Dark Desires 1 - 12 - Daisy Rose - ebook

The last thing the twelve innocent young women in this complete anthology expect is to find love so interlaced with pain and humiliation, but it finds them and captures their wills completely, making them surrender to the ardent loving that is inescapable.These short stories contain scandalous steamy tales of passion with hot alpha males taking apart innocent young females in public places.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~Excerpt From "Punished In Public":Inwardly, Carl grinned.He had her exactly where he wanted her: At his mercy.He watched with quiet delight as Katrina's pretty young face turned crimson. She was so easy to toy with. She stood there, blue eyes wide and round, mouth agape, confusion all over her expression.Her breath came in short gasps. "I didn't steal that!" she gasped."The proof is literally in my hands," he said. He had been watching her since the first day she showed up on his doors and coveted her the entire time. He yearned to bend her over his knee and spank her. It had to happen sooner or later, and today was finally the day.He came up with the plan to finally get her where he wanted her. It came to him when he was doing the books and realized there was money missing. Not a lot. A ten dollar bill here or there every month.He suspected Dexter. After all, his old friend had only got out of prison two year ago from robbing a grocery store.Dexter admitted to skimming money from the cashier when Katrina was entertaining customers almost immediately. He didn't see what the problem was since the store was bringing in tens of thousands.Carl didn't mind covering the losses, but he formed a plan then. If he could accuse Katrina of doing what his friend had been doing, he would be able to convince the innocent young woman to do what he wanted.The only downside to his plan was that he had to get Dexter involved. He would much rather have Katrina all to himself, but needed Dexter to slip the perfume into her bag when she was busy tending to customers. He was also the one who slid the wad of cash into her bag."Why don't you just admit it?" she said. "This will go easier for you if you do.""I didn't steal any of this!" she said."Is there anything else on your body?" he asked.Her eyes widened even more and she looked thoroughly horrified. Instinctively, her arms wrapped around herself for protection, but there was no need for him to pry her arms open. He was going to make her give up."I'm going to need to strip search you," he said.Katrina looked around, trying to find an escape. A tear fell from her eye and streamed down her cheek. "You can't do that. I'm innocent," she saidHe waved the perfume at her and the scent dispersed in the room. It was a pleasant scent, fruity with a musky undertone. "The proof is right here," he said. "Would you rather I call the police?" he asked.Her bottom lip trembled and her arms fell uselessly to her side. "No," she whispered.

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Dark Desires 1 - 12

(Voyeurism & Exhibitionism, Domination & Submission, BDSM)

Daisy Rose

Copyright 2016 Daisy Rose

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older. No part in this book may be reproduced, transmitted, stored, or distributed without permission of the author or publisher.

This book contains:

Dark Desires 1: Lovers & Ropes

Anastasia Allyson has been on her own with nobody to care for her and nobody to love her for as long as she remembers. If she doesn't let anybody get close, she can't get hurt.

Then, Trevor Savage shows up and ruins everything. He's broken her heart before. She wasn't going to let him hurt her again.

She might not have a choice.

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Dark Desires 2: Foursome

Bethanie has helps men realize their fantasies of being heroes in their own stories... for a price. She plays the damsel in distress, trapped in a dungeon, eagerly awaiting their rescue.

When three handsome, black men appear with a scenario none of the girls wanted to play out, she is chosen. She plays the damsel, but the men weren't there to rescue her...

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Dark Desires 3: Dancing Domination

Exhausted by the stress in her life, Crystal signs up for the dance studio that's the talk of town. Dance Naked is a unique dance studio where inhibitions - and clothes - are left at the door.

When she meets her sexy, dominating dance partner, she realizes she's in for more excitement than she had hoped for. Will she allow him to lead her to the heights of sensual bliss, or will she fall out of step?

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Dark Desires 4: Ganged In Public

Voluptuous and vivacious Dahlia is the life at every party. But when the groom in the wedding declares that he would much rather marry her instead of his beautiful bride and her soon to be ex-best friend, she realizes she needs to reevaluate every relationship she's had in her life, including her relationship with the groom... and his best men, especially since she had just spent the night with all of them...

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Dark Desires 5:Police Search

Eileen Fox has hated Warren Wolf since they were put on opposite sides of a debate competition. They were each other's first times, an encountered in the middle of a school hall that was fueled but as much by hate as it was by lust.

But now Eileen is in trouble. She ran into a police car while driving way over the speed limit and she's been drinking. The policeman in the car? Warren Wolf.

He'll pretend the accident never happened on one condition. If she surrenders to him in every way possible.

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Dark Desires 6: Ganged By Bikers

A straight-laced professor and a biker's girl prove opposites don't just attract, they light each other on fire.

Michael is in for the ride of his life when he discovers the wallflower he remembers tutoring has blossomed into a beautiful young woman.

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Dark Desires 7: Dominated In Public

Baron requires a sub for the Foxy Femme Club. He's looking for a young woman who is willing to commit to a role, who is comfortable with moving into the cafe, and who, preferably, has the ability to make any man want to dominate her.

Gabriella is so desperate for the work that she bends a few truths. Yes, she was young and eager but she has never taken the role as a submissive. Yes, she is prepared to move into the cafe, but only because she's getting kicked out of her apartment anyways. Yes, she is willing to submit... but he's going to have to teach her how.

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Dark Desires 8: Punished By Men

Harley knows she's in big trouble when she is caught misusing company funds for her own pleasures. Her alpha male boss isn't going to hand her over to the police. No, he has other plans for her.

She is blindfolded and punished in front of her peers for her indiscretions. Then, to add further humiliation to her punishment, he offers her to her colleagues to do to her as they wish. The worst part of it all isn't how rough they were, or how disgraced she was. The worst part of it all is how much she loves it.

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Dark Desires 9: Billionaire Submission

Ivory is a young environmentalist who works with an international initiative to save the biggest mammals on land.

