Cuckolds, Cheating Wives, And Husband Humiliation MEGA Bundle - Isabella Tropez - ebook

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Cuckolds, Cheating Wives, And Husband Humiliation Mega Bundle

Isabella Tropez

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Table of Contents

Violated By The Builders

My Hotwife The Teacher

My Wife The Office Whore

Bullied Into My Wife’s Bed

Cuckolded By My Boss And Best Friend

While My Husband Watches

Violated By The Gangsters

My Wife The Slutty Rap Groupie

Husband Humiliation And Chastity

Watching My Boss Stretch Out My Wife

Watching My Wife Get Reamed By My Childhood Bully

Dominated By My Husband’s Billionaire Cowboy Boss

Impregnated By The BBC While My Husband Watches

Making My Husband Watch

Paying My Husband’s Debt

My Secret Interracial Baby

Cheating With My BIG Boss

Violated By The Builders

Isabella Tropez

For Mark and Kelsey’s tenth wedding anniversary, they had decided to renovate their house. It wasn’t the most exciting of anniversaries, that was for sure. But their house needed repairs, and they were coming to the age where fun and desire wasn’t practical. They were not made of money, and needed to be frugal with how they spent it. To redo their kitchen at all was a luxury that they debated for a long while. They had hired an affordable contractor, Joe Capella, and his apprentice, Bobby Freeman. They were capable workers, and had been working on their kitchen for about two weeks. Joe was a middle-aged Italian man, with thick black hair and dark, warm eyes. His muscles burst from his shirts, and he had not let the years sag on his body. He was virile, strong, and powerful. Bobby, on the other hand, was a massive African-American man.  He was even taller than Mark, and somehow managed to make even Joe look small. He oozed masculinity from his every pore. Today was to be the last day of construction and remodeling, as the two men were finally done with the project. Of course, that meant that they needed to be paid for their services now.  Mark didn’t want to think about that. Of course, he would pay them. But he didn’t have to be happy about it.

Joe and Bobby were good men, but extremely flirty with his wife Kelsey. She was without a doubt absolutely gorgeous. Just the thought of her long, curly brown hair, and her toned legs got him hard. One look of her brown eyes had a man hooked, and addicted to her. He still questioned what kind of dumb luck had driven her to marry him. He wasn’t so bad looking himself though. He was tall, about six feet three inches tall, with deep, dark red hair and blue eyes. He loved his wife more than anything in the world, but the fact that his contractors were flirting with his wife didn’t bother him. Now, to most men, flirting would be a terminable offense. But not for Mark. Because Mark had a secret fantasy, one which he had never told anybody. He wanted desperately to watch his beloved wife get fucked hard by another man. He wouldn’t care who the other man was, he just wanted to watch. It got him rock hard just thinking about Kelsey taking Joe’s cock in her tight, wet pussy. He groaned at the thought. It was too impossible. Kelsey would be furious at him for even thinking about it, let alone wanting to act on it. But Mark couldn’t help but think about it.

Mark and Kelsey had been married for ten loving years. Well, that was what they were supposed to call them at least. They had met in college, both of them attending one of the rowdiest colleges in the state of California. They met at a party, where after way too much to drink, they had the most mind-blowing sex of their lives to date. It was so incredible, they remembered it the next day. Mark was addicted to Kelsey, and couldn’t get enough of her. He wanted her to be his, and to taste her every day. She was less sure of Mark. He was a good fuck, but she wasn’t ready to settle down. She was the wild child, the girl with no shame, no regret. She lived her life to the fullest. But Mark was not easily discouraged. He persisted, and persisted. Kelsey screwed him often, and Mark loved it. Any guy would. But he wanted more from her, and even he could not explain why. Finally, she relented, and they began to date. It was fireworks from the get-go. They got along fantastically, and the sex was better than any porn ever could be.

Kelsey was the party girl, who drove Mark out of his comfort zone, and introduced him to many new things. He had to go out of his shell, and he loved it. In return, he grounded her, and led her away from the destructive side of partying. They balanced each other out perfectly. They helped each other grow, and would certainly not be the same people if they had never met each other, and began to date. It was meant to be. Once they graduated college, Mark decided that he was ready to pop the question. They were married in the summer after graduation, and have been together ever since. Things were not always peaches and cream, however. After several years of marriage, Kelsey began to get restless. The natural party girl in her could not settle down, and she quickly became bored with their newly domesticated life. Their sex life began to mellow out, never dying, but losing the special spark they had in college. The closer to ten years they got, the more that Kelsey became dissatisfied with their life. And Mark couldn’t help but agree. They had become the couple that gets a new kitchen for their anniversary. He didn’t know where they had gone wrong.

He heard her laugh from in the kitchen, probably due to some joke from Joe or Bobby. He couldn’t help but imagine her on her knees, as Bobby thrust his big, black dick deep down her throat. His own cock throbbed painfully in his pants, reminding him of the futility of his dreaming. He knew that he had to do something to spice up their sex life. It had grown so stale, it was bound to expire soon. We desperately wanted to work things out with her. He did love her. But he loved the picture he had of her impaled on Joe’s cock just as much. He grabbed at his cock, almost willing to pull it out and jack off. But it wouldn’t do anything for him. He walked into the kitchen to find Kelsey leaning over the counter suggestively, barreling her cleavage to Bobby, who had a very prominent boner in his pants. Mark almost groaned aloud. All Bobby had to do was reach across the counter, and bury his head in Kelsey’s bountiful breasts.

