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Patricia and David continue to prosper as a legal team but when work leads to near exhaustion, they find time to play. They reunite with old friends and meet new ones for a series of exciting sexual adventures. Reverend Jim is married to Rose who has learned a lot about love from her daughter-in-law, Roxanne and her husband Gregory. The three sexy couples enjoy a variety of ways to make love.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~Patricia and David were certainly impressed with the atmosphere of the outdoor dining area and the appearance of the all-female wait staff. As soon as they were seated and greeted by Greta who handed them all menus, Roxanne introduced her companions as her “very best friends from Miami.”“Delighted to meet you and welcome to the Golden State of California. I hope to one day visit Florida. May I recommend the special today which is cold corned beef and aged Swiss cheese on rye with all the trimmings and it comes with a cup of homemade minestrone?”Jim glanced at Patricia and then David to say, “Greta would never steer us wrong.” After his guests nodded in the affirmative, Jim ordered four of the daily specials. Greta was fairly tall, standing 5’ 10,” and maybe she did not need to move closer and bend forward to flash her breast cleavage as she picked up the menus that her party did not really need but it was part of her forte. As she turned to walk towards the kitchen David’s eye was caught by the inch or two of butt-cleavage and also just how much of her buttocks were not covered by the thong style bikini. “Is this legal?” he asked in jest.“You’re the lawyer, Dad,” Patricia chimed in, “you tell us.”“It’s out of my jurisdiction,” he responded jovially.When Greta returned with the tray of lunches, she moved as close as possible with her huge, jiggling breasts almost making physical contact as she served each guest. This technique was used by all the waitresses but Greta was especially talented and even allowed a little “incidental” contact with her breasts. She was not at all worried about being fondled by an unsavory wise-guy. There had been only one such experience on her shift, and the unfortunate young man was handled by the maître d’ who was a gentleman standing 6’6” and weighing 250 pounds, looking more like night club bouncer than a restaurant host, and he just so happened to be skilled in street-style martial arts.After returning to Jim’s condominium in Campbell, all possible signs of the present situation seeming awkward were erased by Roxanne. When they all four sat down, she addressed her guests, “David and my sweet Pat, we had a wonderful week together on the island and during the two years that have passed since then, I have thought of you often and I am thrilled that you have come to visit. It is by design that my husband and my father’s wife are not here, and I want you to rest assured that they are okay with the four of us being together. I’m hoping that you will be accepting this pass that I am making at you.”

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* Country Taboo 2

By Houston Cei

Cover by Moira Nelligar

Copyright © 2017 by Houston Cei

All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reprinted without permission from the author.

~~ All characters in this book are over 18. ~~

The following story is entirely of the author's imagination. All events and characters are fictional. Any similarities to actual events or real persons, living or dead, is coincidental.

* Preface

In the original story of Country Taboo, David Sharpe was a successful lawyer and his wife Evelyn managed their five acre farm in rural Lodi, California. Their one and only daughter Patricia was a slow learner and had failed two grades thus could not possibly not graduate from high school until nearly reaching the age of twenty. During the last semester of her senior year, she had worked diligently with the help of tutoring from her parents. Although her grades were marginal by the near end of the semester, they clearly indicated that she would be graduating. Her parents were proud of their daughter and she was elated. The hard work was over and foremost on Patricia's mind and in her heart was the senior prom. When prom night was near and it was obvious that she was not going to get asked as a date, she became extremely depressed. To lift her spirits her mother triggered the triangular sexual relationship with herself and the father.

After a period of mourning the tragic loss of Evelyn, David and Patricia eventually resumed their sexual relationship. The freckled, red-haired girl who looked so much like an innocent pixie turned out to be a late bloomer and and a very sexy one. There had been signs of autism when in grade school but it later developed into the savant syndrome. Patricia developed an uncanny ability to read a page of any literature at a single glance with total comprehension. Since she could retain and instantly retrieve information, she became a fabulous asset as a legal assistant to her father. Technically, she was simply a legal aid but in reality she had the knowledge, experience and skill to act as co-counsel. Before entering a courtroom, Patricia was armed with an array of precedents to counter virtually every argument the prosecution could present during a case.

