Cougars - George Boxlicker - ebook

For those who enjoy erotic tales by a master of the art, this anthology is over 60,600 words long. Each story graphically and in detail describes the carnal activities of Cougars and their prey. The tales are all about women, straight or lesbian, who know what they want and go after it. In every story, the prey has as much fun as the cougar and, by the conclusion, is sexually satisfied and usually looking forward to more and even hotter sessions with the huntress.

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by George Boxlicker

Table of Contents

April’s Boy Toy

Hot Tub Honey

An Erotic Exchange

Joy for Jiggly Jane

Extorting Gym Teacher

MILF in the Neighborhood

Naked Housecleaning

Foxy Teacher

The Widow and the Biker

Fucking the Gardener

Her Son’s Best Friend

April’s Boy Toy

She sees what she wants and goes after him.

Author’s Note: All characters in this work of fiction are at least 18 years old.

One summer afternoon, April Price waited stoically in line at the check stand in the small, upscale market where she usually bought most of her groceries. The elderly woman in front of her had a whole cartful, so April passed the time by looking at the covers of the array of fan magazines on display. When all the old woman’s purchases had been rung up and bagged and paid for, the checker asked her the question he asked all customers.

“Do you need some help to your car?” Mrs. Kramer?

Old Mrs. Kramer definitely did so, when the young man who had been bagging her groceries started wheeling her shopping cart toward the door, another bag boy took his place. The newcomer made April cease her casual perusal of the luridly colorful magazine covers because his face could have graced any of them with no fault being found by any movie fans.

He was short, probably less than five and a half feet tall, with a slender form, but it was the young man’s face that drew her attention. At 45 years old, April can easily remember hearing and reading of a handsome man’s visage being described as a “collar ad” but the young store employee had the only face she had ever seen that could match that superlative. His hair was dark brown and curly; his skin was white and unblemished while his features were in perfect proportion. She briefly had a wicked thought of looking down her naked body and seeing that face being held loosely between her thighs while the handsome man’s tongue lapped avidly at her pussy. The thought was such a pleasant and erotic one it didn’t go away easily so she impulsively asked for and received fifty dollars back when she used her debit card to pay for her groceries.

“Do you need any help to your car, Ms. Price?” the checker asked her.

“Yes, please.”

April didn’t really need any help, but the idea of the young man’s tongue lapping between her thighs had quickly evolved from a stray thought to a desire and, from there, to a plan and the only way to bring it to fruition would be for her to accompany the young man to her car and see what happened then. At the store exit, she gave directions to her parking space and followed the young man to the spot. The more usual thing for her to do would have been to lead the way but she had a strong desire to watch the movements of his cute butt, which was small and tight as a polished apple and perfectly filled out his snug black denim pants.

With every swing of those firm buttocks, her carnal desire grew and her plan became more fleshed out. The first thing she did was loosen the top buttons of her blouse. April worked out regularly at the gym so her big, natural breasts were like those of a much younger woman and she wanted Collar Ad to see that for himself.

When she was near her car, April used her remote control to unlock the doors and the trunk. “Put the groceries in the trunk,” she instructed the young man with the cute ass and handsome face. She went around him, opened the lid and bent over to give him the best view she could and to read the name tag pinned to his white shirt.

Johnny Dugan appreciated the view, which was even better than the one he had while they were in the store. While bagging the lady’s groceries, he had compared her breasts to the honeydew melon he had placed in the bag and the view was even better when she leaned over. He was horny as only a 19 year old college boy can be and the woman beside him could have very easily attended to his needs. She had a pretty face with warm brown eyes and short dark hair and her body was also extremely pleasant to see, with a curvy rear end, besides her large, inviting breasts. He guessed her age to be about 35 or 40 but gave no thought to that as anything more than a number.

The groceries, which were a small quantity because April lived by herself, were quickly placed in the open trunk. She closed the lid and stepped closer to her quarry, holding her purse in one hand and reaching in with the other. Johnny was not surprised at that; it was quite common for bag boys to receive tips from customers. He was surprised, however, when Mrs. Price handed him a ten dollar bill and two twenties.

“This is too much,” he protested, but not very vehemently.

“No it isn’t. I have something else I need you to attend to, if you’re up to it.” She reached out and fondled his crotch with the hand that had held the money and learned that he was definitely up for it or would be after a few strokes with her eager mouth.