Mark tried to understand why he had such an unusual fantasy. He thought it was because he didn’t want to be the controlling, powerful, strong, dominating man all the time. He wanted to give that control to someone else, to give his power over Kelsey to another man, and watch them use it. He wanted to watch her dominated, rather than dominate her. And he knew that he was not satisfying her anymore. She wanted something with more excitement, and daring. Monogamy was not made for her, but she didn’t know how to get out of it. “Hey Mark, you keep slacking on payments, we just might take Kelsey instead,” Joe laughed as he worked on the cabinets. Mark looked to Kelsey, whose eyes lit up instantly. Was he imagining it, or was she actually excited by that idea? He had to be imagining it. Kelsey covered up the awkward silence by laughing, and Mark followed suit. Mark had no doubt that Joe and Bobby would fuck Kelsey in a heartbeat if they knew that they would. Bobby’s boner was almost permanent around her, and Joe was always making offhand comments about her sexy appearance. They were addicted, just as much as Mark had been all those years ago.

Joe was an affordable contractor, who had started his career in New Jersey. He still held onto some of that harsh Jersey attitude. He called it like he saw it, and didn’t believe in holding back his opinion, even in front of a client. Mark respected him for that, even if it drove him insane at times. Joe had questioned many of Mark’s choices, openly and without filtering it. He was a complete horny bastard, unable to talk to or about Kelsey without talking about how hard her tits got his cock, or where in her he’d like to stick his cock. It only furthered Mark’s cuckold fantasies, making his life harder, in more ways than one. Mark was by no means attracted to Joe, but his innate masculinity led him to daydream about his abilities to fuck the dissatisfaction right out of Kelsey. He was too manly not to have the sexual abilities Kelsey required.

Bobby, on the other hand, was much quieter. But he was the physically stronger of the two. His muscles could not be contained, and he often wore sleeveless shirts to work. His muscles ripped everything that he put on, no matter how big a size he wore. He was definitely well endowed as a man, as his erection was always battling with the strain of his pants. More than once, Mark had caught Kelsey staring hungrily at Bobby’s dick. He knew that she would never make the decision to fuck Bobby, but he also knew that she wanted to. He would let her, if he could watch. But someone he didn’t think that would be the same to her. Bobby didn’t talk much, but did most of the manual labor in the kitchen. He did all of the heavy lifting. But he was getting paid well, and got to look at Kelsey all day. He was also very eager to please Joe, and would do whatever it took to get into his good graces and keep his job.

A stark, shrill ring from the bedroom woke Mark from his internal reveries. He turned to see Kelsey heading into the bedroom to answer the phone. He watched the men in the kitchen follow her ass out of the room. They didn’t mind much if Mark saw or not. It was their last day here anyways. Mark walked down the hall to follow Kelsey into their bedroom, and saw her sitting on the bed with her head in her hands, still on the phone. “And there is nothing else that we can do? It will cost that much no matter what?” she asked into the phone. She looked pale, and afraid. Mark sat down next to her and placed his hand on her knee in support. She placed her hand on top of his while she finished the phone call. He didn’t know what she could be hearing that would elicit such a reaction.

“Okay, thank you very much. We will be in touch.” She hung up the phone, and hung her head on Mark’s shoulder. He wrapped his arm around her, and held her close. “What is going on?” he asked. “The mechanic. The car needs a complete overhaul, and it’ll cost us most everything that we have in the accounts. I don’t know he already took the money out of our account. Mark,” she pleaded, looking up at him. “I don’t know how we are going to pay Joe and Bobby. We don’t have the money.” She sobbed a little bit, before getting a hold of herself. “They already did the work, and they have to be paid. But how can we pay them?” Mark was dumbfounded. He thought the car would be an easy fix, not cost them an arm and a leg. She tightened his grip on Kelsey, hoping it would convey what he could not convey in words. “It will be alright, we’ll figure something out,” he said. “How Mark? We have no money!” she yelled. “Keep your voice down, you don’t want them to hear you!” he barked at her. “I’m sorry,” she pleaded, “I just don’t know what we are going to do.”

He hated seeing her this worried, but he was just as worried about the situation. Joe and Bobby had already done the work, and they had to be paid. There was no way around that. And Mark couldn’t think of a single way for them to come up with the money by the end of the day. They had no savings, and no extra cash to speak of. “I know, I know honey.” He racked his brain for a solution. Only one came to mind, but he didn’t think that she would appreciate it. He knew that the men would gladly take her body as payment for their services. It didn’t hurt that he also wanted to watch that interaction.

“What is it?” she asked him. “Did you think of something?” He looked at her, unsure of how to continue. If he told her what he was really thinking, she would be furious. It would damage their relationship forever. But he didn’t know if he could hold it in. Their current situation had driven him to the point of desperation, and his boner was painfully erect in his pants. He wanted this more than he should. He looked away from her, trying to buy more time. “Mark, what are you thinking? Talk to me,” she begged. “I don’t know what to say,” he finally spit out after some moments of silence. “I think you know what you want to say,” she said. He looked back into her face, trying to read her. He didn’t know what she could have meant, and he didn’t know how she would react to his current proposition. “Kelsey,” he began, but was unable to continue. “Honey, I think I know a way that they would excuse our bill,” he finally spat out. “And what way is that?” she asked. “Well, if we offered” He looked at her face, again trying to read what lay behind her expression. He gripped her leg, trying to squeeze a reaction out of her.

