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Included in this explicit bundle are the following sizzling titles:Letting The Robbers Ravage Me: A MMMF TaleDebby is part of a very distinguished group taking a stagecoach to a nearby town, for an opulent event hosted by the mayor. When the stagecoach is stopped by bandits, she isn’t worried at all – in fact, she hired them to steal from her cheating husband.She forgets about it until the next day when three of the bandits show up at her mansion while her husband is at work and demand payment. With nothing to give them, she has no choice but to pay them with her body.Texas ThreesomeIn the South West Texas town Emily grew up in, there isn’t much to do. Raised in a strict Christian family she has never even had sex and all the guys her age seem so immature. All that changes when the Black Riders, an infamous motorcycle gang, ride through town on their Harleys.Wild, unpredictable and dangerous, she knows she should stay away but later that night she can’t help but sneak out and visit the local bar to see what’s going on... and unknowingly stumbles into the hands of men much more experienced than herself who waste no time talking her out of her clothes and into their arms! A Sinful AgreementLiving in a boring old dustbowl town is bad enough without having strict parents on top of everything else. Darcy begins to wonder if she'll ever get out and live her dream of travelling, a dream that seems further and further away every day.However when her creepy uncle comes over to make her life even more miserable, she realises that the only way she's going to get out is if she takes care of it herself. She'll have to try and convince John to give her a job on his long haul rides, despite the fact that she has no experience and won't be able to do any heavy lifting. She does know there's one thing that the handsome cowboy does want, something she can give him that might convince him to take her with him...Herself. Broken In By The CowboysSally, the 19 year old innocent virgin who sneaks out of her house to go to the tavern.Chris, the womanizing rugged outlaw who always takes what he wants.When these two meet in a tavern late at night Chris knows a good thing when he sees it, and after a few drinks he convinces Sally to hop on the back of his horse - will Sally resist his charm and keep her virginity or allow herself to be used like a whore by a man she just met? All Chris knows is that if he does get to take her virginity, he's doing it rough, without protection, and he's not going to pull out of his prize until she screams his name.The Sheriff's Obedient Little GirlSheriff Joe Tanner has seen it all, but never imagined he would stumble upon a lost, beautiful woman in a torn dress in his rough West Texas town. Claire Dunhill (if that is her real name) is hiding a dangerous secret, and if she is going to get away with it she needs to give in to the Sheriff's every last desire. As she is spanked, controlled, and regresses to a childlike obedient state, Joe becomes more attached to the point where the line is blurred between who is controlling who. Spanking The Spoilt BratKatie is a headstrong, independent cowgirl. Jack is the new ranch hand, who's about to show her that horses aren't the only thing he can discipline.As much as she hates him, she can't help but think about him all the time - and Jack wastes no time in dominating, punishing, and disciplining her. By the time she begins to have doubts, she's already bent over his knee.The only question is, how far will she let him go before she can't stand it any longer?

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Cowboys After Dark Western Bundle

Elle London

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Cowboys After Dark Western Bundle

Me | Elle London

Texas Threesome | Vanessa Angel

A Sinful Agreement | Elle London

Elle London

Girl | Elle London

Spanking The Spoilt Brat | Elle London

Letting The Robbers Ravage


Elle London

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“Oh yeah boys,” Austin said. “She’s going to give us a real good time.”

The laughter surrounded Debby. Having her head gripped so tightly left her bent over, with her ass completely at the mercy of the two men behind. She closed her eyes as her butt cheeks were painfully groped. The panties were dragged down her legs and she froze as touches explored her naked skin.

Austin pulled her lower and she was forced to slide her mouth over the head on his erection. He groaned as the soft, warmth of her mouth engulfed it and bucked his hips up to fuck deeper in her mouth. Debby tried to concentrate her efforts on a blowjob, but was still all too aware of what the men behind her were doing. A hand slid between her thighs and her muscles clenched as fingers stroked to her wet entrance. There was no stopping them entering her and almost immediately they began to pump in and out.