Alex is a powerful businessman intent on building his new factory in the midst of an elephant migration path.

When Ivory is sent to convince Alex to relocate, the alpha billionaire pushes her to her limits both mentally and physically. She swears she's not interested in the overconfident black male but he wakes desires she never knew she had - dark desires. Even worse, he offers her an easy way to get what she wants:

Submit to his every wish for just one hour.

What's the worst he could do in an hour?

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Dark Desires 10: Caught Exhibitionist

Jasmine isn't half as innocent as she looks. She's a shy swimming instructor by morning and a daredevil exhibitionist by night. Jasmine knows it's only a matter of time before she gets in serious trouble for her nightly escapade but she doesn't want to stop.

Lost in the middle of a town he knows nothing about, Tyler is grateful when he sees a young woman in the middle of the road. He approaches her quietly and stops just as he was going to make his presence known.

She- she was taking her clothes off...

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Dark Desires 11: Punished In Public

When Katrina is accused of stealing from her workplace, she immediately denies it. She has never stolen anything in her life. What can she do when the two aggressive black men find proof and decide to punish her themselves?

The aching tension between them builds as the men put her through unusual punishments, agile fingers fondling and touching her until she is lost to the heat of their caresses and surrenders completely.

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Dark Desires 12: Nun In Heat

Adopted and raised by the local church, it's no surprise that Lacey's growing up to be a God-fearing, law-abiding, goody two-shoes. Her practice of abstinence is well-known throughout her school, but behind closed doors, it's a different story altogether.

Nobody enjoys getting Lacey in trouble more than the only black boy in school, Tyrone Hunt. The drop-dead gorgeous football star has been getting on her nerves since they were five-years-old and he has not stopped since.

Only now, they're both adults and the tension between them has nothing to do with hate and everything to do with lust.

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Dark Desires 1: Lovers & Ropes

Daisy Rose

Anastasia Allyson has been on her own with nobody to care for her and nobody to love her for as long as she remembers. If she doesn't let anybody get close, she can't get hurt.

Then, Trevor Savage shows up and ruins everything. He's broken her heart before. She wasn't going to let him hurt her again.

She might not have a choice.


"You're a beautiful woman, Anastasia," he said suddenly, looking deep into her eyes.

It was so unexpected and so out of place that she was taken completely by surprise. Her face flushed red and she inhaled sharply when he buried his finger deeper into her. Her walls parted for him, soft and wet, full of nerve endings that made her squirm.

"Thank you," she said without thought, mesmerized by the way his finger curved inside her, touching a part of her that sent jolts of pleasure all the way up her spine, severing control over her own body. Her back arched, creating a beautiful curve that made him want to take her then and there.

"Careful," he whispered, his hand resting on the small of her back.

He knew he had to slow down. He wanted to wait until they were truly alone. The crowd around them were none the wiser about what was happening under the table and he intended to keep them in the dark about it.

There was chit chat all around them, white noise that made little sense to any eavesdroppers. It was too early in the night for their peers to be drunk enough to ignore a couple's lovemaking in the middle of a restaurant. He wished they were. It would be so much easier to fuck her right there on the table. His apartment, even though only a five-minute-drive away, felt like a million miles.

She pressed her back against his palm and her hips gyrated to his finger, desperate to feel more of the maddening pleasures he was teasing her with.

Her body's reaction was making it hard for him to reign himself in. Pressure built inside him, focusing between his legs and making it uncomfortable to stay still. The blush on her cheeks and slightly parted lips made him incredibly hard. He wanted her writhing and squirming beneath him, moaning and gasping his name as he pounded into her. His manhood throbbed for her, straining to be free inside his pants.

The lust was palpable in the air. Her breath hitched in her throat and her body responded in delightful ways as he pumped his finger in and out of her under her smooth, silk dress. Her sex throbbed, squeezing his finger inside her. He smiled, empowered by the reaction his single digit was having on her.

When he penetrated his finger deep inside her, she let out a low keening noise that drew the attention of the couple in the table next to theirs.

"Shh..." he cautioned even though he was secretly turned on by the prospect of being seen and getting caught. He couldn't help but by mesmerized by the way her chest rose and fell, bringing her breasts up and down, cleavage obvious in the low-cut dress. His eyes were drawn to the curve of her breasts, creamy skin begging to be kissed.

She was fighting to remain still in the crowded restaurant, worried that she would be caught by onlookers.

Unbeknownst to either of them, the couple in the table next to them had figured out what they were doing. The couple shared a smile and tried not to stare at the inappropriate behavior. It was arousing, to have caught something so private somewhere so public. Her flushed cheeks and arched back as well as little whimpers from her lips betrayed exactly what was happening beneath the table.

Her gaze escaped downwards, focusing on the empty plate in front of her. Her fingers trembled slightly in her effort to keep absolutely still. The dim yellow lighting in the restaurant illuminated her long lashes, fluttering slightly as she squeezed her inner thighs together.

She couldn't move when he reached his palm to cup her chin, lifting her gaze up to meet his when she tried to shy away. His warm hand sent an electric sensation through her core. The simple touch was enough to invigorate her completely.

Her deep exhale accompanied his finger's passage out of her throbbing core.

"Perhaps we should take things... elsewhere?" he whispered hoarsely, rubbing his thumb along her trembling clit experimentally. She shuddered and bit back whimpers. Her insides were throbbing with familiar need.

"That's probably best..." she murmured throatily, trembling hands reaching up to grasp his hand on her chin and press his palm to her lips. Her breath was warm against his palm.

Unable to help himself much longer, he threw a fifty on the table and pulled her to her feet. Thankfully, her dress fell over her bum, covering her trembling folds. She twisted back briefly to snap her jacket and was pulled back in stride promptly. Every step she took made her panties rub against her pussy.

