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The sexy benevolent witch, Danica is still casting spells. Using her magical powers to transform into a barely legal girl, Danica will be able to help those older men knocking on her door. Could a chance encounter with a female friend spark the sensual bisexual romance she's been hoping for? In this erotic tale, what forbidden and taboo acts will Danica's aphrodisiac unlock this time? ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ "First of all, tell me what you remember about the place Dad took you to," Karen said. "Now that you mentioned, I don't remember a whole lot. We went to an eerie looking Victorian house, where I met a woman named Danica. We drank tea and talked about how shameful I felt, and she said something about helping me with my discharge," he recounted. "Then, I think I fell asleep, had some weird dreams and then woke up. That's about all I remember." "Was there something unusual about her appearance?"  Karen asked. "Yeah, now that you mentioned it, she looked kinda witchy, but very pretty." "That's right dear brother, and as time goes by, you may remember more. The same thing happened to Dad and now he remembers, and he is so grateful for her help that he is not about to blab to everyone about her powers. Can you imagine how many people from who knows where would be coming here to Los Banos just to get a glimpse of her?  And then go on whining about all their problems and every little thing?" Karen said and as she could see that her brother looked totally confused she continued, "Here's the deal:  a lot of people in town and even in other towns think she is a witch, and for the most part it is only talk but this family is certain of it."  Karen proceeded to tell of how their mother was having an affair; her father was impotent and was worried about losing her so he disparately went to Danica for help. "We now believe that she can cast a spell for anything and that her tea is an aphrodisiac." Ronnie's face expressed disbelief but in his heart, he could not believe that his sister would make something up, and besides that, it seemed to make sense. Karen continued with her narrative about how it appeared that Danica's spell and her tea generated in their father an incredible sexual urge and when he came home to find that his daughter was alone and his wife was not there, he made a sexual advance on his daughter. "Well, dear brother, I was frightened by his advances but I didn't want him to be guilty of forcing me, so I reluctantly gave in." She paused for a few seconds to add, "He's been such a wonderful father to us all our lives and a hard working provider, and I just did not want him to be a guilty of a crime. Anyway, before long, I was enjoying myself and moving right along with him. "The next day I owned up to it with Mom and as you might expect, she was shocked at first but I then raised the question, Is incest any worse than adultery?' We talked about it for a while and from there, we set the stage for a threesome. Yes, my dear brother, I have had sex together with both Mom and Dad at the same time and sometimes with either one of them individually. I'm sure you remember what a slut I was in high school, but since Dad and Mom have been my lovers, I've had sex with no one else. Ronnie, Dad is a fabulous lover!  So you see, Danica cured Dad of impotence and apparently she has rid you of the shame that was haunting you. I know you're a stud, but look at you now...." "Sis, that is an incredible story, and I'm inclined to believe you, but where do I fit in now?" he asked. "You are an important part of the family and you will fit in just fine," she responded.

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Danica's Erotic Sorcery 2

by Houston Cei

Cover by Moira Nelligar

Copyright © 2014 by Houston Cei

All rights reserved

No part of this book may be reproduced without permission from the author. All events and characters are of the author's imagination. Any similarities to actual events and charters living or dead is coincidental.

Danica's Erotic Sorcery 2 is an edited and enhanced version of an eBook originally published as The Spells of Danica 2.

~~ All characters in this book are 18 or older. ~~


In Danica's Erotic Sorcery I, she was introduced as a benevolent witch who lives in a two-story Gothic style house on an acre of land in Los Banos, California where she grows her own fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. She makes a variety of wines, a very unique pastry which she gives away on Halloween, and also a specially blended herb tea that she sweetens lightly and also adds a hint of cinnamon which makes it a love potion.

The Halloween treats are especially interesting to the recipients: they seemed to be like a piece of cake, pie and candy all blended together. They appear to be commercially wrapped but nobody could figure out how she wraps them since they were never seen in any store. As a matter of fact, nobody ever saw Danica anywhere downtown or even outside her yard. Even after the youngsters outgrew trick or treating, as adults they still frequented the eerie estate of Danica every year on October 31st to get a glimpse of her in full witch’s attire and to receive some of the treats they had loved as children. In addition to being “incredibly delicious,” the pastry-like candy bars seemed to make every exceptionally happy and active as if they were getting an endorphin rush. It is no wonder that some people in this small town in the San Joaquin Valley suspect that Danica is truly a witch but most of them have no real evidence other than her appearance and the mysterious site of her Gothic house.

Danica exists in two forms: sometimes she appears as an elderly woman with bright silver hair and gray eyes, but other times appears as a lovely young raven-haired girl with big, brown eyes. Most persons have not seen a transformation and those who have cannot remember it after leaving the house; however, the effect of witnessing the transformation results in positive changes in their lives. Danica was always willing to help but she did nothing to encourage word of mouth advertising. In any case, most people think that the pretty, young girl is a daughter or granddaughter. Danica outlived a very wealthy husband and is known for being generous, and it is rumored that she can cast a spell but many people do not take that rumors seriously.

