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One night I was out with my girls enjoying a much needed ladies night while wondering if one more dirty martini would push me over the edge. The next thing I knew, I was in the club’s bathroom listening to a woman screaming, “No,” and a man’s voice growling, “I know you want it.” That asshole picked the wrong restroom, in the wrong club, at the wrong time. Little did I know the asshole was Cade’s VP, and although we saved that woman from his clutches that night, she’d be found floating in a motel pool a month later. Running a PI firm is a lot harder than taking pictures for one, especially when your professional life spills over into your personal one. I’m going through cupcakes like our new puppy goes through piddle pads, and if I’m not careful there’s bound to be a Cupcake Overload. WARNING: THIS BOOK CONTAINS FOUL LANGUAGE, SEX, SOME VIOLENCE, AND SHENANIGANS. IF NONE OF THAT BOTHERS YOU, GRAB A CUPCAKE AND READ ON!

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Cupcake Overload

Copyright 2016 Bethany Lopez

Published September 2016


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Bonus Scene

Enjoy an Excerpt from Lei'd with Cupcakes


About the Author

ONE NIGHT I was out with my girls, enjoying a much-needed ladies’ night, while wondering if one more dirty martini would push me over the edge. The next thing I knew we were in the middle of a situation that no group of mostly drunk women should be in.

It started when Bea said she needed to use the restroom, which led to Amy May saying she was about to burst, and Carmen and I deciding we might as well all go, so we could head back out onto the dance floor as soon as possible.

It was just our luck that from the stall in the back we heard a woman screaming “No” and a man’s voice telling her, “I know you want it.”

That asshole picked the wrong restroom, in the wrong club, at the wrong time.

Little did I know he was Cade’s VP. And, although we saved her from his clutches that night, a month later, she’d be found floating in a motel pool . . . which would cause the first bit of adversity that Cade and I would have to face as a couple.

Well, that and Branson Braswell.

Who would have thought that I’d miss the days where my biggest problem was my cheating, douchebag ex?

Running a PI firm was a lot harder than taking pictures for one, especially when your professional life spilled over into your personal one. And dating an alpha male who rode a motorcycle and looked good doing it, wasn’t always sunshine and roses.

I was going through cupcakes like our new puppy went through piddle pads, and if I wasn’t careful there would be a Cupcake Overload.

“PEE BREAK,” AMY May called, tugging on my arm and pointing to where Bea and Carmen were already walking toward the restroom.

We were having a much-deserved ladies’ night, and after three dirty martinis, you couldn’t pull me off the dance floor. At the mention of the bathroom, however, I realized I really, really had to pee.

I nodded and let Amy May drag me after our friends.

“Hey,” I said, when some sweaty dude twerked his ass in my face, then gave him a playful shove out of the way as I laughed happily.

It had been a great night.

The craziest part of it all? Cade was home watching my kids.

Yup, you heard that right. My sexy, longhaired, semi-dangerous motorcycle man, was sitting at home with my eleven-year-old twins, eating brownies and watching superhero movies, while I was out with my girls having a blast.

If you had asked me a year ago if I thought this would be my life, I’d have said hell to the no. In all honestly, I’d never imagined life could be so good, at least now that everything that had gone down with my ex.

But here I was, out drinking with my friends, and giddy with the knowledge that when I got home later, tipsy and horny, there was a super-hot guy waiting to make my body sing like a symphony. And he was all mine!

“Long line,” Carmen explained when we caught up to them in the crowded hallway in the back of the bar.

“There’s no line in the men’s; let’s just go in there,” Bea suggested. Without waiting for us to agree, she pushed open the door and we all followed her inside.

I looked around, partially fascinated and fully disgusted.

“It stinks,” I said, trying to whisper, but failing.

Just then, we heard a commotion, and Bea held up her finger to her lips, then did some kind of motion with her hands toward the back of the stall.

Bea was a cop, but the rest of us were not, so we all stood there staring at her, with no idea what the hell she was trying to say.

She rolled her eyes, then moved soundlessly toward the back of the restroom.

Once we got closer, we could make out two voices in the closed stall.

“No,” a female voice pleaded. “Please, don’t.”

“I know you want it,” a gruff male voice returned. “You were practically eye fucking me at the bar.”

“No,” she said again, and I could tell by the look of pure rage that crossed Bea’s face, we were about to come to this girl’s aide.

Was it the brightest idea? Maybe not. Four mostly drunk women, of all varying sizes and occupations, busting in on what seemed to be a rape in progress, may not have been the greatest play. We could have gone and grabbed one of the many huge bouncers who monitored the club, but, since Bea was a cop, and not one to back down from anything, I knew we were going in.