Her face was unreadable, but he didn’t have to wait long for an answer. “Okay,” she said finally. He looked at her confused, making sure that he had heard her properly. “You’re not the only one with fantasies, Mark.” she answered. “I see the way you watch me with Joe and Bobby. It’s not hard to read your expression. You think I haven’t seen your disgusting search history as well?” He felt his face turn red. “And what exactly do you think is my fantasy?” he asked. She placed her hand over his dick, and looked him in the eyes. This was the Kelsey he knew in college. “I know you want to watch Joe and Bobby fuck my brains out. It turns you on to think of their cocks inside of me, doesn’t it?” He would have been surprised, if her grip on his cock hadn’t felt so good. “You want to fuck them?” he asked. “I love fucking you Mark, but I want to fuck them,” she said bluntly. “Alright,” he said. “Let’s do this.”


“Joe, Bobby, can we talk to you about something really quick,” Mark asked when they got back into the room. “Yeah, what’s up?” Joe replied, putting down his tools and walking into the living room. Bobby silently followed suit as usual. They sat down on the couch, looking expectantly at Mark and Kelsey. “I have a strange request guys,” Mark began. “We had some unexpected expenses come our way just now, and it’s going to cost a lot of money. We won’t have any money to pay you guys.” “What the fuck man?” Joe shouted, standing up. “We already did the work!” “Sit down, please,” Kelsey pleaded. “We have an alternate means of payment, if you should accept,” she continued. “And what is that?” Bobby’s deep voice grumbled. “Me,” Kelsey plainly stated. Mark watched the flabbergasted looks on their faces. “What do you mean?” Joe asked, his anger quickly dissipated. “I mean, that you can fuck me, and our bill will be paid.” “Just Joe?” Bobby quickly asked. Kelsey looked him up and down, and answered, “No, the both of you. Together.” The men looked as if they had already made up their minds, but looked to Mark for any kind of guidance. “You are okay with this?” Joe asked Mark. “I only ask that I watch,” Mark replied. Joe and Bobby looked at Mark and Kelsey, then at each other. “You guys are kinky, aren’t ya?” Joe laughed. “We accept your payment.”

Kelsey stood up and walked over to the couch, sitting between the two men. She stroked their cocks through their jeans, licking her lips. Bobby pulls her face to his, and begins to passionately make out with him. Mark can see her close her eyes, thoroughly enjoying the new taste. Joe unbuttoned Kelsey’s top, kissing down her breasts as he did so. He took off her shirt, and threw it in Mark’s direction. Joe then unclipped Kelsey’s bra, and began to suck her breasts into his mouth. Kelsey broke from her kiss with Bobby, moaning into his mouth. Mark’s cock throbbed painfully against his jeans, so his unzipped them, and rubbed his cock through the fabric of his briefs. He wanted to make this last, and not get too excited too quickly.

Joe continued to suckle Kelsey’s breasts while he unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts. He picked her butt up off the couch, and shimmied the shorts off of her. Bobby continued to kiss Kelsey, but his hand roamed onto her remaining breast, squeezing and pinching it. Mark squeezed his own cock hard, feeling it harden even further as he watched the men fondle her breasts. Joe tore the panties off of Kelsey’s body, throwing them in Mark’s lap. Kelsey looked at Mark while Bobby’s hand snuck down her chest, burying itself inside of Kelsey’s pussy. She moaned as she kept her eye contact with Mark, desire flooding into her eyes. Mark picked up her discarded panties, and pressed them to his face. He smelled her desire on them, wet and sweet. Kelsey rode Bobby’s hand with reckless abandon, as she made out with Joe. Joe’s hands were roaming her body, pinching her clit. Kelsey moaned aloud, and Mark began to stroke his cock.

Joe took his shirt off, throwing it to the side, while Kelsey unbuckled his pants. Bobby took his own shirt off while Kelsey was distracted, and unbuckled his pants. Both men stood up to pull their pants off, and Kelsey ran her hands over each of their boxers, gripping their cocks. She got on her knees, and pulled Joe’s boxers off. She gasped and looked up at Joe as his long, thick cock sprang out at her face. She gripped his cock hard, and began to stroke it with one hand. With the other hand, she pulled down Bobby’s boxers, his erection hitting her in the face. She gripped his cock and began to stroke it as well. Both men placed their hands on their hips, enjoying the attention their cocks were receiving.

Kelsey took Joe’s cock into her mouth, sucking the tip into her mouth. Joe groaned and arched his body into her mouth. She took the whole of his cock into her mouth, and Mark heard her gagging on its length. Joe relented a little bit, pulling out, but Kelsey was having none of that, and shoved him back in. She continued to pump Bobby’s big, black dick, and Bobby began to thrust into her hand. Joe also began to thrust in and out of her mouth, and Kelsey took it like a champ. Mark realized he was furiously stroking his own cock, and he slowed down. This was better than he had ever imagined it could be, and he wanted to enjoy all of it. He needed to pace himself.

