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Samasoni Pe'a



 "I really enjoyed reading your story. You have a gift of seeing into the other side of the veil, and I am impressed also with your mother's gift as well…" Phil Hanks- previous L.D.S. Temple President (Samoa)Samasoni is of Samoan, German and Chinese decent. Raised in the U.S. in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 14, had a spiritual experience that he will never forget. It has made a major impact on his outlook in life from this death and dying experience that ocurred in the City of Compton California.

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Samasoni Pe'a


One man's true life death experience

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 “I really enjoyed reading your story. You have a gift of seeing into the other side of the veil, and I am impressed also with your mother’s gift as well…”

Phil Hanks- previous Mormon L.D.S. Temple President (Samoa)




Based on a true life story


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…More than most recent death experiences have ever gone before!



































Don’t be misled!

No part of the book was ever intended to be written in a flowery,

flattery or enticing manner, to mislead the reader in anyway, as God is

my witness, I don’t dare!


What you are about to read will probably change the way you will ever

think of death and dying from the many misconstrued, misguided,

misleading or misinformed stories, information often painted and

projected by the media, or anyone else who have not experienced the

true state of death, or dying.


Though they may try in every way to claim the truth or conjure the

public to agreeing with their own version of scriptural findings, their

scientific or religious theories, and methods for their own designs; the

fact is, they do not want to acknowledge any testimonies that would

link our spirits to a true living God. This is my testimony of Him- He

lives, and because He lives, I will continue to live after this life, not in

the grave but in a spiritual realm that co-exist with this planet we call









I WAS SLEEPING NEXT TO MY GREAT GRANDMOTHER, WHEN SOMETHING VERY UNUSUAL HAPPENED TO ME IN HER ROOM THAT AFTERNOON… as I lay my head down to rest on the floor, I fell asleep. Suddenly I felt something strange happening to me. I awoke to a feeling of being released from a hold, becoming light, and felt like I was tearing away from something, not knowing that I was dying. I can see, and feel, that I was floating up out of something, while at the same time looking down at a body, not knowing at the moment, that the body I had just come out of was mine!







Now there is nothing unique about me. I am just an ordinary person just like any other. I love, hurt, cry and feel pain. I do make many mistakes and at times feel unworthy. I find that when I try to think and do things that are considered as good Christian values, I have a tendency to feel much closer to a supreme God. On the contrary when I do things that hurt others, place pride in me, lie and cheat; get angry, entertain or put things in me that dirty up my mind so that my thoughts are not in line with good Christian behavior, I have a tendency to stray, and stay away from the light of Christ, and will usually feel calloused in my thoughts and behavior. This is when, I start to gravitate far away from the peaceful, and good feelings that are usually in conformity with the attributes of a Christ like person!


The one thing that I probably do more often than most people after all that I can do, is pray. I pray a lot and when I really need to put myself in complete spirituality or in tune with a higher intellectual force for answers, or much needed help for something that is confusing or completely unknown to me, I resort to fasting! That is probably the only thing that I do more fervently than the average person, and I thank my dearest parents for this kind of teaching and upbringing and their examples.









As far back as I can remember, my parents have always prayed! They taught me how to pray, and why we pray. They taught me that everything we have received in this life, is from God, and so we must give thanks to Him and acknowledge His hand for the blessings received everyday by praying, so I just followed right along with what my parents had instilled in me, and have taught me about prayer and why I must pray.

As I prayed often, my perspective of life began to change! I began to understand and realize prayer more, and its’ profound impact in my life! I've seen and felt the physical and spiritual phenomenon’s of prayer, how it helped me in my decision making at work for the better, in strengthening my family and gaining wonderful hidden treasures, that my inquisitive mind have sought after, to know, and to understand.


