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When there's only room for one man in a girl's life, she can get a little possessive. This erotic bundle collects the first three volumes of Daddy Issues: 12 taboo tales about fathers and their daughters falling helplessly in lust. But don't worry, daddy. Mommy doesn't need to know... ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ From "Unspoken Connection": She was squeezed into that dress, Joe thought guiltily. She wasn't his little girl anymore. He hated himself for letting his eyes rove lower, to the soft swell of her stomach and below, where her high heels were tucked into her generous thighs. The bottom of the dress rode up and Joe could see that she was pale all over, like most Seattle girls, and deliciously smooth. God, he thought, after a crazy night like this, what man wouldn't want to curl up on that delicious... Joe ripped his gaze away. He was no better than Nathan if he let himself demean her that way. The things Nate said about his daughter and the callous way he dismissed her after being replaced, it was abhorrent. Was there any world in which Joe could compliment his daughter's derriere and not objectify her? He didn't want to objectify her. He wanted to celebrate her beauty alongside her wit.  Well, but he did objectify her a little, didn't he? Hadn't there been times when he'd caught a glimpse of Erin from the corner of his eye, not expecting her, and been awed by the fertile sway of her hips? Hadn't there been times (yes, more than once) when he imagined her beautiful hair spread out below him instead of his wife's? Hadn't there been times when he savored her hugs for a little longer than he should have? Joe tried not to stare at his daughter's legs. But his mind was haunted by Nathan's story, and confounded by his own growing arousal. It was a raw kind of excitement he hadn't felt in years. Not helping matters was the alcohol, which made the borders of his love fuzzy. There were different kinds of love, the purely emotional and the purely physical, and he could feel them bleeding together. It will pass, he promised himself--it's late and she's warm and you adore her, but that is not how you show it. He wanted to show it. He could already feel it, the ball of nervous energy swelling in his gut, the physical response to her beautiful body as it bounced in the cab. If Erin had not felt it, too, that same nervous swell of energy that demanded action, the night would have passed in innocence. But her breaths were sharp and shallow, her heart raced behind her tingling chest, and when her father met her eyes again she did not hold back. The hand not on his chest slid into his hair and pulled him to her lips. They kissed for the second time that night, this time softer and even more slowly. Whereas the first kiss was a surprise, a spontaneous tenderness, this was something more profound. This was a beginning.  Erin could feel, in the subtle shifts of his body and the low hum in his throat, how desperately he needed her. The man had not been kissed like this in far too long. She pushed herself harder against him, letting him feel her body through the thin dress. Her mouth opened wider and their tongues caressed each other. His fingers slid from her shoulder to her chest...grazed the neckline of her dress...and peeled it down.

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Daddy Issues Omnibus

© Copyright 2018, Veronica Sloan, All Rights Reserved

NOTICE: This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to your favorite ebook retailer and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

Disclaimer: The stories in this collection contain explicit content, including graphic descriptions of sexual intercourse and both consensual and reluctant incest. It is intended for adults only. All characters depicted are 18-years-old and older. This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental.

A Note on the Omnibus Edition:Daddy Issues Omnibus collects 12 short stories previously published in the first three volumes of Daddy Issues, complete and unabridged. Stories included from Volume 1: "Daddy, Will You Stretch Me?" "Keep Dreaming, Daddy," "The Taste of a Real Man," "My Father's Whore." Stories included from Volume 2: "Daddy's Milk Maid," "Master of the House," "Sharing Daddy's Fetish," "Unspoken Connection." Stories included from Volume 3: "His Secret Slut," "Conception," "Harder, Daddy," "Apocalypse and Eve."

Trigger Warning: The story, "Harder, Daddy," contains a scene of rape roleplay between two consenting partners.

Cover design by Veronica Sloan. Cover photo © zastavkin.

* * *

Daddy, Will You Stretch Me?

Nick's daughter has an uncomfortable problem. After an emergency trip to the hospital, the family is informed that Natalie has a severe form of vaginismus. Her vagina cramps up at the slightest touch! The cure is simple, the doctor says. Natalie just needs to have sex with a large enough partner to stretch her virgin muscles. Nick is shocked when his wife suggests that he be the one to stretch Natalie!

© Copyright 2017, Veronica Sloan, All Rights Reserved

* * *

Chapter 1

Nick wasn't sure if he should hug his wife or bust out laughing. Here they were, trapped in this tiny doctor's office that smelled like latex and bleach and expecting the very worst news, and instead the doctor gave them just the opposite. Well, not quite the opposite, but their daughter was fine!

The doctor, a short man with a few wisps of gray hair on his head, adjusted his glasses and offered Nick a nervous grin. Jackie, sitting beside Nick, clearly made the him uncomfortable. She couldn't stop crying. "There, there, honey," Nick cooed to her. "Our baby's going to be alright."

"I-I know," she hiccuped, "but he s-said he can't cure it!"

Nick scratched his head. "Well, doc, I guess she's right. What do you mean it's not curable?"

"I'm sorry," said the little man. "Perhaps I misspoke. I didn't mean to say your daughter can't be cured, only that it requires more of a treatment than a, er, medication, or something like that."

Nick rubbed his wife's shoulder and stood up. "Something like that?"

The little doctor clutched at his clipboard and croaked out a noncommittal, "Erm."

Nick took the doctor aside so they could speak quietly in the corner. "Spit it out, doc. What's happening to my daughter?"

With a nervous glance at Jackie (who was still weeping buckets), the doctor handed Nick the ultrasound. Nick couldn't make heads or tails of it but the doctor assured him they were looking at his daughter's pelvic muscles. The doctor traced his finger over the tight V of Natalie's vagina. "Do you see here? This is where the pressure's building. Judging by the rigidity of the muscles, I think she was actually in pain for quite some time."

"Why wouldn't she say anything?" Nick demanded, though in his heart he knew the answer. Nat was like her mother. She didn't like to be a bother and she was deathly afraid of doctors. That was a nasty combination of bad habits, especially when something was wrong. Something was very wrong when the girl doubled over at the dinner table. They thought she'd had a heart attack. As she curled up in a fetal position and her mother screamed, Nick dialed 9-1-1 and started searching for his keys. His paternal instinct was to curl up on the floor with Nat and Jackie but he'd be damned if he didn't take action first. That's how his mind worked. He disliked Jackie's reticence and he was afraid it had rubbed off on their daughter.

