Creatura Nova Sparks of a Creative Destruction - Gennaro Carrano - ebook

L’Immolata, la Gentile, Sensibilitade, Delicato, L’Eros, Pallida. Un viaggio poetico alla scoperta delle varie sfaccettature dell’animo umano, dove il bene si confonde con il male, l’amore si fonde con l’odio, il perdono diviene una colpa. Qual è il confi ne tra ciò ch’è giusto e ciò ch’è sbagliato? La coscienza è davvero un giudice imparziale? La morale è solo un condizionamento sociale? Un’eterna lotta tra istinto e ragione...

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Preface by Regina Resta

Creatura nova-L'Immolata

Creatura nova-The Martyr









Creatura nova - La Gentile

Creatura nova -The Kind









Creatura nova-Sensibilitade

Creatura Nova – Sensitivity

De amore impavido

About Brave Love

Lo Lusinghier mal

The Flattering Evil


The Forgotten

Creatura nova-Delicato

Creatura nova-Tender

Amor, Amor, Amor

Love, Love, Love

Il Pastore Christi

Christi Shepherd

Maestra d'amore

Love Mistress



Creatura nova-L'Eros

Creatura nova-Eros

Erotica-mente Angelica

Erotic-mind – Erotically Angelica



Creatura nova-Pallida

Creatura nova-The Pale

Sposa del Paradiso

Heavenly Bride

Monna Maddalena

Donna Maddalena


Freezing Jealousy – Let it freeze


Filthy Wretch


Gennaro Carrano

Gennaro Carrano

Creatura Nova:

Sparks of a Creative Destruction

isbn: 9788871121079

Copyright Lettere Animate 2017

Translation ed. by Enza Castaldo


Creatura Nova is a great example of genius and creativity. The theme is strong and thorny to some extent since it is not very common reading lyrics that talk of serious, disgusting, matters like violence and abuse. I consider this work to be a powerful melting pot of horror and pleasure. A work capable of leading the reader both to ecstatic moments and desperation. A sea of feelings where the depth is so dark that it is easy to lose sight of the light and yet, in the same depth, it is also possible to regain sight of the shore since the real purpose of the entire work finally comes to life: denouncing every single crime described. I enjoyed both the process of first reading and the process of translation. I have always loved Gennaro Carrano’s style and his poems, so it was with no doubt (but with some understandable fears) that I said “yes” when he proposed me to translate his work. The work of translation, like the work of creation, is never a straight process, sometimes you feel like you have got it all figured out and the following day you feel like you are not capable of passing the message of the original author. I was moved both by the friendship that links me to Gennaro and by the will to challenge myself and do something I had never done before. Even though I have some experience in the field of translation I had never really tried on translating poems. I must say that it was a path full of fluctuating feelings that led me to the highest skies of self-esteem but also to the lowest depths of desperation all the times when it seemed impossible to find the right word for the right verse. What I can say now is that it is a memory: I managed to finish my job and keep my word and this is, despite the future public response, a great success anyway. We all face times when we feel that what we love is also what will kill us at some point. My passion for foreign languages and English in particular has led me to several choices that I probably would not have done if I had chosen to walk elsewhere. This passion for what was “different” and “distant” led both me and Gennaro to meet for the first time since we shared, back then, just like now, a strong bond towards foreign cultures. It is no secret that the work of creation is a tough one, however this experience in particular has taught me that the work of translation is surrounded by much more complex and challenging matters. The translator faces with both the aim to fully understand the message stated in the original work and the aim to express it in the most precise way, without losing the content and at the same time adapting it to the target language. It is not a job for the faint-hearted! Anyway I give the highest credit to my friend and now colleague, Gennaro, for this amazing piece of art and I hope that his readers will find in my adaptation the same depth and erotic, deadly, passion that he managed to fully express in his work. He is the father of his cruelly beautiful creature where pain and pleasure represent two sides of the same coin. After all, an act of creation is first an act of destruction.