It was obvious what the lady meant and Johnny was not at all averse. “I get off work at five.”

“That’s good. I’ll be waiting here.” She wrote her name, address and telephone number on a sheet of a small tablet she kept in her purse.

April drove home, put away the groceries and started to prepare herself and her apartment. She would have plenty of time before the young man got off work and came calling so she began by showering and shaving her pussy. April had high hopes he would eat her out, which was one of the many things her late husband either would not or could not do. With her body clean and still naked, just to get herself even more in the mood, she replaced the linen on her bed with the brand new sheets she had recently bought and turned down the comforter. Wanting to keep some mystery, she put a transparent peignoir on to cover her naked form and sat down to wait for the young swain’s arrival.

He didn’t make her wait any longer than he could help because he was just as eager to get together as she was. After punching out on the clock, he hurried to the address he had been given and rang the doorbell under the name of the sexy woman he was there to see. After he identified himself, she buzzed him in and he hurried up one flight of stairs to her apartment. Ringing that doorbell resulted in a subdued noise of metal on metal and, after she looked through the peephole to identify him, the door opened and he quickly stepped inside.

April secured the door before spreading her arms to show Johnny what she had for him. As he stared, she moved in close for a hug and whispered into his ear. “I’m glad you came. I’ve really got the hots for you.”

If he hadn’t had the hots for her before, he certainly had them after ogling the sumptuous body in front of him. She was a couple of inches shorter than he and her soft pink body was clearly visible through the transparent garment she wore. Unfettered by a bra, the lady’s breasts looked even bigger and more enticing than before, as they swayed to her movements. When she stepped back, took hold of his belt and started to lead him toward what was apparently her bedroom, she met no resistance at all.

Nor was there any reluctance on the part of anyone when the horny pair was standing beside the bed. She pushed him lightly; he sat down and April quickly got to her knees to begin removing his clothing. First, she unbuckled his belt and pulled down the zipper on his fly. Johnny raised his ass from the bed and April was very pleasantly surprised when she pulled down his pants and saw how big his erection was as it strained against his cotton jockey shorts.

She carefully worked the elastic waistband around the stiff cock and it sprang to attention after being liberated. In a hurry to get the fine specimen inside her mouth and pussy, she hurriedly removed his shoes and socks, pulled his pants and underwear the rest of the way off and left all the garments in a pile by the bed. He had removed his shirt by the time she finished and he added it to the pile, leaving himself even more naked than she.

April’s slinky gown fastened by silk ribbons in the front and she untied them but did not remove the garment. Cupping Johnny’s balls in one hand and holding his cock in the other, she bent over and started to lick the head. The velvety texture felt good to her tongue, but she derived even more pleasure when she lowered her face and started to engulf his cock, licking the shaft as it eased into her mouth.

“That feels great, Mrs. Price,” the young man murmured.

She took his cock out of her mouth. “Call me April,” she suggested. “I think you and I are going to be really good friends.” After that, there was no more talking as she drew the lovely hard shaft back between her lips where it belonged and resumed her slow strokes.

She wanted to suck off Johnny for three reasons. First, because she loved the feel of a virile, young cock such as his stretching her lips and stuffing her mouth and sliding down her throat. Second, that would give her a way to obligate him to do the same for her after he had filled her mouth with his cum. The third reason was that coming into her mouth would take the edge off his horniness and they would be able enjoy a nice, long fuck, with both of them coming at least once, after he had eaten her pussy to her first orgasm.

She was right about the young man being horny. He had been so avid to reach the older woman who promised him sex, he broke the speed limit all the way and ran any stop signs he thought he could get away with. There was nothing he wanted more than to get his stiff cock into one of her warm, wet places and he didn’t care whether it was her mouth or her pussy.

In fact, he was so horny that, after just a minute of her lips stroking his hard shaft and her tongue caressing it in her mouth, he could feel his climax start to explode. “Oh, gosh, April, I’m gonna come,” he told her in a disappointed voice.

April already knew it because she had felt his cock throbbing inside her mouth and had stopped giving deep throat so his semen would land on her tongue and she would be able to fully relish its flavor and texture. Johnny started to move, as if to remove his cock from that warm, wet pace but April put her hands on his thighs to tell him to stay in place. When he relaxed again, she shortened the strokes of her lips still more and started sucking faster, until she felt a burst of his warm cum gush onto her tongue. It was delicious, as she expected it to be, and she kept sucking until he had ejaculated three more times, giving April one of the tastiest mouthfuls she had ever gotten.

