A spooky RV... A letter from a place you would never expect in a million years... Being stranded on some God-forsaken mountain... And meeting your favorite heart throb rock star, but the worst thing that could happen does... If your into scary stuff like that, then this absolutely is the book for you!

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Katryn Ali

Dark Stories

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Katryn Ali


© Copyright Katryn Ali 2013




Published by Star Books Inc.




All Rights Reserved.

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To my Lord who is God. With You I can overcome anything... Thanks for making my dream of becoming a published writer a reality!

Years ago, the Lord made me a promise, that I would become published. He has lead me all the way. I had to go through deep valleys, but He intends to bring me safely home.


What does it gain any man, to have the entire world along with its riches, but then to lose your soul in the end?



1 A Bad Day


2 Another Meaningless Gig


3 The Cult Leader


4 The RV


5 The Semi Truck


6 The Desert


7 Trapped!


8 The Demon In The Room


9 The Broken Glass


10 No Place To Rest



1 A Bad Day



Tannon had wanted to be in a band, a successful band all his life. He had a good voice, or so they told him at church. He had sung on the Praise Team but that place he just did not get.

Second, he loved the School Play where he had a singing part. The play was a tremendous success which just triggered his desire all the more, to be in a rock band. He loved Journey and they had hit it big. He wanted to be big too.

So as soon as he graduated high school, he and 4 buddies formed a rock band called Smash Head.

He played the keyboard, an expensive gift his parents had given him upon graduation.

His friend Mike played an electric guitar. He also was the backup vocal, not having a bad voice himself.

Then there was Skinny Ikeman. He was called Ichabod Crane a lot. He could NOT sing. Plain and simple. In order to do that Ike would need a voice transplant. But he was great on the drums.

Stoolie also played guitar but a more resound type. And Jonton played piano.

All in all, they were a pretty good band. They did many gigs around town. But it didn't pay much. They didn't make enough to have their own place which Tannon wanted.

The noise got on his parent’s nerves a lot. They just didn't get the practice they needed. Tannon couldn't concentrate on his song writing which needed a lot of improvements.

His band just wasn't up to speed for the big leagues. A talent scout was due to come to a main nightclub in which Smash Head was wanting so badly to get signed on.

But it was all up to that talent scout to decide and he had. Smash Head just wasn't good enough to become a smash hit with the world. It was the worst day of Tannon's life.



2 Another Meaningless Gig


The Smash Head band had another gig. In Los Vegas. But they were just another mediocre rock band as people saw it and hardly anyone came into the bar to listen to them. They made very little tip money.

To make matters worse, what they did get paid they all spent away gambling, so they came home with nothing. Actually, Tannon owed money.

"Man, what am I going to do?" he asked Stoolie as he puffed on a drag.

"About what?" came Stool’s reply.

"We suck dude. We really need some professional help if we’re to improve the band," Tannon said and coughed. The weed was strong.

"I know about this guy. I could hook you up, it's just," Stoolie said and fell silent.

"What?" Tannon insisted.

"Well," began Stoolie. "The man is actually a talent agent, but I don’t know. I don’t think he’s right for us," Stoolie said.

"Stool, I have to do something or lay this band to rest," he said.

"Ok, but don’t say I didn’t warn you," Stoolie said. Tannon waited for more.

Obvious Stool hadn't told him it all. "The guy is in some kind of a satanic cult. He says that it gets him results. He’s rich too. Lives out on highway 95, near the cliffs."

"You think he can help us?" Tannon asked.

"Well... yeah, but I don’t know. Tannon, he says you have to sell your soul to the devil, in order to make it big," Stoolie said.

Tannon didn’t believe in that kind of junk at all. He never did. Not any of it. Not what the churches said or the Bible either.

Tannon didn’t think there was life after death. He hoped reincarnation. That was his favorite to believe in, but he wasn’t so sure any more.

Life was so meaningless. As much as his last gig had been. Tannon believed we all had to live for right now, this was all you got and so if you can’t make the big leagues than you lived a nothing and would die a nothing, forgotten. He did not want to go out forgotten, that he ever existed.

"I want a meeting with him. Can you set it up?" Tannon then asked Stoolie. He took another puff. "Ok, I’ll get you the appointment."



