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Crawl into bed with something filthy. Dirty Bedtime Stories are short, dirty, and hot, letting you fall to sleep with horrible thoughts running through your head. Kinky, sometimes taboo, and always explicit, each story will get your mind--and fingers--going.With over 100 pages to peruse, you should have many nights of tossing and turning in all the best ways.All 60 stories are from the highly erotic site Quickies in New York.

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Guy New York


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After School

Where We Could Fuck

Needing To Be Used

Sex in Spring

A Walk in the Park

In the Morning

From Top to Bottom

A Terrible Thought

The Window

Don’t Make Me

It Sounds Pretty, But…

Saying Yes and No

Wanting What He Wants


Shudders of Envy

The Mess

I Want More


Fucking Her

Fuck Me Like You Fuck Her

Healthier than Pepsi…

Can I Come Now?

There’s Nothing

Hitting with Words

Beautiful, Brilliant, And Wet

Always Perfect

I’ll Always Be Here

Do You Remember?

Tell Me a Story

Hold You, Kiss You, Taste You


In The Morning

How You Watch

I’m Thankful

Slap The Plaster

She Doesn’t Know Who You Are

Absorbing Me Slowly

Please Tell Me It’s Your Ass

The Salt of Her Lips

I’ve Always Wanted to Fuck You

The Nature of Our Friendship

Younger and Rougher

Aggressively Kind

Luckies and No Condom

Ready To Come?

He Fucked My Ass And We’re Out of Milk

Rainy Day Love Letter

What Love Means

Fully Inside Her

Don’t Make A Sound

Sensation of Movement

The Things You Do To Me

You Can Fuck Her If…

Say Yes to Everything

I Want You To Come

Pussy in Spring

The Sadness of Elephants

Tie You Up or Whip You

A Recipe for Desire

Ms. Smith’s School for Wayward Catholic Girls

Ten Places to Sneak Into and Fuck in NYC

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After school we’d fuck on my bed with the shades drawn.

We’d walk in separate directions, meeting around the corner, so our friends wouldn’t know, and I’d let her in the back door when no one else was home. She was always quiet as I led her up the stairs, and even as we undressed in the near darkness we hardly talked at all. I’d kiss her for hours, taking my time with everything, and she’d sigh as she squirmed on my lap breathing into my mouth in between biting me on the chin.

I spent the most time between her legs, kissing her thighs and licking her cunt over and over again. I loved feeling her grow wet from my fingers and tongue, and I loved watching her lips swell and change color. She clenched her thighs around me as I fucked her that way, and she wouldn’t let me move until she had come at least once.

When we fucked it was always the same. Her shyness vanished after that first orgasm and she’d push me down to my bed with a grin. She’d climb on top of me, looking around the room, searching for something to put in my head. I could feel her teasing me before she ever said a word, but once she finally buried me in her cunt I knew it would come.

“I could open the blinds,” she whispered, starting to move.

“Please don’t,” I’d moan back, knowing what was next.

“I’ll walk out the front door, my dress falling off my shoulders with a smile for your neighbors,” she cooed.

“No,” I groaned, trying to fuck her faster so I might come before she finished.

“You can’t resist, can you?” she whispered, leaning down to my ear with a kiss. She pulled my cock from within her wet cunt and held me against her skin. “Even though I threaten you each time, you won’t stop, will you? Even though all I have to do kiss you in the hall and it would all be over.”

“Don’t,” I mumbled, trying to pull her back onto me.

“Do the photos upset you?” She asked, turning my head to the bedside table and forcing me to look. I opened my eyes just as she started to fuck me once more and I was shaking already. “Do the photos of your wife upset you? Or do you like fucking my pretty little cunt while she watches? Do you like fucking me here on your bed without her ever knowing?”

“Don’t stop,” I finally whispered, getting closer with each word. Hating myself and hating my situation, but never hating her. Never even coming close.

“Come for me,” she finally whispered, rocking her hips at just the right angle for me to feel everything. “Come inside me, so tomorrow in class you’ll remember. Each time I open my legs you’ll remember that you fucked me and there is nothing you can do to make it untrue.”

“Yes,” I screamed, pulling her down to a kiss as I filled her once more. As I filled her perfect cunt for the last time, promising myself in the midst of my release that it was done. That I would let her go. That it would never happen again.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Mr. K.,” she teased, pulling on her clothes in the dark room.