Certain he was through coming, she removed her mouth from around his cock, which was still hard, and held it pointing at the ceiling. She didn’t want any of his cum dripping out and being wasted. After swirling the juices in her mouth, fully relishing the flavor and texture, she swallowed them and started applying her tongue to his cock again. She licked the entire length, from his scrotum to the head, collecting in her mouth all the semen that hadn’t landed on her tongue. When his shaft was clean, April took the head of his cock back into her mouth and gently squeezed the length of his semi-erect organ to catch every bit of his juices.

“I’m sorry I came so soon, April. It felt so good; I couldn’t help myself.”

“Don’t worry about that. It was short and sweet and I had a lot of fun doing it. But now I hope you’ll do the same for me.”

Johnny was quite sure he knew what the sexy older woman wanted. He had never eaten a pussy because his girlfriends had described it as gross but some of his friends had talked about it and it sounded like something he would like. This was especially so, with the delectable aroma of her pussy that was starting to fill the room. He got the rest of the way onto the bed and April climbed on and lay down, placing one pillow under her head and another under her hips. Johnny knew what was expected of him but not exactly how to go about it.

She was not surprised at that so she held one big breast in place for him. The nipple had been pressed against the fabric of her gown because she liked the way ripples of joy coursed through her body but she spread open the front of the sheer garment to give the mouth and hands of her young companion easy access to some of her most sensitive places.

“Lick my nipples first.”

He leaned forward to put his tongue to work and was amazed at the incredible feeling of her nipple in his mouth. She was highly aroused and the lovely pink nubbins were erect, so much so that he could even feel the tiny ridges as he licked. April moaned in bliss and her body started squirming. Johnny thought it was a suggestion to him so he pulled the other side of the peignoir out of the way and started to lick the equally large and sensitive nipple at the apex of her other delightful breast. His partner murmured happily at the erotic sensations rippling through her body and thrust her breast up against his mouth.

This one felt just as good to his tongue, and the young man’s mouth felt even better to April. She placed one hand under either luscious orb and held them in place for their mutual pleasure. One thing she liked about sex with a young man, such as her partner that day, was teaching him how to give a woman the most fun and get the most himself. She gave Johnny a suggestion how to please them both.

“Open your mouth wide and suck on my titties and lick my nipples at the same time.”

He took her suggestion and found he liked it as much as she obviously did. April’s body was writhing on the bed and her sounds of joy became even louder. His nose told him something too.

His previous sexual encounters had been in the back seats of cars and, if he was able to smell the girl’s pussy at all, it was only very faintly. The woman in bed with him that day was producing the most heavenly cloud of fragrance he had ever even heard of, and he was so anxious to sample it, he quickly moved his face down to the source so he could breathe it in more deeply.

April smiled at the young man’s eagerness and spread her legs for him. “Kneel between my legs and duck your head,” she instructed him.

Johnny did what she said and was slightly surprised when she raised her legs and rested them on his shoulders. Almost as a reflex, he wrapped his arms around her thighs so his hands met on her soft belly and leaned forward. This brought his face to within inches of her pussy and the intoxicating aroma was even more delectable from that distance. He started licking the soft skin inside one of her thighs and the tactile thrill was another of the most incredible sensations of his life. April said nothing but smiled again because it felt great to her too. She nestled her head into her pillow and prepared to be taken to Paradise.

The trip was all it should have been because Johnny wanted to take her there and, although lacking in experience, he made up for that with his enthusiasm. April watched the top of his head moving about between her thighs and thrilled in the swirls of delight reverberating through her body in its wake. “You’re doing just great, Johnny,” she told him. “Keep doing that and you’re gonna make me come like crazy.

He loved hearing that. The young man’s heart filled with pride that he could give a good time to the nice lady while having so much fun himself. Even more eagerly, his tongue caressed one of her smoothly-shaven outer lips until he reached what he knew was called her Mount of Venus. That was as far as he could go, so he moved his mouth back where it had been and started to treat her other outer lip the same way. The lady’s body was once again writhing under his face and he thought he heard her moaning in bliss.

