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After the Lee family's unstable next door neighbors left the bedroom community, in moved the Thompsons and the two families hit it off. They had much in common with each having a teenage daughter who became inseparable friends. After a friendly encounter of skinny-dipping, the two families were destined to become more than friends.~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~The day after their very first experience at skinny dipping in their swimming pool, Bruce and Darlene invited the Lees over for dinner and since nothing was said about swimming they came dressed in shorts and T-shirts. Cora was right; before even thinking about dinner, Darlene was the one to bring up the subject, "We would like to share with you what we experienced yesterday. Because it was so hot, the three of us swam in the nude, and it was fun and relaxing." There was a short pause and the Lees said nothing about getting a glimpse of them diving in the nude. Darlene continued, "So here's the deal, we'd like the three of you, our very best friends, to join us on this very warm, beautiful evening in some skinny dipping. What do you say?""I'm all for it," Cora said and then made eye contact with Anthony and then Claudia who both shrugged their shoulders and responded in the affirmative."Wonderful!" Darlene exclaimed and then addressed Cora, "We don't want to make a strip tease out of this so Bruce and I will go into our bedroom to undress, Kathleen and Claudia can go into one of the other bedrooms, and you and Anthony can undress right her and we'll all met at the patio."There was a certain degree of wisdom in Darlene's suggestion; a "strip tease" is meant to be sexually arousing and seeing a member of the opposite sex in his or her underwear can be more stimulating than viewing a naked body. The invitation to swim in the nude had no sexual implications at that point.Anthony and Cora were already in the water when Claudia and Kathleen showed up at the edge of the pool followed by Bruce and Darlene. The six of them had so much fun swimming, diving and tossing around the beach ball and enjoying their nudity that all other problems and cares seemed to vanish.After they had all swum, dived and played until nearly exhausted, Darlene suggested that it was time to have the dinner that their guests had originally been promised. She and her daughter prepared and served cold hoagie-style sandwiches and salads that were very fitting for dinging outdoors on the patio. Both families were so comfortable dinging in the nude that nobody made any suggestion about getting dressed.After dinner, Kathleen tuned in on the radio a classic rock station with the music playing on the outdoor speakers of the patio. Claudia got excited to hear one of her favorite upbeat oldies and asked her father to dance. It was one of those songs that seemed to bridge the generation gap and Anthony was pleased to comply. Cora was amused to see her husband's penis swinging around to the rhythm of the rock music. When another song began, Bruce stood up to take Darlene by the hand for a dance and Kathleen danced with Cora. The next song was a beautiful, slow waltz which was one of Anthony's favorites and he wanted to keep his daughter as a dancing partner. The waltz steps of Anthony and Claudia were slow, very smooth, and even picturesque as they twirled and went back into an embrace; after each twirl, the embrace was tighter. Their nudity was not meant to have any sexual implications but as they were dancing cheek to cheek, Anthony lost touch with reality when he fantasized his daughter as his lover.

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Confessions of Taboo

By Houston Cei

Cover by Moira Nelligar

Copyright © 2017 by Houston Cei

All rights reserved.

~~ All characters in this book are over 18. ~~

The following story is entirely of the author's imagination. All events and characters are fictional. Any similarities to actual events or real persons, living or dead, is coincidental.


Confessions of Taboo is a story of two families who first become the best of friends and then in time become much more than friends. Anthony and his wife are both ambitious and successful and leave the heavily populated city of San Jose, California to settle in rural-suburbia of Santa Nella in the San Joaquin Valley. After a period of several years, their unsociable next-door neighbors leave, and in move the Thompsons who prove to be exceptionally cordial. Both families have a many interests in common, and there is one teen-age daughter in each family. Claudia Ann Lee and Kathleen Thompson become as close as any two girls could be and these two teen-agers share all their secrets.

The “confessions” in the story lead to life-changing developments of both an emotional and sexual nature. In addition to intrigue and drama, the story includes graphic descriptions of sexual acts and strong language. No moral approval or disapproval of incest or other sexual acts in the book is stated or implied by the author. The story is not a docudrama, but rather a fantasy for the entertainment of readers who enjoy erotica.