"Girls get embarrassed, especially in situations like this," the doctor said. He glanced once more at Jackie and motioned for Nick to lean in. "I'll be frank with you, Mr. Hill. The muscles around your daughter's vagina were so tight that if you hadn't brought her in when you did, she may have suffered permanent damage."

Nick's heart skipped a beat. "Jesus," he breathed. "What would that do to her?"

The doctor shook his head. "It could impact her urinary tract and her sexual organs. It could make it impossible for her to conceive--or even have sex at all."

Nick covered his mouth. "Shit, but--but we brought her in time, right?"

The doctor nodded reassuringly. "Yes, yes, she's fine now. We've given her a fairly strong muscle relaxant. I'll prescribe her some for the next week as well."

"I don't understand," Nick said. "I thought you said there wasn't a medication for this."

"There isn't. Understand, Mr. Hill, this is a very powerful sedative I'm prescribing. Only a temporary measure. With the opioid crisis we're more reluctant than ever to give these out, and it won't cure your daughter. She has a very rare condition, similar to vaginismus, in that her pelvic muscles clench and proceed to lock down. Anxiety exacerbates it, which perpetuates a cycle of clenching, muscle strain, and pain."

The thought of his daughter in that much pain set Nick's blood to boiling. "Well what the hell can she do?" he snarled.

"Calm down," the doctor said. "It's going to be okay. There's a simple--"

"Doctor!" Jackie spoke up. "Please tell us. We want to do everything we can." She'd patted her face dry and was doing her best to maintain her composure. Nick returned to the chair next to his wife and took her hands in his.

The doctor folded his clipboard under his arms. "Ma'am, as I was telling your husband, the problem is that your daughter's vaginal muscles are locking down. This is due to involuntary spasms in the area. It's uncomfortable but there's an easy fix. She needs regular stimulation and relief to ease the muscles back to normal. Essentially, she needs to teach herself to relax."

Nick was unclear on the doctor's language but Jackie understood immediately. "You're saying she needs to masturbate," she said.

The doctor leaned on one foot. "Erm. Not exactly. For women, masturbation can be entirely focused on the clitoris, and that's not the trouble spot. This needs to be a prolonged massage of the vagina, not just to work the muscles inside her body but also to stimulate her to orgasm. By reaching orgasm, the whole area can relax. Do that enough times over a period of two to three weeks and that basically 'teaches' the muscles not to clench."

Nick was dumbfounded. Jackie was embarrassed but resolute. "Oh," she said. "So, um, I suppose I should take her to, er, find a...a dildo?"

The doctor made an awkward, noncommittal gesture. "I wouldn't suggest that."

Nick grunted in frustration. "Well, Jesus, doc, what the fuck is she supposed to do?"

"Calm down, calm down," the doctor said. "The reason I'd persuade you against using a toy is because it can lead to further issues. Your daughter is going to need to massage this area a lot, so if the toy is made from materials that irritate her skin, that can lead to pain and just worsen the problem. If the toy is made from jelly rubber, bacteria can easily get inside it. If it's made from plastic, a small crack can cause tears and invite further irritation along her vaginal wall. If she has allergies to lubricant, that's another problem. There's also the angle and the lack of heat from the toy, and both of those things are important."

In his hands, Nick felt his wife's knuckles clench. "So what are you saying?" he asked.

"Honestly?" the doctor said. "This is an easy fix." The little man tried to give them a friendly smile. "Your daughter's on birth control. As long as her boyfriend's STD free, you can just lock them in a room together and throw away the key."

Jackie shrieked in terror.

The doctor awkwardly fumbled with his clipboard. "Oh, dear! I'm sorry. I-I assumed you'd appreciate the cheapest solution."

Nick leapt to his feet. "My daughter is not cheap!" he growled.

"No, o-of course not," the doctor stammered. "Sir, that isn't what I meant at all. I'm just saying that, well, a naked, lubricated penis, with some girth, is all you need to solve this issue. She's nineteen-years-old. Her hormones are in full swing. Teenagers are already horny, and if you give her permission--"

"Oh, I have heard enough of this!" Jackie screamed. "Nicholas, we're leaving!"

"Ma'am, I'm very sorry," the doctor called after them. "I really didn't mean to upset you. I suppose it was more of a joke, and it--it's kind of funny, right? Ma'am? Sir?"

The couple marched out of the hospital wing, refusing to turn around or even acknowledge the doctor's pathetic muttering behind them.

Chapter 2

Nick drove his family home in silence. His posture was erect, his face blank, his eyes calmly scanned the road, but inside he was boiling over. His mind spun like a manic top. The nerve of that doctor! Nick was so indignant that he contemplated turning the car around and returning to the hospital just to belt him in the mouth. To suggest that his daughter just spend a week (or weeks?) screwing her boyfriend. What kind of medical advice was that?

In the backseat, Natalie gazed at her shoes. She was in a daze, as much from the sedative as the news that she had a "nervous vagina." She was embarrassed, sore, and generally miserable. Her silky hair hung over her eyes and draped over her knees. Normally a shade of dirty blonde, she'd dyed it recently to a more golden hue. Her snub nose parted her tresses and when Nick looked at her in the rearview mirror he could see her pink lips quivering and the teeth behind them clenched in a silent whimper.

In the passenger seat, Jackie fidgeted with her purse. She cleared her throat to speak but it took several seconds for her to actually find her voice. " is a cost-effective solution," she murmured.

Nick almost drove the car into a tree. "What?" he barked.

Rather than meet his penetrating glare, she turned to her window. "I think...maybe we overreacted."

"I can't believe this," Nick said. "You're the one who wanted to leave!"

"Yes," she said, keeping her voice even. She intended to steer him to a calmer state of mind. She needed to make him receptive for the unusual solution that was percolating in her brain. "Yes, I know that, Nicholas, and I'm saying I overreacted."

Nick scoffed. "So what? You want us to take the doc's advice? Lock her in a room with Paul and let them go at it like rabbits?"

Behind him, a heartbreaking sob leapt from his daughter's throat. Jackie hissed at him like a snake. "Nicholas!"

"What?" he said. "Jesus, what did I say now?"

His wife squeezed his shoulder. "Nicky, Paul broke it off with Nat last week."

"Oh," Nick said. He glanced sheepishly at his daughter. Silent tears were running down her scarlet face. "Oh geez, me and my stupid mouth. I...I didn't know, honey." He glared at his wife. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because it's none of your business, dad!" Natalie screamed.

Nick rolled his eyes. "Right. Okay, yeah, blame me. Okay, so obviously that option's off the table." Both the girls hissed at him again and he threw up a hand in helpless defeat. "Okay! Sorry!"

