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Delia is a beautiful eighteen-year-old freshman. She has a loving, sexual relationship with her older brother Greg. They live with Mom in the single-wide trailer where they grew up. He tells Kendra she should have a regular boyfriend and that he would never ruin her life. When Kendra, a beautiful Army officer who knew Greg overseas, surprises him with a visit, Delia feels jealous and ignored.~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~A stunningly beautiful, twenty-something woman had parked a new red rental car at the curb and now was checking the space number of their trailer. She wore an Army officer’s Class A uniform with a skirt, something Greg had described to Delia once when he was reminiscing about his time in the service. The visitor’s shining blonde hair was drawn tight into a bun beneath her hat. The sunlight caught ribbons and badges on her uniform as she walked toward the front door. The coat of the uniform was not designed to be form-fitting, but it could not disguise her sizeable bust. “Greg, it’s someone from the Army. Do you know her?”He joined her at the window. “That’s Kendra! She’s a captain now. My god, I haven’t seen her since Kabul.”A pang of jealousy hit Delia. “You fucked her when you were in the Army, huh?”“Every chance I got,” said Greg. “We had to sneak around, because she’s an officer and I was enlisted. That’s against some stupid rule. It could have ruined her career. But when I knew her, she was a lieutenant. I saw online she got promoted. What’s she doing here?”“She’s older than you, isn’t she?” Delia’s voice took on an edge.“She’s twenty-six now. Young for a captain.” He didn’t seem to notice the change in her tone.“I’ll put something on.” Delia slapped his butt, harder than she intended. “You should, too.”“Damn!” Greg hustled to his room at the far end of the trailer.Her jealousy growing, Delia stomped back to her room, next to her mom’s room and a small bathroom. She yanked a turquoise and white flowered sundress off a hangar and slipped it on, then turned to the full-length mirror on the back of her door.Spaghetti straps over her shoulders held the shaped elastic top over her boobs but the thin fabric showed them in detail with a lot of cleavage exposed. The back of the dress was cut low enough to reveal her lower back with an elastic band behind her shoulders to hold the sides together. Below the snug waist, the dress was loose and bouncy but the hem barely reached past her butt. Altogether, this was exactly what she wanted. Delia slipped into a pair of slide sandals and walked back out.

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Gator Tail Trailer Park No. 7

Delia’s Carnal Truth

By Bo Dunne

~ Previously published as “Knight’s Choice” ~

~~ All characters in this story are 18 or older. ~~

Delia stepped out of the shower on Saturday morning and decided to air dry in the warm, humid weather of early fall in Florida. With water drops glistening on her eighteen-year-old skin and her shoulder-length blonde hair simply brushed straight back, she walked nude into the kitchen of the single-wide mobile home where she had grown up.

“Morning, big brother!” She gave Greg a big smile. “Mom’s working the day shift today, right?” Their mother was a barmaid at the Grillin’ Gator Bar across the highway from the trailer park.

“Yeah.” Greg, who was four years older, looked up from his empty breakfast dishes. His handsome, chiseled features were solemn, as usual these days. His muscular form was visible, as he wore only clinging black underpants. His scars from grave wounds in Afghanistan marked his torso.

Delia and Greg had been raised by open-minded parents to be comfortable with casual nudity. Their dad, a country transit worker, had died heroically a long time ago, pushing a pedestrian to safety from the path of a car.

Delia ignored Greg’s one-word answer. She opened her arms and walked close, giving Greg a big hug as she mashed her 36D boobs in his face. As she did so, she giggled, but he was not the same cheerful, happy guy she had known growing up. Every day, she stayed loving and upbeat toward him in the hope she could help him heal the demons that often gave him violent nightmares. “Do you like that?”

“You know I do.” Greg frowned slightly. “I want to talk to you about something. I’ve been thinking, Sis, I don’t want to mess up your life.”

“You saved my life, remember?” She ran her fingers through his hair with one hand and reached down to stroke his cock through his underwear with the other.

When she was fourteen years old, a stranger had jumped her on the sidewalk and pulled her behind some bushes. She had been thrown to the ground as the stranger had pushed up her skirt and pulled her plain white panties down to her knees. Greg, a three-sport senior letterman in high school, yanked the stranger off his terrified sister and beat the guy unconscious. The stranger went to prison and Greg had become Delia’s knight in shining armor.

After he came home from the Army several months ago, they had sex for the first time after she took the initiative. Occasionally they continued to do so. That included nights when he never woke up from a nightmare, but Delia gave him a blowjob in his sleep to calm him. She was glad it worked and had never told him about those moments. He didn’t wake up even when she did it because he had to take a strong medication to sleep and it kept him asleep even during her blowjobs. Seeing that every blowjob eased his troubled sleep gave Delia her own feeling of satisfaction.

Greg put his big hands on her firm butt and squeezed her affectionately. “I love you so much. I just need to know you‘re still going to get a regular boyfriend and go forward with your life. I don’t want to stop you from having a normal life. And a good life.”

“Nobody’s more important to me than you,” said Delia, swaying her butt slightly and shaking her shoulders to make her boobs jiggle. “As soon as I get some breakfast, I’ll prove it again.”

“I’d like that. Just promise me that you’ll go out with other guys, too. If I look back years from now and see that you didn’t marry some other guy and have a happy family because of me, I couldn’t live with myself.”

Delia started to protest, to point out that she had plenty of time and was in no hurry. Watching the look on his face, she realized that agreeing with him would make him happy. She ignored her own feelings for his sake and ruffled his short, dirty-blond hair with one hand. “I promise.”

He gave her a friendly slap on the rear in return.

The slap startled her, but she liked it. That light whack was a flash of the outgoing, cheerful brother she had known before he went off to war. She loved every little sign that he was healing somewhere deep inside. The small signs gave her hope that he could truly become his real self again some day.

A car door slammed outside.