3 The Cult Leader


Tikah Kanter was some kind of an Indian. He sure looked the part Tannon thought as he was being led into his big house.

"You boys want some tea? It’s my own blend," Tikah asked.

"Sure," spoke Tannon. His mouth felt awful dry.

The tea sure made Tannon feel strange.

"So, why are you here?" Tikah asked. Sleepily Tannon looked over at him. Stoolie smiled.

"Has Stool told you about my band?" Tannon asked.

"Yes, but I want you to tell me about it. What are your plans?" Tikah asked. They went off to talk.

Tikah took him outside around to the back. It was all desert looking. His backyard was beautiful.

"I want to become a big rock and roll band," Tannon told him.

"It isn't impossible. Stool gave me a demo of your group. You guys aren't bad, but you lack what the world wants," Tikah said.

"Ok, what does it want?" Tannon asked and giggled. Tikah smiled. "In order for you to really become big, you got to want to be number 1 more than life itself," Tikah said.

"I'll do anything," Tannon spoke. His tongue felt all swelled.

"Are you willing to give up your soul to whom I worship?" Tikah asked right out in the open now. Tannon looked at him with big eyes. "Oh, my soul?" he honked.

"That's what it's going to take, son. You see, all the greats did. The ones that ever mattered to a hill of beans that is," Tikah explained.

He told him some names then of very popular artists who had made it to the top.

"Come to my church service tonight and you can meet my master," Tikah said. Tannon knew beyond any doubt it wasn't going to be Jesus. He was glad of that. One thing he could never swallow was the Christian religion. It was so strict. Don't do this and that or go to hell. He didn't like that. Do what some god demanded to keep you in line.

This was his life and he was the one in control, not God or anything else. Of course, if Tikah wanted him to worship his stupid god than he would.


So, he went to his church. It was out in the desert not far from his house.

He and Stoolie walked with him over to it. It was in some kind of a structure made out of a cave.


Tikah worshiped some great angel of light as he called it. Didn't make no difference to Tannon as long as Tikah put down some money and became their agent, he was fine. He'd worship the virgin Mary if that's what it took.

Tikah had Stoolie, Tannon, and the rest of his band sign some kind of contract, but the weird part was, with their blood, to this angel of light.

"What is a soul anyway? Part of my shoe?" giggled Tannon high on whatever ingredient was in that wonderful tea blend.

Tikah gave him a baggie full of the tea to take home with him. He said he'd get it all lined up, the band's new gigs.



4 The RV


Everything was going so well for Smash Head. It was a year later, and they had made their first album. Tikah had arranged for the band to record at a recording studio after getting signed by a record company. He arranged to have him listen to the band one night at his house.

Since Tannon began drinking that tea he was able to write lyrics and music like never before. It was hot. He was hot! Everyone loved Smash Head. They became number 1 on the billboard.

It was time for the band to buy an RV to travel around and give live concerts. A concert was being made ready for them in LA.

They made their second million there overnight. They were now the number 1 band in America. But Christian churches warned their members to never purchase any music from Smash Head. The Devil had that band.

Tannon just laughed and laughed over that one. Almost every night he had dreams of this sexy goddess appearing to him giving him these wonderful songs. The songs he was now singing live to a major audience.

They picked out the biggest, best RV available. Money was not the issue. Not anymore. Not ever again. Tannon had it all. Beer, riches, wealth beyond his wildest dreams and women. Oh, the most gorgeous women he ever saw never gave him a second look, up until now. He could have any beauty he desired.

But his main squeeze was a girl he went to high school with. She was never interested in him before, but he gave a concert at the high school. A dance. For the graduating class of 2010.

She was there. She was a teacher now. They went out on some dates and he was in love all over again. Before she paid him no mind but now she looked at him with different eyes. A new kind of awe.

He invited her to travel around with him. She had the summer off, so she went with him. But he couldn't stay faithful to just one woman. Not even to her.

She caught him one night kissing this other woman after a concert.

"Hey, Danielle, wait!" he blared.

"Look Tannon, your hot and all but I don't need you being unfaithful to me. I need a steady man," she told him.