The one thing that I absolutely want to tell the world, and that is; as I continued to pray, I grew more in tune with my senses and my ability to feel more of that spirit of Christ. I began to understand God, and grew in knowledge in just about everything in this life and beyond; like where we come from, and where we are going to go after this life! This was something that was a big concern for me, where had I come from, before being born from the womb of my mother; what am I doing here, and where am I going to go after this life! Now that I have been enlighten, my perception of life is very different to the point that what I once considered important, isn’t important anymore! My perspective of life has completely changed. And my awareness of a God is as solid as knowing, that I can see Him and hear Him, as if He were right in front of me! I have never doubted Him, and will never ever change my awareness of Him, for to do so, would go against Him after all that He has shown, instructed, and given me!







At age 14, I love to hurry home after school to be with my great grandmother in her room. I would rush to see her and let her know that I am home. She would greet me with a big smile and a kiss. She would ask me if I had brought her favorite candy bar, and would have me massage her feet and head. We would share her favorite candy bar together that I had bought with my own lunch money. I would share with her, what my day was like at school, she did not understand most of what I said, and she spoke very little English.


I love my great grandmother very much and I wanted to spend as much time with her as time would permit, for she was well over one hundred years old! She loved talking and singing with me. She would teach me her native language, and I tried teaching her English. She shared stories about her husband who is my great grandfather, when he was alive named Tuitufu Tonumaipe’a, a very spiritual man, who was a practicing believer in Christ. One day he told his wife the exact day that he would die, and in turn she told many people of the day he said he would die. My great grandfather made special arrangements for his grave site which was dug into a lava rock formation. He cut his hair, wore special clothing, bade everyone farewell, got inside his casket and died on that day! She said that many people did not believe it, including ministers from other churches, and many were there to witness it! She also talked about life back in her country in Samoa. I felt blessed to have her in my presence but, I want to share with you something that happened to me on this one particular afternoon.


After spending time together, great grandma usually gets tired, and would rest for a bit, and I would fall asleep next to her. It was on this particular day that while I was asleep, something happened to me that I have never experienced before in my life at that time, and will never ever forget- I died that day, and lived at the same time! I don’t know why I died or what caused it, and I could come up with so many theories and thoughts and even tried to speculate on answers, but the fact of the matter is, my spirit went out from my body and I knew it, felt it, and seen it all unfold right before me, and that is a fact I will never deny!










Q. You said that you died?

 Author. Well, if death is the separation of the spirit from the body then I died at that time.


Q. What happened to you?

 Author. I experienced something absolutely amazing, that I exist after death!


Q. You exist after death?

 Author. Yes!


Q. How do you know this?

 Author. Because the thing that left my body was me in spirit form and the body was not me!


Q. What do you mean?

 Author. When I left my body I was flat on my back on the floor facing up. At the time of separation, I started to feel like I was being released from a hold, and felt as if tearing away from something and started to feel light at the same time, till I realized, I was slowly floating out away from my chest cavity area, facing down looking right at this body wondering who it is? I looked at myself as I was floating up, and can see that I did not have on a physical body, but a form of *spiritual body. I felt like a clear mass entity of matters. There was no physical weight mass placed on my spirit form that I can feel and see, (like when I usually see with my physical eyes) it was mind boggling and it felt very normal as I started to float away from this body straight up in the air! I looked around and could see my great grandmother while floating up in the air, I started looking around the room, out the window, and at the top of the ceiling. I looked at the body on the floor and concluded in my thoughts, that my spirit is the real me and not the body!


Q. Explain that please!

 Author. Sure! My physical body is like when I have my clothes on. I can still feel sensitivity through them while wearing it, but when I take off my clothes, my naked body as an example, is the real me in spirit form and my clothes that I had just taken off and placed on the bed is likened to my physical body, it is not me, just clothing or clay, or a biological frame or house that is not the real me! In other words, the real me, is in spirit form and the body that I just came out of, is just a housing for my spirit it has no logic, it does not feel, think, remember, retain; comprehend, and grow in intelligence as my spirit can! Knowing this, it became absolutely clear, that life definitely continues after leaving our mortal body, in other words there is no doubt in my mind that there is life after death, I have experienced it, and there is nothing painful about it, no aches, no suffering, nothing whatsoever!


