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The Duke's Submissive MistressAnabelle is an innocent virgin, which makes her easy pickings for the sophisticated, powerful and married Duke of Tamworth, Richard. What begins as a friendship with his wife soon turns into a game of domination and submission Anabelle will lose every time, as she is torn between her loyalty towards the Duke's wife and her own forbidden desires to be used in every way by the Duke.One thing is certain - the Duke always gets what he wants, and what he wants is nothing short of total submission from Anabelle as he uses her virgin body to fulfill his every last deviant desire. Will Anabelle allow herself to be used or will the guilt overcome her as she becomes 'the other woman' in her best friend's marriage?Knocked Up By The DukeThe Duke's beautiful wife is barren and he's in desperate need of an heir. Through a stroke of luck there is a beautiful young woman working for his household who looks just like his wife, innocent and submissive young Elle.When Elle is summoned into the Duke's chambers and greeted by him and his wife with the shocking request to allow herself to be impregnated, she wants to run away. However the incredibly powerful Duke has ways of persuading her...What Elle doesn't expect is the Duke's wife to stay in the room and join in herself. Elle is seduced, stripped and under the wife's watchful eye used like a whore as the Duke expertly manipulates her body until she is begging for him to pump her full of his seed.This explicit historical victorian story contains themes of deflowering, reluctant impregnation, voyeurism, bisexual sex, and forbidden relations. The Pirate's Willing WhoreElizabeth is a woman of good standing. Married to a politician, she spends most of her time caught up in the repetitive life that's expected from her husband, and nothing exciting happens to break the monotony she experiences every day.That is, until she's grabbed and dragged onto a pirate ship by force, to be held for ransom.Days aboard the ship don't have the effect on her she thinks it will, and soon she finds herself enjoying her time with her captors. When it's time for her to be exchanged back to her husband, she's faced with a choice - does she give into her desires for the first time in her life and let the pirates do whatever they want to her, or does she run back to her husband like a good wife?Or both?

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Dirty Little Harlot’s Bundle

Elle London

Copyright © by Elle London

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The Duke’s Submissive Mistress | Elle London

Knocked Up By The Duke | Elle London

The Pirate’s Willing Whore | Elle London

The Duke’s Submissive Mistress

Elle London

Annabelle gathered up the little biscuits and the tea tray to take out to her best friend Mary. The silver tray made a clinging noise as the tea cups rattled on their little saucers. Mary was visiting with her husband Richard the Duke of Tamworth and she wanted to make sure everything was perfect for them. She didn’t have guests that much so she hoped what she was serving was correct for tea. Walking out onto the front porch of her home she sat the tray in front of Richard and smiled at Mary.

It was a beautiful day and the birds were chirping and a light breeze blew through the trees rustling the leaves around the home. Her lawn stretched out long and gorgeously green behind her friend’s small white carriage.

Mary was opposite of her in every way but they had been best friends since they were small girls. Mary was tall and statuesque while Annabelle was a short thin waif. Mary was blonde with gorgeous long natural curls while Annabelle’s hair was a dark brown and she had to curl it every day to get it to look almost like Mary’s did. She’d always been effortlessly pretty and clean. Annabelle’s dresses always had mud stains on her face and her knees making her mother tsk at her while she pulled her into the wash room to clean it off. Annabelle always wondered if her mother had wished she could be more like Mary and stay clean and neatly pressed at all times. Her mother was always sweet to Mary when she was at the home showing her needlepoint and the things she was baking in the kitchen. She would let Annabelle and Mary help her bake when she had the time and they always loved it.

“I hope this will do, I haven’t had guests in quite some time.” Annabelle gathered her skirts and sat in the small metal chair across from her guests. The tray barely balancing on the tiny table she sat it on and she wished it was bigger.

“I’m going to freshen up a bit before tea, I’ll be right back darling.” Mary stood from the table and kissed the Duke on the cheek before heading to the wash room in the back of the home. She seemed to just float over the ground where Annabelle had to actually focus to not trip over her feet. Annabelle’s father had passed away a few months before and left the house to her. She was pleased to have guests anytime they came to break up the long days of reading and wondering the house alone.

“You look absolutely fetching Miss Perriwell.” The Duke’s eyes were staring directly at her chest where the top of her bodice gathered exposing a small amount of cleavage. She reddened wondering if Mary noticed where her husband’s eyes were.

