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Ever since Edward Sharpe was fired from his job by the alpha billionaire business owner Jack Grayson, Edward has had to juggle two humiliatingly low-wage jobs just to make his rent and not get kicked out onto the street. It drives him crazy that he has to work and sweat for pennies while beautiful women, like his college friend Lisa, seem to get everything in life handed to them on a silver platter while flouncing around town with men like Jack.When Edward stumbles into a mysterious magic shop one night and makes a wish that his life could be just as easy as Lisa’s, he wakes up the next morning with some very unexpected results! Now he’s trapped in the body of an amazingly hot, 20-something year-old girl, and has no idea what to do about it. It’s not exactly what he had in mind, and even worse is that as far as he can tell he’s stuck like this! With no identification, no appropriate clothes, and no idea how to be a woman, he needs to figure something out fast if he’s going to make rent this month.Fortunately for him, his next-door neighbor Addison has a few bright ideas to help him make money while he figures out how to get his old body back…

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His Executive Gender Swap (Book 1)


Alyson Belle

Copyright © 2017 Alyson Belle

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

All characters in this book are over the age of 18 (18+ only). All characters, locations, and situations are entirely fictional representations and any resemblance to real world scenarios are entirely coincidental.

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Table of Contents


Corporate Plaything (His Executive Gender Swap, #1)

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

An excerpt from Corporate Plaything:

“Oh, Addison...” he moaned, turned on by the sound of his own voice. “Should we really be doing this?”

“Relax,” she breathed into his ear. “This is literally my favorite thing in the world to do. Why do you think I always have girls over?”

And Edward had to admit he was curious. His own experiments that morning had left him aching, dying for more, and here was someone who was not only willing to have some fun with him but really, really experienced with the female body. She started kissing his torso now, placing herself between his legs, and working her way quickly down toward his exposed womanhood.

It was humiliating being in such a compromising position: on his back, legs in the air over Addison’s shoulders, his breasts flopping on his chest as he bucked with pleasure at her touches. The tightening, throbbing, wetness was back in his crotch, worse than ever, and he was dying for Addison’s fingers to work their way over from his ass to stroke his pussy. Is this what’s it’s always like for women? he wondered. Frantic and charged and... ohhhHHH!

Addison’s fingers were still massaging his round, tight ass, but her questing kisses had finally made their way down to his lady parts and every time her lips made contact with his lips, his down-there lips, it sent an arc of electric pleasure so powerful through his body that his whole back arched and his head lolled in pleasure.

Addison smiled up at him from between his legs. “Man, you want it bad... I had no idea you’d be such a little slut, Edward. You make a pretty hot lay, you know that?”

He tried to muster a response, but Addison proceeded to grab his thighs hard and drag her tongue up the whole length of his pussy.

Chapter 1

The half-naked girls whirled and writhed to pumping electronic music on the stage in front of Edward Sharpe’s first-row seat, illuminated in the neon fluorescent stage lights of the seedy strip club in uptown. The club was called “Real Dolls,” and he’d taken plenty of business lunches here back when he worked for Heliocon. He sipped the last bit of the overpriced drink he couldn’t afford anymore and tried to forget about the fact that those days were behind him now. Live in the moment, right? Be here, now, a therapist told him once. There was an hour left before he was supposed to meet Lisa at his usual dive bar, and after the terrible day he’d had, he wanted to come back here for a minute and just pretend he was still living his old life... back when things had been good.

He tried to focus on the girls. It wasn’t hard.

Edward had always been amazed at the acrobatic moves some of the women could do on the poles, seemingly in defiance of gravity. “Janice”, the girl on the center stage right now, was slowly rotating down the pole suspended only by her legs, running her hands through long, luxurious red hair. Her creamy skin was shaved hairless and oiled, glistening with glitter, and on each rotation the sweet scent of candy wafted toward him from her cheap, drugstore perfume. Unlike the other girls, Janice was totally naked, her breasts bobbling suggestively toward the ceiling as she arched her back over her discarded bra and panties several feet below her on the stage floor.

His cock stiffened in his pant leg. The girls changed every week here, but there was one universal truth about the women who worked at Real Dolls: They were hot as fuck. Edward’s hand drifted toward his stiff rod as he kept his eyes locked on Janice’s luscious form, and he stealthily started to massage himself. It wasn’t classy, but he couldn’t help it. The smell, the environment, the hot young female flesh in front of him was almost too much to bear...

“Someone is busy,” a sexy feminine voice remarked behind him.

Edward jumped and yanked his hand away like it had been burned. He turned to see another busty young girl behind him with short blonde hair, holding a tray of empty glasses. The server was dressed only slightly less provocatively than the strippers, with a short black dress that barely cleared her ass.

He felt a flush creeping up his neck and face. “Just, uh, adjusting myself.”

“Sure,” she said with a sarcastic smile. She took his empty glass and added it to her tray. “There are private rooms with the girls where you can ‘adjust yourself’ as much as you like, if that’s what you want. Can I get you another drink?”

Edward pulled his wallet out and counted the sad stack of bills that were left. He still needed to get a drink with Lisa that evening.

“Just water, please.”

She rolled her eyes at him and sashayed off without a word. He sighed. It was rude, but that was what you got for being a broke dude at a strip club.

“Please welcome Jaaaaasssssmine to the stage!” the announcer boomed as the song ended and a new one began. Janice was nowhere to be seen now, and another girl with long brown hair and a purple flower at her ear was wiping down the pole and dancing along to the vaguely middle eastern music she’d chosen.

A hand on Edward’s leg startled him, and he glanced over to see that Janice had actually come to sit beside him, wearing nothing more than her black thong and bra she’d replace after her nude spins on the pole. She smiled sweetly and tossed her hair, blasting Edward with another waft of the candy perfume she wore. Again his cock strained against his pant leg.

“Hi there. I saw you watching me... and I saw you touch yourself.” Her tone was sultry and teasing, and Edward’s tongue suddenly felt frozen in his mouth. Beautiful women often had that effect on him. Janice leaned forward, giggling, and giving him the perfectly teasing view of her breasts that he’d seen heaving on the stage only moments before. Now they were less than a foot from his face. What should he even say to a creature as beautiful as this?

“I was just adjusting,” he explained again. It sounded even lamer the second time.

“Is that for me?” Janice asked, nodding at the still-open wallet in his hands. She slid closer, teasing his thigh with her fingers, and the corner of her mouth twitched playfully. Her fingertips felt like they carried tiny currents of electric pleasure as they glided over his trousers.

Edward thumbed sadly through the meager set of bills in his wallet for the second time that evening and swallowed. I should thank her and head out to buy myself some dinner before I meet up with Lisa, he thought. I barely have enough money left to afford food this evening. His eyes were drawn like magnets to Janice’s breasts as she took a deep breath, waiting for his reply.

“How much for a private dance?” he asked.

Moments later his wallet was nearly empty, but Janice was leading him back to one of the private alcoves at the back of the club. She sat him down on a low, plush couch the color of fine wine, and drew the curtain closed with a teasing smile. He stared at her tight, black, lacey lingerie, wondering what it felt like to have something that delicate and sexy pressed up against totally hairless skin.

“Thanks baby,” she whispered in his ear as she straddled his legs and began to gyrate in time to the music, her pushed-up cleavage swaying hypnotically just inches from his face. Edward suppressed a sigh and stared, transfixed. He would have given anything to reach out and run his own hands over that smooth, soft, feminine flesh that tantalized him. This close, he could see the beads of sweat forming on her skin as she worked her body for his pleasure.

But he knew the rules. Hands at his sides. Let her have control. No touching.

No touching for him