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Saved... Stripped... Claimed...Tristan is a knight of high standing, but he hates to see a wench in trouble. So when he spots the beautiful young barmaid, Tara, being treated horribly by her boss he reluctantly decides to take her under his wing. He sees her as an easy woman to control and plans on making good use of her body on the long journey, but he'll be surprised to find Tara isn't all that she seems.Tristan will do his best to control, charm and manipulate Tara until he gets what he wants and dominates her completely... can Tara resist the charms of the knight who saved her, or will her knight in shining armor take her virginity with the same force that he takes the life of his enemies on the battlefield?

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Conquered By The Knight | Elle London

Conquered By The Knight

Elle London

The full moon shone in the dark night sky, and the forest was almost as brightly lit as if it were day time. Tristan, one of the most favoured knights of the kingdom, was returning from one of his most tedious missions for the king yet. He had been expected to go to several villages and demand they fulfil their tax requirements. It was not that he resented his duty, but he did miss his younger days where there was better channelling of his youthful virility through his prowess with the sword. This prowess led to deep admiration amongst the other citizens making him a famed name, but it was his other sword that tarnished his reputation. As a serial womaniser, he had bedded at least a hundred women, most of them willing while some of them had to be coaxed into it. He always left them ruined, not as much because of what he did to their bodies, but because they would pine for him long after he was gone. This was why parents warned their daughters against falling for the charms of Tristan and men like him, conjuring the most outrageous stories of what would happen to their precious treasure were they to reveal it.

But Tristan was no longer the youthful lad he used to be, whose cock would rise without fail for every maiden he came across, fair or not. Age had taken its toll on him as well, he was not lucky enough to escape it. Of course, his virility was still intact, his member was still large and strong and he could go on if he chose to. But it took a lot more coaxing now than it used to. And on most nights, he preferred to sleep after a mug of fine beer any way.

Tristan rode his sturdy white horse, his constant companion of several years into the nearest village. He sighed when he gazed upon the village. It was another one of those sleepy, peaceful little places where Tristan could bet the most exciting event of the year would be a vagrant cow. It was such a nice night, but no lights were could be seen in any of the houses. No one was outside, secretly dallying with a lover. Not even a local madman who would sing songs or cause general ruckus. One dismal looking inn at the very end was the only indicator of any life present in this place. Tristan was disappointed and headed slowly to the inn, hoping to get a good night's rest so he could exit this desolate looking village as soon as possible.