Kelsey took Joe’s cock out of her mouth, and replaced it with Bobby’s. She took Joe’s cock into her hand, pumping hard and fast. Mark watched as Bobby’s disappeared into Kelsey’s mouth, slowly at first, but Bobby began to lose control, and pumped faster into her mouth. His balls slapped her chin as he went deep throat, and Kelsey reached up and squeezed them forcefully. Bobby moaned into the room, throwing his head back as he continued to fuck her mouth. Joe looked at Mark, smiling, as he continued to thrust his cock into Kelsey’s hand. “You like that, you little whore?” he asked Kelsey, grabbing her hair and pushing her head on and off Bobby’s dick. Kelsey didn’t answer, but retook Joe’s cock into her mouth, sucking it deep down her throat. Joe grunted as she held his cock, and squeezed his balls hard. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and looked up at him. “How about that?” she asked. She took his cock again, and Bobby got on the ground, and laid underneath Kelsey’s body.

He held her body above his mouth, and began to tease her. He kissed her inner thighs and Mark say Kelsey’s body jerk in reaction. She moved her hips closer to his mouth, but he wasn’t done teasing her. He rubbed her pussy, and stuck his fingers in his mouth. Kelsey closed her eyes as she continued to take Joe’s cock in her mouth. Finally, Bobby reached his face up, and licked her pussy. He devoured her folds, slurping up all of her juices. He shook his head around her pussy, and Mark heard Kelsey moan into Joe’s cock. Joe grabbed Kelsey’s luscious curls, and bobbed her head up and down his cock. He made her take him deep, and the while Bobby continued to lick and suck her pussy. She moaned loudly, holding tightly to Joe’s muscular thighs. Bobby sucked her clit into his mouth while reaching a hand up, and sticking a finger into her pussy. As he continued this. Kelsey was more and more turned on, and began to bounce up and down his finger. Bobby matched her thrusts with his mouth and his hand, letting her ride him hard. Mark saw that Bobby’s erection stood tall as he lay on the ground, rock hard. Mark pressed Kelsey’s panties into her face once more, knowing the mesmerizing smell of her hot desire.

Joe pulled out of Kelsey’s mouth, and took her off of Bobby’s mouth and finger. Joe was authoritative, and took what he wanted, without regard to anyone else around him. Bobby stood up and sat in the arm of the couch. Joe kissed Kelsey, grabbing her body, and pulling her closer to him. He was so strong, and demanding; Kelsey didn’t resist him at all. He pulled her up, and she wrapped her legs around his body. Joe sat her down on Bobby’s lap. Mark saw Bobby’s cock lean against Kelsey’s back, while Joe plunged his long cock into her core. Kelsey moaned deeply and loudly, and Joe began a fast paced rhythm into her core. Bobby reached around Kelsey’s body and grabbed her breasts, kissing her neck as he did so. Kelsey wrapped her legs tightly around Joe, willing him deeper inside of her. Mark’s cock was slick with pre-cum, and he licked his lips watching Kelsey lose herself with these men.

Joe grabbed her face and made her look at him. “You like that, huh?” he asked as he continued to pound into her. She nodded her head yes. “You like your husband to watch?” he asked again. Both Joe and Kelsey looked at Mark, ravenous hunger in their eyes. She nodded her head vigorously yes, arching her body into Joe as she did so. She bit her lower lip as she took Joe’s cock, maintaining eye contact with Mark the whole time. Mark felt like he could burst then and there, watching her tease him with Joe. Bobby reached in front of Kelsey, and began to rub her clit between Joe’s thrusts. Kelsey yelled into the room, as she came hard. Mark recognized the way her body twitched and jerked as she rode out her orgasm. She had never looked more beautiful.

Joe made several more furious thrusts into Kelsey, letting her complete her orgasm. Mark himself continued to pump his cock, reveling in the way their bodies mingled together. Joe finally pulled out of Kelsey, and looked at Bobby. “Your turn, big man,” he said with a slap on the back. Kelsey got on all fours on the seat of the couch, opening her mouth for Joe’s cock, and spreading her legs wide for Bobby’s dick. Joe wasted no time in shoving his cock down her throat, and Mark groaned as he heard Kelsey gagging at the effort. Bobby licked his hand and stroked his cock, lubing it up for his own conquest. With one violent thrust, he entered Kelsey. Her entire body bounded forward, forcing Joe’s dick impossibly deeper into her mouth.

Bobby’s cock barely fit inside of her soaking pussy, and it took some effort to stretch her wide enough to fit him. Kelsey cried out, in pleasure or pain, maybe both. Her eyes glazed over as she took both men. Once Bobby’s cock made space inside of Kelsey, he skipped the slow thrusts, and went straight into wild, hard, and fast. He grunted as he took her wholeheartedly, and Kelsey’s body was spit-roasted between the men. Bobby spanked her ass, leaving an imprint. Kelsey pushed her body back into Bobby, forcing his dick deeper inside of her. “How does that feel, eh?” Joe asked Bobby. “She’s fucking tight and wet. Her husband can’t fuck her properly, so we’ll loosen her up,” he laughed. Bobby laughed with him as he gripped her hips hard.

