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Unraveled. Undressed. Undone.In these three standalone stories, young women surrender to strangers, bosses, and old friends in too-public places. Being dominated and humiliated has never been more enticing.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~Excerpt From: Punished In PublicInwardly, Carl grinned.He had her exactly where he wanted her: At his mercy.He watched with quiet delight as Katrina's pretty young face turned crimson. She was so easy to toy with. She stood there, blue eyes wide and round, mouth agape, confusion all over her expression.Her breath came in short gasps, lifting her perfect breasts."I didn't steal that!" she gasped."The proof is literally in my hands," he said. He had been watching her since the first day she showed up on his doors and coveted her the entire time. He yearned to bend her over his knee and spank her. It had to happen sooner or later, and today was finally the day.He came up with the plan to finally get her where he wanted her. It came to him when he was doing the books and realized there was money missing. Not a lot. A ten dollar bill here or there every month.He suspected Dexter first. After all, his old friend had only got out of prison two year ago from robbing a grocery store.Dexter admitted to skimming money from the cashier when Katrina was entertaining customers almost immediately. He didn't see what the problem was since the store was bringing in tens of thousands.Carl didn't mind covering the losses, but he formed a plan then. If he could accuse Katrina of doing what his friend had been doing, he would be able to convince the innocent young woman to do what he wanted.The only downside to his plan was that he had to get Dexter involved. He would much rather have Katrina all to himself, but needed Dexter to slip the perfume into her bag when she was busy tending to customers. He was also the one who slid the wad of cash into her bag."Why don't you just admit it?" she said. "This will go easier for you if you do.""I didn't steal any of this!" she said."Is there anything else on your body?" he asked.Her eyes widened even more and she looked thoroughly horrified. Instinctively, her arms wrapped around herself for protection, but there was no need for him to pry her arms open. He was going to make her give up."I'm going to need to search you," he said. 

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Dark Desires 10 - 12

(Voyeurism & Exhibitionism, Domination & Submission, BDSM)

Daisy Rose

Copyright 2016 Daisy Rose

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older. No part in this book may be reproduced, transmitted, stored, or distributed without permission of the author or publisher.

This book contains:

Dark Desires 10: Caught Exhibitionist

Jasmine isn't half as innocent as she looks. She's a shy swimming instructor by morning and a daredevil exhibitionist by night. Jasmine knows it's only a matter of time before she gets in serious trouble for her nightly escapade but she doesn't want to stop.

Lost in the middle of a town he knows nothing about, Tyler is grateful when he sees a young woman in the middle of the road. He approaches her quietly and stops just as he was going to make his presence known.

She- she was taking her clothes off...

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Dark Desires 11: Punished In Public

When Katrina is accused of stealing from her workplace, she immediately denies it. She has never stolen anything in her life. What can she do when the two aggressive black men find proof and decide to punish her themselves?

The aching tension between them builds as the men put her through unusual punishments, agile fingers fondling and touching her until she is lost to the heat of their caresses and surrenders completely.

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Dark Desires 12: Nun In Heat

Adopted and raised by the local church, it's no surprise that Lacey's growing up to be a God-fearing, law-abiding, goody two-shoes. Her practice of abstinence is well-known throughout her school, but behind closed doors, it's a different story altogether.

Nobody enjoys getting Lacey in trouble more than the only black boy in school, Tyrone Hunt. The drop-dead gorgeous football star has been getting on her nerves since they were five-years-old and he has not stopped since.

Only now, they're both adults and the tension between them has nothing to do with hate and everything to do with lust.

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Dark Desires 10: Caught Exhibitionist

Daisy Rose

Jasmine isn't half as innocent as she looks. She's a shy swimming instructor by morning and a daredevil exhibitionist by night. Jasmine knows it's only a matter of time before she gets in serious trouble for her nightly escapade but she doesn't want to stop.

Lost in the middle of a town he knows nothing about, Tyler is grateful when he sees a young woman in the middle of the road. He approaches her quietly and stops just as he was going to make his presence known.

She- she was taking her clothes off...

This is a standalone short story that stars a dominating black man who takes control of a young virgin who yields to him utterly and completely.

It also contains scenes including exhibitionism (school campus, library, & public park) and domination. If public sex and voyeurism aren't to your cup of tea, then this many not be the book for you.

