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Listen and hearA special life. So many external sensationsVERSIONE IN LINGUA INGLESE DEL LIBRO  " DELIRIO - FAVOLA DI UNO QUALSIAS "CENNI SULL'AUTOREPaolo Sassaroli e' nativo di Maiolati Spontini,in provincia di Ancona, Il paese e' noto per il vino Verdicchio e per averedato i natali al musicista di musica classica Gaspare Spontini.. ( 1774 - 1851 )Da qualche anno Paolo risiede in una verde collinetta della regione Marche nelle vicinanze di Fermo..Instradato alla scrittura dalla mamma ,una anziana insegnante della scuola elementare in pensione, sinutre ora con il colore delle proprie emozioni.Vulcanico mentalmente cerca di interagire con la propria Anima.La sua prima opera denominata " DELIRIO - FAVOLA DI UNO QUALSIASI " risale all'anno 2011:Le altre pubblicazionidi Paolo sono :L'IDEA PERVERSA anno 2012NELL'ARCOBALENO DEL BIANCO E NERO anno 2014VUOI SCRIVERE MA NON TI LEGGE NESSUNO anno 2016Paolo e' anche vincitore del concorso Fiabe senza frontiere con la favola Arwen,favola scritta perspiegare ai bambini il problema dell'immigrazione.Vincitore del concorsoConcorso BlackHeart. - VENEZIA con la favola FIABE PER BAMBINI CATTIVI.Nel 2016 gli viene conferito il premio Nuova Scrittura Ermetica 2016GO TO THE AUTHORPaolo Sassaroli is native of Maiolati Spontini, in the province of Ancona, The country is known for Verdicchio wine and to havegiving birth to the musician of classical music Gaspare Spontini .. (1774 - 1851)For some years, Paolo lives in a green hillock of the Marche region near Fermo..Routed to writing by mom, an old retired elementary school teacher, yesit now nourishes the color of its emotions.Vulcanic mentally tries to interact with one's Soul.His first work called "DELIRIO - FAVOLA OF ANYWHERE" dates back to the year 2011:Other publicationsof Paul are:IDEA PERVERSA year 2012IN THE WHITE AND BLACK WATERBALL 2014WOULD YOU WRITE BUT DO NOT LIKE ONE YEAR 2016Paolo is also the winner of the Fairy Tales without frontiers with the fairy tale Arwen, a story written forto explain to children the problem of immigration.Winner of the competitionBlackHeart Contest. - VENICE with the fairytale FIABE FOR CATTIVI CHILDREN.In 2016, he was awarded the New Writing Ermetica 2016 prize 

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Conclusion and Moral

Delirio Paolo Sassaroli

A Tale of Anybody

Part 1

I was up. I was on one of the many hills which litter the Marchegiano countryside. I felt the weight of my body. The evening before I had drunk nearly a whole bottle of Rosso Piceno and I’d eaten a pizza capricciosa. Mentally, I was almost free of my neurosis and my feelings felt discreetly warm. I decided to have breakfast before I shaved. I was dressed elegantly in comparison to previous days. I only dress like this when I go to see my psychotherapist. My psychotherapist is a lovely woman in her seventies. Even at this age, she still maintains an air of feminility and reminds me of a woman from the 1800s.

My life has been marked by various mental upheavals, not lived through completely before I met her.

I passed through various phases and emotional states which I loved living to excess and without reason.

Part 2

It was 9.30 in the morning and, driving along in an old car, worn out by the many roads it had passed along, I headed with my questions on how to live towards the doctor’s studio …

The Sunday before, I had spent the day with my friend, Marina, and her daughter, Flavia. We had gone to the chocolate festival in Perugia. It was Marina’s birthday that day and, every so often, she got birthday messages on her phone. As we went through the Appenine part of the Marche, she talked to me about her life, her uncertainties, her loves, while her daughter, Flavia, listened to old songs recorded by her grandmother on an MP3.

We passed the time pleasantly and, from time to time, I cut out small mental spaces in my head to think about my own existence, the things that had happened, trying to make a small coherent plan of the past.

I was a slim, blond boy who sometimes put on weight around his stomach.

I wasn’t really bothered. When I did put on some weight, I felt proud because I thought I was filling some of the physical space I otherwise lacked.

At that time, you communicated using technology.

I didn’t really like that as I am quite direct. When I want to get to know someone, I ring the bell of their house. That way of meeting people was quite successful. I met Monica this way. Monica had worked in a bar that I went to. I rang her bell with my friend. After she let us in, she offered us something to eat.