“Duke, you don’t have to be so formal with me. Mary and I have grown up together, call me Annabelle.” She smiled and grabbed a biscuit off the tray to pull apart with her fingers. Keeping busy would help her ignore the way the Duke was looking at her.

“If that’s what you desire Annabelle,” he smiled brightly at her and she couldn’t help but notice how handsome he was. “You may call me Richard always.” His eyes were blue and they sparkled. The long hair that spilled from his head was pulled back in a ponytail. It shone in the sun and he smiled at her revealing a bright set of straight teeth.  She had seen him before but she had never really taken in all of his features and appreciated how handsome he was.

“Okay Richard,” If felt strange and a bit naughty calling him anything but Duke and she liked it.

He leaned in to whisper to her. “I bet you would be just as fetching out of that dress as you are in it.” Heat crept back into her cheeks as she tried to decide if she had actually heard him correctly. She stared for a minute as though she had heard him wrong, but he kept the same mischievous grin on his face causing her to blush even harder.

Mary walked back out and he turned his full attention to doting on his lovely wife. They stayed for about an hour chatting about this and that until they decided they better get home to the children and said their goodbyes.

That night when Annabelle was trying to fall asleep her thoughts drifted to that smile and before she knew it her hand was under her night gown.

Moving aside the soft silk of her undergarments she explored herself with a timid finger. Running it over the inside of her folds she was surprised to find home wet she had gotten herself thinking about Richard. She dared to dip a finger inside and arched from the bed at the sensation. She was really turned on by him and it wouldn’t take much to push her over the edge. She pulled her nightgown off and wiggled her panties down her legs so it was just skin and sheets.

She ran her hands up over her body and laid them on her breasts. Squeezing them with her hands she pretended it was the Duke’s hands running over her body. Moving back in between her legs she rubbed the sensitive little pearl and cried out. Plunging two fingers inside herself she felt her walls tighten as she continued rubbing her clit. Explosions of pleasure radiated from her fingers and spread through her entire body. She cried out Richard’s name and continued rubbing herself while the waves slowed and then finally stopped.

As always she felt guilty she had given into her nasty desires and fell asleep. She dreamed of him taking her over and over again throughout the night. They were together all over the place in the carriage, on the porch, by the river, and in her house. She dreamed they were together and married with children. She put herself in the role of her best friend in her dreams and it seemed right. When she woke up in the morning she felt completely guilty for having the thoughts about her friend and her friend’s marriage.

A couple of days later they were coming to visit again and she was actually happily anticipating seeing him. She loved her best friend Mary and it as always a delight to have her around, but she found herself yearning to see the Duke more. This made her feel very guilty and like a horrible friend, but she couldn’t help herself.

When their carriage pulled up in front of the house her heart dropped into her stomach and she watched from her front door as he climbed from his seat and turned to help Mary behind him. She held her breath as they walked towards her. She had prepared a picnic for them to go onto the grounds behind the house and just enjoy the day.

“Hello my dear Annabelle,” Mary hugged her dear friend. She smelled sweet as Mary always did and always gave her the best hugs. They were warm like she put her whole emotions into the hug and you could feel her love. It made her feel guilty about the thoughts she had about her husband as she tangled in her sheets.

“Annabelle, hope you are well.” The Duke politely kissed her hand and she felt searing heat shoot through her. Her hand burned for a long while after his lips had left her.

“Welcome dear friends, shall we go on our picnic?” She hoped Mary hadn’t noticed her reaction to the man standing between them. The guilt found its way in again and she pushed it from her mind telling herself she had done nothing wrong.

“We shall indeed. Oh Annabelle it’s such a perfect day.” Mary was beaming and practically skipped into the house. Annabelle grabbed the basket from the table and led them through to the back yard to sit in the garden and enjoy their sandwiches and some of the delectable snacks she had prepared. She had prepared a feast and though she told herself it wasn’t to impress Richard she knew it truly was.

The sun was shining brightly through the trees as they spread a checked red and white blanket next to the wall beside garden. It was a rock wall her father had built himself when he lived there. It was a perfect day to sit and enjoy their company, but she couldn’t concentrate on her friend.

“We saw the Dunley’s with their newborn at the market last week.” She put a hand lovingly on her stomach. “It makes you want another one when you hold an infant and smell their sweet smell. Our two boys are so young it would be difficult to care for a baby.” She smiled lovingly at Richard who returned the smile and patted her belly as well.

“You never know darling.”