Fingers were also sliding along the crease of her ass and she shuddered as they were worked in between to stroke on her soft skin. She wanted to shout no as she realized her asshole was about to be violated too, but her mouth was full of cock and Austin wasn’t about to let her pull up. A finger probed more insistently at her tight hole and she knew that it was too late to back off from what she started. It was a new experience and her muscles contracted tightly as a touch slid inside. There was a dirty delight to it that made her want to groan, but she kept the noise from coming out as both her holes were finger fucked.

Full Story

Debby saw the panic on the faces around her as the driver whipped the horses to make the stagecoach surge forward. In seconds they were galloping along at what seemed like a breakneck speed and she grabbed hold of the door handle as she was thrown around in her seat. She looked at the two distinguished ladies in all their finery opposite her and feigned fear. She knew what was going on though since she helped to plan it.

The stagecoach was no match for the pursuing riders on horseback and when the bandits overtook them, the driver was forced into slowing down and eventually stopping. Debby saw him being dragged down from his seat and thrown to the ground. A gun was pointed at his head, but she knew the man wouldn’t fire the weapon. She’d given strict instructions that no one was to be seriously hurt. There was only one thing they were after and that was the valuables of her cheating husband.

When she was told about his affair, her immediate instinct was to confront him and scream and shout. She backed away from that as a better idea came to mind. Finding bandits to help was the first problem she needed to overcome and getting them to agree to give her half the money from the robbery was the other.

When she found someone that went along with the plan, she waited for the perfect time to execute it.

The stagecoach trip to the inauguration of a new mayor in the town near their ranch seemed like the ideal opportunity. It would give her the perfect alibi, since she would be in the coach at the time it was robbed. That would mean suspicion wouldn’t fall on her and if the bandits remained true to their word, she would end up with half the money. It would put her in a position where she could leave her husband if that’s what she decided to do.

As the bandits approached the door of the stagecoach she let out a scream and saw the frightened faces of the two ladies sitting opposite.

“It’ll be alright dear,” her husband said as he patted her arm, but she heard the fear in his voice.

The door was yanked open. The mask covering the bandit leader’s face left only his eyes on show and he glanced at Debby before looking around the others. He lifted the gun and fired a shot in the air that made them all flinch.

“Get out now,” he said in a gruff voice.

Debby was the first to step down to the dusty earth. She was then followed by her husband and the other two ladies. The bandits quickly surrounded them.

“Just give us what you have and you won’t get hurt,” the leader said.

He walked up to Debby first and made her take off her jewelry. She’d deliberately picked the least expensive set she owned in the knowledge it was going to be taken as a way of portraying that she was a victim of the robbery as much as her husband was. The bandits then took the jewelry from the other two ladies before turning their attention to the real target of the robbery.

“Wallet,” the leader demanded.

Her husband seemed to hesitate and Debby urged him not to be foolish. He looked at her and took the advice by reaching in his pocket and pulling out his wallet to hand it over. The leader went through it and shot a glance at Debby before speaking.

“Five fucking dollars,” he cursed. “That’s all you have. Where’s the rest of your money?”

“It’s all I have on me.”

The leader clenched his teeth as the anger welled up.

“Give me your watch,” he demanded.

“I’m not wearing one.”

“Search him,” the bandit leader told one of his men.

Debby’s husband was roughly shoved against the side of the stagecoach as his pockets were rifled.

“He’s telling the truth boss,” the man said. “No watch, no money, no bankbook... No fucking valuables at all. He’s got nothing.”

The leader’s jaw tightened as he took in the news.

“Look in the stagecoach,” he ordered, “See if there’s a strongbox.”

The man stepped inside, but came back out after only a few seconds and shook his head. The leader’s gaze picked out Debby again and she saw the anger in his eyes. Nerves took hold that things weren’t panning out as intended. She’d assured the bandits that her husband usually carried enough money and valuables to make the robbery worth their while and couldn’t believe that for once he was traveling light.

She feared that the situation might spiral out of control and watched as the bandit leader walked closer.

