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Delia is a beautiful 19-year-old who fears she’s losing her loving, sexual relationship with her brother Greg, her hero. She lives for ways to ease Greg’s inner pain from his combat tour in Afghanistan, but he has a real girlfriend now and Delia’s afraid he doesn’t want her any more. When Greg has a flashback at work, only Delia can help—while on her knees in front of him.~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~Delia wanted to take care of Greg, yet she knew that she was just his baby sister. Kendra was a much better long-term possibility for him, if they didn’t care that Kendra had gone to college and had been an officer while he joined the Army right out of high school, had been a sergeant, and that she was four years older than Greg.Delia was sure that Kendra would never concern herself with details of that kind. If Kendra truly loved Greg, she would never let anything like that stop her. It was one of many qualities of hers that Delia admired.That lay in the future, though. Right now Delia just wanted to help Greg find time to adjust to being home again, even with his boring job at a carpet warehouse. Over time, she believed, a regular routine might help those horrible memories and nightmares fade a little.Once she heard Greg sleeping peacefully, she gently got out of bed. She took a quick shower and then, still nude, she padded out to the kitchen table. She sat on the seat of a cool chair and checked out her tablet. A friend named Connor had sent her email earlier that morning and she wanted to read it again.Delia and Connor had grown up together in the trailer park as well as attending the same schools. He had a full-ride scholarship to the University of Florida over in Gainesville, and Delia knew he was one of the sharpest people she knew.They were closer than just friends. His mom, Mattie, was one of her mom’s longtime co-workers at the Grillin’ Gator Bar. The two moms had often traded babysitting chores for each other, and Delia had spent many childhood hours playing with Connor. Recently, she had made a deal with him in the hope that he would be more assertive and ask out more girls when he was away at college. He was a tall, nerdy guy who needed encouragement.After all, she and Greg had an open relationship based on love, not rules. They were both free to play the field.Today’s email told her that he was back at his mom’s trailer just for a weekend visit. Also, he asked if she could come over for a visit.Delia, sitting nude at the kitchen table, laughed to herself as she read between the lines. The deal she had made was that if he would ask more girls out, and record his voice and theirs on his phone to prove it, Delia would reward him with mercy sex just for trying—unless, of course, the miracle day finally came when he got a regular girl of his own.“No way that’s happened so soon,” Delia said aloud to herself, feeling bad for him. She figured Connor was inviting her over to hear or see the evidence proving that he had asked out a girl or two, so Delia would keep her promise. Curious to see what would happen, she sent him a text, saying she would be over as soon as she showered and dressed.

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Gator Tail Trailer Park No. 10

Delia’s Fiery Passage

By Bo Dunne

Artwork by Moira Nelligar

Previously published as “Loving a Knight”

~~ All characters in this book are 18 or older. ~~

“I love you so much,” said Delia, as she paced along the side of the singlewide trailer she shared with her mother and her big brother, Greg. She was talking to herself, however, not to Greg. With every anxious step, her 36D boobs bounced inside her sundress and her shoulder-length blonde hair swayed. A feeling of hopelessness overwhelmed her.

“Ooh, honey!” From the open window at the far end of the trailer, a woman’s voice cooed in a seductive tone. She was with Greg in his bedroom.

Discouraged, Delia tried to decide what to say to Greg and how. She supposed she had plenty of time to think about it. He was about to fuck his real girlfriend, Kendra.

On a brilliant, pleasantly warm autumn afternoon in Florida, Delia wore one of her favorite outfits, a skimpy turquoise and white flowered sundress. Spaghetti straps on her slim shoulders strained to support the thin elastic top that barely covered her boobs, clinging to their pendulous shape and to her narrow waist. The dress’s top ran horizontally below her arms, showing off lots of cleavage. Below her waist, the dress was loose and short.

She hadn’t bothered with panties in this wonderful weather and the hem barely covered her bush. As she paced on the narrow strip of green grass in her white slide sandals, the hem of her dress swayed and tossed. The back of the dress was open, criss-crossed sideways with two straps to hold it together, and was designed low enough to reveal the curve of her lower back.

“Aw, Greg, what am I going to do?” Delia whispered to herself.

Their mother was a barmaid at the Grillin’ Gator Bar across the highway from the GatorTail Trailer Park and today she was on the day shift. With Mom at work, Greg had taken his friend Kendra to his bedroom almost as soon as she had arrived about noon. Delia had made up an excuse about doing an errand, but all she had done was come outside into the sunshine and light breeze.

Kendra gasped and giggled in Greg’s room.

Another wave of disappointment swept through Delia.

A very beautiful, busty blonde, Kendra had been with Greg in the Army in Afghanistan and they had conducted a clandestine affair there. It had to be a secret because she had been a lieutenant and Greg had been a sergeant. Recently, the gorgeous Kendra had been assigned to Camp Blanding, not far from here. She was a captain now and Greg was a veteran who had come home with a Silver Star, Purple Heart, and horrible nightmares.

“Isn’t the weather too warm for this T-shirt?” Greg’s low, masculine voice said playfully to Kendra, his voice drifting from the window.

“I won’t stand in your way,” Delia muttered quietly, practicing the speech she would give to Greg sometime after he had emptied his balls into Kendra’s pussy, or maybe down her throat. “I just want you to know I will always love you as your sister and, uh, as—” She stopped and sighed.

Ever since he had come home from Afghanistan with nightmares, night sweats, and even waking flashbacks of combat, Delia had tried to comfort him whether he was awake or asleep. When he was wide awake, their liaisons were exciting and deeply satisfying to her because she loved him so much. Whenever he was thrashing in the depth of night, still asleep because of his prescription medication, she gave him a blowjob. He didn’t even wake up, but afterward, he always became calm and slept quietly.

Now that Greg had a new girl, Delia realized that Kendra should take over that responsibility. The thought brought tears to Delia’s eyes. Delia was nineteen and Greg was twenty-three. Kendra, in her mid-twenties, had a poise and beauty that even Delia couldn’t match. In fact, Kendra always greeted Delia with warmth and friendship. Delia liked her and knew she was good for Greg.

Delia idolized her brother. When she was fourteen years old, a stranger had grabbed her on the sidewalk outside her school and pulled her behind some bushes. The stranger had knocked her down, pushed up her skirt and pulled her plain white panties down to her knees. Greg, who was then a three-sport senior letterman in high school, heard her screams and lifted the stranger off his panicked sister before beating the man unconscious. The stranger went to prison and Greg had been Delia’s knight in shining armor ever since.