Disciplined Brat - Erotic Novel - Sand Wayne - ebook

A Vintage Erotic Novel Involving a Sexy and Seductive Girl, Full of Sexual Adventures, Surprises and Twists.

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Disciplined Brat

CHAPTER ONEAmber swallowed nervously as she walked up the stairs. She was late coming home from school. And after having been grounded by Daniel just the other day too. He always seemed to be angry at her, and she was always doing something to screw up. She did try to be good, at least, she thought she did, but something always seemed to happen.She pushed the door open and stepped inside, closing it slowly and quietly behind her. Daniel had been unemployed for almost a year now, and perhaps that was what made him so angry at her.Of course, he didn't spend much time or effort looking for work, spending all his time on the couch watching TV, but still, she guessed it must be hard on him. At least, she'd heard it could be hard on people who were unemployed. She sighed unhappily. Sometimes she wished her mother would just tell him to go away.Amber had no idea what she saw in the man, or why she seemed to dote on him so."Where the hell have you been, you slut?"She gulped and cringed back against the door, eyes widening."Uhm, I uh, I missed my bus," she squeaked.He got off the couch and moved towards her, clad only in his pajama bottoms. He hadn't shaved today, and clutched a can of beer in one hand."I told you, you were grounded!""I uh, I know, Daniel," she gulped."That means coming home right after school!""I did! I mean, I would have if the bus...."He swung his hand and slapped her across the face. Her books went flying and she reeled back against the wall, stunned."You lying little whore!" he shouted. "You expect me to believe that shit?! You're out with some goddam boy, aren't you?""No!" she whimpered. "I wasn't! The bus came early!""You lying bitch!"He grabbed her hair and yanked her away from the wall, ignoring her yelp and whimpers as he pulled her into the room."I give an order, I expect you to obey it," he hissed, throwing her forward so she stumbled and fell against the sofa."But I diiiiid," she whined."Bout time! taught you a lesson, girl," he sneered, slamming his can down on a table.He went up to the trembling teenager and his eyes flicked down to her slim waist. His hands gripped the buckle of her belt, and, as she blinked in surprise, and sniffled back tears, he undid it, then ripped the belt out of its loops, jerking her around and almost spinning her as he pulled it free.He folded it in his hand and swung the doubled up belt against his other hand as he looked at the frightened girl."Now you're gonna bend over the couch and learn some discipline," he growled."But ... but ... but Daniel," she gasped. "I didn't....""Do what you're told!" he roared.She jerked back, crying out in alarm and fear, then, trembling, she turned away from him and bent over the back of the sofa a little bit."I ... I tried to come home on time," she pleaded. "It wasn't my fault the bus came early!""Shut up and drop your pants.""Wha ... what?" she gasped."You heard me, you little whore.""But ... but Daniel....""Do what you're told!" he yelled.Her sniffles turned into sobs as she unclipped the front of her jeans, then slowly shoved them downwards. Her skin flushed in embarrassment as she exposed her panty clad buttocks, and her hands trembled as tears filled her eyes."Hurry up, you whore!"He gripped the back of her neck and shoved down hard, bending her way over, then his other hand gripped the back of her pants and yanked them down around her knees. To her shock, he then grabbed her panties and jerked them down too.She wriggled and tried to grab at them but he twisted his hand, pulling her hair sharply, and making her cry out in pain."Put your hands down on the sofa!" he ordered. "Go on. Do what you're told, bitch!"She sobbed in misery and humiliation as he jerked her panties down to her knees too, then let go of her neck and stepped back. A moment later she heard a swishing sound, then something cracked against her round buttocks.A split second later a blast of pain made her cry out, and made the tears pour from her eyes as her body shook and trembled. Again the belt lashed down across her round ass cheeks, sending another white hot blast of pain into her body.She sobbed piteously, her ass burning as the belt descended again and again and again on her poor bare ass. The pain seemed to fill the entire world, burning and tearing at her as the belt continued to lash across her upturned buttocks.She felt ashamed at him looking at her naked ass like he was. It wasn't like he was even her father, or even her step-father. He had only moved in with her mother last year, not married her.Far more than the shame, though, the pain tore through her. Amber was a sweet, gentle girl, who was seldom exploded to any real anger, let alone pain. Her parents had never used a belt on her, nor even really found cause to punish her.Nothing she did ever seemed to please Daniel, though. She thought it was dreadfully unfair of him not to believe her. How could she be blamed if the bus came early. Why wouldn't he understand?