If their abrupt departure raised suspicion, no one made any inclination of it. The hot press of his fingers on her soft flesh made her grasp, but the excitement kept her on her toes, giggling as she allowed herself to be pulled out of the noisy restaurant.

His grasp on her arm was immovable as he all but threw her into his car. She fell in willingly with a sharp giggle.

She caught a glimpse of her reflection in the window and was surprised by how aroused she looked, her cheeks flushed, eyes dilated. She raised her hand to her cheeks, feeling a warmth build there.

She was breathtakingly aware of how easily it would be for him to flip her flared dress up and pull her panties aside to continue stroking her heat. Her pussy twitched from the thought alone, so she crossed her legs in a feeble attempt to stop herself from being completely soaked in desire.

"Ready?" he asked, revving the engine.

"Always," she whispered, crossing her legs seductively. She pulled her dress up deliberately so he could have an eyeful of her smooth skin, leading all the way up to her shaved pussy.

His jaw tightened. Adrenaline pumped through his body as he stared at the woman in the passenger's seat next ot him. His senses were on full alert. He took in everything in a flash, the bright desire in her eyes, lush mouth begging to be kissed, and creamy soft skin that he wanted to feel with his fingertips.

He drove like a madman all the way to his apartment, his hands gripping the steering wheel so tightly that his knuckles were white.

"Are you going to make love to me?" she asked. There was a light in her eyes that brought an answering shudder through his veins.

"I'm going to do much more than fuck you," he promised.

Anastasia gulped and her eyes fastened to his lips. When she agreed to go on a date with Luke earlier that evening, she hadn't expected desire to take control so abruptly. She barely knew the man.

Not that it mattered. He was an attractive man. He was one of the new actors in the acting class that the theater allowed into the studio for the day. He was the best looking man of the group, his ebony dark skin a sharp contrast against all the other light-skinned. His muscled bulged whenever he moved.

He was surprised when he found that they were the same age, twenty-two. They were on vastly different levels on the game of life. While she already had everything planned out, he was just starting out. She had the center spot on the stage, a position that all graduates and some of her colleagues coveted and she was likely to continue playing center stage until age catches up with her.

When he asked how someone as young as her could get a spot as sweet as that, she admitted that she didn't go to acting school. Instead, she had been spotted when she was younger and had been acting for as long as she knew. She learned everything she knew on the job, which was a godsend considering she was an orphan and would never have had the chance to go to acting school anyways. There were many envious glances from the performers around her, but they kept their jealousy to themselves.

Afterwards, when he approached her after her evening performance and asked her out, she was surprised. It wasn't that other men hadn't asked her out before, but she had gotten the reputation of being a heartbreaker after rejecting multiple men's advances recently.

She agreed to go out with him because he had a dashing smile. Sadly, there wasn't much going for him beyond that. Luke was a less than interesting dinner conversation partner. Thankfully, once he made his intention clear, things turned hot really quickly. It was almost fate that they were sitting side by side. It made it easier for him to flip her dress up and feel her up.

Before long, she had soaked through her panties, desire coursing through her blood like an electric current, awakening every nerve ending in her body. She panted for him like a dog in heat and he responded by teasing her further and further until he couldn't stand to just touch her with the tips of his fingers. He wanted to kiss every inch of her creamy skin, fill her emptiness with his throbbing manhood. He wanted to take control of her body completely and absolutely.

His car screeched to a halt in front of a large apartment complex, ignoring the "No Parking" sign right in front of it.

She opened her mouth to point it out to him but he was already out of the car. He pulled her out of the car and up the stairs, onwards to his room to finish what they had started and she was all-too-eager to comply.

Cheap Thrills

His lips were on hers the moment the door closed behind them. It was a fairly big apartment. He was probably one of those kids with ridiculously rich parents since he didn't need to live in the university dorm like the rest of the students.

She didn't have time to wonder about his background for long since desire hung palpable in the air and consumed them almost instantly. He gathered her into his arms, lifting her off her feet so he could press his face to her neck and taste the pulsing vein there. His tongue darted in and out.

She bit back needy whimpers, her inner thighs throbbing with familiar need. She hadn't expected to go home with him so soon after meeting him, but she had always been impulsive. Sweet heat spread through her.

"Mmm..." she moaned, tilted her head to allow him better access to her neck.

His hand on the small of her back tightened and he suckled her neck, tasting her with his tongue as desire coursed through her body. Slowly, his hands moved to grip her perfect round ass, kneading and massaging the soft, bouncy flesh there. She started gasping in desperate need and his lips curved into a grin, pleased by how reactive she was to his touch.

He was holding her too closely, his hard chest against her soft breasts, nipples pebbled and aching to be touched.

Eagerly he brought her to his bedroom, the hot press of his lips against her neck moving further up until he was kissing her chin and finally her lips. He reveled in the hot press of her lips, the soft keening noises she made as her body responded to his touches.

He carried her to the bed and threw her down, quickly riding her of her clothes in her temporary disoriented state. She obliged him eagerly, helping him pull her dress over her head and free her breasts from her lacy pink bra. Her nipples were hard and erect.

His head swooped down and captured her nipples, unable to resist their call. She tasted delightful in his mouth. His tongue darted around her areola before teasing the tip of her nipple to bring little cries of pleasure from her lips. She threw her head back and balanced herself on her arms as he devoured her.

He created a vacuum between his lips and her breast and pulled until her nipples were elongated upwards.

"Ahh!!" she cried out, then bit her bottom lip to quiet herself, lest the neighbors hear what they were up to.

Her breathing grew more and more erratic, coming out in shallow bursts as she fought to keep control of her body. Her inner thighs twitched and a growing tension between her legs was growing wetter by the second.

When he focused his kisses to her other nipple, she was no longer lucid, squirming and trembling under his touch as his fingers teased with the outer band of her panties and slowly brought it down.

At last, she was completely naked.

