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Cuckolded and Humiliated: Paying the LandlordWhen Abigail's husband Bruce loses their fortune and respect in the royal family, they're forced to live with the commoners until Bruce can regain his standing. Abigail gets frustrated at Bruce's constant arguing and laziness, and their relationship starts to deteriorate. The end of the month approaches, and thanks to Bruce they don't have the money to stay in their modest home any longer. Facing the prospect of living in the slums, Abigail cooks up a plan that will pay the rent and get her the ultimate revenge on Bruce at the same time! She gives the landlord an offer he can't refuse, on the condition that he accept his payment right then and there in front of Bruce!

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Cuckolded and Humiliated: Paying the Landlord | Dominique Paige

Cuckolded and Humiliated: Paying the Landlord


Dominique Paige


Abigail glanced at her naked body in the dirty mirror, admiring her long hair that fell down past her full breasts. She knew was incredibly desirable, but it did her little good now that she was already married. When she was first betrothed she was the envy of all her friends, since her husband was the wealthy and handsome Lord Treasurer for the royal family. However when the old king was overthrown and replaced with a new one, he dismissed every former member of the current royal family and replaced them with members of his own. Now Abigail was living in what she considered squalor, a modest and small house in the middle of a small village. Her husband was forced to work as a stable hand, and made barely enough money to cover the rent and other expenses. They always had the option of moving into the slums, but they were far too proud to stoop that low.

There was a sudden creaking as the door swung open, and their Landlord William walked in.

“My God!” Abigail yelled as she quickly grabbed as nearby cloth, covering herself as best as she could. William’s eye’s widened in surprise, and lingered on her body.

“I apologize, but I need to take some candles. I’ve run out and won’t have the chance to go to the markets until the morning.”

Abigail adjusted the cloth as best as she could, although it barely covered her breasts. She had her other hand covering her snatch, and although it was indecent she felt a small thrill mix in with her adrenaline.

“Well go on then, grab some and leave.”