Dark Trade in a Flash - Gavin Rockhard - ebook

For one lifeguard, tonight will be something to remember because all flesh is the same in the dark! Thad knows a summer-camp lifeguard who's a blond buck with an outrageous manhood, giving Thad an incredible adventure in Dark Trade!

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Dark Trade in a Flash: The Lifeguard

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Dark Trade in a Flash: The Lifeguard

Gavin Rockhard

Copyright 2018

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All characters depicted in sexual situations in this publication are eighteen years of age or older.

These stories are about fictional consenting adults engaging in taboo and controversial sexual acts. Nobody involved in the creation of this ebook, including authors, editors and models, support immoral or illegal acts in real life. Cover models are not intended to illustrate specific people and the content does not refer to models' actual acts, identity, history, beliefs or behavior. No characters depicted in this ebook are intended to represent real people.

Wayne knew exactly how to get into camp without anyone seeing him. The only people who mattered were the rangers, of course, because they were the only ones who were still here in early September. They did repairs until winter.

So he waited for them to be gone -- he'd worked at Camp Pacoctin for a few years and knew their schedules and interests. When there was a twenty-five-cent-wing-night at the local pub (where "local" was twenty minutes away, because that was the nearest town), the rangers always went as a group. So that was when Wayne and Thad drove into camp. They used the dirt road to avoid the closed gate.