Cuckolded By My Boss And Best Friend - Isabella Tropez - ebook

His heart skipped a beat as he realized what he was watching...Brett is infertile, and his loving wife Penelope has had enough of his pathetic performance. In search of real men, she decides to pick the two men closest to her wimpy husband... his boss and his best friend. Brett will have to watch as they do what he can't and fill up his wife in every way, and compete to see who will be the real father of the offspring Brett will be made to raise.

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Cuckolded By My Boss And Best Friend | Isabella Tropez

Cuckolded By My Boss And Best Friend

Isabella Tropez

Brett rolled over and lay on his side of the bed, panting heavily. It was one of those rare occasions when his wife Penelope let him have sex with her. It hadn't lasted long – just shy of 10 minutes. He had started by going down on her and then finished in just a few thrusts. It never did last long for Brett, who couldn't help but find his wife exceedingly attractive. And who wouldn't? She had just turned 30 recently, but had the body of a teenager in her prime. This made most women her age extremely envious. She was slim with perfectly round, firm breasts topped with little nipples. Her legs were shapely and she kept fit by working out regularly. Her wavy black hair fell to her shoulders and matched her alluring dark eyes. She caught the eyes of most when she would walk on the streets, because she always flaunted her beauty. When she wore tight fitting tops that emphasised her slender torso and shorts that would show off her lovely legs, she was truly a sight to behold. Brett always felt proud walking besides his wife, but not so much in the bedroom. He had never been able to perform adequately and thus left her bored and unsatisfied. Which is why she started to bring other men into her bedroom and allowed Brett to watch occasionally. Initially, Brett was uncomfortable with the idea, but when he noticed the raging erection it gave him to watch his wife get pounded mercilessly by a large cock, he had to surrender. It would make his day if his wife chose to bring her lover to the bedroom, letting him masturbate in the corner, instead of fulfilling herself without him watching. After all, his cock could never please her so she was barely interested in getting fucked by him anyway. Brett had learned to enjoy being a cuckold.

The reason why he had been allowed to fuck her today, and for the past few months was because Penelope wanted a baby. They had been trying for quite a while, but she was unable to conceive. This frustrated her to no end, making her snappy towards Brett.

“That felt amazing, my dear.” commented Brett, stroking his wife's hair.

“Of course you'd feel that way.” she grumbled, as she switched the lights off and went to sleep. Brett was upset. His wife always seem angry these days, and she seemed to see sex with him as a chore, which was worse than the usual dissatisfaction she would experience.