Bea caught my eye and gave one sharp nod. I barely noticed the look of worry that Amy May and Carmen shared, because the next thing we knew, our petite friend had raised her leg and kicked the door in.

As if we’d practiced it a million times, we all entered the handicap stall and formed a U, blocking the exit.

Two heads swung toward us, and I had a second to take in the situation.

The girl was young, maybe early twenties, with a blonde bob and a cute little red dress. She looked like the kind of girl who came out to let off steam with her boyfriend, not the kind of girl to be having bathroom sex with the grungy-looking dude who was currently palming her ass.

To say the man looked rough was an understatement.

Long, greasy hair, a full, untamed beard, and clothes that hadn’t seen a washer in days. This guy was not the yin to her yang. He was more like the Billy Bob Thornton to her Angelina Jolie.

In other words, fucking gross!

“Get the fuck out of here,” grizzly man growled after the shock of being cock blocked by a group of women wore off.

The girl just looked at us with wide eyes, her cheeks red from embarrassment.

“Well, what do we have here?” Bea began, her voice cool and calm. “Looks like another small-dick man trying to force a woman to do something she doesn’t want to do.”

“Yeah,” Carmen agreed, her face angrier than I’d ever seen it. She was usually pretty happy and full of pep, but right now, she was downright pissed. “What is it about men that makes them think that no means yes? Is there some sort of filter in their head that changes the definition of certain words?”

“Or, what about when you’re asleep, and they take that as consent?” Amy May added. “Like they don’t realize that if a woman isn’t able to say she wants their hands on her, then they shouldn’t put them on her.”

“Or,” I added, crossing my hands over my chest and glaring at the snarling beast in front of us. “When they think that just because you dress up to go out to a club, and enjoy dancing, that you’re begging to get laid. Or, as you so eloquently put it, eye fucking men just by looking at them.”

“I don’t know who you bitches think you are, but you’d better get the fuck out of here,” grizzly beard snarled.

“I work for the local paper, and I’m thinking about writing an investigative piece about assholes who think they can take advantage of women in local bars,” Carmen said haughtily.

“I’m a baker who makes the best desserts in town, and you are forever banned from my establishment,” Amy May said, causing me to smile.

“I’m a woman who’s been wronged by an asshole like you, and I have to say, I’m itching to kick your ass,” I said, baring my teeth while I grinned somewhat crazily.

“And I’m a fucking cop,” Bea put in, taking a step closer to the couple. “And I’m praying to God that you’re going to press charges.”

She held out a hand to the girl who was still in Black Beard’s clutches.

“Oh, no, no,” the girl replied, stepping around the man to take Bea’s hand and be pulled safely out of the way. “Please, I just want to go. I don’t want any trouble.”

The girl skirted through us and out the door, leaving us in a full-out stare down with the asshole in front of us.

“Get the fuck out of here, and hope I never see any of you bitches again,” he sneered.

“Oh, I’ll be keeping my eye on you,” Bea promised. “You’d better make sure all of your future conquests actually want your greasy paws on them, or I’ll be there to take your ass in.”

“They all want it, dyke,” he said nastily, causing me to step forward with my fists clenched tight. Amy May put her hands around my waist and pulled me back, pushing me out of the stall and across the bathroom.

“C’mon, let’s go,” Carmen said from behind us, and I knew she was trying to get Bea out.

Amy May and I waited in the hall for a few moments, then Carmen and Bea finally came out.

“I don’t feel much like dancing anymore,” Carmen said, once we were all together again.

“Yeah, we should probably call it a night,” Bea replied, her eyes darting back to the men’s room door, as if she were waiting for him to follow us out and start something again.

“Okay,” Amy May agreed. “You want to share a cab?”

“Yeah,” I replied, then placed my hand on my stomach and pleaded, “But can you give me a few minutes? I still really have to pee.”

“HEL-LO,” I CALLED out as I tried unsuccessfully to navigate my way through my dark apartment.

“Ow!” I cried when my knee hit the corner of an end table. “Shit.”

I nearly cried out with relief when I saw the light peaking out beneath my bedroom door, like a beacon to what I’d been waiting for all night.

Swinging the door open and leaning against the doorjamb in my best sexy pose, I smiled seductively as I surveyed the room, then my smile slipped and I muttered, “Hey,” when I saw Cade sitting on my bed. He was fully clothed, back against the headboard, legs crossed at the ankles, as he watched something on the TV.

“You’re not naked,” I complained as I pushed off the door and stumbled into the room.

Cade’s dark eyes were on me, a small grin playing on his lips as he watched me.