“Go out the back door,” I mumbled as she made her way down the hall.

“I’ll think about it,” she yelled back, my cock twitching once more.



“Can you hold these?” she said, handing me her panties.

Without thinking, I folded them and put them in my inside jacket pocket. They were blue and they were wet. She smiled at me with a grin that I hadn’t seen in a week, and I quickly realized that our plans had changed. There would be no dessert. There would be no after dinner drink. Most importantly, there would be no time to wait until we were home.

Alley, park, taxi, roof. The list shot through my head as I tried to figure out where we could fuck on our way home. What was the closest, safest, and cleanest place I could lift up her skirt and work myself inside her without anyone catching us? Correction, without anyone stopping us.

On the street my hand found her ass through her thin dress while she rubbed me through my linen pants with a purr. Phone booth, doorway, staircase.

Suddenly my list of acceptable places was changing faster than I could think. I felt like a drunk who didn’t mind pissing in the street. Hell, I felt like a drunk who didn’t even know there was a street.

I pushed her down four steps, around a corner, and into a somewhat darkened doorway just below street level. She managed to unzip me on the way down and I managed to lift her skirt. I turned her over the cold iron gate and I was inside her so quickly I had to cover her mouth. I pulled her to me with both hands, completely forgetting about the rest of the world, and her cunt was overwhelming. She was tight and warm, but more importantly I could feel her fucking heartbeat through my cock. I could feel her blood pulsing and her muscles tensing. Her lungs expanded, her toes clenched, and for the briefest moment there was no difference between us at all.

It was her cock and my breasts against the black metal. Our lips, our fingers, and our mouths tasted and touched as our one whole body shook with hope. When we came there was no air between us and no names to distinguish us. She groaned with my chords, and I held on with her hands as we exploded in light, cum, and love.

Back on the street the rest of the world didn’t appear to understand anything at all.



“I need to be used tonight.”

It was a fairly clear message, but still I needed more. Her moods were known to vary, and her words had many meanings.

“Explain,” I wrote back.

“Lost. Gone. Fucked up and down. Blind. Sore. Unable to say no.”

“Is that it?” I asked.

“Three cocks.”

That was a new one. I was half tempted to ask if she was joking, but I was hard the second I read it, and I didn’t want to take the chance. She knew how to ask for what she wanted, and I knew how to deliver. I hoped.

It took me much of the afternoon to get it sorted, but by nine pm we were ready. She walked into my apartment in the coat I asked her to wear, and assuming she was good to her word (which she always was) the only other thing she had on were her heels.

She looked around the room, but I was the only one there. Was that relief on her face? Concern? Disappointment?

With a finger to my lips I drew her to the center of the room, and without so much as touching her coat, I put a blindfold around her eyes. I turned on music that was so loud it blocked out the noise from the street as well as the sound of my voice.

She didn’t hear the footsteps, and she didn’t hear us drop shirts and hats onto the couch and table. It wasn’t until one of us undid her jacket and removed it that she realized I wasn’t the only one there. It may have an unfamiliar hand or the warmth of two bodies walking by.

It could have been anything.

As for us, we smiled at each other before I raised three fingers. I lowered them one at a time and then we were on her. There was no plan other than satisfying our own desires, and there was no logic to how we touched her. Someone’s hand slipped instantly between her legs, while someone else pushed her down onto the couch.

I had my cock in her mouth before she could call out, and I thrust into her without hesitation. There was a tongue between her legs and hands on each nipple, twisting and pulling until she screamed around me. I fucked her mouth harder, and the sound of her choking and coughing drove us on.

Within three minutes of walking into my apartment she was getting fucked and slapped until her skin was red and trembling. I could feel our desperation as well as hers, and somewhere in the middle we started talking.

“How tight is her cunt?” I asked the man inside her, and he grunted in response and fucked her harder.

“Can she swallow all of this?” my other friend asked as he pushed me away and forced his thick cock into her mouth. She choked again as I attacked her breasts with my teeth and her clit with my fingers. I grabbed the cock that was inside her and I nearly yelled at him as I spread her wide.

“Fuck her harder. Fuck this little slut until she cries. And then fuck her again until she comes.”