Joe pumped fast into her mouth, before finally pulling out of her. “Bobby, wait,” Joe said. Bobby pulled out of Kelsey, and waited for Joe to give him further instruction. Joe pulled Kelsey onto the arm of the couch, and spread her legs wide. Joe gestured for Bobby to come and join him. Both men palmed their massive lengths, keeping it hard for their conquest of Kelsey’s pussy. Joe plunged his cock into her pussy, grunting with the effort. Bobby followed suit, pressing his own cock into her pussy alongside Joe’s. Kelsey screamed out into the room, as her pussy was stretched wider and wider. Both men began to pump in and out of her, rubbing together, and bringing Kelsey to the point of insanity. Mark couldn’t believe that she could take both men together like that, but he loved it. He watched as she reached between them, and rubbing their cocks as they went in and out of her. He cries of pain escalated into screams of ecstasy, and she was brought to orgasm once again. She arched her back, taking the men deep as she rode out her orgasm. Mark watched, mesmerized, as she continued to fit both girthy men into her tight pussy. They worked in tandem of each other, each one learning their place in the threesome.

Mark felt his orgasm building; the familiar tingling in this balls alerting him. But he willed it away, wanting to last through the completion of the threesome. Kelsey’s moans grew louder, until they became full-fledged yells. Her orgasm lingered, sending her into a wild frenzy. The men grunted and groaned under their own euphoria, and together the sounds of their pleasure tested Mark’s willpower to hold his orgasm. Kelsey reached rubbed her pussy as the men continued to drive into her, and Mark thought that they would tear her in half, with their strength and brutality. “Fuck, she’s still so fucking tight,” Bobby groaned out to nobody in particular. It was the first time that Mark had heard him speak, his rough, masculine voice only sweetening the echoing combination of their grunts and groans.

Bobby suddenly pulled out of her, stroking his cock. His face was contorted in pleasure as he focused his attention to Kelsey. She reached and grabbed his cock, stroking it while she continued to take Joe’s cock. Bobby grunted as he came hard all over Kelsey’s breasts. “Fuck,” he sighed as she squeezed the last drop of cum out of his cock. She ran her fingers over the cum on her chest, and licked it off of her fingers. She looked so sexy, licking every last drop off of her fingers. Bobby bent down and kissed her hard, tasting himself on her lips. Mark was close to bursting, and he furious stroked his cock. Bobby sat down and watched as Joe continued to pound his cock deep into her pussy. “Atta boy, Bobby,” he laughed. He picked her up, keeping his pace in her pussy, and walked her over, just in front of Mark. “Is this what you want to see, huh?” Joe asked Mark, making a show of kissing Kelsey’s breasts, and pumping quickly into her pussy. Mark replied by leaning back waiting for his cock to explode.

Joe quickly pulled Kelsey off of his cock, pushing her down on her hands and knees. Kelsey took him in her mouth, bobbing her up and down his length. Joe moaned as he cum inside of her Kelsey’s mouth. She took every ounce of his cum, despite it overflowing out of her mouth. Mark came hard at the same time, bursting white semen all over his thighs. He groaned out, and Kelsey looked at him with a smile as she swallowed Joe’s cum. Joe collapsed into the couch, taking Kelsey with him. The two men kissed Kelsey passionately, deeply.

Joe got up and pulled on his clothes, throwing Bobby his clothing as well. As the two men dressed, Kelsey lounged her naked body over the couch, still aching with her ravishment. “Well, I think you should consider your debt paid more than full,” Joe told Mark. “I hope you got everything you wanted out of this as well.” He smiled knowingly at Mark, and Mark nodded his head in response. “Thank you, for a very good time, Mrs. Carter,” he finished, walking out of the room, and out the front door. Bobby finished getting dressed, and followed suit with a nod to both Mark and Kelsey.

Kelsey walked up to Mark, running her fingers through the cum on his thighs. “Did you enjoy that?” she asked him, teasingly. “I did. You were wonderful. I fell in love with you all over again,” he replied. “It was enjoyable,” she began, before straddling Mark’s lap. “Ready for more?” he asked. She smiled, rubbing her still wet pussy on his cock. He smiled, playing the image of her spit-roasted by Joe and Bobby, getting hard once again.

My Hotwife The Teacher

Isabella Tropez

“Come to bed, honey.” Matthew lazily rolled over while looking lustfully at his wife. He could just make out her trim silhouette in the glow of the desk light.

“Shh, go back to bed. These papers aren’t going to grade themselves. And I need them for tomorrow.” Isabelle replied hastily.

“Sometimes I get the feeling that you care about your students more than me.” said Matthew.

“Oh? Is that so?” Isabelle said with a cheeky smile as she glanced over at Matthew.

“Yeah, you spend all day at the college, doing god knows what, and then every minute you are here at home you spend working.”