“Why aren’t you naked?” I asked, placing my hands on my hips and giving my best stern expression. “That’s all I’ve been thinking about all night.”

Cade chuckled, swung his legs over the side of the bed, and stood up to his full height.

“Gosh, you sure are tall . . . and sexy. Sexy, tall.” I didn’t really know what I was saying, nor did I care, I just wanted his clothes on the floor and my lips on his flesh.

I frowned when Cade walked passed me.

Turning as quickly as I could manage without toppling over, I spun and saw him shut the door, lock it, then lean against it.

“When you cross your arms like that, your biceps look huge,” I mused, thinking I’d like to bite him.

“Come here,” Cade replied, doing that crook of the finger thing that somehow managed to make my already turned-on body throb in anticipation.

“You didn’t answer my question,” I argued, standing my ground for some stupid reason. “Why weren’t you waiting in bed naked for me, like my fantasy said you would?”

“Lila,” Cade said patiently, causing my eyes to dart to his lips. “I was here watching your kids. Alone. No way in hell would I do that with my clothes off, even if they are asleep, which I highly doubt they are.”

“Huh,” I replied, not having thought of that at all. “Good point.”

Satisfied with his answer, but still needing to see the smooth, tan expanse of his flesh, I crossed the room to him, placed my hands on his chest, and moved them up toward the back of his neck. I may have stopped to pinch his nipples on the way up, but I’m sure he didn’t notice.

“Thanks for that,” I amended, tilting my head back to look up into his gorgeous face. “Now, I’m home, so you’re no longer alone with my kids. Strip,” I demanded.

I felt the deep rumble of his chuckle against my breasts, and I swear, just that small touch had me tingling from head to toe.

The tingles turned to crackles of lightning when his large hands hit my thighs and began moving up under my skirt. When his hot fingers hit the back of my panties, I fought the urge to thrust forward and hump his meaty thigh.

“I like this skirt,” Cade rumbled, his words hot against my throat as he bent his head to nuzzle me there.

“I’ve got two more,” I muttered, vowing to wear them every day as I freed his hair from its ponytail and sifted my fingers through it.

One hand stayed on my ass, while the other moved forward, going under my tank top to fondle my breast over my demi-cup bra.

“This shirt’s pretty fucking great too,” he said, but I was too busy focusing on the way his hands were making me feel to let them really penetrate.

After finally going to the bathroom, Amy May and I had downed two more shots, needing something to take the edge off of our nerves after the bathroom incident. I’d meant to tell Cade about it once I got home, but on the ride home, all I could think about was this, so, yeah . . . it sort of slipped my mind.

“Um,” I said breathlessly, already feeling like I was ready to come at any moment. “If we’re handing out compliments, I’ve gotta say, I really love your cock.” I pushed back slightly and lowered my hands. “In fact, I’d like it even more if it was in my mouth right now.”

Cade’s eyes turned molten and he ran his thumbs over my lips.

“Be my guest,” he said gruffly.

I got his zipper down and shoved his pants off his hips and to the floor in record time, then sunk to my knees, eager to get this party started.

I had the perfect cocktail of martinis, vodka, adrenaline, and lust running through my veins, and the sound of Cade’s satisfied grunts always drove me wild, so as soon as my mouth sucked in the tip of his cock, my fingers hit my clit, and I went to town on both of us.

“Christ,” I heard Cade groan from above me as I licked, sucked, pumped, and moaned.

Who knew I was so talented?

Being with Cade over the last few months had been an eye-opening and ever-learning experience. He showed me things I’d never tried before, and allowed me to experiment whenever there was something I wanted to do. It was an “anything goes” type of relationship, and I loved it. I’d never known sex could be like this, or that men like Cade existed.

I cupped his balls with my free hand, and was so caught up in what I was doing that it took me a minute before I realized Cade was taking over.

One second I had a mouth and two hands full, and the next I was bent over the side of my bed and Cade was slamming inside of me.

“Yes!” I cried when he filled me.

He pulled out and pushed back in, over and over, his balls slapping against my skin as he fucked me from behind. The feel of him inside of me, coupled with his thumb on my clit, had me coming almost instantly. And I was just drunk enough, and revved enough, that it lasted a good, long time.

I was still crying out when I felt him tense behind me, his hand on my back as he bent low and bit me lightly on the shoulder.

My body hummed, and without scooting up on the bed, or even pushing my hastily lowered panties onto the floor, I promptly passed out.

THE SMELL OF coffee wafting under my nose had me struggling to break out of sleep and open my eyes. When I opened them to see Cade, showered and looking fine with his hair pulled back and already dressed for the day, I smiled.