He flipped his gun around, so that he was holding the barrel and she suspected he was about to club her husband to the ground with the butt. As much as she detested him at that moment for cheating on her, she didn’t want to see him seriously injured or even killed. She quickly acted by throwing herself on him.

“Please don’t hurt us,” she cried out.

Her fear was only half feigned now as she saw the anger remain in the bandit leader’s eyes. He raised his hand as if he was about to go through with hitting them then let out a roar as he turned away.

“Saddle up,” he ordered his men.

Just as quickly as they arrived on the scene, the bandits rode off and disappeared from sight. Debby realized she was shaking as she moved away from her husband.

“That was so brave,” one of the ladies said.

Debby brushed off the comment as her husband went to help the driver.

“Do you still want to go to town?” he asked as he got to his feet.

“We need to report this to the proper authorities,” one of the ladies said. “So we better keep going.”

Her voice sounded shaky as she spoke and it was obvious the experience of being robbed frightened her a lot. The other lady and Debby’s husband agreed and she was forced into going along with the mood of everyone else. Spending time at the mayor’s inauguration ceremony was the last thing she really wanted to do, but she followed the lead of the others and retook her seat in the stagecoach to continue the journey to town. They traveled in silence and went to the sheriff’s office as soon as they arrived.

After reporting the robbery they went to the event. Debby played the part of a doting wife although her mind was on other things. If the bandits were caught they were likely to reveal the truth of the robbery and implicate her in it. On the other hand if they remained at large they were unlikely to be happy with her. It left her between a rock and a hard place and she quietly cursed the fact that her husband chose that night to carry almost nothing in the way of valuables.

Eventually she put the problems out of her mind and enjoyed a few drinks. When they left the party, she and her husband went to stay at a hotel in the town before traveling home the next morning. He was at their large house for only a few minutes to pick up some documents he needed before heading off to work. Debby went to lie down for a while and ended up falling asleep for an hour or so. When she woke up she went downstairs to make herself some coffee.

The sight of the front door being slightly ajar set her nerves on edge and she stopped immediately to listen. The house appeared quiet, but the hairs on the back of her neck still stood up. She wondered if her husband hadn’t closed the door properly when he left the house and finally came to the conclusion he must have. Moving to the door, she opened it to look outside and saw no one.

Debby shook her head as she closed and locked the door then returned to her original idea of making herself a cup of coffee. She almost let out a scream when she stepped in the kitchen and saw Austin sitting on a chair with his feet up on the kitchen table.

“For fucks sake,” she complained as she stopped in her tracks. “You nearly gave me a heart attack.”

“Well I’m so sorry,” the bandit leader said sarcastically before his voice hardened. “But I thought we should have a fucking word.”

The slight panic his comment brought on was heightened when she stepped forward. The kitchen door slammed shut and she saw the other two men looking at her.

“Look..., I know last night didn’t go well,” she started. “But...”

“Didn’t go well,” Austin repeated in an incredulous tone. “It was a goddamn fucking disaster.”

Debby heard the rising anger in his voice and moved away from the two men next to her as she went on.

“I thought he would be loaded down with money and valuables like usual.”

“Is that right,” Austin replied as he brought his feet down from the table then got up. “Well you thought fucking wrong. Five dollars and some shit paste-and-glue jewelry is a waste of my time.”

He reached in his pocket for the necklace and earrings he took from her the previous evening and threw them across the kitchen. Debby turned her head and let out a gasp as the jewelry hit her legs.

“I’m not happy about it either,” she said angrily as she glared across the room. “The bastard is cheating on me and I need money to get away from him.”

Austin moved across the room and grabbed her hair to pull her head close to him.

“I don’t fucking care about your sad domestic troubles,” he hissed. “I just want my money.”

He let go and Debby backed off.

“Well you’re shit out of luck,” she told him as she kicked the jewelry on the floor. “There’s all the money I can get you. My husband keeps his valuables well guarded, so the only way you’ll get them is to steal them from him at a vulnerable moment. I thought last night was the perfect opportunity.”

“Well it wasn’t,” Austin snapped. “So you better get us something or maybe our deal about not harming anyone might come to an end.”