* * * * *Of course Daniel didn't really care. He punished her because he could, because he was working his way up to control, control of her like he had of her mother. Daniel didn't work because he didn't want to work, and though Paula, Amber's mother, made decent money as an executive secretary, he wanted more.And this little bitch was, he thought, the way to get it. It had taken him time to get Paula to the point where she was wrapped around his little finger.Now he was pretty sure he could take care of this one.The methods would be different. For Paula, he used flattery and just the right amount of criticism. He flattered her looks constantly, making her preen and smile. But he criticized almost everything she did, to the point where she was so uncertain of herself she asked him what to do about almost everything.by now she was so in love with him, so unable to do without him, and so sure that he was a wonderful man who could do no wrong, that he felt confident she wouldn't interfere as he brought Amanda up the way he figured she should have been.Unlike her mother, Amanda wasn't at all smart. There was no way she was going to get a good-paying job as an executive secretary. She was lucky to get the occasional C in her report cards. Mostly she got Ds and Fs.She was however, a gorgeous looking piece of ass. He'd noticed that the first time he'd set eyes on her. She had a sweet, heart shaped face with a tiny snub nose and full, sensuous lips. Her eyes were wide and green, and innocent, or perhaps, vacant, he sniggered.Her hair was thick, rich mahogany, and tumbled over her shoulders and halfway down her back in waves of light, wavy curls.She had a body that just wouldn't quit. Her breasts were full and firm and round, a pair of thirty-eight D cups that he was just drooling to get his mouth and hands on. She had a slim, tiny waist, and a full, round, apple of an ass.An ass that stared at him now, all white and beautiful, even if it was crisscrossed with red welts. His cock was sticking out like it was made of stone as he slashed the belt across her ass again. Beneath her cheeks was her small brown pussy mound, and the little slit between her lips that seemed to beckon his cock forward.Surely she wasn't still a virgin, he thought, as he whipped the belt down again, not a big fitted cow like her. He wanted to find out, to find out right then and there, to stuff his cock into her soft tight little cunt to the balls.But he had to be patient. He had to be, if she was going to be the treasure he wanted her to be. Daniel loved pussy, but he loved money better.He cracked the belt down a final time, then stopped. He reached forward and gripped her by the hair, pulling her upright once again and jerking her back from the sofa, he looked down at her brown furred pussy before turning his eyes to her tear-stained face."Now you get upstairs and don't come down again until dinner," he snapped, shoving her towards the stairs.Of course, with her pants around her knees, she stumbled and fell, but he didn't mind watching as she slowly got back to her knees, then pulled her pants up and stumbled up the stairs.He nodded in satisfaction. He'd slapped her a few times, more and more lately, but this was the first time he'd really given her a beating. It wouldn't take much to make her his dog, if he was right, and her mother would almost certainly accept anything he did, so long as he could give the slightest justification.* * * * *Upstairs, Amber sniffled and whimpered as she gazed at her ass in the mirror. She winced as she ran her fingers over the welts, wishing Daniel had never come to live with them, wishing he would die.It never occurred to her that he had any purpose other than discipline, that he was anything but unfair and nasty and mean. That he might have done it just so he could make her more and more obedient to him, that he had ordered her pants down just so he could gaze at her naked ass.For Amber truly wasn't all that smart, and was, despite the many boys who had tried to get into her pants, rather innocent, as well. Sex, she thought, was a dirty thing that good girls didn't do. She had always been taught that, and only that had kept her from giving in to the many types of persuasion they had tried on her.Though she was embarrassed at Daniel seeing her bare behind, she would have been astonished and horrified if she'd know how close he'd come to losing control and simply raped her.Instead, she just thought he was a man. She would tell her mother how mean he was.She had a lot of doubt, though, that her mother would side with her. Her mother always seemed to side with Daniel, no matter how unfair he was.As it happened, before she could even complain to her Daniel told her what he'd done. In fact, the first Amber knew she was even home from work was when she opened the door to her bedroom."So," she glared. "You just can't behave, can you ?""But moooom!""Don't you mom me, young lady," her mother glared, shaking her finger at Amber. "You were told to come home right after school.""But the bus was early!" she whined."Oh, you're such a little liar," her mother snapped. "Daniel doesn't believe you, and neither do I.""But I....""You just stay here until dinner. In fact, you'll be lucky if I even let you eat dinner.""But it's not fair!" she whined."Your father should've taken a belt to your behind long ago. Maybe you'd be more honest now. Maybe you'd be getting better marks at school.""I try to," she said sullenly."You don't try very hard. And another thing, you stop flirting with Daniel!" "What?""You heard me. He tells me how you're always stop flirting with Daniel!" "What?""You heard me. He tells me how you're always flirting with him to try and get out of punishments.""But I don't!" she gasped."You remember what I said," her mother snapped, shaking her finger again.She went out and slammed the door, and Amber stared after her indignantly. Flirting with Daniel? She hated Daniel! The very idea that he would tell her mother she flirted with him was infuriating.She punched her small fists into the bed and glowered at the closed door, but knew it would be pointless to try and go out and talk to her mother now. Maybe later, when she wasn't in such a bad mood she'd listen to reason.