After a minute of tense silence, Nick frowned. "Wait, but you said--"

"Yes," his wife cut him off. "I know what I said."

"I'm confused."

Jackie's doughy cheeks blushed a bright vermillion. "I want to avoid surgery at all costs. That's a very sensitive place and it would be so painful..."

"And expensive," Nick grumbled.

"Yes," Jackie agreed. "If...if there's a way that Nat can be treated without it..."

Nick couldn't believe what his wife was saying. "So you want her to just find some stranger and--" He couldn't finish that thought.

With a deep breath, Jackie squeezed her purse. "Not a stranger. Nick, you're...girthy."

The car was silent again. This time the tension was almost thick enough to touch. Through the haze of her medication, Natalie slowly processed her mother's words. A breathless, frightened moan tumbled from her lips. At the same moment, her father sputtered out his response. "Have you lost your mind?" he yelled.

"Nick, calm down--"

"'Calm down?' Christ, Jackie--"

"Nick, you're upsetting Natalie."

"Me?" he cried. He was so furious that he pulled onto the shoulder and almost ripped the keys from the ignition. He turned to his wife in crazed confusion. "Jackie, to even suggest--"

She stared back at him, unfazed. "Oh calm down, you big ape."

Nick froze with his finger hanging in the air between them. "Jackie..."

"Nicholas, listen to me--"

"Mom, you're crazy!" Natalie screamed from the backseat.

"Will you both just hear me out?"

"No!" they shouted together.

Jackie massaged her temples. "I have been sitting here for the past ten minutes trying to think of the best solution to your--to our family crisis. Nat, do you think I don't have your best interest at heart?"

Natalie glowered at her mother in silent fury.

"And you," Jackie said, flipping her iron gaze at her husband. "You don't think I'm thinking clearly? I do our taxes, Nick. I make every list for every little thing that happens in our household. Am I crazy?"

"Well, no, but--" he sputtered.

"What's our alternative?"

Nick glanced from his wife to his daughter desperately hoping that one of them would answer for him. "'re asking me to have sex with--"

"No!" Natalie cried, unwilling to hear the rest.

"I'm not asking you or her to do anything you don't want to do," Jackie said.

"Want to do?" he snapped.

"Not the best choice of words," she conceded. "But Natalie can't have sex with Paul--"

"I'm not having sex with anybody!" the girl screamed.

"Dear," her mother sighed, "you're being hysterical."

Tears dripped hot and thick down Natalie's cheeks. "I can't believe we're having this conversation right now," she said.

Jackie leaned over her armrest at her daughter. "Honey, let's think about this from a practical perspective. Okay? Your father doesn't have any STDs. You're on birth control. And he...well, your father's penis is thick, especially in the middle--"

Natalie slapped her palms over her ears. "Oh my God," she breathed. "No. No, no, no, no!"

Nick squeezed his wife's shoulder and looked to her with pleading eyes. "Baby, what are you doing? This isn't a solution. Jesus, I don't even think it's legal."

Jackie squeezed his hand. "When was the last time we had sex?"

The question threw him for a loop. He stared back at her, his mouth agape.

"It was four months ago," she said, "on our anniversary."

"What does that have to do with anything?" he demanded.

Jackie sighed. She knew what she was offering was a crazy, ridiculous, and of course incestuous, idea, but in contemplating her daughter's discomfort the parallel was only too clear. She offered Nick a rueful smile. "We haven't talked about this because I know you don't want to hurt my feelings."

Nick glanced at Natalie, who gazed from one parent to the other in mute irritation. "Do we need to talk about this now?" he asked.

"She needs to know," Jackie said. "It will make this make more sense."

"This does not remotely make sense," Natalie retorted.

"How many times have we had sex this year?" Jackie asked her husband.

Nick shook his head. "Jesus, I--I don't know!"

"Exactly," she said. "I'm just...I just don't want to lately. It's not you, honey. Lord knows I still love you. I still find you attractive. But I...I don't know if this is permanent or temporary or just what women go through. I haven't asked you about it, and you've suffered in silence."

"I haven't suffered," Nick intoned, but he couldn't meet her eyes. The truth was, he had. He'd taken to masturbating damn near every morning and often at night--something he was guilty about. His wife was no longer interested in sex but he felt just the opposite. If anything, his libido was stronger now than the day they met.

"Nick, you can't lie to me. I know. I know about you jerking off in the bathroom."

Nick glanced at his daughter, red-faced. "Oh, Jesus, Jackie!"

She talked over him. "You want sex and I don't. I didn't know what to say. I was embarrassed, upset, all of it. I was almost on the verge of telling you to find another lover."

He raised his finger again. "Now hold on just a damn--"

"No," she said, and plucked his finger from the air. "Look at what's happened. In a way, everyone can get what they need."

"What?" Natalie blurted. "Um, excuse me? Don't I get a say in this?"

"Of course you do, sweetie. This is all about you."

Natalie swallowed the massive lump in her throat. "Thanks, but...I'm not fucking dad!"

"Lower your voice," her mother ordered.

"She does have a point," Nick said.

"No, it's not a point," Jackie replied. "It's an opinion. But she got the same talk that we did. She knows what her options are. Nat, you are more than welcome to find some man...or get back with Paul...or try to do it yourself with a toy or a dildo or whatever you want. But I think we should consider this a viable option."

Natalie crossed her arms and glared out the window. "I can't believe you. Dad?"

Nick slid back into his seat. "Never," he said.

"I think you're both being narrow-minded," Jackie said.

"Well I think you're being awfully broad-minded," he replied. "Way too broad-minded!"

"It's not like I'm suggesting either of you do something evil," she said. "Nick, you love Natalie. I love Natalie. She knows she can be safe with you and that you'll treat her well. And you're experienced. You're certainly more experienced than me. Nat, your father is an excellent lover."

"Oh, Gaaaawd!" Natalie wailed.

Nick cranked the keys in the ignition. "That's it!" he roared. "We are done with this conversation! Done! I forbid it!"

"Nick..." Jackie sighed.

"Forbid it!" he yelled, as he pulled back onto the road. "I'm the man of this house, and that's what I say. I don't ever want to mention this again. Either of you. Understand?"

"Good!" Natalie said.

"Jack?" Nick prompted.

Jackie stared out her window and watched the sidewalk slide by. "Yes, dear," she sighed.

