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Deflowered In The OfficeCindy is a virgin, and being a good girl she wants to save her first time for a loving husband.However when times are tough and she’s running out of money, her friend’s extremely powerful boss makes her an offer – give up her virginity to him, and he’ll give her $100,000. She never would have considered it normally, but it’s too much money to turn down even if it means she has to drop to her knees under his desk.The only question is, will it even fit?

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Deflowered In The Office | Daniella Fetish

Deflowered In The Office

Daniella Fetish

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“Unbutton your jeans,” he ordered her.

When she did it, he spun her around and pushed her face down across his desk. He wheeled his chair forward and grabbed the waistband of her jeans. His excitement climbed as he peeled the tight denim down and it brought Cindy’s panties with it to expose her cute bubble butt. He yanked the jeans down her thighs before leaning forward to kiss on naked skin.

Cindy pressed her face on the desk. She was nervous about her friend or someone else coming to the office, but the risk seemed to bring out an extra thrill. The touch of Ken’s kisses on her ass brought out conflicting emotions. There was a slight humiliation to being bent over his desk and used so crudely, but it was making her as wet as she could ever remember.

The jeans were dragged right to her ankles to make her get out of them and it allowed Ken to spread her legs wider. His tongue traced down the line of her ass crease and pushed between her thighs to lick on her pussy. She bit her bottom lip to hold in the noise as the sensual onslaught grew rougher. Fingers spread her open as an eager tongue slid inside and it was the kinkiest experience of her life. Being licked out from behind was definitely slutty, but the rush of pleasure it gave her was so good.

Her hips were grabbed to pull her back as a stiffened tongue slid deeper and she tried desperately to hold in the squeals of delight that threatened to come out. Ken was licking furiously at her slick inner skin, but when he pulled back and stood her panic took hold.

Cindy closed her eyes as his large cock pressed on her naked ass.


“You are so old fashioned,” Hannah teased her friend.

“I am not,” Cindy complained.

Hannah glanced around her small office even though she knew that there was no one else there.

“You so fucking are,” she went on and laughed. “You’re the only girl I know of our age that is still a virgin. You don’t know what you’re missing by stopping the guys getting in your panties.”

Cindy shrugged her shoulders as she stuck out her tongue.

“There’s nothing wrong with waiting,” she said slightly defensively. “I just want the first time to be with the man I spend the rest of my life with.”

Hannah rolled her eyes and laughed again.

“Are you for real?” she let out. “You’ve been reading too many flowery romance novels about true love and are letting life slip you by waiting for a dream. You need to get with the times and read some dirty erotic stories. It might give you some naughty ideas.”