When it was time to play, she had the seductive bedroom eyes of an erotica model, but when in the courtroom, those pretty green eyes could pierce a countenance like the eyes of a vicious hawk ready to pounce on its prey.

Patricia and David became known as such an intimidating legal team that there were comments buzzing around the DA’s office such as, “Who does that little red-headed twit think she is, Jesus talking to the elders in the temple?” On the hand, Patricia and David were revered in the legal community and their caseload very often included high profile clients. The sequel continues with their success as a legal team and their adventurous sex life.

Patricia and David made a cameo appearance in The Reverend’s Daughter Two in which they met Roxanne and Gregory who were celebrating their anniversary on a private island in the Bahama’s. The two couples instantly became friends, and after Roxanne correctly guessed that Patricia and David were father and daughter, she shared with them her own experience with her father. From that point on, sex between the two couples flourished. In the following story, Country Taboo 2, the two couples will meet again. They will also be introduced to Reverend James Hansen and his lovely, Hispanic wife Rose who had been a member of the congregation. Rose was recovering from a failed marriage and drug addiction and in the process of getting reacquainted with Reverend Jim, they fell in love. In spite of losing most of her front teeth due to nerve damage from to excessive drug use, her wearing of dentures did not prevent her from always presenting a beautiful smile with an upbeat attitude.

* Chapter 1: A Trip the Golden State

Almost two years had come and gone since Patricia and her father experienced that wonderful vacation on the remote island in the Bahama’s where the chance meeting of new friends resulted in a sensual experience beyond any they had ever imagined. They continued communication with Roxanne and Gregory through conventional correspondence, sometimes called the “snail mail” in these days of high tech communication. Both couples felt much more comfortable with their hand-written “love letters” that usually included reminiscing and telling each other that “one fine day” they would meet again.

The law practice of David and Patricia Sharpe in Miami continued to flourish with their getting more requests for their services than they could accept. It was Patricia’s fabulous ability to research the law and presidents, and at any given time she could retrieve a concept from the incredible store of information in her mind that made her such a threat to the opposition in the courtroom. She always had her guard up and was ready to offer a counter to almost any contention made by the prosecution. The buzz words around the law community were: “The Sharpe’s are too damn sharp!”

Frequently, they were offered plea bargains, and David would always refuse the first one even if he knew his client was guilty. Then, just as he expected, the next offer would be even better, so much better that the guilty party would be pleased with the relatively light sentence. In any case, prosecuting teams were always very nervous to see the defense team of David and Patricia at the table on their left.

In her savant syndrome Patricia was somehow indefatigable, but not so was David. She could see that he was near exhaustion from the heavy caseload and said to herself, enough is enough! Then, on one particular day in the middle of the week she made the declaration, “Dad, we’re taking some days off! We will come back to the office in a week or so.” Her ability to make a firm decision for the two of them and his willingness to keep his daughter happy meant that a few days of rest and relaxation were surely going to happen.

Patricia and David had not been on a long voyage on the yacht named Evelyn since the vacation in the Bahamas almost two years ago. They had stayed close to the Florida coastline and usually not far off for more than a few hours, but this time Patricia insisted that they would not watch the clock or calendar. It was a beautiful Wednesday in the month of May with enough wind to set sail a distance off the shore of Miami Beach. When the tall hotels appeared like toys, they anchored to enjoy the peace and solitude of being together alone on their fabulous yacht. They had provisions to last until Monday and even had time to go to the Bahamas but for now Patricia had other ideas on her mind. David was wearing shorts and a tank top and she was wearing a yellow thong bikini that allowed exposure of breast cleavage in the front and butt cleavage in the back.

“Let’s have a beer or two together,” she said.

“You’ve got it, sweetheart,” he responded enthusiastically as he went to the cooler and brought back two cans of very cold beer.

Patricia finished her beer before David did and then excused herself to go to the head, and that was only a ploy to remove her bikini as a surprise. When she returned to the table where he was drinking his beer, she stood before him in the nude with her arms akimbo and asked, “How do you like your little girl now?”

