Disciplined By My Gay Boss - Mark Marquis - ebook

Disciplined By My Gay BossWhen Mark's boss Steve asks him to stay behind, he thinks he might be getting a promotion. He's right, but with a big catch... for him to get his salary doubled, he needs to satisfy Steve's every last wish. Mark accepts, and soon he finds himself being stretched to the limit as he learns to love the way Steve uses his body. 

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Disciplined By My Gay Boss


Mark Marquis

Table of Contents

Title Page

Disciplined By My Gay Boss

“Get the hell out of my office!”             

Heads turned towards Steve’s office as the door swung open, and a man rushed out. He was clutching his papers in one hand, and stared downward to avoid eye contact as he walked towards the elevator.

Mark looked up from his desk to watch the commotion. He knew Steve had a reputation for being a hard boss, but he had no idea when he transferred to his department just how bad he could be. It had been less than a month since he transferred, and he had already witnessed multiple firings. Steve had complete control, and he knew it. In the current economy jobs were hard to come by, especially high paying jobs in Fortune 500 companies so he knew everyone working under him was desperate to keep their position. Mark luckily hadn’t got on his bad side yet, but he knew it was only a matter of time before he found something about him he didn’t like. It was a rite of passage for everyone working there to be yelled at by him.

The door swung open for the second time, and this time Steve himself stepped out. Mark couldn’t help but stare at him – even though he was an asshole to everyone, he was undeniably handsome. He had a beautiful face that always wore a stern expression, and a ripped body that would make any man desire him. He was dressed in an expensive Hugo Boss suit. He radiated power as he walked through the busy floor, and everyone tried their best not to maintain eye contact with him as he walked by.

To Mark’s surprise, he wound his way through the desks until he was standing right next to him. He could feel his heart rate pick up and his hands start to shake as he wondered what he could possibly want from him.