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Diet prescription is essential for all patients with hypertension and, together with an adequate pharmacologic treatment, can allow reduction of pressure values even in more severe cases. This booklet summarizes tha basic principles of correlation between sodium and hypertension, describes the rationale for an adequate dietetic approach in this disease and provides some examples of low sodium intake and low calories diets.

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Diet Prescription for Hypertensive Patients

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Modified from: Ipertensione. La gestione integrata del paziente

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The dietary approach is recommendend as the only intervention in individuals at particular risk of arterial hypertension, borderline hypertension, or, in some specific cases, even in mild-to-moderate hypertension (diastolic blood pressure values between 90 and 104 mmHg) and as an adjunct to drug therapy in subjects with moderate-to-severe hypertension.

The combination of dietary therapy to drug treatment can allow an advantageous reduction of the dosages and/or the number of drugs, with positive effects on compliance. In some selected cases, drug therapy can even be withdrawn, continuing with the dietary one alone.

Role of some dietary factors in hypertension

Epidemiological and Clinical Studies