Chapters with 18+ scenes are indicated with an asterisk (*).

Special note: This short story ended up being a lot kinkier than expected... every chapter is filled with 18+ scenes. Enjoy.

Chapter 1* (Exhibitionism & Voyeurism)

Jasmine can pinpoint the exact moment when her exhibitionist kink started. In fact, she even remembered who started it and how.

It started when the spinning bottle came to a stop with it's mouth pointed directly in her direction, The man who started it was Jason Johnson. He looked her straight in the eyes and said, "I challenge you to run across the hall naked."

All nine pairs of eyes were on her suddenly. Never before had her pulse raced so much just from being looked at. Her first impulse was to say no but she squashed down the rejection before it could bubble from her mouth. Turning down dares wasn't how she was supposed to act. The other girls before her were much braver, taking on challenges without batting an eye.

Natalie was still half naked from her challenge earlier. She was wearing a brand new pink lace bra that made it hard to not look at her. Jasmine caught the other guys stealing glances at her throughout the night. Her breasts were small and perky and the bra was a little too large for her, making it possible to sneak glances of her nipples at the right angle.

The men weren't looking at Natalie now. They were looking at Jasmine. She was breathtakingly aware of the fact that everyone was waiting for her response. It was too easy to say no and walk out of the dare. But it was just as easy to lose the friendship of all the people in the room. Their simple game of 'spin the bottle' had gotten way out of hand but none of them wanted to be the first to admit defeat. It started off with just kissing and make-out session. Then, that spiraled into daring each other to take of articles of clothing.

Jason was in his boxers. He had taken everything off earlier and shown off his manhood. Even limp, he was very large. Jasmine gulped at the memory.

"W-what?" she asked stupidly, stalling because she didn't think herself brave enough to do it.

"What do you say, gorgeous?" he asked. His eyes were that of a predator, dark and smoldering in the dim light of the room. They were fixed on her as he licked his lips. She was his prey and she was ready to run. Only, she wasn't going to. She was going to stay where she was and take the challenge. After all, wasn't that was university life was about? Facing her fears?

"What if I get caught?" she managed to stutter out, knowing her cheeks were redder than roses. Thankfully, they wouldn't see how much she was blushing in the dim light. Would they care?

"Everyone on the floor are either here, or back home for the weekend," Alice said with a curious expression.

Jasmine wasn't sure whether she should thank her or curse her, so she opted for neither. "What about the RAs?" she asked. Their floor's resident assistant was a year older than them, at nineteen-years-old, but was such a sucked for the rules that he might as well have been fifty. He had caught her without her freshmen orientation tag once and gave her a warning. She shuddered to think what he would do if he found her naked.

"The RA are in a meeting downstairs," Trevor said helpfully, earning him a weak glare from Jasmine, who was fast running out of excuses.

"Are you gonna do the challenge or not?" Kim asked, her voice an unnaturally high pitch that grated on her nerves.

"Do you want to do it with me, Kim?" Jasmine turned to her with a fake smile. The rest of the group all turned to her at once and Kim looked down, her cheeks red.

"Of course not," she said, crossing her arms, a hint of a stutter in her rejection.

Jasmine couldn't help but smirk a little. People were going to remember that. Kim was all talk and no play.

Drawing a deep breath, she stood up and held onto the hems of her shirt with her damp palms. This was what she wanted, right? This was what she came here for. To live a little.

"Should I strip here, or outside?" she asked, her voice sounding like it was coming from someone else. She couldn't quite believe she was asking that. Her voice sounded foreign even to herself.

"Here," Kenny answered a little too quickly. Her new friends laughed, but there was a new tension in the air that was impossible to ignore.

Jasmine was too nervous to look at anyone. She turned her back to them, as if her not being able to see them would make things easier for her. With each discarded article of clothing, her heart thumped harder in her chest. She felt like it was an eternity before her shirt and pants were off. Her underwear were on.

"I'm not taking everything off," she declared as she turned around. Her state of semi-nakedness was enough to make most of the men in the room rock hard.

Jason's erection was the most obvious since he wasn't wearing pants.

"Not in front of you guys anyways," she finished.

Kim was the fastest to react, handing her the blanket that she had been using to keep herself warm.