That was exactly what he heard. April truly enjoyed sex, especially with young, handsome men and having her pussy eaten was one of her favorite thing to do. Sexual joy reverberated through her entire body from where Johnny’s tongue was meandering and increased by the second. Once again, he licked all the way to her mons and stopped. Her movements had been becoming more erratic as his mouth pleasured her and their stopping was somewhat of a disappointment until she realized what was wrong. He didn’t know what to do next. She could have told him to suck on her clit but she was not in that much of a hurry to come so she raised her head from the pillow to give him more directions.

“That’s wonderful, Johnny. Now, see how my pink slit starts there? It’s nice and wet for you. Start licking me there but take it slow. This is really great and I’m gonna come like a slut in a few minutes as long as you keep doing that.”

He saw what she meant and thrust his tongue into one of the wettest parts of her pussy. The fresh juices, tasted even better than the ones he had already tried and he moved his tongue around to get them all. He knew he was doing it right when April’s movements became even wilder, with her body thrashing under him.

She could feel what Johnny was doing and wanted more. When his tongue started licking the place she had pointed out to him, her body reacted the way she liked. Her hips started swiveling, thrusting her legs out and back past the young man’s head and her pussy started fucking up into his face. She moaned in bliss and, once again, told Johnny to keep doing what he was doing.

He had no intention of stopping and his tongue continued its journey up the length of her slit until he came to an obstruction. When he raised his head he saw what he and his buddies referred to as “the man in the boat,” which had pushed its way entirely out from its protective hood so he tentatively poked at it with the tip of his tongue.

“That’s it, Johnny! Suck me there! Suck my clit and make me come!”

There was nothing tentative about his next action; he pressed his face in even more closely, drew the swollen morsel into his mouth and started to suck it. He could feel the sides and top with his tongue so he licked her there while he sucked. That was just what April wanted and she thrust her pussy up into his face at the same tempo as the working of Johnny’s mouth and tongue until he paused for a few seconds to catch his breath

“Keep sucking! Keep sucking!” she demanded. “Yes, like that,” she added when his mouth got busy again.

April’s body was pitching and tossing all over her bed but Johnny kept a tight grip on her thighs and his lips stayed locked around her clit while his tongue and mouth continued their labor of love. She felt a great rush of delight that swept through her body and knew her climax was starting. Reflexively, her thighs wrapped themselves around his head and her hands grabbed his hair. Her hips continued their swiveling motion, but her legs swung from side to side, tossing Johnny all over the bed. Nothing changed for him while April was coming; his arms kept their grip on her thighs and his mouth continued to suck and lick her clit.

When her orgasm exploded, inundating her body, April uttered a loud cry of ecstasy and her back arched, driving her pussy against the face of the man who had brought about the glorious event, as all her muscles clenched. After that moment, those same muscles relaxed and she sprawled on the bed with her legs draped over the young man’s shoulders. He backed away slightly, then buried his face in her pussy again to feast on the fresh juices that had just been produced.

After devouring everything from her thighs, crotch and lips, he backed away and let her legs drop onto the bed. Even after being sucked off earlier, his cock was as hard as he could remember it ever being. Johnny urgently needed to fuck and he moved in close again, hoping April felt the same way.

She did, but with one condition. “Do you have a rubber,” she asked.

Sadly, he shook his head, fearful that the lack would keep him from fucking the beautiful pussy he had just eaten.

“There are some in the upper right corner drawer of my dresser. Put one of them on. You should always be prepared for horny old ladies like me.”

Johnny did not think of the lady as being old but he did as she instructed. When he returned to the bed wearing the condom, she once again had her legs spread for him so he knelt between them. One hand held his cock to guide it while he supported his weight on the other. April held her pussy lips with the fingers of her right hand and, with the left one, steered his cock until the tip was in exactly the right place. With everything ready, he thrust forward and the head wedged into the wet, pink place where it was so badly wanted.

“Ahhh,” April sighed happily when she felt its presence.

It felt even better when the handsome young man thrust forward again and an inch of his big, hard shaft burrowed into her pussy. April spread her thighs farther apart and hooked them around Johnny’s legs. The next time she felt his cock plowing into her, she flexed her muscles and fucked back to meet him. Almost three inches of the welcome visitor plunged into her pussy, sending waves of intense joy throughout her body. One more combined thrust, identical to that one, and his entire shaft was imbedded in April’s needy pussy.