Isabelle got up in reply, slowly walking towards the bed. “Well I have been working a lot recently, maybe I could use some time to relax.” Matthew could see her dark hair gently resting on her shoulders and a spark in her eye. His eyes traced down her pale face to her very visibly large breasts pouting beneath her undershirt. Even in the faint light he could see her large nipples protruding out, not hidden by the small cotton night wear. Her round hips swayed side to side and he could see the shape of her vulva pressing up against her panties. He always thought his wife was attractive, even as a younger woman she had that experienced sexy mature aura to her. And now that she was a little older, she had only grown into her sexual prime. Isabelle often went to the gym to keep her figure toned; she was by no means skinny, but had a nice round plump healthy hourglass shaped body. Matthew especially enjoyed her large milk white breasts that were incredibly firm for a 40 year old and her large but very taut ass. When she bent over her cheeks were very large and shapely while still being firm and smooth, the type of ass that made Matthew want to sink his cock in her every time he could. She completely matched the “sexy professor” type look with bright green eyes peering out behind small little square glasses.

His cock was already rock hard when she reached the end of the bed, bending over and giving a full view of her bosom. From this angle it appeared they were trying to burst out of her shirt and Matthew could feel the heat radiating from her body as she slowly crawled on to the bed, dangling her breasts along the outline of his legs in the covers. She stopped with her head at Matthew’s fully erect member, showing a visible bulge in the sheets and began to slowly pull the sheets down, exposing more and more of Matthew’s body. His toes curled with anticipation. Her sultry gaze, with those large bright eyes always hinting at her sexual desires, met his own expression, one of unbounded lust. She slowly slid off his boxers; the cool breeze hit Matthew’s cock and made it twinge in front of her face. She smiled, seeing how easy it was to get her husband aroused after all this time together. “I’m sorry I’ve been spending so much time at the college lately, I’ll try to make it up to you.” Her hand slid down and hovered above Matthew’s cock, waiting a few seconds to first watch him shiver with anticipation, and then firmly grasped his cock. It was almost too easy to please him, she thought to herself, he never was a challenge.

She decided to test him a little, letting go of his cock to gently trace around his thighs and balls. At every slightest touch he would tense up and moan and his whole body would jump, obviously showing his extreme pleasure. She stared into his eyes, seeing the pleasure on his face and feeling his pleasure in the throbbing of his shaft, and the heat of his member. “It’s just that I care an awful lot about my students.” She wistfully said, still musing at how mundane this task had become.

“Really? Even more than your own husband?” choked out Matthew.

“Well some of college boys are pretty attractive.” said Isabelle teasingly, still just softly brushing her fingers up and down Matthew’s cock. But in the moment, Matthew was overwhelmed with pleasure, and felt his body tense. Matthew screamed out in sudden orgasm, unable to control himself. He could feel the cum pulsing through his cock, making a large mess all over his wife’s hand and his bedsheets, smearing the couple with cum.

“Wow, that was fast!” exclaimed Isabelle, grabbing some tissues and wiping the mess from her hand and shirt. “We didn’t even get to the blowjob part, never mind sex.”

“Yeah, sorry...” said Matthew sheepishly while panting furiously, still trying to catch his breath from the total body spasm. Isabelle efficiently cleaned up the mess, pulled the sheets back over, and quickly gave Matthew a kiss on the cheek before returning to her work. Matthew laid back, still not quite calm from his intense spontaneous outburst.

In a few hours Isabelle tucked all her papers into a binder and laid them on the desk before lying beside Matthew. His heart was still beating through his chest and his mind was racing. See, Matthew had a cuckold fetish. He has long dreamed of seeing his stunning wife with another man; thoughts of some stranger fucking her pussy raw or forcing their cock down his wife’s throat were the essence of his dreams. He never understood why, all he knew is that when he thought of another man getting to taste his wife’s sweet cunt and filling her up with cum, his cheeks burned red with shame and his cock grew hard, getting swollen and angry like none other. When his wife had jokingly mentioned the attractiveness of her college students, lewd thoughts of her and some young buff college football player flashed through his mind, sending him over the edge. He cursed himself for all his fantasies, it wasn’t normal to dream about Isabelle with another man, and he could never let anyone find out, least of all her. Isabelle knowing that he was unable to control himself and cum at the slightest touch is better than her knowing about his strange fantasies, Matthew reasoned.

The next day, Matthew woke up and saw Isabelle was already awake and in the shower. He looked at the clock and, sighed. He was late for his job as an IT specialist. After tossing and turning haunted by dreams of his wife screaming in pleasure in the arms of some muscular 20 year old beach body student he started to wonder about his relationship. He and Isabelle had always had an amazing mental relationship. Because she was a college English professor, her intellect was vast and he felt there was never a dull moment; on the contrary life with Isabelle was continually filled with stimulating intellectual conversation and just the right amount of joking and laughter. No, they got along well. It was the physical relationship that Matthew had worries about. He just never seemed to really satisfy her in the way he saw in porn and movies. He wasn’t large or muscular, on the contrary had a fairly thin wiry frame and was just an average height of 5”8’. His penis was average or maybe smaller, 5 inches long. She didn’t scream in pleasure and ecstasy or call his name, usually because he was the one unable to control himself and shaking in pleasure. She told him not to worry because porn was always fake. According to her real girls don’t actually experience that sort of intense mind numbing, forget your own name type of orgasm. She always told him that even if she didn’t orgasm she still “had fun” because the most important part was her making sure that he was pleasured, and that he had a good orgasm. And last night’s 30 second quickie explosion certainly didn’t improve his self-confidence. He could barely keep himself from cumming quickly when he just thought about Isabelle’s gorgeous body, never mind thoughts of her hopping onto another man’s cock. But he shook those thoughts out of his head and continued to prepare for the day ahead.

