Daddy's Girls: All Grown Up - Laura Lovecraft - ebook

First in a new series based on the hit anthology “Daddy's Girls!” Dean has a good thing going with his 18-year-old daughter, Megan. He buys her what she wants, and she repays him with her hot young body. Yet Dean still sees his daughter as his little girl, and Megan wants that to change. Megan needs an outfit for a party, and plans to use it to prove to her daddy that his little girl is all grown up! ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ “Daddy?” “Huh?” “My eyes are up here,” she laughed. “Sorry, I was a little distracted by the view.” “Me too,” she ran her tongue over her pink lips. “I wish mom wasn’t home!" “I sure as well wouldn’t be under the sink if she wasn't,” he sighed. “But she is home and I have to finish fixing this before dinner.” “Forget dinner, I’m thinking of dessert.” She gave his cock a squeeze. “How about you daddy? You thinking of something sweet to eat?” “What’s up, kitten?” “I like when you call me that.” Megan pressed herself against him, lifting her leg and rubbing it along his. “Like when you make me purr.” The kitchen window was too high for Linda to see Megan fondling him, but if she looked over, she would be able to see Megan’s face inches from his. “Megan, did you want something or are you just having fun teasing me?” “Well,” she gave him a sly smile. “Now that you mention it, I do need something, daddy.” “No,” he shook his head. He knew that look. “I can’t buy you anything right now, honey.” “Please daddy?” she widened her blue eyes. “I just need a pair of new shoes and a dress.” “For what?” “Kelly and Trish and some of the other girls from school are going to the Palace this weekend. It’s their grand opening.” “That under-twenty one club?” He frowned. “Lot of older guys hang there, trying to pick up young girls. Not sure you should be going there.” “You already said yes.” She grinned. “Don’t you remember me asking you Monday night?” “Monday night.” Linda had a business dinner with clients and he and Megan had taken full advantage of the time alone. “I asked and first you said no, then we started playing and I told you all the naughty things we were going to do and you said yes." “Oh,” he grinned sheepishly. “Now I remember. Fine, but you have plenty of clothes, kitten. You don’t need anything new.” “But this is a club, daddy!” she put her hands out as if that should have been obvious to him. “I have to have something new. Something grown up!” “Grown up?” he repeated and instantly regretted it. “Very grown up,” she lowered her voice into a seductive purr. “Want to see your little girl all grown up, daddy?”

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Daddy’s Girls: All Grown Up


Laura Lovecraft

* * * * *


L.L. Craft Publication

Copyright © 2016 by Laura Lovecraft

All Characters are 18 and over

Chapter One

“Hi, daddy!”

Dean jumped and cursed when he dropped the monkey wrench and it narrowly missed his head. Damnit! He’d finally been able to get the wrench around the rusted bolt well enough to crack it open.

He wiped at his sweaty forehead, before craning his neck to peer out from beneath the sink.

His annoyance at being interrupted faded when he was confronted with Megan’s legs. She was standing far enough back from the sink that he could see her bare skin right up until about her mid-thigh.

Not that he minded. All those years of dance lessons he had grumbled about paying for had left his eighteen year old daughter with legs to die for. Even better was the fact he was enjoying those legs in a way that more than made up for all those night’s he’d spent chauffeuring back and forth.

Dean dropped his gaze to start at her bare feet and took another look. Now taking his time, his eyes enjoyed the slow journey up those legs that seemed to go on forever.

“Watcha doing, down there?” she lifted her right foot, placing her toes on top of the left one, striking a deliberate pose for her appreciative father.

He licked his lips at the sight of those blue tipped toes and the way her cute little foot was arched. Dean had never thought he could find feet sexy, but he’d never thought he’d be having sex with his daughter either.

“I’m hiding from your mom,” he joked. “She out there anywhere?”

“She’s outside in the garden.” Megan squatted down between his legs and Dean’s cock, which had been stirring while checking out her legs, rapidly swelled into a raging hard on.

She had her legs open, her short denim skirt riding up to expose the blue thong between her supple thighs. Dean focused on that thin strip of material, picturing the succulent treasure behind it. He could all but taste his daughter on his tongue and hear those sexy little sounds she made when her father licked her sweet pink slit.

“You dropped your wrench.” Megan picked it up, then she noticed the bulge in his jeans and her blue eyes widened. “Hmm, looks like I found another tool, a big hard one!”

He groaned when she grabbed his cock through his jeans. Megan rubbed her small hand across it and as much as that excited him, Dean couldn’t let her go any farther. Linda could walk in here any minute.

He carefully sat up from beneath the sink and as soon as he did, Megan leaned forward and kissed him.

“Careful, honey!” he reluctantly pulled away from his daughter’s soft lips. “Your mom!”

“She was planting something, she’ll be out there awhile.”

“Yeah, well, you never know.” Dean stared longingly between her legs, noticing her smiling as he did. “Come on, Megan, stand up. You promised you’d behave whenever she’s home.”

“Jeez,” she sighed as she stood up and gave her hair a dramatic toss. “Girl plays with her daddy’s cock under the kitchen table once, and it’s be careful, honey.”

Dean recalled that night a few weeks ago. She’d pulled his cock out under the table, and he’d had to grab her wrist before she got him off. How the hell could he have explained that? He gasped when Megan’s hand went right back onto his crotch.

“Hmm, I love when you’re hard for me, daddy.”

Dean glanced over his shoulder and saw Linda in the garden a few feet from the window. Her back was to them, but he was still nervous. He swore it turned his daughter on even more when her mother was close by. The little minx was far bolder than he was.

He faced her again, ready to tell her to stop playing around and getting him worked up for nothing. When he saw her standing there with a playful smile on her face as she fondled him, however, he found he was too captivated by her to say anything.

As she’d grown up he’d always thought of his daughter as ‘cute’ then ‘pretty’. Those words no longer fit the girl standing before him. With her long curly black hair, stunning crystal blue eyes and gorgeous smile, Dean saw his daughter as nothing short of beautiful.

Yet even now at eighteen and blossoming into a woman, Megan’s face was caught between the mature features of a young lady, with her long lashes, those captivating eyes and high cheekbones. But on the other hand, her soft pink lips were full to the point it gave her a slightly bratty look and she still had just a bit of roundness to her face, the last vestiges of his little girl.

There was nothing immature about her body, however. Tall and slender, Megan had a slender athletic build that featured not only those amazing legs, but a firm little heart shaped ass and the perkiest, firmest set of tits he’d touched since…

Well, since he’d been her age and fooling around with girls in high school. Back then he didn’t appreciate what he was getting. Now, after twenty years of marriage with the sex getting less frequent and more vanilla, Dean reveled in everything about his daughter.

From her cute little noises to the delicious morsels of her breasts. Her soft skin and her hot, always wet, and sinfully tight little cunt. Megan was nothing short of perfection and proof of why older men longed for barely legal pussy.

The fact this hot little sex kitten was his daughter, a detail that would turn off most men, added an additional thrill to their sex. Megan wasn’t just every man’s fantasy, but the ultimate forbidden fruit.

Dean’s gaze was drawn downward to some of that fruit in the form of his daughter’s small, but oh so perfect tits where they were well presented in her tight pink t-shirt.