He took a step back and drank in the sight of her naked, perfect body. Her skin was the perfect shade of milky white that begged to be tainted. A dim light from the closed blinds silhouetted her nipples and he went to the windows to open the curtains so he could see better.

They were on the second floor and the open window was connected to a walkway, which meant anyone could walk past on the way to their own rooms and see what they were doing.

Her lips parted in surprise and she reached for the blanket to cover her decency, but he wasn't having any of that. He moved with the speed of a panther as he climbed on top of her, pinning her down onto the bed.

She gasped in surprise. Her lips were flushed red in embarrassment and she turned away. The light in his eyes set her belly alight with desire. There was nothing she wanted more than to take his clothes off and feel his muscles with her bare hands.

He was the one in charge. Eagerly, he took her lips in his, tasting every inch of her lush lips with his hot tongue. He pressed inwards to taste her soft mouth and she let him in eagerly, relinquishing control without thought.

Blood hummed in his veins so loudly he could hear it in his eardrums, an electrifying boldness that made him lift her from the bed and press her, face first, against the open window, displaying her naked breasts for all to see.

Her eyes widened in sheer horror and she fought back against him only half-heartedly. Moisture leaked from her hole, betraying her intense arousal by his thoughtless, brazen act. Her cheek and breasts were cold against the window. In her eyes was the reflection of the streetlamp, a single shinning light that basked her in it's brightness. Her palms pressed flat against the cold window, pushing back to try and escape being put on exhibition but he merely pressed his hand harder on the small of her back to force her back on display.

Incoherent words escaped her lips, falling unto deaf ears as his free hand found the trembling wet folds between her legs. A deep growl came from his lips, vibrating through the air to make her even wetter. She bucked against him, feeling his touch ripple through her like an electric current.

Panic and arousal seized her at once, making her heart trip all the way up her throat. The sensation was more than she could handle. She threw her head back and let out a low moan that made him instantly harder.

He teased her outer folds, spreading the wetness there and rubbing it against the engorged clit. Her body trembled and vibrated to his touch.

Expertly, he parted her outer folds and slid his forefinger deep into her. Her exhale clouded the glass window and when she inhaled through clenched teeth, he brought his finger all the way into her.

Her tender lips parted easily for him. He kissed the nook of her neck as he started fingering her slowly, just a single digit going in and out of her, bringing her closer and closer to the edge of ecstasy. Then, he slid his middle finger inside her, two fingers pumping her with agonizing slowness.

His finger danced over her clit, teasing and rubbing it as he pushed deeper inwards, occasionally curving his fingers to create a shudder up her spine.

Her eyes were rolled back, which was for the better as an oblivious young man walked past. Good thing he only had eyes on the game playing on his phone or they would've found themselves a spectator. Luke knew the man. He was a fellow student from university and played hockey.

Her lips parted into a soft moan and in panic, he pulled his hand from her pussy and clamped it over her mouth. Her tongue darted out, capturing the taste of her own pussy and she felt even more aroused.

"Shh..." he cautioned. "There's someone outside," he warned.

Her eyes shot open and her face turned red from embarrassment. She saw just the back of the man as he walked out of view, but it was enough to make her tremble. He pressed his fingers into her mouth and she took it eagerly, tasting herself with fervor.

"Do you want me to stop?" he asked, ever the gentleman. He didn't know if he could stop even if she said no. His cock was rock hard. Her nipples pressed against the glass, breasts soft to his touch. She was such a beautiful, erotic sight. He wanted to fuck her until she couldn't stand straight.

"Please don't stop," she begged, gyrating her hips to his crotch.

Unable to help himself much longer, he quickly undid his belt and pushed his pants down, just enough so that his throbbing erection could be free.

Then he pushed his cock into her wet sex, walls spreading to welcome his manhood inside her. There was a sharp inhale as she hissed for air. The sensation was overwhelming for the both of them.

Her body hugged his erection like a glove, molding to him completely as he pressed deep inside her. He stretched her walls and his manhood twitched inside her, testing the limits of her hole.

She pushed back against him, wanting more of the delicious sensations that rocked through her body, uncaring that they were making love right by the window, with her nipples pressed against the glass pane, present for anyone to see.

Her heart thumped against her chest in exhilaration. It was invigorating, what they were doing. Her hands bent over her back to hold his head as he pounded into her, pushing her to the edge over and over and then bringing her back again by pulling back. She threw her head back and moaned loudly, no longer caring that they could be heard through the paper-thin walls.

His hands snaked between the glass and grasped her nipple and clit, pinching both at once to drive a white hot pleasure through her body. She cried out loudly, screaming for release as he twisted her nipples and teased her clit.

Her walls tensed around his cock and he drove into her with renewed fire, thrusting into her even as the first orgasm rocked through her body and her insides twitched. She trembled and convulsed with pleasure, but he wasn't nearly done yet, continuing to drive his throbbing cock into her, prolonging her bliss until she was pushed to the absolute limit.

Nerves stretched taut, the tension inside them built until it exploded in a joined cry of absolute bliss and he emptied himself into her, spurting hot cum deep inside her womb as groans of pleasure accompanied her mewls of bliss.

They collapsed onto the bed, exhausted from the vigorous lovemaking, too content to care that the window curtains were wide open.

As she climbed up the bed to washed the cum from her pussy, he suddenly broke the silence.

"Can I call you?" he asked, shy despite all the intimacy they had just shared.

Her eyebrows rose as she turned to stare at him, wondering how to best break it to him that it was just sex. Those weren't the right words to say. Saying sex was just sex made her feel like a bad person. Maybe she was a bad person.

"You're sweet," she said finally, leaning down to kiss him on the cheek. "But I'm not really looking for anything..." she paused, then frowned.

It occurred to him as the silence dragged on that she did not even remember his name. His heart sank. Once she'd had sex with him, he was just another face in the sea of men.

He was at a loss for words as he watched her put her clothes back on, as if nothing in the world has changed for her.