She raised her arms in a silent invitation; Johnny recognized it and lay atop her with his forearms under her shoulders. April squeezed his legs more tightly with hers and gripped his upper arms in her hands. “Let’s just lie here like this for a while,” she suggested.

That was fine with young Johnny because the lady’s talented pussy muscles were massaging his cock and sending pleasure throbbing through his body. It may have felt even better to April, for she had her pussy filled with the nicest and biggest young shaft that had been there in a long time. She could already feel another climax starting to stir deep within her and wanted to slowly bring it to as momentous a finish as she could.

After a minute of joyful inaction, Johnny started to slowly draw his cock out of the pussy that felt so good. He stopped with just the head still inside, paused a few seconds and started to plunge back into the inviting pink hole. April felt the hard shaft surging into her pussy and pulled with her legs and hands to meet his slow stoke. Their bodies came together with a satisfying wet sound, accompanied by moans of bliss from the man and from the woman.

Once again they waited to relish all the sensations until Johnny pulled his cock back and plunged it forward again. April thrust back to meet this one too and it was even better than the first had been. Her pussy was wet enough that she no longer needed to pull on Johnny’s arms to meet his body and she started to use her hands to caress his back and sides instead, even reaching down to his tight tushy. Over and over they fucked with long, slow strokes and she could feel herself getting closer to coming again. As her climax grew, her movements became more erratic but she still remained in control of the thrusts back to meet his strokes into her.

To reach a higher level of erotic delight, she needed more action on her clit, and April knew how to get it. “Just stay there and let me do the work under you,” she suggested.

Johnny had no difficulty with taking directions from the older and much more experienced woman so he raised his body slightly to give her more room to move under him. April grasped his arms again and pushed on them, sliding her pussy from around his cock. She stopped when the head remained in place and pulled with her legs and hands until the entire shaft was imbedded again in her pussy. The next stroke was identical but, when she started engulfing his cock for the third time, Johnny realized how to make it better for both of them. He thrust forward and down, scraping the upper edge of his cock against the base of the lady’s clit.

April moaned in bliss at the more pleasurable feeling, which was what she wanted. “Yes! Yes! Like that!” she urged him.

The next time she pulled her pussy away from Johnny’s cock followed by sliding back to envelop the giver of joy, he thrust forward the same way. When their bodies came together, there was a pleasant wet sound and her juices spattered over both of them. “Keep doing that!” she exclaimed.

As the sexy woman slid back and forth under him, Johnny had no problem in doing what she wanted. He thrust forward every time, raking his cock against the base of April’s clit, an experience completely new to him and more erotic than anything he had ever felt. His climax was mounting rapidly but he wanted to avoid coming as quickly as he had when his cock had been in her mouth.

April could feel herself growing steadily closer to coming, a truly delightful sensation. She completely surrendered to it and the movements of her body grew wilder. Her hips started to swivel under her but her legs kept their grip on Johnny so, instead of thrusting out past him, they jerked his rather small body around on top of her. Besides the movements of her hips, she was rocking from side to side as she slid to and fro on the bed. The stray thought shot through her mind that she was glad she used new, high quality sheets so she would slide easily but mostly she just thought about her imminent climax.

When it struck, she sang out about that glorious event and clamped her legs together even more tightly. Her hands let go of Johnny’s arms and she wrapped her arms around his neck and held on while he continued driving his cock in and out of her pussy. Although no longer sliding back and forth under him, her movements were wilder than ever and she yanked him all over the bed, which was, fortunately, wide enough to contain the couple during her gyrations.

“Oh, god,” April cried aloud when her orgasm swept over her like a tsunami. All her muscles clenched, arching her back and driving her pussy against Johnny for an ultimate time. After her orgasm, her body relaxed with her legs releasing the man above her while her arms flopped loosely at her sides. Her movements as she climaxed were enough to push Johnny past the point of no return and he grunted and sighed as he climaxed, pumping a big gusher of cum into his condom. He kept fucking in and out of April until he had ejaculated twice more and then he was done and collapsed on top of her.

They lay in a happy pile, reveling in the excruciating pleasure they had just shared until his cock softened and slipped out of the pink hole that had made it so welcome. Neither of them spoke until he started to get off her and that was when April broke the silence.