Chapter 1: Introducing the Lee Family

Anthony Lee was a senior in high school in the early 1980s and he was often called “Mr. Lee” after an old 50s doo wop song. He was doing quite well in school and looking forward to the State College in his hometown of San Jose, California. Ever since his parents gave him a junior chemistry set when he was in grade school, he developed an interest in all areas of science. In addition to chemistry, he enjoyed biology, physics and mathematics. When repeatedly asked what he was going to do with his education, he finally settled on pursuing a career in dentistry. He knew it would be a long haul but he researched the profession and its requirements and concluded that he had the desire and the aptitude to become a fine dentist.

Anthony had often been called a “bookworm” and sometimes even “Professor Lee” but he still knew how to have fun. In appreciation of his scholastic achievements and strong work ethic, his proud parents bought him a sporty two-door coupe for his eighteenth birthday. He was not known as a playboy but because he seemed to always know the answers to any question when called upon in class, he was respected. Because he displayed a strong personality and always seemed to be the leader in classroom discussions, he was liked and treated courteously by his fellow students. He liked sports and could have been a jock but his part time job at Home Depot after school hours took up three of his nights and every other weekend. School and work kept Anthony very well occupied, but he still managed to socialize any chance he could. He often thought that if the President can play golf, surely an ambitious student can party once in a while.

Anthony had the good looks and personality to succeed in getting dates; however, his biggest problem was getting attention from a certain girl by the name of Cora, with whom he was infatuated. Anthony’s only class together with Cora was second period English and in spite of his eloquence as a speaker with obvious leadership abilities, he always felt nervous in her presence and could not get up the nerve to ask her for a date.

Cora was Anthony’s dream girl, with curly auburn hair, big, blue eyes and beautifully shaped full lips that he continually fantasized to be kissing. It was well known around the campus that Cora was very selected with whom she chose to date and perhaps it was the fear of getting rejected that caused Anthony’s hesitation in approaching her. His line of thinking was that to know for sure that he would never have her was worse than not having her for e the present time. She was known as an “easy lay” to those who were fortunate enough to be her chose ones, but it seemed that not one of them was ever accepted for a second date, and being aware of that fact accelerated Anthony’s anxiety when approaching her. Furthermore, he feared that even if he did secure a date with Cora, he might be just another one night stand to afterwards be tossed aside into a barrel of broken hearts. Things are not always what they seem. In reality, the number of young men that Cora had sex with could be totaled on the fingers of a single hand, but because the lucky few were so proud and vocal of their conquest, she was inappropriately known around campus as wanton.

Finally, Anthony concluded that one night with the girl of his dreams was better than letting her slip away forever. From classroom discussions, he had learned that she loved the outdoors and also had passion was classic plays. When he found the courage to approach the lovely Cora, he invited her to an afternoon at Pier 39 on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco followed by the theater to see the famous play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof byTennessee Williams. Anthony stood speechless for several moments after Cora cheerful accepted his invitation. She stood in front of him waiting for his response to her acceptance and finally felt she had to ask, “Are you all right?”

“Uh…yeah,” he responded nervously and almost stuttered as he said, “I’ll pick you up at one.”

Cora was accustomed to being treated to good times by the boys at school, but taking her over fifty miles away to the famous Wharf in San Francisco and alto the theater all in one day was truly over the top.

Although it was not Anthony’s plan, the hour long ride up to Fisherman’s Wharf proved to be a perfect time for he and Cora to get acquainted as they shared their dreams and ambitions. After telling her about his goal to become a dentist, she expressed her desire to immediately enroll in the nursing program at the community college. Her aim was to becoming a Licensed Vocational Nurse and while employed, she would work towards becoming a Registered Nurse. They were both impressed with each others goals and zest for life.

After visiting the aquarium, seeing the sea lions and enjoying the street performers, and magic shows, they found a cozy place to dine before going to the theater. When the play was over, Cora commented, “I love the ending. Over the years, the fire had gone out in the heart of the man, but his wife hung in there and found a way to rekindle it.” Anthony and Cora discussed the play in detail and they both concluded that it was truly a classic.

The couple had such a wonderful time together that Anthony was not at all disappointed when he received only a tender good night kiss after walking her to the front door of her house. As he turned to walk back to the car, Cora addressed him, “Anthony, do you have any plans for next weekend?”

He was momentarily stunned and simply answered, “No.”

Cora sensed that Anthony was nervous and wanted to quickly put him at ease as she said, “I’d love to go out with you again. Maybe you could think of something. Call me sometime during the week.”

Anthony was in a daze and could not believe what he was hearing. She was actually inviting him to go out to do whatever he chose. He was thinking about all those other guys who made love to her on the first date, and here he did not get that far, but he was the only one ever to get a second date. Mr. Lee was on a natural high just thinking about what Cora said and he was fantasizing about what it would be like next weekend.