"I'll see you around," she said in the same sing-song voice she used on the stage in the theater. And then she was gone, like a leave in the wind, as if she was never there.

"I wasn't looking for anything too," he said when she was long gone, wishing he had come up with the words earlier. He had never felt this way before. Usually, he was the one leaving women in the dust.

As he sat in the bed, his hair in disarray, clothes all over the floor, he started questioning his past lovers and wondered if he should make a change. He turned to the table by his bed and grabbed his phone to message an old flame he hadn't kept in touch with for a long time and asked if she was up for breakfast tomorrow morning.

Anastasia went home and wondered if things would be different if she hadn't fallen in love with the wrong man four years ago...


Anastasia thought she knew what love-at-first-sight was when she saw Trevor Savage across a crowded room. She tried to reel her heart in and focus on anyone else but him. There was a young man trying to make small talk with her. It was funny how she thought of him as a young man seeing as how he was probably one or two years older than her.

She did not want to like Trevor Savage.

For one thing, he was a good dozen or so years older than she was and the age difference was enough to put any sane girl off. He was in his late thirties and had the body of a construction worker, all hard muscles and masculinity.

They met during a fundraising event, where she was paid to dress up and look pretty for the guests. Occasionally, she indulged in mindless chitchat that kept the crowd in a good enough mood to donate generously to the theater's cause.

Anastasia had been working in the theater since it's conception. They were a small group to begin with, just a few friends deciding to break off with a larger theater company in the city that wasn't paying them enough to cover rent and try at it themselves. It was a big and bold step for all of them, but by working hard together and focusing all their passions into the new company, they managed to make it work. Anastasia had the center stage since the very beginning and they never found a reason to change that.

She was the face of the new group, the attraction that pulled people in. Her friends were the ones who did the marketing for the most part. She wasn't keen on selling.

If her friends found out that she was interested in Trevor romantically, they would freak out. They would be beyond freaked out. They would positively flip. It had taken all the strings they could pull to get him to even show up in the event. They had hoped that he would help finance their theater's expansion. Trevor savage was one of the biggest backers of the company and the fact that they were together could jeopardize the financial backing they needed to keep that plan intact.

Anastasia had never had any doubts about her charms. At eighteen, she was in her prime and her good looks had fueled hers as well as her theater's success. Her face was in the front page of multiple magazines.

She had never fell so hard for a man before. He had the looks, no question. She was all for the silent, brooding types, whose actions spoke louder than words. The man could soak her panties with a glance.

Their eyes caught in a crowded room and her life took on a whole new perspective.

He was more good looking than the male models she knew. They had muscles too, but those were for show. Trevor's muscles were chiseled to perfect from hard work.

When they were introduced to each other, she was a quivery, sweaty mess. He, on the other hand, was calm and composed, his attitude alluring yet professional. She could barely managed to form a coherent sentence as her eyes drank in the sight of the incredibly handsome man. He was perfect in every way, collected and easy-going, all the while being the most important man in the room.

"You better stay away from Mr. Savage," her friend whispered when the man was out of earshot.

"What?" Anastasia whirled around to Lily.

"I'm not an idiot, girl. I see the way you're pining after him already. The guy's a walking sex bomb, but he's not the right guy for you."

She frowned, pausing to consider a second piece of sandwich. "What makes you say that?"

"Everybody knows you're a virgin, Anna," Lily said. "That's a miracle all in itself," she added in a mild tone. Anastasia didn't take offense to that. Everybody in the theater was fucking each other, married or not. They called it being in a polygamous relationship or something. Anastasia could never wrap her head around the thought of sharing lovers with someone else. It was part of the reason why she was still single. Seeing her closest friends treat sex with such lightheartedness made her realize it wasn't something she was looking for.

"Trevor Savage might seem like a really charming hunk, but there's more to him than meets the eye. Trust me when I say he's not the man for you, okay?"

"I'm not completely oblivious about sex, Lily," she said. "You can't just tease me with bits of info like that. Tell me everything," she insisted. Her throat was getting drier with interest and anticipation.

Lily look around, lips parting as if she wanted to say more. Then she shook her head and said, "You've read that fifty shades book right?"

Anastasia's face burned red. "Here and there," she admitted.

"Yeah, just imagine him as Grey," she said. "Stay away from him, okay?" she cautioned.

"Alright. Thank you," Anastasia said absentmindedly as she watched her friend walk away to entertain other prospective benefactors. Her head whirled with questions. Instead of being put off by what Lily said, she found herself being aroused.

There was something about Trevor that stirred her like no other man had before but she readily accepted that she was probably a dime in a dozen for him. No doubt he had met some of the sexiest and most beautiful women in the world. His money and lifestyle allowed him the luxury of getting anyone he wanted.

What she didn't know was that he had felt the same shift in his universe the moment he saw her face. When he heard the sound of her voice, he knew he wanted to fuck her hard enough to hear her scream.

The music and people faded away. He saw her talking to an older woman who was staring daggers at him, no doubt warning her young charge from the likes of him. He didn't care.

It didn't take her being left alone long before he swooped in again.

They went out for dinner afterwards and one drink spilled over to another and another. She couldn't, for the life of her, remember how they managed to get themselves to her apartment. It must've been the alcohol. She had never brought a date home with her before. Her home was sacred.

"What is this, Trevor?" she padded around the room impatiently as he stood immobile by the closed door.

"What's what?" he asked, amusement clear in his voice as well as in his expression.

"This!" she exclaimed, waving her arm at herself and then him, then back at herself. She was surprised by the passion in her voice. They had only just met, after all. She felt it was important to be clear.

Her mind was imagining him, going to functions and events with different, beautiful, age-appropriate women latching to his arm.

It occurred to her that he could be using her for the thrill of seeing someone so young.

His expression continued to be that of amusement, which was beginning to frustrate her. "What do you want it to be?" he asked with an infuriatingly cool tone.