At some point I realized her neck was covered with come and someone else forced two fingers up her ass. She screamed and moaned, but there was nothing that didn’t sound like want in her voice. The harder we used her the more she squirmed and begged, and she was insatiable.

“I want to watch you fuck her ass while I come in her mouth,” I said, and we didn’t pause. He threw her down onto her stomach while I grabbed her chin in my hand. He was covered in lube and sweat, and in no time at all she was screaming again. I fucked her at least as hard as he did, and our hands and fingers still dug into her skin when we found places still pale and wanting.

Both of us grunted at the same time, and I held her throat as I exploded into her mouth. He buried his cock as far into her ass as he could go, and he tensed as he came. She swallowed and coughed, and her body shook so violently I was nearly worried.

When he finally moved away, I brushed them both off with a wave of my hand. The music was still blasting as they found their clothes and made their way to the door. I didn’t even watch them leave.

I pulled her up onto my lap and kissed the top of her head. She was crying softly into the crook of my neck, and she held me as tightly as she could.

“Are you okay?” I asked in a whisper.

She nodded, but was quiet. I brushed her hair and tried not to wonder if it had been too much. I tried not to think about how it made me feel to give her what she wanted.

“I love you,” I whispered.

“I know,” she said quietly. “It’s times like this that I really know.”



“I have awergies,” she sniffled, crawling into bed.

“I don’t care,” I said, pulling my shirt off over my head. “I want something. Now.”

“I’m sniffly and gwoss.”

“Still don’t care,” I said, leaving my pants on the floor behind me. I rolled her over, my hand on my cock as I felt my want getting stronger. “I want to fuck you. Hard. Up the ass.”

“Please,” she moaned, a hint of lust mixing in with her protest. I grabbed the bottle of lube from the drawer and pushed her onto her stomach. With most of my weight on her I kissed the back of her neck as I rubbed against her bare ass. She struggled and squirmed, her moans getting louder with each ounce of friction. I coated my cock and fingers before pushing a digit inside her, letting her open around me.

“Oh fuck, you’re serious,” she said, arching up towards me. “I can hardly breathe though. Be nice.”

“I don’t want to be nice,” I said, pushing the head of my cock against her. “I want to fuck your ass and you can sniffle all you want.”

Seconds later I felt her ass give way, and in one quick thrust I was all the way inside her. I held myself there for a moment, letting her get used to me, before I started to fuck her in earnest. I pulled her hair and slammed into her, feeling her open around me with more and more ease.

“Oh jeezus” she screamed, lifting her head off the pillow. “I’m gonna… I’m gonna…”

And then she sneezed.

“Oh fuck!” I screamed, her whole body tightening around me and squeezing me harder than she ever had before. She sneezed again, and I had to stop for a second to keep myself from coming.

“I can’t stop!” she groaned, scratching her nose. I started fucking her again, her body shaking and convulsing beneath me with each explosion of breath. By the fourth sneeze I could no longer hold back, and I plunged inside her, holding her hips with both hands I came harder than I had in ages.

“Don’t stop,” I moaned, needing one more to push me over the edge. I reached down and tickled her nose, rubbing her face against the feather pillow as my final release sent shivers through my body. She sneezed one last time and I cried out, coming and coming until I could no longer see.

Minutes later when I finally lay next to her, she rolled over and looked at me. Her eyes were red and her nose was chapped. I kissed her and wrapped her up in my arms, my face buried in her tangle of hair.

“I fucking hate awergies,” she sighed, holding me tighter.

“I hope they last forever,” I said.



“Will you do something for me?” she asked one night at the bar.

“Why do I get the feeling that I’m in for trouble?”

“I’m going to walk out of the bar in a couple minutes. I’ll go out, across the street and into Tompkins Square Park, and I want you to follow me. Stay back just far enough to make me nervous, but not terrified. I’ll walk through some of the darker corners of the park and when the time is right I want you to grab me.”

I took another sip of my beer and didn’t say anything. I nodded for her to continue, and I gripped her knee just a bit tighter.

“Reach a hand around my waist from behind and grab my throat with your other hand. Squeeze it hard enough that I know not to scream, and push me against the fence. Reach up under my skirt and tear off my panties. Don’t pull them down. Tear them off so they’re useless, even if it hurts.