Mathew couldn’t concentrate at work. He was still rattled by last night’s embarrassment. Even just thoughts of how quickly he responded to a subtle hint of his wife with another man, the strange mix of shame and sexual pleasure were enough to keep him distracted all day. He decided it wasn’t worth it, he wasn’t being productive at all; he had been at work for hours and not completed a single major project. At around 2pm he decided to call it in and went home. After fixing something to eat he randomly surfed the channels looking for anything to keep his mind distracted, but he felt nervous and uneasy. Having got up to find something to drink he glanced over at the desk, seeing Isabelle’s work binder lying on top. Oh, she said she needed these papers for today, she must have forgot it here, he thought. As he had nothing better to do, he figured he would bring it by the college today in case she still needed them.

The drive was better. With radio and driving to concentrate on, Matthew could forget about what happened last night. He strutted through the field to his wife’s classroom. There was a crisp spring breeze as he walked through the college grounds, binder in hand. He looked about seeing groups of students buzzing around each other chatting, some students lying in the grass and reading. He knew his wife was just joking when she mentioned her students being attractive, but he couldn’t help but wonder if there was a hint of truth. Glancing over and seeing a group of obviously attractive football players, his mind wandered. He looked at their chiseled arms and youthful skin glowing in the spring sunshine, while square masculine jaws and boyishly charming eyes looked across the field with confidence as if they owned the place. Looking down at his own small stature and pale skin he begin to burn with shame and could feel his pants shrinking as blood begin to flow, enlarging his penis.

But he forced his fantasies away and quickened his pace, wanting to get in and out of there as quickly as humanly possible. It seemed like eternity, but he finally arrived at his wife’s class. It was just finishing up, so he waited impatiently outside the door. In a few minutes Matthew knew the class was over as herds of students stampeded out the door. Matthew went to enter but was stopped in his tracks. One student was left, talking with his wife. In only a moment Matthew knew something was different. This guy was tall and confidently leaning up against her desk, one could see the muscles in his arm rippling in only the simple action of him bringing up his water bottle to his face. His wife was giggling all girly like at something he had said and was leaning forward, completely engrossed by him. Matthew had never heard her laugh like that, and could see that she hadn’t even noticed him she was so enthralled by this young handsome specimen of a man. He was unsure what to do, and perhaps because of a lack of brain function from his earlier erection, just went back outside the class unseen. He peered through a window watching the strange scene unfold.

In all his years of marriage he had never seen his wife act like this. With him she was usually so direct, and would easily take charge of the situation, whether it be driving around town or hopping onto him and forcing the action during sex. But here she was playing all young and foolish, laughing at this guy’s stupid comments, twirling her hair while looking up at him, looking all adoringly at him while giving him compliments. With a sheepish nod from his wife they both got up and went into his wife’s back office. Matthew was intrigued and had to see more. His thoughts were racing at the possibility that she might have an affair but he told himself that it would never happen. However he noticed his cock hoped that she was cheating on him. The anger and embarrassment he would feel from being cuckolded would only amplify his sexual desire. He cursed himself, hoping that it wouldn’t come to that. He didn’t yet want to admit his secret sexual desire and seeing it happen would be the ultimate proof.

He silently opened the door and crept up to the window of her back office, pulling back the shade a little so he could see inside. From here he could get a better view and also hear their conversation. “Thanks a lot for agreeing to give me some ‘extra’ help Mrs.” said the student with a confident smirk, standing coolly and looking down at Isabelle. She moved closer, almost leaving no room between their bodies.

“Please James, call me Isabelle. You’ll find outside the classroom I can be very...” she paused to look James’ youthful body up and down and give a sly smile, “friendly...”

In this moment, James grabbed the back of her head by her hair and pulled her towards him, kissing her roughly. One hand firmly tugged at her hair while they explored each other’s mouths. His other slipped down and slapped her ass, grabbing and squeezing as much off her buttocks as possible while drawing them together. Matthew gasped and almost dropped the binder. The image of his pale busty wife with her hair pulled back in a professional bun, being manhandled so efficiently was an intense turn on. He saw his wife’s hands race over this muscular buck’s arms and chiseled abs, as he confidently controlled her body. Usually, the dominant partner, Isabelle melted in James’ arms as he was now pulling up her tight black pencil dress, exposing her bare legs and her tiny under garments.

Matthew had never felt pleasure like this before. He couldn’t believe his fantasy was coming true. His cock was throbbing and he subconsciously started to press his cock into the wall wanting to get as close to the action as possible. This was the porn, the image, the spark that Matthew had been craving all these years, it was as if years of pent up sexual frustration and fetish were now exploding in one moment of pure enjoyment. He looked down, it seemed as if his modest cock had grown an inch because of his intense arousal, the bulge in his pants looking especially decent when compared to his slight frame. Almost in disbelief of the dream like scene before him Matthew continued to watch.

