Darling Brat - Patience Lee - ebook

Delilah keeps doing wrong at school, much to the chagrin of the household. When one more conference was called, it’s time the man of the house puts his foot down and teaches Delilah a lesson she won’t soon forget.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~“Oh, by the way I am staying for a few hours after school tomorrow in order to do some extra school work,” said Delilah to her mother.“Oh that’s good of you, nice to see you finally putting some effort in! Dean, would you be able to pick her up as you should be finishing work by then?” she replied.“Of course I will,” said Dean, loving how Delilah had crafted their alibi.Tomorrow came, but there was no extra school work to do, and Dean been allowed to leave work early in order to see what his naughty little stepdaughter had been up to. Dean met Delilah by the front gate and she was looking as hot as ever. She was dressed in a short leather jacket that clung around her thin waist with a white pencil skirt underneath that went to just above her knees. Just below her knees were high socks that led all the way down her long legs to her ankle boots.They entered into the school and met the teacher who sat behind her desk and started to talk about the procedure and the seriousness of the matter.

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