Cuckolded and Humiliated: Public Revenge - Dominique Paige - ebook

When Isabelle's husband is caught and the king demands his head, she approached Lord Byron with a solution: Instead of hurting him, why not humiliate him? Isabelle makes her husband Castor watch in the gallows while she takes on anyone and everyone willing to use her!

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Cuckolded and Humiliated

Public Revenge


Dominique Paige

Table of Contents

Title Page

Cuckolded and Humiliated: Public Revenge

Lord Branson took a sip of his brandy and leaned back in his chair, a concerned expression on his face.

“Your boldness is amusing, but it won’t do anything to change your husband Castor’s fate. He’s stolen from the royal family, and thus must die.”

Isabelle leaned forward, well aware of the fact that her large breasts were clearly visible through her low cut tunic.

“He has betrayed me many times as well, my Lord. I wish to see him punished greatly but it would be very unfortunate if he died. He’s the rightful heir to his father’s fortune, and with his father on his death bed as we speak I stand to lose a lot of money if he dies before his father. Surely, there’s another way I can persuade you?”

Lord Branson felt a stirring in his pants as he gazed down her tunic, but shook his head decisively.

“I would gladly take that deal, but the royal family must set an example. They would never forgive me if he isn’t punished properly.”

Isabelle smiled confidently.

“That’s exactly what you shall do, then. However instead of killing him you should humiliate him so much that the royal family will think you are being too harsh! Imagine if instead of killing him, you stripped him naked and placed him in the gallows.”

Lord Branson interrupted with a raised palm. “The gallows are reserved for petty criminals. That simply will not do.”

“You didn’t let me finish, my lord. How about putting him in the gallows, and then stripping his wife naked in front of the crowd before fucking her like a whore? Force him to watch while you degrade me in front of everyone. Let the townspeople take turn using me.”