Conversations with Osiris Genetically modified Food - Ronald Ritter & Sussan Evermore - ebook

Take a short stroll through the universe as we ask about genetically modified food with our non-physical identity Osiris. Gain insight into how genetically altered seed can in the wrong hands be toxic to human, animal and plant life. Look at the scientific evidence provided by many established researches and organizations then make your own decision about the impact certain genetically modified food will have on our world. We do not seek to impose our discussions or concepts onto you. It is your choice alone to pick up and read the material, this is your journey and self created world. The universe teaches non judgement and non interference in human life, except to provide assistance and guidance when requested.  

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Introduction toChanneling

There is a perception amongst many fans of the famous that by listening to their songs, watching their films and reading snippets of gossip that they know them personally. Biographies and autobiographies tell a version of the individual celebrity from the viewpoint of the author. However ex-wives, wives, husbands, girlfriends, friends and colleagues present another version as they knew them. But no one really knows the soul of the person.

When we present a channeling connection from the spirit of someone who has passed over, we are accessing their life's record from a non-judgmental viewpoint. There is no bias or misinterpretation as the record of that person is direct from the spiritual records. It is a connection speaking frankly and honestly about their life, not the public perception or a media grown persona.

You may ask, What is a channeler? A channeler has the ability to channel messages from advance spirits usually to communicate spiritual wisdom about life and the afterlife. However a channeler can also connect to a deceased loved one, spiritual guides and angels.