Q. Anything else?

 Author. Yes! When I was in my spirit form I could easily float directly in the air. It seems the gravity of the earth did not pull me down. In other words the earth’s gravitational force had no effect on me, my spirit. Also- when I was in my spirit form, I can see, but I did not have physical eyes, I can hear, but no physical ears and I can feel inside me and think, but no physical body or any brains, it was the strangest thing. I can see by looking at myself, that I had nothing physical on, just felt like a floating mass of clear spirit matter. It seemed that my way of communication was thinking out loud- more like a thought process, obviously because I did not have a physical mouth that I was accustomed to in forming the words or vocal chords to sound out the alphabet, it was all thought out, it was way too incredible for me, in fact it was beautiful!

After experiencing this most amazing thing I looked down at my great grandmother from above, and can see through her body language that she knew something was wrong with me, perhaps she felt that something was not right with me and suddenly started shouting at my body saying something in her native tongue, trying to move my body as if to wake me! She seemed hysterical moving about, and shouting at the same time. I felt a strong urge that I needed to go back into my body now! I came down to my body and entered into it- and then without any hesitation, I took command of it; got up right away, and quickly moved outside her bedroom, closed the door behind me, and sat down a ways off from her room, and gathered all my thoughts back again, to exactly what had just happened to me, when I left my body! I re-played the whole scenario over, and over, again in my mind, and wondered in amazement as to what I had just been through, an experience of continual life away from my body!

Now I can absolutely say with confidence that what some people fear about death is a total misconception! What many of the human race fear about being dead, dying, or death, is a big human error! Dead, dying or death in the spiritual realm, is a very quick change right into another beautiful state of our existence- in fact, I will be bold and shout out to the world, based on my real experience that I went through- and say that there really isn’t any death to the real us, me or you, only to the biological house that was once a home for the spirit. In fact I will completely uncover the term death and describe it as such- death is just like moving from an old house to a much better house in a much clearer sphere, only your new home is light and in a beautiful state, floating in the air- that’s it period!

Now in thinking back about all this, there is something that is absolutely sure about being without a body. Example, when I was up in the air floating away from my body, I now know that I could not do things that I used to do with my body, like walking, talking, and breathing or physically move! I therefore concluded, that without a body I cannot do my normal physical human life functioning abilities, like living, physical exertion, growing or even aging! Knowing that I could not walk physically, I knew that I needed the body and the earth’s gravity to make that happen. So for me to move in a walking motion and swing my hands, it took 14 years so that it would be natural for my body to do it without much thinking. In my spirit form I did not need 14 years to do any of those movements to get me around. As a spirit, if I needed to move, I just think it, and it was done instantly! An example of this, is when my spirit was leaving my body behind, while on the ground facing up, I did not have to exert any physical movements to float, I didn’t have to think about how I will float, it's already instilled in my thoughts automatically as if it was all natural, and instantaneous. Something else I noticed; I had no prior knowledge of this kind of experience, that of leaving a body and looking at myself from the outside of my body, like what my spirit was doing when I floated out looking down at this body; perhaps that’s why I didn’t know who this person or body is. What was also interesting was that I don’t remember thinking, to have myself face down, and look at the body, when I was departing from it! I think that my spirit being in a different sphere, did it naturally.

I now conclude that my natural ability to focus as a spirit, was that of looking down at what was going on around me! In other words- when I was in my body, I would never look up naturally in my normal state of my physical existence. My normal physical ability to focus was on what was going on around me, and my surroundings by looking straight, left- right, and behind rarely looking up. Yet in my spirit form, I naturally looked down at human bodies such as my own and my great grandmother! I now see that as a spirit, I have a natural ability to look down while floating in the air. I automatically looked down from above, at the goings on, or happenings of the living, my great grandmother, and the dead, my old house. Also, I cannot read my great grandmother’s thoughts but I can sense and see her body language, hear her vocal sounds that something was up and because of that I reacted to it through a compelling sense of urgency to get back into my body so that I can move, or make a reaction! I know now, that in order for me to make a reaction, I needed a body to do that, for without a body, I am in another sphere or spirit world, invisible to my great grandmother; thus she is not able to recognize my desires of wanting to respond to her bodily actions and her shouting, for I can see her, but she cannot see me! I immediately reacted by going back to my body and physically replied, by quickly going outside of her room so as not to see her in an uneasy or upsetting situation. Also, I’ve come to the conclusion that my thinking, my history, my doings, including all my experiences in knowledge and wisdom, was carried right along with me in my spirit form. I did not lose any of it, I retained it all with the exception of my physical body, or the old house!




