She was stunned for a moment. "I don't know," she admitted. "But this feels... I don't know," she sat down in a humph of annoyance. "This feels right," she said, her brain shaking a little from suddenly moving. Alcohol still burned heavily in her veins.

He made himself comfortable next to her, then placed a calming hand on her thigh. "I've never felt this way about anyone before," he admitted.

When she turned to him in surprise, he gave her a small smile. "Really?" she asked.

"Yes," he whispered, leaning close enough for her to smell the masculine scent of his body.

"I've never-" she started.

"I'll be gentle," he promised, putting his hand under her chin and lifting her face up to meet his.

She felt desire surge through her. More and more she was sinking into a deeply dug well of his enchantment that threatened to drown her.

The rush of adrenaline pumped faster through her veins as his fingers moved closer to her throbbing heat.

"Do you have any idea how hard you make me?" he groaned as he leaned down to capture her surprised gasp with his lips. He'd taken off his jacket and divested her of her own. The cold in the apartment bit at her skin but warmth radiated from him, making his advance even more welcoming and pleasing.

He was smiling comfortingly, dimples playing devilishly in his chiseled jaws. Her eyes were glued to the curve of his lips and she found herself licking her own. She hardly knew the man despite all the time they've spent together.

Yet, there the touch of his lips on hers felt completely right. There was no hesitation in her parting her lips for his tongue to explore every inch of her.

Expertly, he climbed on top of her, his shadow basking her in darkness. His figure silhouetted against the open window, giving him an ethereal glow that took her breath away. Impatiently, he took off his jacket and shirt, revealing his perfect muscles beneath.

She heard a sharp intake of breath that she realized was her own. He smirked at the blush that formed on her cheeks and helped her trembling fingers rid of her own clothing.

Her body tensed and reacted desperately to his every touch. Her overcoat went off easily but her shirt was tangled in her hair for a moment and the tensed desire broke into playful laughter. She undid the tie in her hair and let her hair fall unhindered over her shoulders. When her bra was finally gone, he drew back and drank in the sight of her naked body.

Her blush had gone all the way down her neck, giving her a lively look about her.

"You're breathtaking," he whispered.

The cold air blew in through the window but all she could feel was the heat from his touch, prickling against her skin.

Her body tensed and throbbed every time his fingers touched her. She reached out to feel his chest with her bare hands, marveling at how his muscles flexed with every move. As if a button had been pushed, he started tearing off the rest of her clothes with a desperation that made her head spin.

She could only react, albeit barely, as he pulled her pants off along with her panties, pulling the remaining clothes on her body off completely until she was completely naked. She resisted the urge to cover her nakedness with her hands.

She didn't have time to feel embarrassed by her nudity as he tipped her chin up to meet his lips. He kissed her hard, locking lips, then tongues. Vibrations of pleasure went down between her legs, awakening nerve endings there that she had been afraid of feeling before.

Trevor took great enjoyment from enjoying her body's response to his kisses, the feelings the he ignited inside her. She moaned and whimpered from his tongue exploring inside her. His palms closed over her breasts, squeezing, massaging, and rolling her nipples until they puckered into pouty tips.

Her body arched upwards, offering herself to him willingly. He eased his thigh between hers, pressing his clothed leg to her quivering heat. She gripped the couch cushions and arched back.

"Oh god," she whimpered as he deliberately rubbed his knee against her heat. Fresh waves of hot desire slammed into her core. Between his fingers playing with her nipples and his thigh across her throbbing clit, she was a whimpering mess of lust and desire.

"Tell me what you want," he demanded.

"I want you," she gasped in desperation. "I want you," she breathed.

His large, strong hands skimmed down her aching nipples and to her surprise, he slid down to his knees in front of the couch and eased her legs wide open.

She covered her exposed pink pussy with her hands, embarrassment burning in her cheeks. Nobody has ever seen her naked before.

"I'll make you feel good," he promised, leaning forward, his breath hot through her fingers. He inhaled her scent through her fingers and her eyes grew even larger. Carefully, he pried her fingers from her pussy and pulled her trembling hands over her head.

"Hold on and don't let go," he said, his lips close to hers. His voice sent shivers through her and she nodded. She gripped the couch as ordered, grabbing onto the softness as if she was holding onto dear life itself.

His mouth swooped down and claimed hers, kissing every inch of her. All doubts fled her mind and she gave herself to the feel of his tongue on her skin, down to her throat and breasts.

Heat swept through her as need exploded from within her. She held tightly to the soft cushions and allowed him to widen her legs.

Holding her gaze, he slid a finger inside her and dipped his face to her weeping pussy, pushing his wet tongue inside her until she let out a long, low, keening cry. Her gaze was held captive by his unwavering gaze as he tasted her with his tongue.

He slid a single digit inside her, opening her virgin hole up for the first time. She moaned and bucked to his finger inside her. Fresh waves of lust swamped her. His hands on her thighs squeezed, spreading her legs apart. His dick throbbed for her, pulsing with a need to shove her down and ram himself into that pussy.

Instead, he slowly parted her pussy lips with two fingers and licked her from slit to clit in one long lick. The flat of his tongue sent rippled up her and she trembled. The more he teased and tasted her, the more she yearned for more, body trembling for him to do something she couldn't even understand.

He sucked her clit hard, bringing her closer to that coveted peak. Pins and needles pricked through her veins, as it shot through his. His own desire to fill her was filling.

Gripping the cushions hard, she drew in a long, deep breath then let it out in a low whimper when he clamped his lips on hard clit, sending a soaring jolt up her veins.

Unable to control herself much longer, her fingers laced through his hair, gripping his head closer to hers. She tightened her muscles, feeling her clit swelling, the ache growing.

He drew back from her and undid his belt buckle impatiently. Her breathing grew more unsteady as she saw his naked cock, hard and throbbing. She reached out and grasped his manhood in both hands, marveling at the sheer size of it.