Danica is a lover of animals and reptiles and she has the ability to communicate with them. She has two lovely Siamese cats that are white with black ears, feet and tails. She is also the mistress of two full grown cobras which she has named Michael and Michelle. Danica acquired these awesome snakes when they were still unborn in their shells. When at her coven in India, she was fascinated by a snake charmer, and she in turn charmed him into showing her a mother cobra that was protecting her eggs. Danica communicate with the cobra through thought waves and convinced the mother to let her have two eggs. It is natural for a mother cobra to leave her offspring once they are hatched, and knowing that all of them would not survive on their own after birth, she granted two eggs to Danica, who again used her charm to get them through customs. She raised them herself from infancy to adulthood, even teaching them how to talk. Although Michael and Michelle still looked terrifying, they were raised to be tame and even lived in harmony with Danica’s Siamese cats.

The first chapter of the present story will involve the family of Bill Williams which was featured in an early chapter of Danica's Erotic Sorcery I. Bill was impotent and was afraid of losing his wife to another man, and after hearing the rumors of the children that Danica had “powers,” he desperately sought her help. Bill left her house a changed man with the hardest erection he had ever felt and rushed home in search of his wife. Danica’s tea was for sure an aphrodisiac but more importantly, she brought out the best in him that was dormant inside his psyche. Bill then had the confidence that was lacking; he was able to get his wife back, and a lot more than just that. The first chapter in this story will begin with his son’s career in the army and his return home to find the changes in his family’s way of life.

In a later chapter of the present story, Danica will meet another witch by the name of Emily who is featured in Taboo in Paradise as the lusty and voluptuous the wife of Robert and mother of Susan and Richard. As a young woman, her daughter Susan was sexually frustrated but at the same time attracted to her father. Emily put them both under a spell and together they enjoyed a fun-filled and “enchanted” weekend in Honolulu, and Susan then returned her father to his wife. Emily’s plan worked out for the best.

Chapter 1: A Spell for Shame

Ronald Williams was a corporal in the U.S. Army, but he was not just any soldier, he was the model of his platoon. When the occasion called for a full dress uniform, his was always clean and pressed and he would be sporting highly polished shoes. Even when in chamois and spit-shined brogans, he seemed to stand out above his fellow soldiers. He had scored very high on his aptitude tests upon first enlisting for a three year term, and after basic training, he was assigned to administrative work stateside, right under the wing of a lieutenant colonel. He was promoted to Private First Class and then to Corporal with minimum time in grade. The morale on the post was fair and fluctuated at times, but Corporal Williams, known as Ronnie, was consistently in an upbeat posture. He never let other soldiers with negative attitudes influence him. He had joined the Army immediately after graduating from high school and was determined to make the best of it.

Ronnie’s sharp appearance, respect for authority and performance of his duties caught the attention of both his peers and superiors. His good looks, pleasant personality and upbeat attitude resulted in his being the most well-liked soldiers on the post. His charms also resulted in his gaining an exciting social life; this handsome soldier was never without a weekend date and he did not even need a car. To the envy of most of his peers, he was often seen sharply dressed in his civilian clothes riding off in a nice care with an attractive young lady.

Regardless of how busy or how much fun he was having, Ronnie always made time to phone home and write a personal letter to each member of his family which included his parents Bill and Miriam and his younger sister Karen. It had been a year since his last furlough and felt that one was due.

One late afternoon near the end of his duties for the day, he was summoned to the office of the colonel. He flashed his marine-style salute with the customary “reporting as ordered Sir.” After telling him “at ease,” the colonel could not help but smile when Corporal Williams adjusted his stance to parade rest.

“Corporal Williams, you have given excellent service to your country during the first eighteen months of your enlistment,” the colonel said as an introduction and then continued, “and under my command, you have proven to be second to none. This is the specific reason I am recommending you for a new assignment. Please have a seat.”

As the soldier sat down, the colonel noticed a certain uneasiness in his countenance and asked, “Are you okay corporal?”

“Yes Sir,” Ronnie replied sharply and then added quickly, “Sir, it is just that if I am doing well, I do not know why you would want to have me transferred.”

The colonel grinned broadly and said, “You may have drawn the wrong conclusion from what I said. If you accept this assignment, and I strongly suggest that you do so, you will certainly be missed; however, it is because of your exceptional work ethic that I am making it available to you. You have a record of outstanding service and the fact that your tests scores at enlistment were all in the high 90s are also important factors. The work in the office here can be challenging at times, but I think you are ready for a much bigger challenge.”

The colonel proceeded to describe in detail about the new assignment. Corporal Williams would be transferred to Keesler Airbase in Biloxi, Mississippi where he would attend a seventeen week course in Air Traffic and Control and Warning. Since he would already outrank the other students, he would be a dorm leader with a rope over his shoulder and would be promoted to sergeant upon successful completion of the course.

An expression of curiosity with a slight smile then appeared on Ronnie’s face as the colonel spoke, “This is not as ‘out of the ordinary’ as one might think. The Army and Air Force have ‘swapped,’ if you will, personnel before and I want to make certain the other service gets the very best that the Army has to offer.” The corporal was enjoying the positive strokes as he waited to hear more about the assignment.