Chapter 3

It was an uncomfortable week for everyone. Natalie wandered the house in a sedated daze, and when she wasn't crying her eyes out she was comatose in her bed or on the couch. Jackie tried to help her daughter how she could but the girl refused to speak to either parent. Nick was at a loss. He went to work every day with his brain on fire, still furious at his wife for her illicit suggestion and incapable of thinking about anything else.

Having sex with his daughter was fundamentally wrong but his brain still tantalized him with dreams of tight, young pussy. He dreamed of Natalie's friends, of girls he saw at the mall, of the cheerleaders on TV. He dreamed of smooth skin and muscular thighs and sweaty, breathless pleasure.

He stopped masturbating every day. He was too ashamed. Jackie would make love to him if he asked but her mind would be on other things. Plus, he feared that if she gave him that tender moment she might try to convince him to do something utterly taboo.

As Sunday approached and Natalie's sedatives dwindled, the family entered a silent panic. Jackie and Nick were terrified for their girl but neither could rouse her from her drug-addled funk. Nick wasn't sure how to speak to his daughter about her options without coming off as a creep and Natalie screamed at her mother whenever she approached. They just didn't know what to do.

* * *

On Friday, after a back-breaking day in the field, Nick wanted nothing more than to grab a beer from the fridge and zone out for a couple hours with ESPN. Natalie would be fast asleep (that's all she did these days) and Jackie was shopping with her friends. That's what she said, though Nick had a suspicion she was wandering the sex shops downtown in hopes of finding the perfect toy for Nat. Maybe she'd leave it under the girl's pillow like an X-rated tooth fairy...

The last thing Nick expected to find when he got home was his daughter at the kitchen table. At least not awake. She wasn't exactly clear-eyed (he could tell that she'd been crying) but she was alert. Nick guessed that she'd been off for meds for several hours. He quickly dropped his gear in the foyer and pulled up a chair beside her. "Hey, Natty. Feelin' okay?" he asked.

Natalie was wearing the same gray hoodie she'd been wearing all week, her tan thighs gripped tight by her cut-off jeans. She gazed up at him with the most exhausted expression, her little lips puckered in misery. "I just wanted to see if I was better," she said. "Like, maybe it would fix itself?"

Nick slid the hood off her lank hair and caressed her temple. The girl probably hadn't showered in days but she was still beautiful. Her skin was soft and smooth, her thin eyebrows like wheat in spring. Watching her beauty crumple against this utter despair was intolerable to him.

Nick gently kissed her forehead. "Oh, baby. I'm sorry. I am so sorry."

"It hurts," she sighed. "It's like I have lockjaw...down there. Like it's mad at me and gritting its teeth. What did I do?"

"Nothing, baby." He scooped up her hands. "This isn't your fault."

"Daddy," she sobbed. Hot tears drenched her lips as she pushed into her father's arms. "It hurts," she moaned. "What is wrong with me? Why is this happening?”

He wrapped her up in his big bear arms and squeezed with all his might. "Mmph," she huffed into his chest. She inhaled deeply, loving the familiar, manly smell of him. He didn't wear cologne except on special occasions, so his scent was aftershave and Old Spice mingled with the light sweat from a long day on the job. As he crushed her to his body, his palms pushed against the tight muscles in her back. "That," she groaned. "I wish I could do that...down there."

"Well," her father said, clearly uncomfortable with the topic, "the doctor said there were things you can do. I suppose I--or your mother, really--could get you some toys?"

She shook her head into his chest. "Oh, daddy. It's so embarrassing!"

"But it's not permanent," he promised her. He squeezed her again, and she moaned into his chest. "It's like physical therapy. We can fix it, if you stick with it."

"But it hurts now!" she whined. She sounded like a child but she didn't care. She wanted to be doted on. She wanted him to squeeze her and make her better.

Nick did what he could. He picked her up and sat her on his lap, like he used to do when she was younger, and let her lay her head on his shoulder. His big palm made calming circles in her back. With a thumb, he brushed the tears off one cheek. With his lips, he kissed the sticky trails they left on her skin. As he moved to the other cheek, she turned and, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, kissed his salty lips.

At first it was just the chaste kiss of a daughter...but then she moaned, and opened her mouth. Nick hadn't been kissed like that in what felt like years. His first instinct was to squeeze her to his chest and kiss her back, this time even deeper. "Have you thought about it?" she asked huskily. "About what mom said?" Natalie wiggled in her daddy's lap.

Nick grunted. "Nat," he sighed. "We promised we weren't going to talk about that."

Wth drowsy eyes and open lips, Natalie pouted at her father. "But I've been thinking," she whispered. Her tight thighs rolled over his penis and sent naughty ripples up his spine. His daughter was so young, so beautiful--and her disorder was so obscene. The thought of her tight, nervous pussy wrapped around his lonely cock...

"Absolutely not," he growled.

But his penis throbbed and Natalie felt it. "What if we tried it just once?" she offered. "If it's terrible..."

"I'm your father," he moaned.

"I know," she moaned back, but with very different intent. There was a desperation in her, a passionate hunger that dragged her voice down into her throat. Natalie pushed her breasts into her father's chest. "Daddy, I'm so tight. I don't want to go to the hospital again."

"I don't want that either, baby."

She kissed his quivering chin. "I need your help," she said. Natalie gazed up at him with her darling blue eyes. How many years had those eyes looked to him for safety, for comfort, for love, for approval? Never before had they gazed up at him as he sucked her tender tongue. Never before had she spread her fingers over his chest with such nervous, forbidden need. Never before had he felt the woman she'd become. She pressed her body into his and he couldn't help imagining her perky 19-year-old tits.

"You need my help?" he murmured.

"Yes, daddy," she whimpered. As the button of her shorts clinked against the button in his jeans to signify her illicit intention, he couldn't help thinking that he needed help too. Jackie was right, he'd suffered.

Natalie's lips were puffy from crying, but so pink and kissable. He really couldn't help himself. Rough fingers curled over her cheeks and brought her in for another passionate kiss. "Daddy," she moaned into his mouth. "Will you stretch me?"

His penis throbbed between her legs. "Oh God," he groaned.

"Right now," she demanded. "Right here in the kitchen. Mom's not home."

"We have to tell her," he said.

"Later," she groaned. "I just want you all to myself, right now. Will you help me?"

"It really hurts, baby?"

"It's like a muscle I can't unknot," she whimpered.

"Okay," he murmured. "Okay." Gently, his thumb and forefinger took the zipper of her gray hoodie and pulled it down. Natalie held her breath as her father slowly unwrapped her like a present. The zipper opened over her cleavage and skated down to her quivering bellybutton. The flaps of the hoodie slithered off her hips.