"Thank you," Jasmine said, wrapping the blanket around herself. It took a little finesse, but she managed to get her bra and underwear off without losing the blanket. Her nipples were quickly erect, poking at the thick blanket enough for them to be visible. She could feel hungry eyes on her, memorizing every inch of the body that they could see.

Her heart was pounding so hard against her chest that it was almost hard to breathe. She inhaled and exhaled carefully, reminding herself that it would only take a few short seconds, then it would be someone else's turn.

Jason was at the door, graciously opening it for her.

She peeked outside first, making sure that there really wasn't anybody there. The empty hallway loomed in front of her. The short walk to the room earlier felt like such a long distance that she wasn't sure if she could do it. Her pussy twitched and throbbed at the thought of letting the blanket go and exposing herself completely to her new friends. It was an odd reaction, but one what was pleasant.

Jason placed a hand on the small of her back. She was too nervous to look at him, but she could smell him, the scent of cheap cologne and aftershave.

"It's not too late to back down," he whispered into her ear.

She didn't doubt his words. She could back down and they probably wouldn't think any less of her, but the adrenaline in her veins added a pleasant tingle to her body that made her want to proceed. Her body is wanton for it. She wasn't so desperate to proof herself to them as she was to proof to herself that she could do it.

She bit her lower lip, turning to him nervously. His lips parts and for a moment, she thought he was going to kiss her. In the room, his eyes looked dark, but now, with the bright hallway lights, she could see that they were a pale shade of green. He was incredibly handsome.

Just as their lips were about to touch, she dropped the blanket and bolted to the far end of the hallway. Her feet barely touched the ground from how fast she was moving. Her breasts swung with each step, bouncing lewdly. Her pussy lips were wet from her cream and there was a tightness in her core that made everything tingle.

She ran past closed doors at record speed. She could feel her arousal growing as she touched the wall at the far end of the hall and twisted around. Her feet were moving on their own, heels lifting off and toes touching the ground at a pace that was worthy of an Olympic sprinter.

Her new friends were all out the door, eyes devouring her. Thankfully she wasn't looking at them. She was too busy running back. Time seemed to be moving in slow motion. No matter how fast she moved, it didn't feel fast enough.

Her brain was coming up with the worst things that could happen: Doors opening to reveal strangers catching her in the act, RA's walking up the stairs to get her in trouble, the security camera recording the footage of her daring act- In panic, she twisted around to see if there was a camera in the corners of the hall and was thankful to find none.

Almost the instant both of her feet landed inside the door, she draped the blanket back around her body. She was breathing heavily, her chest rising and falling as she wrapped protective clothing over her naked, slightly sweaty body. She couldn't quite believe she had done that.

"That was crazy!" she gasped. The sound of nervous laughter reached her ears and she realized it was coming from her. Her friends joined her in the laugher and they returned back to the circle. She put her clothes back on, carefully keeping the blanket around her as she did, pulling it off only when her shirt and pants were back on. The arousal in her veins was so heavy that she couldn't quite think yet. No woman in her right mind would do something so daring.

She could smell her own arousal as she pulled her underwear back on. Looking around, she wondered if the rest of the men could smell it too. The desire to fuck was palpable in the air and she realized she wasn't the only one who was turned on.

Jason's erection was almost poking out from his boxers, the front of which was stained wet with precum. She looked away from his manhood quickly, her cheeks blushing red. She didn't want to get caught staring at his privates. She wondered how it would feel to have his cock buried inside him. She had never had a black cock before. Heck, she'd never had any cock before.

She trembled slightly as her mind conjured up the image of her on the bed, legs spread as he plunged into her virgin pussy, black cock disappearing into her pulsating hole over and over as her lips parted into soundless screams of pure ecstasy. His hands, large enough to cover her breasts, were massaging her breasts, pulling at her erect nipples as his cock stretched and filled her repeatedly, sending her spiraling into the abyss of pleasure.

"Your turn," Jason said abruptly and she almost jumped in surprise. Her body felt like it was burning and freezing all at once and she told herself to stop thinking crazy thoughts. She couldn't think about the fantasy while she was in the room with him. A small, rather immature part of her thought he would be able to look into her eyes and know exactly what she was thinking.

She told herself she could fantasize about it later.

"What'd you say?" she asked, realizing he walk talking to her.

"I said, it's your turn to spin the bottle," he said, offering her the same bottle of coke that had bared her naked body to them just moments earlier.