His groan echoed in her ears. She stroked her hand up and down his shaft as she leaned down to taste his cock with her tongue.

"Fuck," he groaned, bucking his hips. He dug his fingers into her hair to keep from falling as his knees nearly buckled. "Enough," he groaned, leaned down to press his weight against her. The walls of her pussy throbbed and ached for him.

She panted and whimpered, then screamed as he pushed all the way inside her, breaking through the barrier of maidenhood within her without so much as a pause for breath. She thought there would be blood and pain for her first time, but there was only searing pleasure.

The crash of his cock inside her soft pussy sent thunder through both their minds. His strings of fucks mingled with her cries. She throbbed around him, walls tight against his throbbing cock. It felt so good to have him inside her, stretching her.

His hands clenched around her breasts and tightened on her nipples, pinching down tight as he rammed into her over and over. He rotated his cock, pulled out, then plunged back in, sending another jolt of bliss up her spine. Hard and fast, then slow, tauntingly slow, forcing her to beg for more.

The slap of his body against hers echoed in the small room. His hands clenched on her nipples and pulled, lifting her breasts up. The mixture of pain and pleasure sent her into another storm. She lifted her head and cried out little whimpers as his cock twitched and spasmed inside her.

He straightened, pulled his cock free, and then rammed it deep and hard, leaving her breathless as he stroked into her rhythmically until even that was lost. Her hands came around his neck, holding him close as he gripped her buttocks and pulsed inside her. His thrusts grew faster and bolder, rougher.

He was thrusting so hard into her that he lifted her from the couch, bodily forcing her to take him deep. Orgasm crashed over the both of them, filling them with a release so powerful that they were both exhausted and panting, gasping for air as he emptied his seed into her throbbing pussy...


When she woke up a little over an hour later, she was basked in darkness and warmth. At first she thought the warmth was coming from Trevor there with her but when she opened her eyes, she realized that her blanket and pillows were what were weighing down on her, keeping her warm. She was completely alone.

"Trevor?" her voice came in a little more than a whimper, reaching out into the darkness. Silence greeted her and she sat up. There was a slight ache between her legs that told her that it hadn't been a dream.

She reached for her phone and tried to call him, only to have the dial tone in her ear.

In a rush, the words he said after their lovemaking returned to her and she felt her eyes well up with tears.

"I'll see to it that the deal goes through," he said in a detached voice that chilled her to the bone.

"What?" The one word gasp came from her lips before her brain could make sense of what he was saying.

"It's late and I should really be leaving," he said, callously checking the time on his phone. She pulled her blanket to her chest in a self-conscious bid to save her modesty. Her bright pink panties sat next to his black suit as he pulled it back on.

"Is that what this is?" she asked, not quite able to keep the anger from her voice. Was the sex bad? Did she do something wrong?

"I'm aware of how these things work, Anastasia," he said mildly, folding the sleeve of his shirt. He produced a cigarette from his shirt pocket and drew in a deep puff that filled her small room with second hand smoke.

"I don't understand," she said, staring wide-eyed at him.

For a moment, he was inclined to believe that she was as innocent as she looked. It was hard to believe that this was her first time, like she claimed.

"Look, the sex was good. Great, even. But I'm not looking for something," he said. "And I'm aware of how these things word. I fully intend to give your theater the investment required, no strings attached. It's all just spare change to me," he shrugged.

Realization dawned and she stared at him in complete shock. She couldn't find the words, so he filled the silence with his own lies.

"You're a beautiful, sexy young woman, Anastasia," he shrugged. "I don't mind getting fucked to confirm my contract but this relationship isn't really beneficial for me, business-wise."

The words cascaded from his lips like knife stabs on her heart. She felt ill deep in her stomach. She was being misjudged so horrendously she didn't know where to begin defending herself. Lily warned her that he would be cold. She didn't warn her about the man being cruel.

"I'm sure you understand," he said, more to convince himself than her at that point. She was being too quiet for his liking.

"Please, show yourself out," she said.

"I'll have my people talk to yours," he said, leaning down to kiss her. She turned away so that his lips ghost on her hair instead of on her cheek. The sound of the door closing behind him felt like a final stab to her heart.

She was too stunned for tears. She wracked her brain for where she must've gone wrong. She was certain she didn't throw herself at him, like he suggested. Maybe she was too carried away, too trusting...

True to his words, money came raining down shortly after their meeting. Her friends were stunned by the big bag of cash Trevor left in his wake. He had given them a staggering amount more than they had asked for.

They had enough to build a bigger theater with enough left over to hire better talents and improve their output. He was the best hope for success that their small theater group could ever hope for.

Her friends thought he saw potential in them. Lily knew better. She had kept an eye on the duo throughout the entire night and when she saw Anastasia disappear with Trevor, she knew what they were up to.

Anastasia begged her to keep things quiet though. Her colleagues were a proud bunch. She didn't want them to turn down the donation on account of her... stupidity. She vowed to stay away from him, but it was easy considering he seemed to be doing the same for her. He sent his people to handle business dealing and never showed his face anywhere the theater for years after...

Angry Confrontations

It was a wonder how that one experience with him had influenced her entire way to dealing with men thereafter. It had really hurt, to be misunderstood and abandoned so cruelly, her heart shattered into a million unfixable pieces. She wasn't in a hurry to get burned again.

Sick of feeling sorry for herself, she started seeing men. She pushed the brief episode from her mind, burying it so that it no longer plagued at her self-worth but parts of it lingered. The abandonment made her question all the men she's had sex with so instead of waiting for them to leave her, she took the first step. She quickly found that she couldn't bring herself to care for the men she spent time with. Truly care. A part of her knew that she was just afraid of getting hurt again.

It was just another normal day for her, four years later, that he appeared again. The evening's performance had been a massive success. Their seats were booked until well into the following year, so every performance was a success.