Nick’s mouth began to water. His daughter's young breasts were finally revealed to him. They swelled against her black bra like pale dumplings, soft and full. They weren't as big as her mother's but they were utterly devoid of blemishes or stretch marks. Nick laid his palms over their jiggling tops with unrestrained desire. "Oh, honey," he said.

Natalie vibrated in her father’s lap. Paul had touched her when they were fooling around but he was always so hasty. Nick's thumbs spread over her clavicle like an explorer caressing a treasure map. When his finger slid around her naked back to touch the plastic clasp of her bra, he first asked permission. "May I?" She quickly nodded.

Still the explorer, Nick parted his daughter's long tresses like thick jungle vegetation. Her pink nipples emerged from the spandex cups, thick and pointed with arousal. He gently slid the straps off her shoulders and pulled the bra free, then cupped his daughter's flawless breasts in both palms. He weighed them like bags of precious jewels. He squeezed her, and she whimpered like a newborn kitten. "Y-you act like you've never seen boobs before," she whispered.

"Not like yours, baby," he said. "Not in a very long time." He pulled her left breast to his lips and sucked the perky nipple into his mouth.

"D-daddy!" she sighed, as his teeth clamped onto the stiffening bud.

"Did I hurt you?"

"No!" she moaned back. "No, it's...good?" As he licked the top of her pale tit, she clenched her fists. "T-take my shorts off," she huffed.

The seconds were like hours as they rose together to make her naked. Just as she pulled her lace panties over her hips, his thick fingers landed on her rump and made her dance in place. "I don't know why I'm so nervous," she gasped. Her painful need had become a horny desperation. This wasn't just about help anymore, it was about the way he touched her. The cruel mixture of pleasure and pain in her tight vagina made her sigh in frustration. "It's like a cramp," she said.

Her father wanted to respond with paternal reassurance but, when he reached the floor and pulled her panties off her ankles, he gazed up into her clenched buttocks and lost the words. Her buns were small and as pale as the skin around her nipples, peppered with freckles, free of cellulite. And bent over the kitchen table, they afforded him an unobstructed view to her pink vagina. Nick took a deep, deliberate sniff of his daughter's sex. That frank, fertile smell turned his penis into oak. Her labia was pristine, the lips puffy with arousal and just as large as her mother's--except Natalie was shaved bare.

Nat realized her father was staring at her pussy and a wave of vertigo forced her to lean on the table for support. She could see his cock tenting his pants. "Is it okay?" she whispered.

"Baby, you're beautiful," he whispered. He couldn't stop himself from reaching up and spreading her pussy open.

On the table, Natalie gasped. Spiders of nervous pleasure careened into spiders of punishing pain. "I-it's big, right?" she grunted. "The doctor said it wouldn't help as much if your penis isn't big."

"Your mother says I'm thicker than any man she's been with. But I don't know," he said. His zipper sounded so much louder than hers. When the fat cockhead popped from his boxers, Natalie's eyes bugged in her head. The shaft was red and as thick around as her wrist.

"Oh, daddy," she gasped. "I...I don't know if that will fit inside me."

Nick brushed his daughter's trembling back. "J-just bend over, baby. I promise I'll be gentle."

"Yes," she gasped. "Yes, please make it fit. Please, daddy. Please!" The ache inside her pussy was unbearable. It was like a maniac had fit her crotch into a vice and was slowly winding it shut. There was a desperate yearning to be filled emanating from between her thighs, a sensation just on the cusp of pleasurable. Yet with each throb a spike of pain lanced her bowels. Nick was just lining his penis up with her slit when she screamed, "Wait!"

"What is it, baby?"

She grabbed at his hand, shaking almost in a seizure. "You can't! I can feel it closing up. You won't fit. You won't!"

She was panicking. That would only make it worse. Nick took her fingers to his lips and kissed her fiercely. "I won't hurt you, Natty. I promise."

"Promise?" she gasped.

"Yes," he said, and pulled her close. "Now let's just see..." He sucked on his finger and slid it between her thighs. She grunted as the wet digit probed her pussy. "Jesus," Nick muttered. He didn't know a woman could be so tight. His fingertip barely fit inside her! After the first two knuckles her vagina was basically sealed off. He tried to ignore Natalie's desperate moan (and the fierce throb of his penis) as he caressed her inner walls in search of a way in. There was no way his dick was going in there. He'd have to loosen her up first.

"You can't," his baby moaned.

"Have faith in your old man," he said. And with that, he lifted his daughter's bottom onto the kitchen table.

"Ohhh!" Natalie chirped. Fingers reaching nervously for her lip, she bit down on her nails as Nick inspected her shaved pussy. He traced the swell of her mound until he came to the glistening edge of her womanhood. With a gentle fingertip, he slid the swollen button of her clitoris from its hood.

Natalie cried out. "W-what?" she gasped.

"Oh, did Paul not know about this?" he asked.

"W-we d-didn't," she stammered.

"Lie back," Nick ordered. He held her hand to help her lean back on the table, then he gathered her soft thighs into his hands and slid them over his shoulders. His mouth lovingly sealed over her aching pussy, and began a probing kiss.

The girl had not showered for days and that extra sourness was an aphrodisiac to his senses. Her earthy aroma, the tart flavor of her cunt, the incomparable tang of girl sweat, he could not get enough of it. Nor could he stop teasing her supple, teenage skin. Natalie thrashed atop the table as his fingers rolled over her thighs and belly. His palms gathered over her mound and massaged it towards her pussy, sliding down into the space where her inner thighs met her vulva. He squeezed those luscious thighs, so soft and still so tight with muscle, and suckled her engorged clitoris.

Nick's tongue bathed his daughter's vagina in warm saliva, first lapping it off her glistening sex and then worming its way into her forbidden canal. Natalie was so happy that she was crying, or perhaps those were tears of frustration? She begged her daddy to put his penis inside her, to deflower her, and stretch her. "Now, daddy!" she screamed. "Fuck me!"

She probably thought he was teasing her by ignoring her pleas. His mouth was too preoccupied to explain that he needed to eat her out. He wanted her as wet as possible for the taboo act they were about to commit. She needed the lubrication to allow him inside her body. Yes, this was true, but it was also true that he was intoxicated by his daughter's musky flavor. He drank her sexual fluids like ambrosia, growing stronger and more virile with every gulp. With her teenage thighs massaging his ears he felt like a teenager himself again.