“Morning,” I murmured as I stretched, then sat up and reached greedily for the mug he was holding out.

“Morning, darlin’,” he replied, leaning down to kiss me on the forehead before standing back up and gesturing toward the door. “Kids are up and dressed. They’re fighting over who has to make breakfast, but other than that, they’re ready to go. I gotta run . . . You at the house later?”

A few months ago, I’d been shocked to learn that my old boss Moose had left all of his worldly possessions to me. We’d been kidnapped, drugged, and tortured by members of a Mexican drug cartel, and Moose had lost his life.

Now, I was not only the proud owner of his PI business, a beat-up old Cavalier, and some random high school trophies, but he’d left me his house as well.

At first I’d planned to go through everything, donate what I could, and sell the house, but once Cade had gone over there with me, and seen it’s potential, I’d decided to keep it.

My kids and I had been in an apartment for over a year, and it was fine, but we missed having a home of our own. With a yard, and room to get away from each other when we needed space.

I’d spent the last four months cleaning up and doing minor renovations. It was now almost ready for us to move into it, and I couldn’t wait.

“Yeah, after I go by Amy May’s.”

“Of course,” Cade replied with a sexy grin. He knew my penchant for sweets, and understood that I couldn’t perform manual labor without a few cupcakes nearby. “I’ll meet you over there later, yeah? Finish up the porch.”

“Thanks,” I said, pushing back the covers with one hand so I could rise and thank him properly.

Without hesitation, Cade swept me up in his arms, mindful of my mug, and his mouth descended on mine. My lips parted and I welcomed him happily. There was no better way to start the day. Not even coffee jolted my system like a lip lock with my hot Hawaiian lover.

He broke away, dropping one last kiss on my lips before leaving me with a wink and a smile.

I stood there for a moment, enjoying the thrill running through me as I watched his ass while he walked away.

I strolled out of my room just in time to see Elin and Elena grabbing their backpacks, bagels in hand, and heading for the door.

“Have a good day at school,” I called, causing them to pause and turn toward me. “Love you guys.”

“Love you too, Mom,” Elena replied.

“Yeah, me too,” Elin said, then added, “And don’t forget to look for puppies.”

I rolled my eyes, but they were already out the door.

Ever since they’d found out we would be moving into Moose’s house, they’d both been hounding me to get a dog. They loved Rufus, Cade’s black lab, but were dying to have a puppy of their own, full time.

I knew I was going to get them one, I just hated the thought of training a puppy and having to deal with piss and shit all over the house. Still, I knew once we got passed the training stage, a dog would be a great companion for us all.

I walked into the kitchen to rinse out my empty cup, noted that it was clean and the dishes were done, and thought again how grateful I was to have Cade in my life. For a motorcycle badass who’d never been in a relationship or had kids, he was great to have around. Utterly thoughtful and totally helpful.

Shit, my ex had never done have the things that Cade did while we were his family, and because of that, I knew I’d never take Cade for granted.

I was one lucky woman.

Once I was showered and dressed, I locked up our apartment and headed into town to Amy May’s.

We lived in The Heights, on the outskirts of Greenswood, which is where Amy May’s, Moose’s, and just about every other business nearby was . . . which was just one of the other reasons I was happy to be moving.

“Hey,” Amy May said in greeting when I opened the door to her bakery. “How are you feeling this morning?”

I groaned at my friend, who looked fresh as a daisy this morning, even though I knew she drank as much as I did last night.

“Not one hundred percent yet,” I moaned dramatically as I sat on the stool in front of her.

“I have just the thing,” she said with a sunny grin that made me hate her just a little.

Then she placed a pretty blue and white plate with a decadent-looking cupcake right in front of me.

“Is that a chocolate-covered pretzel?” I asked on a groan.

“Chocolate cake filled with fudge, topped with peanut butter whipped frosting, and a chocolate-covered pretzel,” Amy May announced.

“Sweet baby Jesus,” I said reverently as I gently peeled the cupcake wrapper, mouth watering. “You’re a goddess.”

“That’s what they all say,” she replied with a laugh, but I was too busy devouring the cupcake to notice.

I PUT THE finishing touches on the new pretty blue walls of the kitchen, placed the brush back in the tray, and looked around my new, updated kitchen with a happy sigh.

The inside was done, and honestly, it looked like a totally different house.

Moose had never been neat, or clean for that matter, and he’d lived in clutter. When we’d first walked through after deciding to keep it, the work had seemed overwhelming. I’d almost broken down, thinking I’d made the wrong decision. Four months later, I was ecstatic.