* * * * *But she didn't listen to reason. In fact, over the next couple of weeks she accused Amber of flirting with Daniel several more occasions. One time she even slapped her face after a long screaming match about her supposedly flaunting herself at Daniel.Amber had tearfully tried to explain that she'd only been on her way from the shower to her room. She had been sure she'd brought her robe with her, but somehow she'd forgotten. And the large towel she'd thought she'd taken into the bathroom turned out to be a really small one that was barely big enough to reach from her crotch to her breasts.And of course, when he'd yelled at her like that she'd been so startled the towel had sort of ... well, opened a bit. But she hadn't known he was out there, she really hadn't! The last thing she wanted to do was show him anything!Her mother just didn't seem to believe her. What was worse, Daniel insisted she bring home all her marks, even the ones from homework. Since most of her marks were pretty bad, that gave him even more cause to punish her.Three more times over the next two weeks he made her bend over, then whipped her bare behind with a belt. And he slapped her ass or face or yanked her hair more times than she could count. He was always yelling at her, too, and calling her names.Amber had always been meek, but she was soon reduced to a timid, trembling mess who jumped at every sound. She was even starting to stutter and tremble a little when anyone was upset with her. She found it harder and harder to disagree with people in case they got mad at her.Then, one morning, Daniel came bursting into her room only a little after she'd wakened. He was furious at her because he couldn't find a CD, and thought she'd taken it. He slapped her face when she denied it, then pulled her hair as he tried to get her to admit she'd taken it.He heaved her on the bed and let her curl up there whimpering and sobbing as he searched through her CDs, then went through her dresser drawers and closet. Then, much to her shock, he sat down beside her on the bed and stroked her head, apologizing for being so mean to her.She was so stunned by that she couldn't even speak. He pulled her into a sitting position the end of the bed and put his arm around her as he told her how sorry he was. She blinked her eyes rapidly, trying to clear the tears from them, totally flustered at this new friendly Daniel, and not wanting to do or say anything that might bring back the nasty mean version.He stroked her head softly as he told her how hard it was for him to be unemployed, and how he was sorry he sometimes took it out on her. He told her he loved her! Which stunned her. He told her how sweet, and pretty she was, what a nice girl she was, and how he only wanted what was best for her.He kissed her on the forehead as he stroked her shoulders. He smiled at her, and she smiled tentatively back, blinking her eyes."You really are a beautiful girl, Amber," he said."Uhmm, tha ... thanks," she gulped in confusion."I bet the boys are sure after you."She smiled weakly, blushing a bit."I hope you're not doing anything you shouldn't be," he said sternly."No!" she gulped, eyes widening."Good. Not that ... not that you aren't old enough," he said, eyes flicking down to her bare, shapely legs. "It's just that boys your age wouldn't know what to do with a young woman's body. You'd be wasting your time to let them do anything. A luscious morsel like you should find a real man to teach you how much pleasure sex can be.""I ... I don't understand," she said.He smiled and squeezed her shoulder."Amber, Amber, Amber," he said. "You've got eyes. You know what you look like. You are as prime a piece of hot, sexy girl flesh as I've seen in a long, long time. It would be a crying shame for some fumble-fingered little punk to get his hands on this body and ruin it.""R ... ruin it?""Well sure. You know, if the first guy who does it to you doesn't know what he's doing, it could seriously damage your body. You're like a ... a fine sports car. It takes a real professional to appreciate you, to make your engine purr.""I ... I don't understand," she repeated."Amber," he smiled. "You know you've been kind of coming onto me these last few weeks.""I have not!" she gasped."It's all right," he smiled, squeezing her shoulder again. "I understand. It's only natural that you want a strong, good looking guy like me to show you the ropes, so to speak.""But ... but I....""Shhh," he smiled, kissing her on the forehead again.His hand slid up behind her head and then his lips pressed down against hers. Her hands rose, but she put little force into it as she pressed them against him. She was shocked, stunned. She didn't know what to do, how to respond.She tried to think how she might have given him these signs he spoke of, wondering how such a thing could have happened. She had no desire to have him touching her in any way! She didn't want to say this, though. She was afraid he would start yelling at her again, start slapping her and calling her names.She gasped as his hand came up and cupped her breast, stroking and caressing it through her thin nightshirt. She tried to push his hand away but then he pulled back on her hair, and let his weight come against her as he forced her back onto the bed."Da ... Da ... Daniel," she gasped, trying to wriggle free."Come on, baby. You know what you want," he breathed, crushing her lips with his.His hand squeezed her breast harder as his weight pinned her to the bed. Her legs jerked helplessly as he stabbed his tongue into her mouth. She couldn't pull free, and was still uncertain how to respond. She couldn't bring herself to slap him, or anything like that. She was terrified of what he would do if she even tried.Yet she was embarrassed, and horrified as his hand groped at her breasts and his tongue slid into her mouth. She tried to jerk her head away, but he held her by the hair. She felt brief relief when his hand slid off her breast, but then she sensed his fingers at the buttons running down the front of the shirt.She gasped anew, trying to push him away. His weight pinned her right arm to the bed, however, and she felt the buttons slipping free one after another."Daniel!" she gasped. "Nooooo! Dooon't!""Man, I been watching you shake your tight little ass around for too long," he groaned. "I gotta have a piece of that pussy."Amber felt the shirt parting, felt her breasts exposed to the air, then her belly, then the shirt slid apart completely and she was virtually bare beneath him.She blushed deeply as he tore his lips free and pushed himself back. She tried to cover herself, but he gripped her wrists, shoving them against the bed above her head, then pinning them together with one hand. He gazed down at her nudity in lust and admiration.