When he finally rose between her pale legs, Natalie clutched for his penis. "Now?" she panted. "Now, daddy?"

"Now, baby," he murmured. From nose to chin he glistened with her copious juices. She was embarrassed to have drenched her father so, and yet it stirred in her a further arousal. When he took her hand she pulled him down on top of her. She licked her own juice off his lips.

Nick gripped his penis and slipped it gently down her mound and into his daughter's slit. "We're going to take this nice and easy, okay?" he told her. Natalie bit her lip as he drew the head up and down her trembling labia. "I know you're scared," he said, "but try to relax. This will feel good, I promise."

"Promise?" she gasped, as his cockhead split her lips.

"Oh, I promise," he groaned. Nick had never felt such tightness. It wasn't like a vagina at all but a wet fist rapidly closing on his shaft. "P-promise!" he gasped.

Natalie's eyes rolled back as her father's enormous cock opened the first inch of her canal. When her traitorous muscles clenched, she grit her teeth in frustration. He was already inside her and she wouldn't have blamed him if he forced himself the rest of the way. Part of her wanted him to, to just jam his fat cock inside her, to not care about her delicate tissue or her feelings or the pain. But daddy would not hurt her. It must have been torture for him to be so close and still so far from pleasure. Nick did not lose his composure. He leaned back and spread his palms over her mound again. His fingers clawed the backs of her thighs. He took her knees in his palms and lifted her legs higher. As he spread her, the muscles in her vagina spread too. It was like a magic trick, and he was able to squeeze another swollen inch of his shaft inside her.

Natalie made a sound she'd never made before, and when the day had already been filled with so much "never." She'd never felt this, never known that she could feel this, never been kissed or fondled like this, never wanted her father like this. Confusion and thrill twisted her stomach. Automatically, her muscles clenched, except this time with two or three inches of daddy inside her. The feeling of him clutched between her vaginal walls triggered a wave of pleasure her body was desperate to chase, so when she clenched and daddy pushed, her pussy accepted a little more.

"Do you need me to stop?" Nick asked.

Natalie clutched the table edge and shook her head. "I...I can take it, daddy."

The deeper he plunged, the more Natalie was able to visualize and relax the muscles inside her pelvis. It was still a laborious experience, slowly working his big penis into her halting pussy, but every clench of her nervous muscles made him grunt in greater pleasure. And when he fit at least six inches inside her, he dared to make his first thrust.

Father and daughter cried in mutual bliss at that first, real stroke. His big cock was still a few inches from disappearing inside her completely--but that he was inside her at all was a miracle! Slowly daddy withdrew himself and gently penetrated her again. "Oh, daddy," she moaned. "Oh, that feels so much better..."

Nick grunted with relief. "I promised, didn't I?"

Natalie reached for his hand and laced her fingers through it. Her other hand clutched at her own soft breast and squeezed. "Yes," she sighed. "I wish I'd said yes on Sunday..."

Nick imagined that beatific scene. After the hospital, when he pulled the car onto the shoulder, instead of barking at his wife and daughter that he'd never do such a thing, he told his wife to suck his prick while Natalie pulled her long legs out of her jeans. "Fuck her in the backseat," he heard his wife encourage him. "Fuck our little girl until she creams for her daddy!"

Nick groaned as he realized this would not be the last time he enjoyed the twitching wonder of his daughter's slit. The muscles inside her were so powerful that she tried to push him out with every thrust. Nick had never dreamed of assaulting a woman but now he had an inkling of that primal fetish. Natalie's pussy was so tight that every plunge required a vigorous determination, every thrust inside her was a hard won victory. He had to force himself on her, in a way, and if she was not so very wet this would be a criminal affair. Thank God she wanted him, he thought.

On the table, Natalie tossed her hair in painful ecstasy. "It's so big," she panted. "It's so big inside me!"

"That's just what your mom used to say," Nick groaned.

A guilty shiver made Natalie's stomach ripple. She didn't expect that would turn her on so much. "Did you ever fuck mommy on this table?" she moaned.

"No," he grunted. "No but I used to fuck her in her daddy's car."

"Oh!" Natalie gasped. A sliver of her tightness receded and Nick was able to force another half inch of his shaft into her slick canal. Natalie bit her knuckle and thrashed on the table. "C-can mommy f-fit the whole thing?" she gasped.

"Not at first," her father grunted. They were fucking slowly now with his hands on her hips. With each glacial thrust his daughter's back arched and she played with her teenage tits. "I had to...loosen her up."

"Ahhh!" Natalie gasped. She felt her vagina beginning to clench, so she pinched her nipples roughly. By twisting them harder she distracted her nervous body from shutting daddy out. "H-how many times will you have to fuck me?" she gasped. "Before I'm b-better?"

"Hard to say, baby," he grunted. Nick caressed his daughter's left leg, then gently lifted it up and over his chest. Natalie watched him, trembling and unsure, as he rolled her onto her side. He bent her knees and pushed her thighs together. His next thrust opened her up from an entirely new angle. "Very hard," he groaned.

Natalie dug her nails into her scalp as daddy fucked her sideways. When he angled his hips, she could feel him even in her rectum. "Oh!" she gasped. "I like it like this!"

"And like this?" daddy asked. He slid one palm between her compressed thighs and sent the other skating over her ass. While he worked his prodigious cock deeper through her tight canal, he took hold of her clitoris and her anus. His thumbs went to work.

Until this filthy moment, Natalie did not realize her body could experience more. She did not realize she could take more. And in this filthy moment, she had to concede that her mother was right: Daddy was a gifted lover. He knew exactly what to do to her.

Natalie clamped her fingers over her mouth as her father teased her clitoris. She bit her lip as his index finger probed her virgin ass. Either sensation would have left her a trembling mess but combined, and complemented by the steady thrust of his stout penis, sent her into a fit. It wasn't just his fingers or his cock, it was the position he'd folded her into--her thighs squeezed together and curled up to her chest, lying on her side while daddy played her body like an instrument--that left her quivering on the precipice of climax. His hands were so big, his thrusts so smooth, his fingers so confidently plucking and probing the recesses of her body; she'd never felt so taken care of, so loved, so utterly desired and defiled. Her toes wiggled together, her ankles wound like snakes, and she pulled her own hair as the wave crashed upon her.