The colonel continued, “I have no control over where you will go after you have graduated from the program; it strictly depends on the needs of the Air Force. I’m sure you are aware that it is a more relaxed branch of service, but the training a Keesler will be challenging. It is just as strict as Army basic training but once school is completed, you will be ‘home free’ as you younger soldiers sometimes say. Airmen are housed in the comfort of three-man rooms so you’ll be away from these old open bay Army barracks. How does it all sound so far?”

Corporal Williams looked directly into the colonel’s eyes to say, “Sir, it sounds very interesting. What will my duties be like?”

“I’m glad you asked, Corporal. The operation goes by an acronym known as SAGE, which stand for semi-automatic ground equipment. You’ll be an operator in a computerized radar system, and with your aptitude, I have no doubt that you’ll be in the ‘weapons’ department where you will be communicating directly with pilots and navigators, even giving directions when necessary.”

The colonel’s last comment caught Ronnie’s attention and as they made eye contact, he quickly accepted the position, wanting no time to change his mind.

“Congratulations!” the colonel sand and added, “As I said before, you will surely be missed.”


The hopes of Corporal William’s commanding officer were fulfilled when he got word from Keesler Air Force Base that everyone was pleased that the Army did, in fact, sent its best. The dorm of which Ronnie was in charge stood out far beyond all others and even set a base record for weekly commendations. Cleanliness has always been an issue with military installations and Ronnie's dorm was always clean and sparkling. Corporal Ronald Williams passed his seventeen week course with honors and would then be in charge of a grounds crew while waiting for orders to ship out to his first permanent assignment beyond Air Training Command. As assured by his previous commanding officer, he was awarded his third stripe and was now Sergeant Ronald Williams.

Before enlisting in the armed forces, most young men have visions of seeing the world, traveling to faraway places, perhaps to a tropical island where they will meet enchanting native girls. Life usually cannot be as exciting as one would dream and such would be the case for Sergeant Williams. Within three weeks after finishing school, he received orders: an assignment for a one year tour on a small remote and isolated air station in Alaska. In school, the airmen joked about getting such a remote assignment but also dreaded the same. The jokes centered on such themes as “wet dreams” and phrases like “whipping your dick” or “getting drilled in the ass” and also “freezing your nuts off.”

Sergeant Williams cleared his mind of the jokes and negative attitudes about being stationed remote and isolated; he was determined to make the best of it as he always had done. His only regret now was that there was no delay in route to the assignment and would not be spending time with his family for one more year.

When Sergeant Williams arrived by helicopter to his new assignment, he was greeted cordially by the first sergeant, and as he was given a tour of the station, he was soon to learn that “remote and isolated” was not an understatement. It was a lonely radar site of one hundred and fifty men with no town even close by, which meant for every airman on the site, there were no women to even look at, much less to touch. To add to the disenchantment, Ronnie was to learn that his job was to sit at a scope called a “height finder” which mean that his only responsibility would be to report the altitude of aircraft in his area of responsibility to the sector headquarters. What about all that training at Keesler? he asked himself. The only time his position would become a challenge was when the sector headquarters would simulate a computer breakdown and the various remote sites would cover with their “manual” system which involved their scopes, plotting boards and grease pencils.

Although the good colonel, his former commanding officer, had painted a flowery picture of how Ronnie’s new responsibilities would be, the colonel had no way of controlling the direction the Air Force would take. In any case, Sergeant Williams kept his signature upbeat attitude, carried out his responsibilities and made good use of his leisure time. In most areas, he did find the Air Force to be easier than the Army as he was told to expect, but the station commander was a young captain strongly bucking to make major. He tolerated no infractions and his daily inspections of the dorms were intense, and there weekly inspection was of the “white glove” variety. Occasionally, he even gave “surprise” inspections before revile and even after hours.

Obviously, VIPs in the Air Force knew that keeping one’s sanity while stationed remote and isolated could be challenging thus activities were well provided. There were several game rooms with pool tables, shuffle boards and video games. GI style double-deck Pinochle was a favorite game and the site joke was that after leaving, an airman would be able about to out drink and out play any one on the mainland. The NCO Club was the cocktail lounge where everyone was welcomed regardless of rank. Ronnie was not much of a drinker, but frequented the club for an occasional beer to be sociable, and when not at the club or playing a game, his haunt was the library, with classic fiction being his favorite reads.


Six month passed slowly by for all the airmen at the site as it seemed to all that only very few airmen came and went. It also seemed like those near the end of their one year tour were treated like celebrities with an envious audience of lonely young men each anxiously waiting for his day to come.

Sometimes good persons are confronted by unfortunate situations, and it seems that fate would have it for such to be case for Sergeant Williams. It happened that one of his two roommates became ill and was spending a few days in the dispensary. Being in such tight quarters, it was a common part of infection control to keep a person with any illness away from the general population until fully recovered. His other roommate was an effeminate young many named Jimmy who most other airmen suspected of being gay, but since there was no factual evidence, Ronnie ignored the rumors.