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Carly has always adored her daddybut when she accidentally catches him masturbating out behind the barn, her adoration turns to lusty fascination. What a wonderful new game she's discovered! Can she entice him into playing it with her?~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~Will frowned a little at Carly from across the dining room table. She was awfully jittery tonight! "Are you okay, princess?" he finally asked.She beamed at him, and vigorously nodded. Finally he was paying attention to her! "I discovered a terrific new game today," she exclaimed."Did you?" He'd been preoccupied most of the evening, worrying about the harvester. Some of the parts were worn away to almost nothing, and they just had to be replaced soon. He wasn't quite sure how he was going to afford them for at least another monthShe was clearly waiting for him to show interest, so he dragged his mind away from work and smiled expectantly at her. "What kind of game?""Well" She blushed suddenly, and looked away. "I was up in my treehouseand I saw you, behind the barn, before you went to work on the harvester."Oh, hell! Will wanted to groan with dismay. He'd been so sure that she was in the house that he hadn't even thought twice before dropping his pants!"It was pretty cool, what you did," she admitted with a shy grin. "So I decided to try it myself. And wow!" Amazement lit up her pretty face. "I never knew anything could feel that good!"Will stared at her in shock. He'd just taught his baby girl to masturbate?Only she wasn't a baby anymore. She was a sexy young woman. Where had the time gone?And what could be more natural than for a healthy teenage girl to give herself pleasure?Just the thought of watching her sometime made his lusty shaft leap to attention. He struggled to ignore it. Carly was his daughter.His extremely sexy daughter!Heat began to rise in rippling waves, and he drew in a shuddering breath. No matter how much he needed to get laid, there were some lines that just couldn't be crossed!"So I was wondering" She glanced at him from the corner of her eyes in an unconsciously seductive gesture that made his mouth go dry. "You like it a lot, and so do I. So maybe we can do it together, and make each other feel good?"

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Daddy’s Curious Virgin

By Pornelope

Artwork by Moira Nelligar

Copyright 2017 @ Pornelope

~~ All characters in this book are over 18. ~~

He was horny.

Hell, he was always horny. Why should today be any different?

Will heaved a reluctant sigh, and wrapped his big hand around his rigid cock. They’d gotten to be best friends, his hand and his cock, ever since his live-in girlfriend of nearly twelve years had gotten sick of living on a farm, and headed for the big city.

She thought she could be an actress. And Carly and he would only slow her down. So she’d packed up and left one day, without a single word of warning or apology, while Carly was at school and he was out working in the fields.

That had been almost six years ago. And he hadn’t heard a single word from her since then. Maybe she’d made it big—he hoped so, for her sake, because acting had been her passion ever since they’d been kids. She probably would have headed for Hollywood right out of school, if she hadn’t accidentally gotten pregnant while they were fooling around up in the barn loft. Looking back on it, he was actually surprised that she’d stayed as long as she had.

Didn’t change the fact, though, that he hadn’t gotten laid even once since she’d left. And he was sick and tired of having to beat off every single time he got horny…which was most of the time.

Just for once, what he wouldn’t give to feel a woman’s hot, wet mouth gliding over the crest of his swollen cock, and delight in the erotic pleasure of her agile tongue cruising up and down his rather extraordinary length!

His farm was so far from town, though, that the only female in a twenty-mile radius was his teenage daughter, Carly. And she was strictly forbidden…

Hot bursts of cum exploded from between his clutching fingers, and he fell back against the barn wall with a relieved sigh. Score another one for the five-fingered approach, he thought when his knees finally stopped trembling, and he deftly tucked his relaxing cock back into his jeans.

He’d probably do it again in another few hours, because he was just plain always horny! At least for the next little while, though, he could concentrate on fixing the harvester without the distracting sexual tension that was likely to cost him a finger or two if his hands slipped on the big sharp blades.

But oh, what he wouldn’t give………….

* * * * *

From the shelter of her cozy treehouse, Carly watched in rapt fascination as her broad-shouldered, rugged father unzipped his worn pants, reached inside, and tugged out the big piece of flesh that always seemed to give him such pleasure. It wasn’t the first time she’d seen him do it…but for some reason, this time his bizarre actions really piqued her curiosity.

Why did it get so big inside his pants? Why did it get even harder and longer when he started touching it? And why did milky jets always spurt out when he groaned and grunted, and his lean hips flexed back and forth as though he was trying to shove it into something?

It didn’t stay hard after he was done, she noticed as hot little tingles kindled in her belly. So maybe he was doing it to make it soft again, so that it would fit easier into his pants.

Briefly she glanced down at her own thigh-high shorts, and tried to slide her hand down the front. They were so tight, because she’d nearly outgrown them, that she had to suck in her stomach before her fingers would fit.