For a moment, the briefest and most delicious moment, every muscle in her body relaxed. When that happened, daddy finally slid to his hilt and she felt him in her stomach. She felt him wiggling in her sphincter. She felt him loving her swollen clit. And when his enormous balls brushed her engorged lips, the magic spell was complete. She didn't know how many times her father would have to fuck her but she was sure it would never be enough. She wanted this every day, every hour, every waking moment for the rest of her life. When she cried out her orgasm, her father moaned in return (except his moan wasn't purely sexual; it was the relief of a proud parent after a long and passionate performance).

"Don't stop," she panted. "I'm ready!" His cock pushed back the stiff walls of her vagina and massaged her everywhere she could not reach on her own.

"Yes," Nick gasped. Finally, the male in him was satisfied. He could fuck her teenage slit with his entire length. His heavy scrotum slapped her pale buttocks as he fucked her hard enough to make the table rock. After half an hour of slow loving it was only a handful of seconds that he could truly cut loose--but it was enough. It was enough for the look on her serene face. It was enough to calm the lustful beast inside him.

And it had to be enough. When his daughter orgasmed, her vagina clamped down on him like nothing human. Between his daughter's thighs her pussy squeezed him like a boa constrictor. His ejaculate was immediate and fierce, like ignited rocket fuel or the sudden eruption of a super volcano.

Nick didn't have time to debate the morality of cumming in his daughter. The semen flowed. Stars glimmered in Nick's vision as he pumped himself into Nat's pussy. Vaguely the girl understood her father was filling her with his seed, but she was so far gone that the tickle of warmth barely registered. She was on another plane, far removed from the awful pain that consumed her womb. When she clenched this time her father's fat penis held it back, and she milked him until her wicked muscles relented. Conquered, her muscles receded until she lay limp upon the table and breathed with untroubled ease.

Nick slipped from his daughter with a fantastic squelch. His semen, trapped inside Natalie's pussy, now oozed from her slick labia. Delicately, so as not to wake her, he scooped her into his arms and carried her to her bed. Cum dribbled from her pale rump as he lowered her to the mattress (nor could he stop his flaccid penis from dripping all over her sheets). How many more times would he know the exquisite grip of her young sex? He tried not to dwell on it as he tucked her in. This was an act of medical necessity, not carnal pleasure. He could not be too greedy, he reminded himself.

Before he slipped away, her hand gently tugged at his elbow. "Thank you, daddy," she mumbled. "Was good..."

He kissed her sweaty forehead. "Whenever you want me, baby."

"Mmmm," she murmured happily.

Nick tiptoed from her room and softly closed the door behind him. Mentally, he made a note to thank his wife. It was her plan, after all, and she was right all along. When he finally saw past his stubbornness he could admit that she was usually right. Tonight, when she got home, he'd kiss her on the cheek and tell her so. Love really was the best medicine.


Keep Dreaming, Daddy...

Home from college and feeling frisky, Tilly wants to seduce her daddy. He's so big, so thick, and she's desperate to ride him like a cowgirl! Daddy will never agree to her incestuous craving, of course. It's just too wrong! But maybe Tilly can get away with her taboo desire if she convinces daddy he's dreaming. After all, she's done it once before...

© Copyright 2017, Veronica Sloan, All Rights Reserved

* * *

Chapter 1: Bad Tilly

I was getting desperate.

What do good girls do when they're desperate? I used to be a good girl, so I must have known at some point. I can't remember now.

When I was a good girl the word "slut" made my skin crawl. I wasn't a slut but I did like sex. I liked it a lot. Secretly, I loved it. Bad girls would say they could spend all weekend in bed with their man and I would roll my eyes. Inside, my body reacted very differently. I was a good girl but just thinking about a hard cock inside me was enough to get me going. I got moist, then I ruined my panties, and then I got anxious. What if somebody found out? What if somebody touched me or smelled me or just...knew? What if I wasn't really a good girl at all but a secret, slutty, bad girl?

I wanted him to make the decision for me. I'd been anxious all summer, watching him, waiting for him to choose which version of me he liked best: Good Tilly or Bad Tilly.

For the moment I was Good Tilly, except Bad Tilly kept leaking through my panties. It was ridiculous. There I was, almost twenty, sitting in my underwear at the kitchen table and hoping he'd turn around and notice the mess I was making in my chair. But he didn't. He never did. He just smiled like always (his tired morning smile) and slid my breakfast plate in front of me. I gave him my sweetest smile in return (and fidgeted a little in my slippery mess) and he left me to read his paper in the den.

I guess that's what he was supposed to do. He was my father, after all.

Chapter 2: My Guilty Little Secret

So you might be wondering what exactly a sweet girl like me is doing trying to get her dad to notice her wet pussy. Like I said, I was desperate.

Blame Tim. I'd never let a boy cum inside me before Tim. That's what bad girls do. Good girls make their boyfriends use a condom, and really good girls tell their boyfriends to pull out (or maybe really good girls don't have sex at all, but if that's how you want to live your life then you're better off becoming a nun). Before Tim, Bad Tilly was sleeping. She was dormant, like a volcano. Then Tim showed me his cock.

Tim had a nice cock, and he knew he had a nice cock. He knew it made me horny just looking at it. He knew that if he made me touch it, even just a little bit, I'd do whatever he wanted; I'd let him stick it wherever he liked. He made me touch it in public places. He shoved my hand down his pants while we were sitting cheek-to-cheek at a cafe. He made me play with it. He made me kiss it. He made me bend over his friend's couch so he could fuck me with it.

And when he came, I felt everything. A man has to be pretty damn big for a girl to feel everything: The bulge, the squirt, the warm jizz in her cunt. Oh, but good girls don't say "jizz"...or "cunt." Bad Tilly loved the taste of those dirty words almost as much as she liked the taste of Tim's jizz.

Good Tilly was pretty sure she was in love with Tim. Bad Tilly just loved to cum. Neither Tilly had ever cum before, so both of us were pretty gaga about the whole relationship. We let Tim screw us all over the place sophomore year. Until he finally screwed up.

Good Tilly was heartbroken. She thought she was a good girlfriend, a cute girlfriend, a kind and sweet and loving girlfriend. Bad Tilly wasn't surprised. Of course Tim cheated on me, she thought, he was 21, hot, and had a dick like a stallion. Was he going to waste it on some sophomore love affair? No, he was going to spread his wild oats all over campus.

Unfortunately, both Tillys were so addicted to his dick that we tried to work it out. I was willing to sacrifice my self respect just to be his slut again, and the bastard let me. The next time he cheated (the next time I caught him, anyway), neither Tilly was surprised.