“My dear, you are beautiful wearing anything or nothing at all.”

“May I have another beer?” she asked.

While Patricia was drinking her second beer and her father was still on his first, she was fingering her pussy under the table between sips. Having agreed not to talk about work, the conversation was light, preferring to express how much they loved being on the yacht that they often referred to as the “love boat.” After finishing her second beer, she stood up with a smile to let her father gaze once more at her naked body. To her delight his eyes focused on the reddish hairs of her pussy. I’m damn sure glad she doesn’t shave that pretty thing, he was thinking. Seeing that he was pleased at what he was viewing, she put her middle finger, the one that had been inside her pussy, right under her father’s nose. He smiled broadly as soon as he caught the scent and she then knew that he was ready.

“Let’s go out onto the deck, Dad,” she suggested. “Let’s fuck under the sun with the breeze brushing our naked bodies.” They laid two comforters on top of each other accompanied with pillows and after he undressed, she said, “I want to sit on the handsome face of my dear father. Show me what you can do with that talented tongue of yours.”

With David on his back, she did exactly what she said she wanted to do: sit on his face. He knew that he was expected to work his tongue into her anus and that was a skill he had employed very well with his daughter over the years. Patricia was thoroughly enjoying the feeling of her father’s tender, warm and wet tongue titillating her asshole. She sat in a relaxed position for several minutes but knowing that most of her weight was on his face she was aware that he would eventually need a breather; however, it felt so damn good that she wanted him to continue. He wanted to please his lovely daughter as much as he could and as he kept swirling his tongue in her asshole saliva was drooling out the sides of his mouth. Patricia then adjusted her position and leaning forward took her father’s cock in one hand and stroked it slowly while stimulating her clit with the forefinger and thumb of the other hand. As she was looking down at his standing prick she forced a buildup of saliva in her mouth and let it fall on his erection.

Patricia was excited and also in a very kinky mood as she commanded, “Stick that beautiful thing in my ass now, Daddy. Do it fuckin' now! Just before you’re read to come, pull it out and you can finish in my mouth.” She then lay face down and David slowly eased his cock into his daughter’s tight anus that was still wet with his and her saliva. With her head on its side on a satin covered pillow she smiled with her eyes closed as she enjoyed the sensation of getting fucked in the ass by her father that she dearly loved.

After rocking slowly for several minutes with his dick inside Patricia’s welcoming anus, he kissed her on the cheek and whispered into her ear, “I think I’m about ready to cum.”

“Wonderful!” she exclaimed. “Pull it out and lie on your back.”

David lay on his back as his daughter had suggested and his prick was still firm and standing as she took it into her mouth. The fact that it had been inside her asshole did not bother her at all, but rather made the thrill of giving him head even more exciting. Just thinking about what she was doing brought her to chuckle with her mouth full of her father’s delicious cock. He also began chuckling and then she drew her head back enough to allow her hand around his prick to stroke it while she was still sucking the head and the first few inches. It did not take much longer for David to come, and it was an explosion of three heavy squirts of tasty, warm semen into his lovely daughter’s tender mouth. She carefully used her tongue to savor the taste she loved and to let the semen slide easily and slowly down her throat.

Genuine gentleman that he was, David wanted to give Patricia an intense tingling of the nerves similar to that he had just experienced so he moved his face to her crotch and as she spread her pretty, freckled legs he licked the inner walls of her wide-opened cunt. He fingered her clitoris while his tongue was roaming the walls of the vulva, and after several minutes of feverish licking, his tongue moved to the clit. She had been excited during the entire sexual encounter and was ready to climax, and when she did, it seemed as if most of her body were paralyzed and she screamed out loudly, “Daddy! I love you!” She enjoyed calling “Daddy” when making love; somehow it seemed to make their sex even more kinky.

David adjusted his position to be face to face with his daughter and as they were both smiling she could smell the scent of her pussy on his face. “This is one of our best, huh Dad. Let’ seal it with a kiss; pardon the cliché.”

“I can’t argue with that,” was his simple response. As Patricia suggested they finalized their kinky session with swirling tongues in an open-mouth kiss.