Dazey Spreads For Love - Bo Dunne - ebook

Beautiful Dazey blows her boyfriend but can't wait around. She has an ache between her legs for her grownup younger brothers. Back home, Dazey finds one of her brothers. Mom wakes up from a nap, very lonely, as Dazey spreads her legs for Dane. Dazey brings Mom to join them, then two more brothers come home. Julia has never had an interlude with any of her sons before.~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~By the time Dazey pulled up on the little street in the GatorTail Trailer Park where she had grown up, a late afternoon Florida squall came in overhead. The billowing gray clouds unloaded a warm rain on a light breeze. Delighted, Dazey got out of her car with her shoulder bag and leaned back to feel the rain on her face. To her, this was home.She glanced around to see if any neighbors were nearby, but no one was in sight.On a whim, she yanked the long, orange tank top off over her head, letting her firm, 38D boobs bounce as they caught the light rain. Though she was aware that some of the neighbors might be watching out their windows, she loved standing in the warm rain wearing only her sandals. Smiling with lighthearted, naughty enjoyment, she walked up the home-made wooden steps to the front porch of the double-wide trailer, letting her butt sway in an exaggerated, sexy walk. If any male neighbors were watching, she was happy to let them enjoy the moment.She was glad her mother still lived here with her four younger brothers. The boys were working and saving money to buy Mom a real house someday. With the strap to her purse on one shoulder, she swung the drenched tank top over her other shoulder and reached for the doorknob.The door opened and her youngest brother, Dane, stood back from the doorway. "Hi, Sis!" He laughed and took a long, leisurely gaze from her windblown, straw blonde hair to her face down to her boobs and her shapely legs. "I heard your car door slam."Dazey watched his eyes take in the sight of her, and enjoyed every moment. Her heart beat faster as he blatantly moved his gaze back up."Come on in, silly," said Dane, moving to give her room. He wore light-weight blue nylon running shorts and a white tank top that was loose on his buff body. Dane was twenty-one years old and the black sheep of the family. A wild tangle of shoulder-length, dirty blond hair framed his long, square-jawed face and some tattoos were scattered up and down his arms. On one earlobe, he wore a silver earring in the shape of a hand giving the finger. He leaned close as he pushed the door shut.Dazey stepped inside, dropped her purse and her tank top to the floor, and went up on tiptoe to give him a quick kiss on the lips. "You're all wet, Daze, but you're as hot as ever."

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Gator Tail Trailer Park No. 9

Dazey Spreads For Love

By Bo Dunne

(previously published as “Knight Ride”)

~~ All characters in this book are 18 or older. ~~

Dazey loved getting fucked. Her boyfriend Stu just wasn’t very exciting.

Not that he was a prude. Right now, she lay back on the sheets eyeing the video screen on the opposite wall of Stu’s apartment bedroom in Orlando. He had set it up to record their fuck sessions so they could watch them later.

He was on top of her, sucking on one of her boobs and squeezing them both with his hands. The video camera was behind him, so she watched the back of his head over her shoulder, and her own pale, toned legs spread with her feet in the air.

Thrills of pleasure shot through her body, and she knew she would get off like she always did. She was very orgasmic and always wanted more. The problem was, she didn’t want Stu that much.

“Mmm, fuck me,” she whispered in Stu’s ear. She encouraged him because she felt guilty. He was a good dude, and a generous, kind boyfriend. If she was going to be his girl, she reasoned, she should act the part. She wiggled her butt and then raised it up slightly, inviting him to take her pussy.

Dazey took pride in being ruthlessly honest with herself, even if she wasn’t fully honest with Stu. She knew Stu deserved better than she wanted to give.

She knew she was hot. Guys had noticed her all her life, especially when her body had developed. In fact, she put extra effort into making female friends because some girls felt threatened by her when they first met.

Twenty-six years old, Dazey had straw-blonde hair cut at her shoulders, deep blue eyes, and pale skin that would not take a tan. Her classic cheekbones highlighted a big smile with perfect teeth. While not very tall, she had 38D boobs, a trim waist, and a heart-shaped butt. She knew damn well that guys found her stunningly sexy and she saw no reason to fool herself about it. All her life, she had used her looks, and her pussy, to her advantage.

Stu raised his head, grinning. “Ready?” Stu was a decent-looking guy, with short brown hair and a toned body. He worked as a regional business manager with a hotel chain. In bed, he did everything right, but she wanted more.

Dazey suddenly made up her mind. Even though her pussy was wet and her heart pounding, she just wanted this interlude over with. She put a hand on Stu’s chest and pushed him back and she sat up.

“Daze? What’s wrong?”

“Not a thing,” she said, though that wasn’t true. She gave him her biggest smile. “Lie down on your back, dude.”


“Cool,” said Stu, as he lay back on the sheet. He glanced at the video camera and angled himself so the lens would get the best angle. As he relaxed, he felt her warm mouth on his cock, which was already hard after he had sucked and massaged her beautiful, big, firm tits.

He looked down at Dazey’s gorgeous face, with her lips tight around his cock. Her straw-blonde hair swayed as her head bobbed down and up, then down again, sending zings of pleasure through him. He felt her tongue sliding under the head of his cock, back and forth, as she lowered her lips all the way to the base. Her pretty features were mashed against his pubic hair and she gagged as his cock pushed against the back of her throat.

Instead of pulling back, Dazey hesitated but kept his cock all the way in her mouth. Then she changed her angle and took his cock down her throat. Then she began sliding up and down again, bringing the warm, snug sensations throughout his cock. The pressure in his cock kept building.

When Dazey used her fingernails to gently tickle his balls, his cock burned with new heat and suddenly began pumping her mouth, shooting his cum down her throat.

She swallowed fast, but he kept shooting and put his hands in the hair on the back of her head to keep her close. His cock blazed on and on while shooting hard. Finally she could not keep up and gagged again on the cum that built up in her mouth. Still, she swallowed again and again until he was finished.

At last she ran her tongue around his cock a few more times and then slipped her mouth off it.

Stu let go of the back of her head and relaxed.