dimensional energies the same as you and I see physical people but psychics like me are created of our own desire to connect. Universal information can come through with practice and an open channel. I use other tools such as tarot cards, pendulum or runes to dig deeper into the information.

Channelling has also helped expand my psychometry, clairvoyant and clairaudience capabilities. My efforts have enabled me to connect with my higher self, spiritual guides and during my recent overseas travels, I inherited a spiritual guardian or two for a set period of time but that's another story. Originally I researched channelling out of curiosity. What I read gave me confidence to explore further. I had a number of encounters but did find one spiritual entity who has become my spiritual mentor. The entity is known as Osiris and each time we connected is was with love, patience, compassion and knowledge.

Early channellings were trial and error because my initial vibration didn't always match the incoming guests on the first attempt, so perseverance was needed to match the connection and for communication to take place. The vibrational communication isn't always verbal and can come in images, emotion and sensations.

The information which comes forward from these intimate sessions with non-physical energies is phenomenal and very surprising. It gives us permission to ask questions on information which is not public or questions that have never been answered. You see, channelling is the bridge between spiritual realms. There is a very loving, caring and powerful collective or grouping beyond our physical world. We commonly refer to this as 'God' or 'All that is'..

Channelling opens up the passages of communication to all knowledge, known and spacespacespacespace

unknown. Accessing higher realms brings about a whole new understanding of our physical world and our spiritual surroundings. To accept and understand worlds exist amongst worlds is to understand the layers of existence and how we tap into that is by channelling.

The higher our awareness, the higher the realms we're able to access. There are a number of authors who write about their channelling sessions and will normally refer to one particular entity. When reaching out for connection, we generally connect quickly to our own guides, those which have been allocated to us from birth. But when reaching further, we will connect with a 'like energy' who is best suited to us as individuals and our life's experiences.

Albert Einstein and Nicola Tesla both referred to knowledge that came to them from somewhere outside their normal senses during times of great concentration and request for answers. According to Tesla he was able to astral travel and connect to people and places in faraway countries. This ability he described as a hypersensitivity to all things outside of his normal experience which enabled him to connect to the known universe. Then while walking through the city park in Budapest the complete solution to AC power flashed through his mind and changed our world forever. That flash of insight was a moment when Tesla connected to infinite universal knowledge and although he did not fully understand the implications he never-the-less had made the connection to the universe as did Einstein with his simple but ground breaking 'E=MC2' formula.

Another historically documented connection to universal knowledge came when the organic chemist Frederich August Kekule had the structured formula of benzene appear in a lucid dream in a half sleep state, the discovery changed modern chemistry forever.

This publication is created to assist and answer questions for those who have started their space

psychic discovery or beginners wanting a little more clarity. Just by asking the question "Where or how do I fit into this world?" is beyond the normal curiosity and reflects an acceptance of something existing beyond our physical reality of life as we know it.

So, first of all we must accept there is a metropolis of non-physical life-forms existing in the universe in any one moment. There is no past, present or future in the universe. Time is only a subjective measure we use during our lifetimes here on earth in our basic third dimension. Contacting an entity or identity from the past is contacting them in the present, in the now. My partner and I discovered during our amateur archaeological trips overseas that we connected with a caretaker at Borobudur in Indonesia, a Zapotec Princess in Mexico, a Templar Knight in UK and many others while exploring ancient sites. There is no exact formula to how, when or where we make contact but I found the energies are easy to connect with at the sites and it's a lot of fun.

It is common for an energy who compliments our outlook on life, paradigms, experiences and expectations to become a favourite or regular contact. Osiris, the Creator God of Egypt has been with me since the commencement of our channelling sessions, the energy is from the star constellation Sirius and is an amazing entity which has become my personal universal mentor. space

During my early connections I would ask in silence who I was speaking to, as Ron sat next to me waiting patiently to take notes. Not only were the identities present but the energy vibration of each one was different. I kept seeing in my mind the letters of 'iosis, isiss, ioiri' and eventually Osiris and that's when I had the spelling right. The information can come phonetically, so it is the sound of the word being transmitted not the spelling. All of these space

areas will enter your experience. I channelled my daughter's previous life as she had an unmistakable push for information in a particular area. The character name came in written form before me and when I researched the information it was spot on and accurate, the past person matched my daughter's interest completely.