The slight panic flared in Debby again and she knew she needed to placate the bandit leader and his two angry looking men.

“I’ve got nothing,” she insisted again. “Unless...”


Debby could barely believe what she was thinking and wondered if the men would go for it. She knew there was only one way to find out.

“Unless you use me as your payment,” she offered.

Her breathing became shallow as she looked around the men. The expression on Austin’s face hardened as if he was about to say no, but the other two men were looking at her as if they wanted to do it. Debby smiled nervously at them. She’d never been with another man since she got married, but if her bastard husband was sleeping with someone else, why should she worry about being faithful.

Being used by three bandits wasn’t exactly her idea of fun although she needed to do something to keep them happy. If that meant being used, she would just have to get on with it. She got herself in the situation she was facing and it was up to her to get out of it. Debby saw the grin that spread across Austin’s face and knew it was going to happen. The slight ripple of excitement came on unbidden and took her by surprise.

“Get her stripped,” Austin told his men and put his feet back on the kitchen table when he sat down to watch.

The nerves suddenly took hold at what was about to happen and she backed away. There was no escape from a fate she’d brought on herself though and when she came in contact with the wall there was nowhere left to go. The first man to approach reached out towards her chest and Debby expected him to loosen the buttons of her blouse. Instead he grabbed the material and pulled down hard to rip it away from the front of her body.

“Hey,” she complained, but the sight of her bra was the trigger for them to drag her clothes off.

The blouse ripped more as it was torn from her body. It was quickly followed by her skirt and bra to leave her in just her panties and the men licked their lips as they stared at naked tits. Debby closed her eyes as they reached out and groped her flesh. The touches were rough and she knew she was about to be passed around like a slut for the men to use.

It was degrading, but she felt the shame that there was an undercurrent of excitement to what was happening that she couldn’t shake off. Her nipples came erect as they were tweaked and fondled and she froze as a mouth wrapped around one of them and sucked almost painfully. She was about to complain, but the rough kiss knocked her head back against the wall. A tongue snaked between her lips and she took in the unpleasant taste of stale cigarettes.

She suddenly wanted to get away from the men, but they were like wolves with their prey and she could do nothing as they touched and groped her body. A shudder rippled through her as probing fingers slid between her thighs and touched her pussy through the thin material of her panties.

Debby’s shame grew as she became moist. In all her adult life she’d been used to making love, first with boyfriends then with her husband and she was no naïve innocent when it came to the opposite sex. What was happing was something different though. The men trapping her against the wall didn’t want to make love with her. They wanted nothing more than to satisfy their animal lust and use her body to do it. As they pressed forward against her she could feel their erections coming to life and it made her shudder. They were going to fuck her like a whore and she wriggled and squirmed in their grasp.

“Bring our pretty little bitch over here,” Austin ordered.

As the men moved back they grabbed her arms and marched her over to their boss. He brought his feet down from the table and spread his legs wide open. The smile flashed across his face as he slowly stroked his hand on the bulge in his jeans.

“That pretty mouth told a load of bullshit lies about how rich we were going to get by robbing your husband,” he started.

“I wasn’t lying,” Debby said. “I...”

“See now you need to just shut up,” he cut in harshly to stop her words. “A pretty mouth like yours can be used for so much more than talking.” He unbuttoned his jeans so that he could pull out his erection. “Bend her forward.”

Debby gasped as she was made to do it and Austin grabbed her head with both his hands.

“Show me how much you love me,” he taunted her with a grin.

There was no way Debby could resist his strength as her head was pulled down to his cock. She knew she needed to please him, so flicked out her tongue to lick around the glistening head. It was already slick with pre-cum and as she swept touches over it, the taste of stale cigarettes in her mouth was overpowered by the taste of cock.

“Oh yeah boys,” Austin said. “She’s going to give us a real good time.”

The laughter surrounded Debby. Having her head gripped so tightly left her bent over, with her ass completely at the mercy of the two men behind. She closed her eyes as her butt cheeks were painfully groped. The panties were dragged down her legs and she froze as touches explored her naked skin.