After the breakup I tried a lot of things to fill the Tim-shaped hole in my life. I tried dating no one, I tried sleeping around, I tried girls for a little while. Good Tilly, Bad Tilly, I wasn't sure who I was or what I wanted. I knew I wanted good sex but no one could deliver. By the time the school year ended and I was back at home I was so desperate that I started checking the relationship statuses of all my exes on Facebook. Good girls don't perv on their exes. Good girls don't shop around for a summer fuck buddy. Good girls try to meet someone new. But I was so tired of the endless cycle of dating and talking and disappointment in the sack.

I was tired of men in general. They were jerks, and none of them had Tim's beautiful penis. Months after we broke up I could barely remember what we actually talked about but I vividly recalled the way he spread my legs apart while I was supposed to be studying for my Psych Final.

Good Tilly wanted to forget Tim, Bad Tilly was having a nuclear meltdown. I got so horny that I started fantasizing about just Tim's penis, like if I could carry it around with me in my purse and take it out for emergency fuck sessions. Once, while trying on bras in a Target dressing room, I imagined pulling it out of my bag, sucking it off, massaging its balls, and then fucking myself against the mirror until it came inside me. I was so wet I had to peel the disposable panty liner off my thighs. That was not good girl behavior.

I went to sleep that night in my old bed and woke up with my pillow crushed between my knees. I rubbed my clitoris in my sleep and then spent the next hour trying to get myself off. Unfortunately, I can't do it by myself. It's a mental block, courtesy of Good Tilly.

Bad Tilly wanted a fuck buddy, but all the men I knew were dogs. Except for my father. For nineteen years he was never anything but supportive, sweet, and embarrassingly sentimental. My big, loving teddy bear. Why couldn't more men be like him?

My daddy and I, we were always close. Then mom died and it was just the two of us. We clung to each other for comfort, though it was really daddy that needed the comforting. She'd been sick for so long and they'd been together since high school. He was lost. I took over cleaning the house and making dinner, making sure he was clean shaven and that his shirts were buttoned properly. Since he wasn't sleeping much, I made him turn breakfast into our morning routine. Routines were good. Taking care of him was my routine, and by focusing on daddy, I eventually made peace with my grief.

Eventually. During that emotional process, I learned that grief makes good girls do very bad things.

* * *

It happened while I was sleeping in daddy's bed.

I hadn't slept in my parents' bed for years, obviously, but after mom it was a comfort to be together. Sometimes I would snuggle up with daddy as he was drifting off, sometimes I slipped between the sheets in the middle of the night. This particular night I was spooning him. I had a chemise on but no bra, and it never occurred to me that this might be a problem. He was my father. It was late summer, just a week or two before I would head back to college for my sophomore year, and I wanted to spend every moment as close to daddy as I could.

I was pressed up against him, my breasts squashed into his back, just listening to him breathe. It was so relaxing that I was on the verge of drifting off...when he moaned. With a sudden grunt, he turned over in my arms and poked me!

"Oh!" I gasped. Daddy might have been snoring, but it was clear that not all of him was asleep.

I was more surprised than disgusted. I even thought it was kind of funny. My dad's penis slid right through the slit in his pajamas and glided over my chemise. When its smooth skin made contact with the silky material, the head leaped. And what a leap! My father was...big.

My father's a big man, tall, and it made sense that he'd be proportionally endowed. Even so, I could not restrain my curiosity. I pulled back the cover and stared at my father's manhood as it pressed against my stomach. My heart beat inside my chest and I looked up at him, my dad, still sleeping, and thrusting in his sleep. I saw his eyebrows crinkle and listened to him grunt. My father was humping in his sleep, humping my stomach. I giggled nervously. I knew I should wake him up or give him more space on the bed. But I was fascinated!

And sympathetic. I'd just started having sex that year and it quickly became a necessary part of my life. College was so stressful, and sex was the best and easiest way to relieve stress that I knew of. As I watched my father rub his cockhead into my tummy (rub so fiercely that the precum glistened in his slit), I couldn't be disgusted. I understood that men had needs, just like I did. I was surprised by how okay I was with that knowledge. Daddy was supposed to be different. I'd known him my whole life as my father and friend and the man who loved my mother. I'd never thought of him as sexy before. Then it struck me, all that he'd lost, not just his wife but his lover. I teared up thinking about my daddy suffering through the rest of his life without the woman he loved...

Then I felt his fat cock thrust into my belly again, harder, and his precum stained my chemise. I was suddenly very aware of my nipples, and how little clothing I was wearing. I was suddenly warm all over. I was suddenly sticky...

I thought of my mother, who was so demure and petite. I thought of the two of them, daddy and his lover, in this very bed, fucking. Could she actually fit his big thing inside her? I thought of my mother lying right where I was lying and wondered what she would do if daddy started humping her chemise. Was she the type to ignore it? Was she the type to wake him up? Was she the type to get turned on, like me?

When you're near sleep, logic doesn't work the same way. And when you've spent the last few weeks crying and napping in your father's bed, sliding closer to him so he can stroke his penis into your stomach doesn't seem as weird as it does in retrospect. I was horny, I was fascinated, I was seeing my father's erect penis for the first time. I loved him and knew he missed my mother. It would probably be a long time before he even considered seeing another woman. So why not let him...dream?

Seeing it was one thing, actually grasping the hot skin of his penis was something else entirely. I squeezed the shaft and let it glide between my palms. My father bucked his hips with greater vigor.

I squeezed my fingers closer together, trying to simulate my mother's petite vagina. Soon his precum was oozing over my palms. "You like that, daddy?" I whispered. Nevermind that it was my father, doing this to a sleeping man and watching his body just do its thing, without his brain attached, was a thrill for me.

I squeezed my legs together and rocked back and forth with his hips. The bed was shifting under us. His cock was so alive, its veins and pulsations pumping his girth bigger and bigger. Was I waiting for him to cum? I must have been. But he didn't stop thrusting, and I was getting hornier.

I wanted to straddle him. I wanted to pull down my panties and ride his big thing. But how could I do that? This was still my father and he would wake up and...and what? Would he stop me? My father had a full-blooded cock and it wanted something, badly. And I wanted to give it to him. I wanted to give him peace.

I let go of his cock to pull up my chemise. When he thrust again, the head of his cock slithered over my bare skin. My breasts jiggled with my shameless sigh of delight. "Daddy?" I whispered. He was still asleep!

I wanted to wake him. I wanted to take hold of his penis and put my finger to his lips, to nod to him and let him know we could do it, now, in the dead of night. I wanted him to know that I understood.