“That was just wonderful, Johnny. You made me come like I haven’t come in a long time. Twice. I hope we can get together some more. A lot more.”

“It was great for me too, April. The best ever. And I’d love to get together again.”

“You can come over here any time you want. And come a couple of times once you’re here.” They grinned at her pun and she continued. “Just give me a call first because some of the time I’m not home and sometimes I have other things I need to do.”

“I’ll do that. How about tomorrow afternoon?”

“That would be perfect and I’ll be sure I’m ready for you just like I was today.”

Hot Tub Honey

She loves hot tubbing with the young men and what they do to her.

Author’s Note: All persons in this work of fiction are at least 18 years old.

Marie was immensely enjoying her session in the hot tub with Jack and Jeremy, twin brothers and two of her favorite boytoys. One of them was plunging his middle finger in and out of her ass; she knew why, and that knowledge made the sensation even more delightful. They were having a great time too and the forty year old woman who was lounging between them was so sexy neither of them had any problem with possessiveness. She was at least enough woman for both of them and they knew it.

She even looked like a lot of woman, with big, luscious, chocolate colored breasts that ended in sensitive, dark brown nipples. Her face was pretty too, topped by soft, curly black hair that fell to her shoulders, and with a clear milk-chocolate complexion, big, soft brown eyes and a large mouth with full, sensuous lips. Those lips were one of her best features, not just to look at but also the way they felt when they closed around a stiff cock and stroked it while her tongue caressed the hard shaft going in and out of her mouth. That part of the fun would happen later; for the time being, she was relishing the feel of two men’s tongues stroking her nipples and the fingers thrusting in and out of her ass and pussy.

She could feel herself lubricating, even though neither Marie nor either of the two men could smell it underwater. “Okay, you guys, it’s time to go lower,” she informed them.

They raised their heads from where they had been licking so all three of the hot-tubbers could exit the tub and head for a quick rinse under the hot shower. For sanitary reasons, the water in the tub included chlorine, and they wanted to wash the disinfectant off Marie before they went down on her sexy body from both sides. Her pussy and ass were so enticing that either of the men would have licked either place, even covered with the chemical, but they much preferred her unadulterated womanly aroma and the texture of her skin.

Because Jack and Jeremy looked so much alike, Marie was unable to tell them apart but she didn’t care about that and they didn’t mind either. They were both eighteen years old, tall, athletic white men, with light brown, almost blonde hair, which they both wore cut short. They had ordinary facial and other features, except for their cocks, which were long and thick and seemed to be almost permanently hard. The best thing about them, besides the almost permanent erections and their lack of jealousy, was that they would do whatever Marie wanted sexually and give her an enormous amount of pleasure. They would enjoy themselves too, almost as much as she did, and neither of the men had any problem with taking directions from an older woman such as their partner that day, so none of the three wanted to change any part of their relationship.

With her body well rinsed, she lay on her side in the center of the narrow bed beside the tub, and one of the men lay down behind her and the other knelt in front. She thought the man behind her was the guy whose finger had been in her ass, but she wasn’t sure and she didn’t care one way or another.

What she did care about was that his tongue was going to be there, and she shivered with delight when she felt it start to lick down the inside of one of her big, soft, brown ass cheeks. Marie reached back and spread the succulent half globes more widely apart so Jack or Jeremy, whoever it was, could get his face in even closer to where she wanted it, and lick with a variety of short and long strokes.

The other man’s tongue was starting to caress her pussy, and Marie’s lips were already swollen with her lust. She had shaved herself there that day, before her tryst at the hot tub center, and the bare skin was highly sensitive, which was what she liked. Marie couldn’t have said which was giving her more pleasure, but she knew they were well on their way to driving her to a powerful orgasm which she hoped would be the first of many that afternoon.

Jack, because that was the man who was licking her ass and had stuck his finger into the same place earlier, was having a great time too. He knew Marie was clean there, because he had carefully washed everything from her ass while in the tub, even from the initial few inches of the tight adjacent channel, and the chlorine had even sterilized her skin. His eager tongue caressed the soft, smooth texture, beginning from the top of the cheek all the way down and around to below the velvety, dark brown rosebud that he knew would be the best part of all. It would be fun to lick and even more fun to drive his cock in and out of that lovely place, after she had come for the first time that day, from what he and his twin were doing with their mouths.