It came as a surprise when one of the men she had bedded before came up to her and asked for her company.

"Haven't you figured out who I am?" she asked, her eyebrows lifted in amusement. It was hardly his fault he didn't know who she was. He was probably new in town. Still, it was unnerving to have someone talk to her about such things, especially in the theater where she works, especially after the way she dismissed him the first time.

She had a good time with him but she wasn't really into him.

"No," he said, equally amused. His perfectly shaped eyebrow arched together with a corner of his lips. He towered over her, a tall statue of a man, sculpted to perfection. There was nothing about him that any sane artist would change. Yet, there was something about him that she wanted to change. Something to make him less perfect; something to give her an excuse to dislike him. There was no chemistry between them.

"Perhaps you would like to know about me before asking me out?" she asked. "I'm quite infamous around these parts, you know," she divulged magnanimously. It didn't matter if he was the hottest man on earth. The truth was, she wasn't looking to date anyone. Not now. Not anytime soon.

He pondered in a deep growl for a moment, a low 'hmm...' that vibrated in the air, as if considering the option. Ultimately, he grinned and shook his head. "No," he said with an air of finality that took her breath away. "I would prefer knowing you. The real you."

And just like that, she knew. She knew in her heart that this was a man who could wrench her heart from her ribs in his palm and squeeze it until it dies.

She took a shuddering inhale. "Perhaps I would prefer you not," she responded, also full of conviction, because her heart could not take another beating.

"Not what?" he asked, his smile genuine.

Her mind spun and just like that, it was hard to breathe. "I would prefer you not know me at all," she answered without blinking, eyes wide with something she wasn't quite prepared to feel. Her heartbeat sped up without her permission and she leaned against the wall for support.

"Wouldn't you like to know me?" he asked, full of questions she hadn't the answers to.

She stared at the confident man in front of her and shook her head. "No. No, I would not," she said.

When she turned to walk away, he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back until she was flush against his chest, all hard muscles.

"Give an old man a chance," he murmured, his breath warm against her skin, spreading into warm butterfly flutters in her belly.

"You're hardly an old man," she breathed, her breasts inches from his body, each inhale bringing her aching nipples dangerously close to touching him. His gaze burned, intense eyes dilated as he stared into her mesmerized look.

"How old are you?" he asked.

"Twenty two," she answered automatically.

"I'm forty," he grinned, unabashed about his age. "Old enough to be your father."

"Then perhaps you should stay away," a painfully familiar voice interrupted. She didn't need to turn around to know the owner of the voice. It haunted her countless sleepless nights and tickled her naked skin in the showers. It made her tremble with both desire and the need to run away.

Like a ghost, he was there, the man who had broken her heart into so many pieces years ago.

His expression was angry as he walked forward into her view, dressed in dark slacks and a shirt underneath a dark jacket. Everything about him was as perfect as she remembered. She didn't need to look for the flaw in him. She knew what his flaw was. He was a cruel man.

"Anastasia," he said her name like a caress. It wove through her, creating patterns of desire on her skin. She couldn't move as he stood close to her, stopping just inches from her. His gaze penetrated through her. "I was hoping to see you here."

"What're you doing?" she asked, grateful that her voice carried that tone of iciness that she had mastered over the years and not a crumbling mess of emotions that she was feeling.

"Right now, I'm talking to the most beautiful woman in the room," he said.

She bit her lip worryingly, then reminded herself that this was the same man who had disappeared on her without an explanation. Her icy expression returned with full force.

He felt a sharp pain in his heart at her change in demeanor. He knew he deserved all the insults in the world, but her uncaring tone and expression was more than he could bear.

"Anastasia, I made a mistake," he confessed, his expression sobering. "I shouldn't have left you like that. I shouldn't have accused you of what I said."

"Say it as it is, Trevor. You're sorry for taking my virginity." Anastasia stunned both men by exclaiming. Sensing that he was intruding in what appeared to be a lover's quarrel, the older gentleman made himself sparse.

Anastasia watched him go with an air of regret. She should have taken up on his offer. Then she wouldn't be here at all. "You better leave, Trevor," she said despite the pang in her heart.

His head came up and his eyes flared as he turned back to her. "Maybe I thought you'd be mature enough to be over it by now." Why was he saying? Shut up, Trevor.

That stung her and it showed in her eyes. "I've gotten over it until you showed up!" she snapped despite the pain in her expression. She sat back down on the edge of the chair, almost falling on her ass from misjudging the distance. She caught her balance and dropped to her seat. "Did you think you could breeze in here and just talk to me as if nothing ever happened between us?"

"You were a consenting adult," he said with a shrug. His subconscious was screaming at him to shut the fuck up. He was here to try and fix things, not make matters worse. His ego was doing all the speaking for him. He wanted to tell her that she has grown even more beautiful than he remembered. And to explain that he had valid reasons for leaving the way he did.

"You're the asshole who used me," she nearly choked.

He raked her lush body with a pointed look. "That's not how I remember it." He had laid awake countless nights remembering the way she lied beneath him, moans filling his ears like songs. He groaned angrily. Now he had a hard-on. Just great.

"Why did you come here, Trevor?" she asked, her voice small and timid.

His heart kicked back into high gear. He was here to get her back. How pathetic was that? He still wanted her. He thought he would get her out of his system after a few days but the moment disaster has been averted, he couldn't stop thinking about her. But by then, she had disappeared. It took a long while to track her down.

"This was a mistake," he said, keeping his voice as flat as possible.

"Yes, it was," she agreed and finally let go of the breath she didn't realize she had been holding.

Apologies And Ropes

She was exhausted when she returned to her empty apartment later that night. Not just physically, but emotionally. Trevor's sudden appearance threw her off completely. His half-hearted attempts at apologizing somehow felt worse than no apology at all. She felt as if she had her old wounds reopen and new ones made.