 My recollection of life on earth did not start with how most people would remember their first memories, like remembering their first home, their first friend, or their first smell or taste. Mine was quite different! In fact before being born with a body, I was floating above a group of people gathered around a hole. I saw a man blowing his trumpet at this gathering. I did not know that this was the family that I was going to live my life with till at a later time. Before that, I had no recollection of any previous memories, history or thoughts of where I came from or how I got here, that part is completely blanked from my past.


It wasn’t until I was born that, at a later time in my teens that I realized then, that the man blowing his trumpet, would be my father. I found out later that my mother, at the time, was between six and nine months into her pregnancy with her first child... me. I was that spirit going in and out of my mother’s body during her pregnancy. I came to this realization later on in my teens at about age 14, when my siblings and I inquired about my father’s mother, our deceased grandmother. While mom was explaining to us our grandmother’s funeral, my mind was enlightened as I listened, and realized that everything that my parents were sharing about my dads’ mother’s funeral was true and my recollection of the funeral was as clear as daylight for I was there! I was very excited and proceeded to tell my family what I had seen when I was there. My parents said to me that it cannot be, because I was not born yet. But I was adamant in my convictions and strongly held on to them, for I was there and I told my family that I saw my father blowing his trumpet at the funeral! Mom and dad were surprised when I mentioned that dad blew his trumpet at the funeral and said to me, that I couldn’t have known this, because I was not born yet and said that one of my uncle’s had told me this, to which I replied, no one told me, I was there in my spirit form floating above the hole that our departed grandma was being buried in! I now conclude that as a floating spirit, having no previous memories of where I came from, I am now certain, from this wonderful event that there is some kind of a memory block or veil placed on me, for I have no recollection, or previous memories of my beginnings.


Now I know that I exist before coming to earth because I didn’t just pop out of nowhere, I was going through a new start on earth coming from a previous existence with a veil placed upon me and most likely all human beings, for we all had to come from somewhere and not from nowhere! I have concluded that as we enter into this realm from a preexisting state, we are like a clean hard drive with no information on it and as we enter into our earthly state, our hard drive is given a “boot up” from the writings of ancient prophets, as to where we originated from, so we can learn to gain, and to grow in knowledge and wisdom from the experiences we are given during our earthly life! Working hard was something that I learned, and come to appreciate by watching my father. He is one of the hardest working men I have ever known. He taught me to appreciate and love work, and by working alongside him and watching him, I learned to work hard and to work honestly. My fathers’ education was incomplete. He stopped going to school at an early age. The highest grade he had reached back in his country was form 8. My father was successful because of his dedication to his work and praying to God. Before my dad passed on, he asked my sister to write down a part of his life story. I was able to have in my possession, the original paper that he had my sister write on, while he explained his life story to her. Here is a part of that story in his own words: I was born the 29 of January 1935. In my early 20’s, I was very active in boxing, hunting and fishing but most of my time I was working in a farm of my own. I married a beautiful and talented young lady. We raised taro’s to feed our family at the same time we sold taros in the market to earn money. We had the opportunity to supply markets, stores and restaurants. Our taro was so popular we even exported them to other islands like A. Samoa and New Zealand. We hired people to work for us so that we could produce more taro. I was the first farmer to buy and own a 4X4 Jeep Land Rover on the big island. The blessings came to us at just the right time and place. We were so thankful for all these blessings that came to us in our early life. Physically and spiritually our prayers were answered. Miracles are real.