She looked around while she caught her breath, unable to hide the arousal in her eyes. She needn't have bothered. The rest of the group were sporting the same expressions.

Jason gestured to the bottle and she obeyed, kneeling in front of it. She bent forward and spun the glass with a flick of her thumb and fingers to bring it spiraling soundlessly on the carpeted floor. Everyone's eyes were on it. She gulped, still in disbelief of what she had just done. Her pussy was still twitching from the aftermath of the act. She longed for something she couldn't quite understand.

The bottle came to a stop at Trevor, who still had an awe-struck expression on his face.

"Trevor," Kim nudged at him to draw his attention. He looked up at her, then at the bottle.

"Oh," his eyes widened. "What- what do you want me to do?"

Her eyes watched him carefully and her lips parted, but she didn't know what to say. She was supposed to challenge him into doing something but what could top her last act of running across the hallway in her baby suit?

"What do you think?" she turned to Jason, who seemed to be able to come up with the most erotic ideas.

She wondered if she was going to regret it.

He turned to Trevor and said, "I challenge you to suck your own dick."

The room dissolved into laughter and they abandoned the game shortly after, probably realizing that they had pushed it as far as it could go.

Jasmine didn't really become close friends with the group, as she had hoped, but she did lose her virginity to Jason in the back of a library a week later...

Chapter 2* (Sex in public library)

She had been busy staring at the different editions of the same textbook when Jason materialized next to her.

She didn't even manage to get a 'hello' out of her lips before he had pushed her against the bookshelf. Her back was pressed uncomfortably against the uneven books and rows of metal. Her head fell back into an empty rack in her moment of disorientation before she managed to steady herself.

His hands slipped between her legs under her dress, finding her molten heat. She gasped and tried to push him away with her hands on his arms, but he was too strong for her. She was grasping at pure muscle.

"Jason!" she gasped, eyes darting around to make sure they were truly alone. There were people a few rows down, but no one was making their way towards them. At least not yet. She was sure to get noticed if she made any more noise.

"Shh..." he hushed her quickly with a palm to her lips. Her eyes were wide as he stared into them. His fingers pressed against her pussy lips, fingers touching her through the thin fabric of her underwear. She pulled back from his fingers, electric jolts going up her spine. His lips curved up in response to her reaction, desire evident in his heated gaze.

Her tongue darted out to taste the slightly salty sweat in his palm as she tried to speak but words fled her mind as he pushed aside her underwear and his fingers found the bare heat beneath.

"You're so fucking hot," he purred into her ear, the vibrations from his voice and proximity of his chest sending tingles through her entire body. All her nerve endings were electrified and when he slide a finger inside her virgin hole, she had to bit her lip to keep from screaming out in pleasure.

His hand left her lips and the warmth was replaced by his lips. His tongue was demanding and inquisitive all at once, tasting her and swallowing her moans, dominating her. His hand hooked under her knee and he lifted her leg up, resting her sole on the shelf so she was stretched wide.

"Someone might see," she breathed as they parted. She was overwhelmingly aware of how her pink pussy lips were exposed with her leg propped up. He pulled her dress up to her waist, further compounding her anxiety and arousal. She was thankful for the little protection her underwear provided, but he had pushed that aside to reveal her naked pussy.

She couldn't lower her leg to the ground, not with his arm hooked under her knee.

"You're have to be quiet so we don't get caught," he warned, pumping a second finger inside her, stretching her.

"I've never-"

She couldn't finish her sentence as his lips crushed hers again, licking her bottom lip before venturing inwards to taste her tongue. He pulled his head back and dipped down to kiss her nipples through her clothes, teeth nipping her sensitive flesh to elicit little controlled gasps from her lips.

"Jason..." she gasped, fingers gripping handfuls of his hair as she tried desperately to stay in control of her body. Her hips bucked against him, wanting more. Shivers rippled over her skin, awakening every erogenous zone in her body as his fingers pumped slowly in and out of her, thumb playing with her sensitive clit.

The thrill and excitement made it hard to breathe. She was sure that she was going to pass out from the intensity of the sensations. She arched her chest into his mouth, loving the way his touch made her feel. Her free hand flew to her mouth as she fought back moans.

Her eyes shot open when she heard a soft cough from a few shelves away. Jason pulled back with a smirk.