His wife was now moaning, begging James to take her. He had never seen her so aroused, like a bitch in heat she seemed captivated by the thought of James’ cock and threw all subtlety out the window, grinding her body hard into James pants, trying to entice him to fuck her faster. At this he flipped her around and held her facing away, now pressing the mound in his pants into her ass. He supported her by her hair, holding her tall and kissing the back of her neck and ear. He ran his fingers over her bare thighs, but stopping at the edges of her panties making her shiver in ecstasy. With one fell swoop he unleashed her breasts from her tight dress, and exposing her hardened nipples to the air made her shiver again. Her dress was now in shambles as most of her body was exposed. Her shaking legs were supported by leaning against the desk in front of her while James stripped her nude. Matthew had never seen anything so manly, this man had turned his usually independent wife into a little slut, begging and trembling at his every touch. As he saw this man dominate his wife, he became only more and more ashamed of his own sexual performance.

James had finally had enough of teasing Isabelle and reached down, tearing her panties off. Isabelle gasped with pleasure, reaching for James in adoration and sexual lust. Matthew’s cock twinged and was starting to itch and burn in his pants. Her panties landed on the ground, and now an unfamiliarly strong scent hit Matthew’s nose. A musky wet scent.

“Ah, I can even smell how turned on you are, your pussy must be dripping wet” said James. In fact, Matthew could even see a glinting bead of pussy juice running down from his wife’s toned inner thigh and he knew that she would get the first proper fucking in a long time. James bent her over the desk, her ass high in the air displayed for the two men to see. Her red inflamed pussy lips contrasted with her smooth pale ass cheeks; her clit was engorged and peeking out of its hood just begging to be played with. James now removed his shirt and gave her a swift spank on the ass. Isabelle let out a gasp of pleasure and responded by raising her ass higher in the air as if she could not muster words but only desired another spanking as long as it was James firm touch.

James now removed his pants, showing off his sizable erect cock. It dwarfed Matthew’s cock on even its largest days by a few inches in length. But most impressive was its veiny girth. His head glistened an angry red color, like a sword ready to be plunged into its ready and waiting sheath.  Isabelle was bent over and waiting, wiggling her ass in the air but was shocked when she looked back and saw his member. She could just hold her breath and crave the moment that it would finally enter her and fill her pussy up. Matthew looked down at the bulge in his pants, feeling tiny in comparison. It brought on a feeling of unquenchable desire fueled by guilt and shame. Rushing to the windows, he closed all the classroom blinds while his hand quickly went to his pants, taking out his lesser manhood and with swift determination started to masturbate. His hand furiously stroked his own shaft, almost angrily punishing it for being so meager in comparison. He already felt his pleasure building and knew he couldn’t last long, ashamed of how much he enjoyed the depravity and embarrassment of seeing his wife with another man.

James tensed his muscular body, with a cheeky smile under that short blond hair and prepared to fill up Isabelle completely. With one hand gripping her waist and one hand tugging her hair he slid his whole cock into her greedy pussy, as she enveloped him completely. He felt the warm wet tightness of her pussy as it throbbed and clenched around his cock seeming to swallow him and drag more of his cock inside her. After all 9 inches of his tumescent cock had entered her and she could feel his balls smack against her clit, her inflamed cunt started to gush pussy juice. It soaked James’ cock; he could feel the warm sensation dripping down his balls as he held his cock in her. She could feel every girthy inch of his wonderful cock, every vein and ridge felt incredible. Her pussy rhythmically tensed around his cock, squeezing down hard on his shaft and head while he could feel her body shudder with pleasure underneath him. “It’s been a while since you’ve been fucked good, hasn’t it” James laughed. Isabelle could only whimper in return, “Oh god, please keep going, fuck me good please.”

“As you wish.” James grunted as he removed his cock completely from her pussy. It came out with a nice pop as her muscles clenched wanting more. He then rammed it back into her, over and over again so that she felt every inch of its full length and yelled for more. “Oh fuck, YES! Faster!” she yelled. Matthew couldn’t believe his ears. She had told him that this didn’t happen, girls don’t yell out in pleasure. But now he knew it was just his mediocre cock and mediocre performance. He stroked his cock harder almost hurting himself with every wild stroke.

James continued fucking her doggy style, pausing every now and then to spank her jiggling ass or lift her body up by her neck to kiss her roughly. James felt her breathing growing quicker and saw the flush in her cheeks; he knew she was going to cum soon. He reached down and fingered her clit, while continuing to pound her pussy. Isabelle came all over James’ cock, her face flush from the intense pleasure and her ass flush from the spanking and pounding of James’ hips. James quickly grabbed her and supported her weight while she let the pleasure wash over her in waves and completely let go and forgot about the physical world. After slowly fucking her through her orgasm, James lifted her up and spun her around to face him. He then pushed her head down and forced her mouth onto his cock.

“Wow, it is even bigger up close.”  Isabelle remarked, holding his cock and looking at it from different angles, wondering how she would get it all into her mouth.

James’ saw her puzzled look, “I guess you don’t have much practice with a cock like this.”

“No!” She smiled up at him. “It’s easy to please my husband. In fact he usually cums before I even start sucking!”

Matthew looked away, it was true. He knew that he was no comparison to this real man. Matthew saw the look of pure determination on his wife’s face as she envisioned getting James whole cock in her mouth. “Well let me give you some help.” said James as he grabbed her head and plunged his cock in her mouth. As he slammed into the back of her throat he could feel it constricting around him. She pulled back and gasped for air, before hungrily trying to take all of it again. Having this large cock in her face had released an animal instinct, she needed to swallow it all.