Any personal details or information received from channelling regarding individuals must be handled with respect. Details that are shared from inadvertent questions are treated with respect, this is not social media and details are not released or discussed without permission.

It is interesting to see the backgrounds people come from to commence a spiritual journey. There are no barriers - only encouragement. In my early years, my background was very well entrenched in the business world. Operating a successful Life Insurance Company in Melbourne I was involved in direct sales, marketing, training, coaching, counselling and publications. My world revolved around people as it still does today. Ron and I are now involved in Importing and Retailing with our passion being eBooks and travel.

Osiris is my matching vibration. He was a Creator God in Egypt who took the Egyptian people of the time, basic desert tribes and assisted them to become one of the greatest cultures the world has known. Egypt had the benefit of ancient technology passed down from the realms of higher knowledge. The records of history show the Creator Gods such as Osiris, P'tah and Ra gave the knowledge of the ancient civilizations to the Pharaohs who ruled in their own right.

One of the first conscious contacts you will make is your spiritual guides and they will love it. So please join me, not only through my adventures but through your own adventure into the possibilities.

What is Channeling?

What is Channeling? When we speak of Mediums, Psychics or Channellers, what do we really mean? A good friend of mine was born a medium with her psychic receivers wide open and she interacts directly with the non-physical world of spirits, ghosts, ascended masters and who we commonly refer to as 'the dead.'

She is a natural medium and a conduit between the physical world and the etheral world. A unique ability not only to hear, feel and communicate but also to see the spirits in their ghostly state.

This came naturally for her but for us, who it doesn't, we spend part of our life cultivating our psychic skills through methods of Tarot Reading, Reiki, Chakra Healing and Past Life Regressions just to name a few. Taking these methods, I opened my channels which assisted my personal spiritual journey, in turn, benefiting others whom I come in contact with. The knowledge is powerful and enriching bringing about a whole new appreciation for life and also of death.

Developing your spirituality will open doors you have never considered important. Having a connection with your spirit guides, ascended masters or angels will help you understand how to access the spiritual records of the departed.

My curiosity with my new psychic friend grew and her generosity to share personal stories madke the journey even more interesting. I want to share some of these through the book along with my own experiences. Ali works as a Tarot Reader and her clientele are wide and varied, hence creating wonderful connections. One of her best experiences came when she was doing a reading for a male client who was feeling a bit distressed and wanted to know if things would get better. Ali said, "I have someone here who has recently passed over and wants you to know he is okay."

The gentleman had a surprised look on his face and stated no one had passed over recently. Ali dug deeper with questions for more in information and asked spirit for more details. The answer was clear and repeated the message again while ending the sentance with his name, "Harry, my name is Harry."

As tears started to roll down the man's face, Ali asked "Who is Harry?"

"He's my horse, he died two months ago." The man was sobbing and wiping tears from his face as he told Ali how much he loved his horse and when Harry died, he felt a terrible loss, became withdrawn and felt deep saddness. Ali explained that the spirit of a loved one can come in many shapes and communication is possible from the other side because it is all about emotion and love is the strongest emotion.

Not wanting to focus on being a Tarot Reader, although I read cards regularly for myself and family, I chose a slightly lesser road travelled of being a host for spirit. This is a surrender of myself to allow open communication with an entity commonly referred to as a Host Channeller or Channelling. A method that takes me beyond the spiritual realm of the deceased and to go further into the area of contacting spirit guides, ascended masters, angels and advanced beings for universal wisdom. I have a strong connection with Osiris, a Creator God and that's where the journey begins.