Anthony’s self-confidence was at an all-time high as he anxiously awaited the days to go by after his date with Cora. Yes, she asked me, he kept thinking. He felt somewhat under pressure to show her another good time but he was up for the challenge; he wanted to out do himself. It was a beautiful day in May, and the weather is usually smoking hot this time of the year in the Valley. He called Cora on Wednesday to invite her to go swimming, boating and even do some fishing at the State Park at the San Luis Reservoir near the picturesque hills of Santa Nella.

“Boy, you’re just full of surprises,” she said gleefully when she answered the phone.

When Anthony picked Cora up, on Saturday, she was wearing a loose skirt and a blouse, but as he would find out later, underneath her visible attire was a teeny weeny bikini. It was in the boat with the outboard motor that he rented from the park where it would be Cora’s turn to present her surpise to the host. As Anthony was guiding the boat, Cora casually removed her blouse and skirt to display to him the most beautiful body he had ever seen. It was done in a nonchalant fashion without any intention of being a sexually suggestive gesture. They both knew that swimming was going to be one of the activities and that they would be seeing most of each others bodies anyway. Anthony was already in shorts suitable for swimming and only needed to remove his T-shirt.

Cora was not one to enjoy being ogled at, but she felt comfortable as Anthony’s eyes browsed her nearly nude body; she was beginning to like him more than just for the activities he was providing for them to share together. Cora enjoyed his conversation; they continued to talk about anything and everything while cruising on the water. She realized that this young many had so much more significant things to say than any other boy she had ever dated. Cora realized that it was too early to draw a conclusion, especially considering that there was not even a genuine relationship yet, but she could not help but wonder: is this boy my soul mate? Is he the one I’ve been looking for in all those other guys? She dismissed the thought for the moment, but it continued to linger subconsciously. The next thought on her mind as she viewed Anthony in just his swimming shorts was, in addition to being a good talker his body is pretty damn good, too!

After swimming, they settled at an area of the reservoir for some fishing; the catch was modest, but certainly more fun than Cora had ever imagined. She was enjoying every moment of being in the company with Anthony, and his ego was surely stroked when he realized that he was delighting the lovely girl of his dreams, the girl that he was afraid to even speak to only days ago.

The scenic drive back to San Jose was just as beautiful as the earlier part of the day had been on this warm May evening. Cora invited Anthony into the house to meet her parents, and they could see from her facials expression and the tone in her voice when making the formal introduction that this was a boy that she considered special. After several minutes of conversation that included asking about their trip to San Luis, Anthony told Cora’s parents that he had freshly caught trout on ice and would like to share it.

Cora accompanied him back to the car to get the trout and asked, “Would you like to come to my bedroom?”

Anthony was surpised by the question and responded with his own question, “Are your parents okay with that?”

“Well, not really, but I can let you in through my bedroom window after midnight,” was her astonishing response. She led him around to the back of the house to show him the window and said, “Knock softly. I’ll be waiting.”

Throughout the day and the early evening, Anthony had become comfortable and confident in Cora’s company, but this side of her was startling; nevertheless, this was the girl that had captured his heart, and he was more than willing to comply with her directions. After presenting her parents with the gift of their catch of the day and bidding them good night, Anthony and Cora did their parting outside at the front door. Anthony was expecting more than the light peck on the lips that he received on their first date, and he surely expected correctly. Cora threw her arms around his neck, pressed her lips on his and the second he felt her tongue, he opened his mouth to allow the mingling of their tongues. He tightens his embrace and felt like he never wanted to let her go but as saliva was almost ready to run down the corners of their mouths, she broke the kiss to say, “See ya after midnight.”

Anthony had about an hour to burn until it would be time to return to his lover to be; he drove for a few minutes just to find a place to park and wait for his dramatic entrance through Cora’s bedroom window. The question crossed his mind, is this how the other guys got the “easy lay” that they had bragged about. Whether or not that were true did not concern him for a serious length of time. Anthony had strong feelings for Cora and he sensed that she may have the same feelings for him. Whatever had happened in the past was not an issue. It was still a warm and clear evening with a full moon and an array of visible bright stars in the sky. The curtains were drawn but the window was already open as he knocked gently on the window sill. Cora parted the curtains to let him in. Once inside her bedroom, he felt like a fugitive who had just found safety.